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It’s understandable why so many people are interested in visiting or relocating to Canada, given its progressive politics, breathtaking natural surroundings, universal healthcare, and accessible, high-quality education. But what if you need to contact someone in Canada?

The Bell System’s fixed-length format is used for telephone numbers in Canada. These numbers start with the country code 1, then have a three-digit area code, a three-digit central office code (or exchange code), and a four-digit station code. This is denoted by the letters 1 NPA NXX XXXX, where 1 is the country code.

The leading 1, which serves as the trunk prefix for domestic long-distance calls, must be omitted when dialing a Canadian phone number from landlines. The same format (eleven digits) is used for both domestic, and toll calls when dialing from Canada to other nations participating in the North American Numbering Plan. International prefix 011, the country code, and the national significant number are used for international calls to destinations outside country code 1.

How to Dial a Canadian Number

Canadian phone number example

Canadian Area Code Numbers

Not all Canadian cities were completely included when Canadian area code numbers were established in 1947 to prepare for a national uniform long-distance calling system. The Northwest, Yukon, and Nunavut territories were excluded, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador. The first nine Canadian area code numbers established in Canada are 204, 306, 403, 416, 418, 514, 604, and 613. As an overlay to 204, the most recent addition was 584 in 2022.

Alberta 403,587,780,825,368Ontario 226,437,548,647,905,
British Columbia 236,604,672,250,778Prince Edward Island 902,782
Manitoba 204,431,584Quebec
New Brunswick 506Saskatchewan 474,306,639
Newfoundland 709Yukon 867
Northwest Territories 867Nunavut 867
Nova Scotia 782,902
Canadian Area Code Numbers by Province

Canadian phone number area codes can span provincial and state lines, unlike in the US. Only 3—782, 867, and 902—cross-province boundaries. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are covered by area code 782. Northern Canada, encompassing the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut, has an area code of 867. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are covered by area code 902.

You must dial a Canadian area code numbers specific to the location while contacting Canadian landlines. Here is a list of each of the 26 areas to assist you in locating the right code.

When dialing Canada from the US, just press 1, Canadian area code number and the 7 digit number.

204 Manitoba249 Sudbury, ON
226 London, ON250 Kelowna, BC
236 Vancouver, BC263 Montreal, QC
289 Hamilton, ON306 Saskatchewan
343 Ottawa, ON354 Granby, QC
365 Hamilton, ON367 Quebec, QC
368 Calgary, AB403 Calgary, AB
416 Toronto, ON418 Quebec, QC
431 Manitoba437 Toronto, ON
438 Montreal, QC450 Granby, QC
468 Sherbrooke, QC474 Saskatchewan
519 London, ON548 London, ON
579 Granby, QC581 Quebec, QC
584 Manitoba587 Calgary, AB
604 Vancouver, BC613 Ottawa, ON
639 Saskatchewan647 Toronto, ON
672 Vancouver, BC683 Sudbury, ON
742 Hamilton, ON705 Sudbury, ON
753 Ottawa, ON709 Newfoundland/Labrador
780 Edmonton, AB778 Vancouver, BC
807 Kenora, ON782 Nova Scotia/PE Island
825 Calgary, AB819 Sherbrooke, QC
867 Northern Canada873 Sherbrooke, QC
506 New Brunswick514 Montreal, QC
902 Nova Scotia/PE Island905 Hamilton, ON
Canadian Area Code Numbers

Canadian Cell Phone Numbers

Standard Canadian mobile number is not distinctively different from landline numbers since the recipient of a mobile call pays airtime; they have the same format and area codes as landlines. Between landline and mobile networks, numbers can be ported. One exception to this pattern (non-portable and allowing caller-pays-airtime satellite telephony) is the infrequently used non-geographic area code 600. Some independent landline exchanges are likewise non-portable.

Mobile phone companies support both CDMA and GSM; UMTS is replacing both of them. Midway through 2015, Bell Mobility, the nation’s final significant CDMA carrier, shut down its network. On January 1st, 2017, Telus followed suit.

How to Dial Canada from the US

If you also need information on how to dial Canada from the US, here you will find all the necessary information if you need to stay in touch with friends, family, coworkers, or business partners that reside in or are visiting Canada. Below is a quick guide to contacting Canada from the USA. There are several alternatives for HD voice calling and texting.

It shouldn’t be complicated to dial Canada from the US; it’s just another international call. When calling Canada from the US, there are a few things to keep in mind.:

Country code + Canadian area code number + Canadian phone number

If you’re calling Canada from the US using a landline or a mobile phone, you must do a separate set of procedures. As follows:

Dial Landline Number1– Area Code – Phone Number
Mobile Number011 – 1– 10-Digit Mobile Number
Canadian phone number example

Canada is a part of the North American Numbering Plan and is located in that continent (NANP). You may be calling Canada from the US by prefixing the desired number with 1, as all NANP nations share this country code.

The most common way to contact a NANP nation is as follows: 1 + (3 digits) Area code + (7 digits TEL #), where:

  • The ISD Code/Country Code of Canada is number 1.
  • 3 Digit Area Code. You must know the area code for the desired number in order to call Canada from the US. For instance, Canada has 26 area codes. Do not forget to dial the necessary area code before the seven-digit number.
  • You may get the necessary Canadian area code numbers in the table above.

On the other hand, you must take the following steps when calling Canadian mobile phones from the US:

The Exit Code is 011 1, and the Canadian mobile number is a 7-digit ISD code.
It is quite similar to calling landlines and mobile phones in Canada from landlines and cell phones in the US.

How to Dial Canada from the US Using Landline

Use the identical steps described above to call from a cellphone to call Canada from a landline in the US, whether you are calling from a cellphone or a landline.

However, be aware that there can be extra fees for calling abroad while using a landline. Therefore, before making any calls, check your landline plan if you’re unsure whether it costs more to contact Canada. Select a fair plan that permits you to make calls without incurring additional costs if you want to lower the cost of calls.

Emergency Services

In Canada, the switch to 911 started in 1972, and as of 2018, almost all places (apart from certain remote regions like Nunavut) are utilizing 911. As of 2008, twelve million calls to 911 are made by Canadians annually.

Say what language you speak to the ambulance dispatcher when you dial 911 and stay on the line. The call is not charged. Foreign cell phones should function even if they are not connected to a provider in Canada.

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