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Are you on your way to Mexico? No matter if you’re traveling for work or pleasure, be careful to become familiar with the local phone system in your new location. You may use this tutorial to learn how to contact friends and relatives in Mexico.

Only when contacting phone numbers in foreign countries are country codes required. In the nation where the call is coming from, these are dialed before the phone number with the international prefix (or the + sign). The US international dialing prefix is 011, so if you’re calling Mexico from the US, for instance, you will dial 011, the Mexico country code, and then the phone number.

The international country code for calling Mexico is:

  • +52

How to Call Numbers in Mexico

The International Telecommunication Union granted Mexico the country dialing number +52. The Basic Technical Numbering Plan of 2018 was developed by the Department of Federal Institute of Telecommunications of the Federal Government of Mexico and included all telephone numbers in the nation.

Simply said, a prefix is a group of digits that follow a telephone number’s country and area codes. The phone numbers in Mexico are made up of 12 numbers, which are divided into groups of three. To call Mexico from a mobile phone, you should thus dial country code + area code + 8-digit number. The following cities in Mexico have common area codes: Cancun (33), Guadalajara (33), and Mexico City (55). (998).

CityCountry CodeArea CodePhone Number
Cancun+529986493 754
Guadalajara+52332940 8122
Mexico City+52558302 1182
Monterrey+52816437 8876
Ciudad Juárez+526561123 8739
Tijuana+526647758 3745
Acapulco+527741323 0989
Veracruz+522293934 8474
Reynosa+528897463 8740
Rosarito Beach+526611162 7727
Aguascalientes+524498788 9003
Cabo San Lucas+526243837 9831
Campeche+529815691 2203
Chihuahua+526141948 7333
Ciudad Juarez+526561544 6878
Cordoba+522718768 9078
Durango+526183454 5548
Queretaro+524421547 8075
Playa del Carmen+529842579 5455
Merida+529991378 0965
Guadalupe+52813366 7980
Salamanca+524641468 7677
Tapachula+529624656 8900
Tlaquepaque+52331543 5876
Tulum+529848765 9878
Veracruz+522292567 8765
Villahermosa+529934656 9087
Xalapa-Enriquez+522282546 9870
Zitacuaro+527152545 7989

The format of Mexican phone numbers is quite similar to that of US numbers, which makes them simpler to remember. You have a seven-digit number, 123-4567, after the three-digit area code (123). There are a few anomalies, like the two-digit area code for México City (55) and phone numbers with eight digits rather than seven (1234-5678).

  • You must only dial the 7-digit code when contacting a local landline or a number that has the same area code as the landline you are calling from. It’s 1234567.
  • You must start your call with (area code) + (phone number) when dialing a long-distance landline, which is a number that does not have the same area code as the landline you are calling from. For example, (123)-1234567.
  • You must start your call with (area code) + to reach a local cell phone with the same area code as the landline you are calling from (phone number). (123)-1234567.
  • You must start your call with (area code) + when dialing a long-distance mobile phone, that is, a cell phone that does not have the same area code as the landline you are calling from (phone number). (123)-1234567.

Prior to August 3, 2019, telephone numbers in Mexico had ten digits and either two-digit or three-digit area codes for Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara and their respective metropolitan regions. In order to combat number depletion, new area codes were allocated in the overlay format for Toluca and Puebla in 2017 and Leon, Mexico City, and Tijuana in 2018.

How to Call Mexico from the US

Dial 011 followed by the country code, in this example, 52 for Mexico, followed by the area code and the phone number to make an international call from anywhere in the US. That would be 011+52 (123)-1234567. Make sure you know what you are calling because phoning a landline differs from dialing a mobile phone, as seen in the several examples below:

011+52 (area code) – is the number you call to reach a landline in Mexico (phone number). 1234567 is 011+52 (123) there.

Dial 011+52 and then: reach a Mexican mobile phone. 1, which informs the carrier that you want to contact a mobile number, is followed by the area code and the phone number’s seven digits. 011+52-1-(123)-1234567 is the number.

How to Call from Mexico

You must first dial the international access code, followed by the area code and the destination number, to make an international call from Mexico. Landlines and mobile/cell phones have somewhat different international access codes, so:

How to Call Using a Mexican Landline

When calling an international number from a landline in Mexico, first dial the international access code, “00,” followed by the area code and the destination number.

How to Call Using a Mexican Cell Phone

Regardless of whether your cell phone is using a Mexican plan or operator or a non-Mexican plan or operator, you must dial international numbers by first entering the “+” sign (press and hold the zero key on your smartphone’s screen for a brief period of time), followed by the country code (which is “1” for the US and Canada), the area code, and the number. Dialing 00 (like you would from a landline) won’t function from a mobile or cell phone.

Emergency Services

As of January 1, 2016, calling 911 will connect you to emergency services in all of Mexico. The former system, which needed users to dial several numbers to access various emergency services, has been replaced with this service, accessible around the clock every day of the year. Both landlines and mobile phones can make free 911 calls.

The two most crucial numbers to know are the Mexican emergency phone number and the citizen aid number of your country’s embassy or consulate, regardless of the sort of emergency you may be experiencing.

The tourist aid line and the number for the “Green Angels,” a roadside assistance service that provides general tourist support and information, are additional numbers that are useful to have. The Green Angels may be reached at (078), and unlike other Mexican emergency calls, they may have English-speaking operators.

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