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CallFire is a cloud-based technology that offers automated outbound campaign alternatives to contact centers and aids in monitoring their operational performance. The app’s primary features are text messaging, voice broadcasting, cloud call centers, interactive voice response systems, call tracking, and a developer API. By connecting Excel and CRM spreadsheets in the cloud, gives calling agents access to customer history and maintains notes in a single interface. It offers possibilities for real-time reporting and facilitates limitless call transfers.

Users of CallFire could also record phone calls, add custom scripts, and play pre-recorded voicemails for clients. This program allows agents to update information, send critical alerts, contact consumers, advertise services, and monitor staff development with its audio broadcast and text messaging capability.

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CallFire provides a variety of billing options. Depending on the plan you choose, your per-minute charge for calls and messages will be invoiced at a different rate. It provides a typical basic plan, as well as other tiers of plans that incorporate keywords and/or phone numbers.

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On the Plan Usage page, you can choose a new plan. If you want to upgrade your plan, the higher prices will become effective right away. Your plan will become effective if you decide to reduce it at the beginning of the subsequent billing month. You will continue to be charged according to your current plan rate until then.

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CallFire has already gained the trust of many. Having 11 years of experience, it already has more than 600 global customers and eight global data centers. Among other awards, it has been named The Cloud-Based Solution of The Year. Check out its official webpage to learn more.

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The platform makes it simple for customers to create personalized scripts, record phone conversations, and play pre-recorded voicemail messages. Text messaging, cloud call centers, developer APIs, call tracking, IVR, and voice broadcast are just a few services that CallFire offers. Marketers can easily provide customers updates, notifications, alarms, and promotions using text messaging and voice broadcasts. Additionally, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology enables users to set up pools for both inbound and outgoing purposes, surveys, payments, and appointment reminders.

  • Prerecorded Messages
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics Reports
  • Data Collection
  • Polls and Surveys

You may quickly record and distribute a voice message to thousands of people in just a few seconds. While texting is wonderful for communicating the essentials, voice broadcasting allows you to give your outreach initiatives a more customized touch.

  • Sugar
  • Zoho
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Netsuite
  • Google Analytics

CallFire has a market share of about 0.13% in the call tracking software category. Significant rivals include CallRail, Marchex, WhatConverts, and CallTrackingMetrics. We introduce a search volume chart to compare CallFire with other call-tracking providers that more or less achieve the same heights. AgencyAnalytics, Ringba, NinjaCat, Invoca, and a few others have shown relevantly stable rates in the last six months. 

CallFire provides services to 159 companies. The largest industries are marketing & advertising, political organization, information technology & services. The majority of the customers are small companies located in the United States.

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Gain a deeper understanding of what works for you and make better decisions based on the outcomes. You may successfully and economically promote your company with the help of the CallFire call tracking solution. For incoming or outbound usage, you may set up surveys, polls, appointment reminders, and payments using an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Customers communicate by just pressing a key. Our IVR system is simple to use and comes with an XML menu or a drag-and-drop interface. You can communicate with your customers in a new way thanks to IVR systems.

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