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Phone numbers in the 226 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business in need of a reliable and trustworthy local phone number provider? Look no further! We understand the importance of having a dedicated phone number that resonates with your customers. With the 226 area code phone numbers, you can establish a strong local presence in your target market. Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, these numbers lend credibility and trust to your brand. Our platform allows you to effortlessly search and compare the best providers offering 226 area code phone numbers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business needs. Take the first step towards success today!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 226 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 226?

The 226 area code phone numbers cover multiple regions within the North American continent. These digits connect individuals and businesses located in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Embracing cities like London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, and Sarnia, the 226 area code encompasses a diverse geographic area rich in history, culture, and economic opportunities. Whether you seek to establish a local presence for your business or connect with friends and family in these vibrant cities, choosing a phone number with the 226 area code ensures accessibility and familiarity within this dynamic region.

Major CityLondon, ON

Largest Telephone Carriers



How it works

Discover the unmatched convenience of acquiring a 226 area code phone number through top-rated service providers. Unlock the potential for seamless local communication with this coveted numeric prefix. Tap into a vast array of benefits offered by reputable suppliers who specialize in offering 226 area code numbers. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and establish a strong local presence effortlessly. With unbeatable service quality and reliability, these providers optimize communication channels for businesses and individuals alike. Embrace the simplicity of getting a 226 area code number from trusted suppliers, ensuring enhanced local engagement and increased customer reach. Experience the undeniable advantages of seamless connections with a 226 area code phone number today.

Why your business needs a 226 phone number

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, having a local phone number can provide your business with a significant advantage. A 226 area code phone number ensures that you establish a strong local presence in the respective region. It not only enhances your credibility and trustworthiness among local customers but also helps you build stronger relationships by appearing accessible and familiar. With a 226 area code phone number, you convey to potential clients that you understand their unique needs and are readily available to address them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to efficiently connect with your local audience and foster business growth with a 226 area code phone number.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(226) 200-MobileOrangevilleFido Solutions
(226) 201-MobileHespelerFido Solutions
(226) 202-MobileLeamingtonFido Solutions
(226) 203-MobileGuelphTelus Mobility
(226) 204-LandlinePrestonTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 205-LandlineChathamTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 206-MobileSimcoeFido Solutions
(226) 207-LandlineHarrowTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 208-MobileBrantfordRogers (wireless)
(226) 210-LandlineSaint ThomasIristel
(226) 212-LandlineSaint ThomasIristel
(226) 213-LandlineLondonDistributel
(226) 214-LandlineKitchenerDistributel
(226) 216-LandlineWindsorDistributel
(226) 217-LandlineGuelphTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 218-MobileHespelerRogers (wireless)
(226) 220-MobileKitchenerRogers (wireless)
(226) 221-LandlineWindsorTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 222-LandlineGoderichTelus Mobility
(226) 223-LandlineDraytonFibernetics Corp.
(226) 224-MobileLondonGlobalive Wireless Management Corp.
(226) 225-LandlineParisFibernetics Corp.
(226) 227-LandlineBrantfordFibernetics Corp.
(226) 228-MobileWoodstockRogers (wireless)
(226) 229-MobileChathamRogers (wireless)
(226) 230-LandlineWalkertonTelus Mobility
(226) 231-LandlineTillsonburgTelus Mobility
(226) 232-MobileWoodstockRogers (wireless)
(226) 233-LandlineLinwoodFibernetics Corp.
(226) 234-MobileLondonTelus Mobility
(226) 235-MobileLondonTelus Mobility
(226) 236-MobileLondonTelus Mobility
(226) 237-MobileLondonTelus Mobility
(226) 238-MobileLondonTelus Mobility
(226) 239-MobileLondonTelus Mobility
(226) 240-LandlineKitchenerIristel
(226) 241-LandlineKitchenerIristel
(226) 242-LandlineWoodstockIristel
(226) 243-LandlineKitchenerIristel
(226) 244-LandlineWellesleyFibernetics Corp.
(226) 246-MobileWindsorGlobalive Wireless Management Corp.
(226) 247-LandlineMcgregorTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 248-LandlineWheatleyTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 249-LandlineThamesvilleTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 250-LandlineBrantfordAllstream
(226) 251-LandlineGuelphAllstream
(226) 252-LandlineMaidstoneAllstream
(226) 253-LandlineWoodstockTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 254-LandlineSarniaTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 255-LandlineSaint ClemntsFibernetics Corp.
(226) 256-LandlineOwen SoundFibernetics Corp.
(226) 257-LandlineWalkertonFibernetics Corp.
(226) 258-LandlineDurhamFibernetics Corp.
(226) 259-LandlineOrangevilleFibernetics Corp.
(226) 262-LandlineHensallTuckersmith Comms Co-operative Ltd.
(226) 266-LandlineElmiraFibernetics Corp.
(226) 268-MobileLondonRogers (wireless)
(226) 270-LandlineLondonIristel
(226) 271-LandlineLondonIristel
(226) 272-LandlineLondonIristel
(226) 275-LandlineWoodsleeGosfield North Communication Co-operative Ltd.
(226) 280-MobileWindsorRogers (wireless)
(226) 288-LandlineSaint JacobsFibernetics Corp.
(226) 289-LandlineLondonFibernetics Corp.
(226) 298-LandlineActonComwave Networks
(226) 299-LandlineGuelphComwave Networks
(226) 300-LandlineStratfordQuadro Comms Co-operative
(226) 301-LandlineSaint MarysQuadro Comms Co-operative
(226) 302-LandlineDublinQuadro Comms Co-operative
(226) 303-LandlineMitchellQuadro Comms Co-operative
(226) 304-LandlineLucanQuadro Comms Co-operative
(226) 305-LandlineLondonQuadro Comms Co-operative
(226) 306-LandlineListowelTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 307-LandlineWyomingTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 308-LandlineIldertonQuadro Comms Co-operative
(226) 312-LandlineChathamDistributel
(226) 313-LandlineSarniaDistributel
(226) 314-LandlineGuelphDistributel
(226) 315-LandlineWindsorDistributel
(226) 316-LandlineLondonDistributel
(226) 317-LandlineKitchenerDistributel
(226) 318-LandlineGaltDistributel
(226) 319-LandlineHespelerDistributel
(226) 320-LandlinePrincetonExeculink Telecom
(226) 321-LandlineOttervilleExeculink Telecom
(226) 322-LandlineInnerkipExeculink Telecom
(226) 323-LandlineDrumboExeculink Telecom
(226) 324-LandlineEastwoodExeculink Telecom
(226) 325-LandlineNorwichExeculink Telecom
(226) 326-LandlineGuelphExeculink Telecom
(226) 327-LandlineActonExeculink Telecom
(226) 328-LandlineRockwoodExeculink Telecom
(226) 329-LandlineNairnExeculink Telecom
(226) 333-LandlineNew HamburgFibernetics Corp.
(226) 336-LandlineKitchenerFibernetics Corp.
(226) 338-MobileKitchenerRogers (wireless)
(226) 339-MobileKitchenerRogers (wireless)
(226) 343-MobileGuelphTelus Mobility
(226) 344-MobileWindsorTelus Mobility
(226) 345-MobileWindsorTelus Mobility
(226) 346-MobileWindsorTelus Mobility
(226) 347-MobileWindsorTelus Mobility
(226) 348-MobileWindsorTelus Mobility
(226) 349-MobileSarniaTelus Mobility
(226) 350-MobileWindsorTelus Mobility
(226) 353-LandlinePlattsvilleFibernetics Corp.
(226) 354-LandlineStratfordTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 355-LandlineBadenFibernetics Corp.
(226) 356-LandlineWindsorTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 357-LandlineSarniaTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 358-LandlineLondonTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 359-LandlineKitchenerTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 360-LandlineHespelerTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 361-LandlineGuelphTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 362-LandlineGaltTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 363-LandlineEmeryvilleTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 364-LandlineRidgetownTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 365-LandlineDresdenTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 366-LandlineBreslauFibernetics Corp.
(226) 367-LandlineBlenheimTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 368-LandlineBrantfordTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 369-LandlineEloraTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 370-LandlineFergusTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 371-LandlineCourtrightTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 372-LandlineOil SpringsTelus Integrated Comms
(226) 373-MobileLondonBell Mobility
(226) 374-MobileLondonBell Mobility
(226) 375-LandlinePleasant ParkGosfield North Communication Co-operative Ltd.
(226) 376-MobileLondonBell Mobility
(226) 377-MobileLondonBell Mobility
(226) 378-MobileLondonBell Mobility
(226) 379-MobileOwen SoundBell Mobility
(226) 381-LandlineBrantfordExeculink Telecom
(226) 383-LandlineFergusWightman Comms Ltd.
(226) 384-LandlineEloraWightman Comms Ltd.
(226) 387-MobileBrantfordBell Mobility
(226) 388-MobileBrantfordBell Mobility
(226) 393-LandlineExeterFibernetics Corp.
(226) 400-LandlineBrantfordIristel
(226) 401-LandlineBrantfordIristel
(226) 402-MobileSarniaBell Mobility
(226) 409-LandlineBelle RiverGosfield North Communication Co-operative Ltd.
(226) 420-LandlineClintonBragg Comms
(226) 421-LandlineGoderichBragg Comms
(226) 422-LandlineWinghamBragg Comms
(226) 423-LandlineExeterBragg Comms
(226) 424-LandlineOwen SoundBragg Comms
(226) 425-LandlineCentraliaBragg Comms
(226) 426-LandlineCreditonBragg Comms
(226) 427-LandlineGlencoeBragg Comms
(226) 428-LandlineNeustadtBragg Comms
(226) 429-LandlineHarristonBragg Comms
(226) 430-LandlineListowelBragg Comms
(226) 431-LandlinePalmerstonBragg Comms
(226) 432-LandlineDurhamBragg Comms
(226) 433-LandlineChesleyBragg Comms
(226) 434-LandlineHanoverBragg Comms
(226) 435-LandlineSouthamptonBragg Comms
(226) 436-LandlineWalkertonBragg Comms
(226) 437-LandlineAytonBragg Comms
(226) 438-LandlinePaisleyBragg Comms
(226) 439-LandlineMilvertonBragg Comms
(226) 440-LandlineSimcoeBragg Comms
(226) 441-LandlineBayfieldBragg Comms
(226) 442-LandlineDashwoodBragg Comms
(226) 443-LandlineArthurBragg Comms
(226) 444-LandlineKitchenerIristel
(226) 445-LandlineMount ForestBragg Comms
(226) 446-LandlineOhswekenFibernetics Corp.
(226) 447-LandlineClintonBragg Comms
(226) 448-MobileLondonRogers (wireless)
(226) 450-MobileBrantfordGlobalive Wireless Management Corp.
(226) 453-LandlinePort ElginBragg Comms
(226) 454-LandlineMildmayBragg Comms
(226) 455-LandlineClintonIristel
(226) 456-MobileLondonTelus Mobility
(226) 457-LandlineClintonIristel
(226) 461-LandlineWyomingExeculink Telecom
(226) 462-LandlineWatfordExeculink Telecom
(226) 463-LandlineSombraExeculink Telecom
(226) 464-LandlinePort LambtonExeculink Telecom
(226) 465-LandlinePetroliaExeculink Telecom
(226) 466-LandlineOil SpringsExeculink Telecom
(226) 467-LandlineCourtrightExeculink Telecom
(226) 468-LandlineCorunnaExeculink Telecom
(226) 469-LandlineBrights GroveExeculink Telecom
(226) 470-LandlineB
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How do I get a 226 phone number?If you’re wondering how to obtain a 226 phone number, there are a few steps you can follow. The 226 area code is primarily assigned to the province of Ontario, Canada. However, it’s important to note that specific phone numbers within this area code may be assigned to different telecom service providers. To get a 226 phone number, start by contacting your preferred local phone service provider. They will guide you through the process of obtaining a phone number within the 226 area code. It’s advisable to check with multiple providers to compare offerings and ensure you choose the best fit for your needs. During the process, the local phone service provider may ask for relevant documents, such as proof of address and identification, to verify your eligibility for obtaining a phone number in the 226 area code. Once approved, you will be able to secure your desired 226 phone number and begin using it for your communications needs.
Are all 226 area codes available?As of my knowledge, not all 226 area codes are available for use. Area codes are designated by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) to specific regions and are limited in quantity. The NANPA ensures efficient allocation of telephone numbers, preventing exhaustion and maintaining a well-functioning telecommunication system. While some area codes, such as 226, may have been established in certain regions, their availability depends on the demand for phone numbers in that area. In some cases, all the available phone numbers within a particular area code may have been allocated, thus making it unavailable for new subscribers. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the availability of 226 area codes or any other area codes, I recommend checking with reputable local phone number providers. They have access to the latest information on area code availability in specific regions and can guide you in choosing the best available option for your needs.
Do I own my 226 phone number?Determining ownership of a phone number can be a complex issue. In general, when you acquire a phone number from a US local phone number provider, you are essentially leasing the number rather than owning it outright. The provider has rights over the number and can reclaim it if you violate their terms and conditions or cease using their services. It’s important to note that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees number portability, which allows you to transfer your phone number between different service providers. While this gives you some flexibility, it doesn’t equate to full ownership. To get a clear understanding of your ownership rights regarding your specific 226 phone number, it is recommended to review the terms and conditions of the provider from whom you obtained the number. Consulting with legal professionals in the telecommunications field can also give you a better understanding of the legal and contractual aspects of phone number ownership.
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