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Phone numbers in the 724 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

When it comes to meeting the unique needs of your business, having a local phone number is vital. With the 724 area code, you can establish a strong presence in the desired region, building trust with local customers. Whether you operate a small startup, a bustling retail store, or a professional service company, a 724 area code phone number creates a sense of familiarity and reliability. By partnering with a reputable local phone number provider, you can seamlessly connect with customers, enhance your professional image, and establish a local business identity that sets you apart from competitors. Elevate your business with a 724 area code phone number today.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 724 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 724?

The 724 area code encompasses multiple scenic and vibrant regions, providing reliable phone connectivity to residents and businesses alike. Stretching across southwestern Pennsylvania, this area code embraces charming towns, rolling hills, and vibrant cities. From the picturesque beauty of the Laurel Highlands to the industrial heritage of the Monongahela Valley, the 724 area code captures the essence of the Keystone State. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and thriving communities, having a phone number associated with the 724 area code not only ensures clear communication but also connects you to the heart and soul of western Pennsylvania.

Major CityNew Castle

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
21% Verizon
9% Teleport America
6% Windstream
6% Core
5% Consolidated Enterprise Services
5% Global Crossing Local Services
4% Telcove
23% Other


Prefixes Carrier
7% Verizon Wireless
6% Cingular
3% Sprint
2% Cricket Comm
1% Usa Mobility Wireless
1% Aerial
1% Windstream
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform dedicated to helping you find the finest local phone number providers. If you’re in search of a reliable 724 area code phone number, look no further. Our services connect you with trustworthy vendors who offer extensive coverage and top-notch call quality. With a 724 area code phone number, you can establish a local presence in various regions across the United States, enhancing your business’s credibility and accessibility. Rest assured that our carefully curated selection of providers ensures competitive prices, exceptional customer support, and seamless integration with your existing communication systems. Take your business to new heights with a 724 area code phone number today!

Why your business needs a 724 phone number

In today’s competitive business landscape, staying ahead of the game is crucial. And one effective way to do so is by obtaining a 724 area code phone number. Why? Because local phone numbers create a sense of trust and credibility among prospective customers in the 724 area code. By having a local number, your business appears more accessible and connected to the community, increasing the likelihood of attracting customers in that specific area. So, make a smart choice for your business and get a 724 area code phone number to establish a strong local presence and gain a competitive edge in your market.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(724) 200-LandlineEnon ValleyComcast Phone09/03/2008
(724) 201-LandlineEllwood CityArmstrong Telecom05/21/2007
(724) 202-LandlineNew CastleTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 203-LandlineAliquippaTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 204-LandlineMount PleasantTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 205-MobileGreensburgLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/07/2002
(724) 206-LandlineWashingtonTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 207-LandlineWashingtonGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 208-MobileUniontownCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(724) 209-LandlineAvellaTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 212-LandlineNew KensingtonTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 213-LandlineImperialConsolidated Comms Enterprise Services06/13/2000
(724) 214-LandlineButlerUnitedTelco Of Pennsylvania DBA Centurylink05/18/1998
(724) 215-LandlineBurgettstnConsolidated Comms Enterprise Services01/29/2001
(724) 216-LandlineGreensburgLevel 3 Comms03/03/2001
(724) 217-MobileGreensburgLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/31/2001
(724) 218-LandlinePittsburghTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 219-LandlineGreensburgTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 220-LandlineScottdaleCore Comms05/30/2001
(724) 221-MobileGreensburgVerizon Wireless10/26/2012
(724) 222-LandlineWashington05/18/1998
(724) 223-LandlineWashington05/18/1998
(724) 224-LandlineTarentum05/18/1998
(724) 225-LandlineWashington05/18/1998
(724) 226-LandlineTarentum05/18/1998
(724) 227-LandlinePittsburghAT&T Local01/04/2001
(724) 228-LandlineWashington05/18/1998
(724) 229-LandlineWashington05/18/1998
(724) 230-LandlineTarentum05/18/1998
(724) 231-LandlineDillinerIdt America Corp11/13/2007
(724) 232-LandlineEast BradyArmstrong Telecom04/20/2007
(724) 233-MobileNew KensingtonUSA Mobility Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 234-LandlineButlerIntermedia Comms02/09/2001
(724) 235-LandlineNew Florence05/18/1998
(724) 236-LandlineLeechburgComcast Phone09/05/2008
(724) 237-MobileGreensburgVerizon Wireless02/09/2010
(724) 238-LandlineLigonier05/18/1998
(724) 239-LandlineBentleyvilleBentleyville Comm. Corp. DBA Bentleyville Telco05/18/1998
(724) 240-LandlineAmbridgeGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 241-LandlineBadenGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 242-LandlineBadenTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 243-LandlineBelle VernonTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 244-MobileGreensburgVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 245-LandlineNew Salem05/18/1998
(724) 246-LandlineNew Salem05/18/1998
(724) 247-LandlineBelle VernonGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 248-LandlineBlairsville05/18/1998
(724) 249-LandlineWashingtonCore Comms03/12/2001
(724) 250-LandlineWashington05/18/1998
(724) 251-LandlineAmbridge05/18/1998
(724) 252-MobileAliquippaCingular Wireless03/23/2006
(724) 253-LandlineHadleyWindstream Pennsylvania05/18/1998
(724) 254-LandlineClymer05/18/1998
(724) 255-MobileWashingtonVerizon Wireless08/20/2000
(724) 256-MobileButlerCingular Wireless09/01/2006
(724) 257-LandlineTarentumCore Comms03/12/2001
(724) 258-LandlineMonongahela05/18/1998
(724) 259-LandlineLigonierTelcove01/19/2001
(724) 260-LandlinePittsburghTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 261-LandlineGreensburgCitizens Telecom Solutions11/22/2004
(724) 262-LandlineRochester MillsCore Comms03/12/2001
(724) 263-MobileWashingtonCingular Wireless02/27/1999
(724) 264-LandlineGrove CityConsolidated Comms Enterprise Services03/03/2001
(724) 265-LandlineRusselltonConsolidated Comms Of Pennsylvania Co05/18/1998
(724) 266-LandlineAmbridge05/18/1998
(724) 267-LandlineMariannaMarianna – Scenery Hill Telco05/18/1998
(724) 268-LandlineBelle VernonTelcove01/29/2001
(724) 269-LandlineMercerTelcove01/29/2001
(724) 270-LandlineBessemerGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 271-LandlineCanonsburgGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 272-MobileMarsVerizon Wireless01/14/2000
(724) 273-LandlinePittsburghIntermedia Comms11/20/1998
(724) 274-LandlineSpringdale05/18/1998
(724) 275-LandlineSpringdale05/18/1998
(724) 276-LandlineCharleroiGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 277-LandlineConnellsville05/18/1998
(724) 278-LandlineDonoraGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 279-LandlineFayette CityGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 280-LandlineNew FreeportCore Comms03/20/2009
(724) 281-LandlinePittsburghGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 282-LandlineButlerUnitedTelco Of Pennsylvania DBA Centurylink05/18/1998
(724) 283-LandlineButlerUnitedTelco Of Pennsylvania DBA Centurylink05/18/1998
(724) 284-LandlineButlerUnitedTelco Of Pennsylvania DBA Centurylink05/18/1998
(724) 285-LandlineButlerUnitedTelco Of Pennsylvania DBA Centurylink05/18/1998
(724) 286-LandlineRochester Mills05/18/1998
(724) 287-LandlineButlerUnitedTelco Of Pennsylvania DBA Centurylink05/18/1998
(724) 288-LandlineWashingtonIntermedia Comms01/14/2000
(724) 289-LandlineGreensburgGlobal Crossing Local Services05/18/1998
(724) 290-MobileButlerCingular Wireless05/18/1998
(724) 291-LandlineHerminieGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 292-LandlineMonongahela05/18/1998
(724) 293-LandlineImperialGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 294-LandlineFreeportUs Lec05/18/1998
(724) 295-LandlineFreeportConsolidated Comms Of Pennsylvania Co05/18/1998
(724) 296-LandlineJeannetteGlobal Crossing Local Services05/18/1998
(724) 297-LandlineWorthingtonWindstream Pennsylvania05/18/1998
(724) 298-LandlineMc DonaldGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 299-LandlinePittsburghGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 300-LandlineMercerTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 301-MobileSharonVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 302-LandlineAliquippaConsolidated Comms Enterprise Services06/13/2000
(724) 303-LandlineEdinburgCore Comms03/12/2001
(724) 304-LandlineNew KensingtonAllegiance Telecom06/30/2001
(724) 305-LandlineDonoraLevel 3 Comms05/02/2001
(724) 306-LandlineProspectCore Comms04/16/2004
(724) 307-LandlinePittsburghTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 308-LandlineSharonTelcove06/13/2000
(724) 309-MobileGreensburgCingular Wireless05/18/1998
(724) 310-LandlineMonongahelaTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 312-MobileNew BrightonCingular Wireless02/27/1999
(724) 313-LandlineBlairsvilleTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 314-LandlineMonessenTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(724) 315-LandlineGlenwillardIntermedia Comms05/18/1998
(724) 316-MobileMarsVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 317-LandlineUniontownCore Comms03/12/2001
(724) 318-LandlineAmbridgeTelcove05/03/2001
(724) 319-LandlineCarmichaelsIdt America Corp11/12/2007
(724) 320-LandlineUniontownNeutral Tandem01/10/2008
(724) 321-MobileGibsoniaSprint02/27/1999
(724) 322-MobileUniontownVerizon Wireless10/13/1999
(724) 323-MobileUniontownSprint11/20/1998
(724) 324-LandlineMt MorrisWindstream Pennsylvania05/18/1998
(724) 325-LandlineExportWindstream Pennsylvania05/18/1998
(724) 326-LandlineFayette City05/18/1998
(724) 327-LandlineExportWindstream Pennsylvania05/18/1998
(724) 328-MobileWashingtonLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/31/2001
(724) 329-LandlineFarmington05/18/1998
(724) 330-LandlineCaliforniaTeleport Comms America11/20/1998
(724) 331-MobileGreensburgVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 332-LandlineFreeportVerizon Wireless12/09/2013
(724) 333-MobileNew CastleSprint11/20/1998
(724) 334-LandlineNew Kensington05/18/1998
(724) 335-LandlineNew Kensington05/18/1998
(724) 336-LandlineEnon ValleyWindstream Pennsylvania05/18/1998
(724) 337-LandlineNew Kensington05/18/1998
(724) 338-LandlineCanonsburgAT&T Local11/20/1998
(724) 339-LandlineNew Kensington05/18/1998
(724) 340-LandlineBolivarTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 341-MobileGreensburgUSA Mobility Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 342-LandlineSharon05/18/1998
(724) 343-LandlineBlairsvilleTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(724) 344-MobileWashingtonVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 345-LandlineHickoryVerizon North-pa (quaker St)05/18/1998
(724) 346-LandlineSharon05/18/1998
(724) 347-LandlineSharon05/18/1998
(724) 348-LandlineFinleyville05/18/1998
(724) 349-LandlineIndiana05/18/1998
(724) 350-MobileWashingtonSprint11/20/1998
(724) 351-MobileSpringdaleLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/31/2001
(724) 352-LandlineSaxonburgConsolidated Comms Of Pennsylvania Co05/18/1998
(724) 353-LandlineSaxonburgConsolidated Comms Of Pennsylvania Co05/18/1998
(724) 354-LandlineSheloctaWindstream Pennsylvania05/18/1998
(724) 355-MobileButlerVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 356-LandlineHickoryHickory Telco05/18/1998
(724) 357-LandlineIndiana05/18/1998
(724) 358-LandlineGreensboroIdt America Corp11/13/2007
(724) 359-LandlineBeaver FallsTelcove05/03/2001
(724) 360-LandlineSaxonburgConsolidated Comms Of Pennsylvania Co05/18/1998
(724) 361-LandlineMonessenGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 362-LandlineMonongahelaGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 363-LandlineFayette CityTelcove01/29/2001
(724) 364-LandlineBrownsvilleTelcove01/29/2001
(724) 365-LandlineMount PleasantGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 366-MobileUniontownVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(724) 367-LandlinePittsburghGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 368-LandlinePortersvilleUnitedTelco Of Pennsylvania DBA Centurylink05/18/1998
(724) 369-LandlinePittsburghGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 370-LandlineParisGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 371-LandlineRochesterGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(724) 372-MobileGrove CityVerizon Wireless02/27/1999
(724) 373-LandlineGreenvilleTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(724) 374-LandlineJeannetteTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(724) 375-LandlineAliquippa05/18/1998
(724) 376-LandlineSandy LakeWindstream Pennsylvania</
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How do I get a 724 phone number?If you’re looking to obtain a 724 phone number, you can easily get one by reaching out to a reputable US local phone number provider. These providers can offer you a range of options and help you choose the best number that fits your needs. To begin, conduct some research and list down a few reputable providers. When contacting the providers, it’s important to clearly state your preference for a 724 area code. Explain your requirements and inquire if they have any available numbers in that specific area code. Keep in mind that availability may vary depending on the area and the provider. Once you find a provider with a suitable 724 number, you can proceed with the registration process. This typically involves providing some personal information and selecting a plan that suits your calling and messaging needs. Some providers may also offer additional features like voicemail and call forwarding. After completing the necessary steps and signing up, you’ll be the proud owner of a 724 phone number, ready to connect with others in that area.
Are all 724 area codes available?Finding a reliable local phone number provider can be a daunting task. When it comes to the 724 area code, it’s important to note that not all phone numbers in this area code may be readily available. The availability of 724 area codes can vary depending on the provider and the specific location you are targeting. To ascertain the availability of 724 area codes, it is advisable to consult a reputable phone number provider. Such providers have access to comprehensive databases that can determine the current status of specific area codes. They can provide you with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the availability of 724 area codes in your desired location. To ensure the best results, make use of well-established platforms that specialize in comparing different phone number providers. These platforms can assist you in finding the best provider that offers 724 area codes, along with valuable additional features. With the help of these resources, finding the most suitable local phone number provider for your needs becomes a much simpler process.
Do I own my 724 phone number?When it comes to owning a phone number, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions set by your service provider. In most cases, you don’t technically “own” your phone number like you would own a physical asset. Instead, you are granted the right to use the number by your service provider, typically through a contractual agreement. This agreement outlines the terms of use, rights, and responsibilities. If you have a 724 phone number, it is assigned to you by your service provider based on availability. As long as you maintain an active service plan with the provider, you can continue to use the number. However, if you decide to switch providers or cancel your service, the number may not be transferrable, and you may lose access to it. To get a clearer understanding of the specific terms related to your 724 phone number, it is best to contact your service provider directly. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information regarding your ownership rights and any potential limitations or restrictions associated with your phone number.
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