Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 734 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 734 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

If you’re a business looking for a phone number that exudes local credibility, the 734 area code is the answer. A 734 area code phone number creates an immediate connection with customers in various Michigan cities, including Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Monroe. This localized presence instills trust and boosts brand reputation, essential elements for businesses focused on building strong customer relationships. Whether you operate a small business or a large enterprise, a 734 area code phone number ensures that you establish a local identity, making it easy for customers to recognize and remember your business. Embrace the power of a 734 area code phone number and enhance your local market presence today.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 734 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 734?

The 734 area code encompasses several geographical regions, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a local phone number provider in Michigan. This area code serves parts of Southeastern Michigan, covering cities such as Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Monroe, Plymouth, and Belleville. Whether you are a business owner looking to establish a local presence or an individual in need of a reliable phone connection, having a 734 area code phone number ensures that you are easily accessible within these vibrant communities. Explore the available phone number providers in this area code and connect with the locals effortlessly.

Major CityAnn Arbor

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
26% Ameritech
6% Phone
5% Telnet Worldwide
5% Teleport America
5% Xo Services
3% Global Crossing Telemanagement
3% Broadwing
24% Other


Prefixes Carrier
8% Verizon Wireless
4% Sprint
3% Cingular
3% American Messaging (am)
2% Omnipoint Midwest Operations
1% Level 3
1% Usa Mobility Wireless
1% Other

How it works

Discover the wonders of the 734 area code phone numbers and unlock a world of limitless possibilities. At our reputable service provider, we are committed to delivering reliable and top-notch phone number solutions that cater to your specific requirements. With our extensive network and strategic partnerships, we source the best 734 numbers to ensure exceptional call quality and coverage. Choose from a wide selection of memorable, vanity, or business-oriented numbers to stand out from the crowd. Whether you are a local business owner or an individual looking for the perfect number, rest assured that our trusted services will connect you to success. Experience the seamless communication experience, courtesy of our superior 734 area code phone numbers.

Why your business needs a 734 phone number

In today’s competitive market, having a local presence is crucial for businesses to establish trust and credibility among their target audience. That’s why it’s essential for your business to have a 734 area code phone number. By obtaining a local phone number, you demonstrate your commitment to serving the community in this particular region. Customers tend to feel more comfortable engaging with local businesses, which can significantly enhance your brand reputation and customer loyalty. Moreover, a 734 area code phone number helps your business appear more familiar and recognizable, increasing the likelihood of potential customers reaching out and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(734) 202-LandlineIdaVerizon Wireless08/20/2000
(734) 204-MobileDexterVerizon Wireless02/01/2013
(734) 205-LandlineAnn ArborMci Worldcom Comms01/25/1998
(734) 206-LandlineTemperanceTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 207-LandlinePlymouth01/25/1998
(734) 208-MobileFlat RockAmerican Messaging (am)11/20/1998
(734) 209-MobileYpsilantiVerizon Wireless01/22/2013
(734) 212-LandlineManchesterPhone Michigan07/22/1999
(734) 213-LandlineAnn Arbor01/25/1998
(734) 214-LandlineAnn Arbor05/18/1998
(734) 215-LandlineMilanPhone Michigan07/22/1999
(734) 216-MobileAnn ArborSprint05/18/1998
(734) 217-LandlineYpsilantiLevel 3 Comms12/27/2004
(734) 218-MobileYpsilantiCingular Wireless05/10/1999
(734) 219-LandlineYpsilantiOnvoy02/19/2010
(734) 220-LandlinePetersburgPhone Michigan07/22/1999
(734) 221-LandlineYpsilantiCenturylink Comms01/31/2013
(734) 222-LandlineAnn Arbor08/20/2000
(734) 223-MobileAnn ArborCingular Wireless05/10/1999
(734) 224-LandlineTemperanceBuckeye Telesystem09/13/2005
(734) 225-LandlineWyandotteSigecom02/04/2002
(734) 226-LandlineYpsilantiUSA Mobility Wireless02/27/1999
(734) 227-LandlineMonroeUSA Mobility Wireless08/14/1998
(734) 228-MobileAnn ArborAmerican Messaging (am)05/18/1998
(734) 229-LandlineRomulus08/14/1998
(734) 230-LandlineMonroePhone Michigan07/22/1999
(734) 231-MobileTrentonSprint11/20/1998
(734) 232-LandlineAnn Arbor05/28/2004
(734) 233-MobilePlymouthCingular Wireless08/23/2004
(734) 234-LandlineTemperancePhone Michigan07/22/1999
(734) 235-Peerless Network05/30/2014
(734) 236-LandlineRockwoodLong Distance Of Michigan DBA Ldmi07/22/1999
(734) 237-LandlineLivoniaPhone Michigan02/27/1999
(734) 238-LandlineDetroitBroadwing Comms07/22/1999
(734) 239-LandlineAnn ArborBroadwing Comms01/14/2000
(734) 240-LandlineMonroe02/27/1999
(734) 241-LandlineMonroe01/25/1998
(734) 242-LandlineMonroe01/25/1998
(734) 243-LandlineMonroe01/25/1998
(734) 244-LandlineMonroeTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(734) 245-LandlineLivoniaLocal Exchange Carriers06/30/2001
(734) 246-LandlineWyandotte01/25/1998
(734) 247-LandlineRomulus01/25/1998
(734) 249-MobileAnn ArborVerizon Wireless07/13/2012
(734) 250-MobileWayneCingular Wireless12/28/2001
(734) 251-LandlineChelseaMichtel Comms07/22/1999
(734) 252-LandlineBellevillePhone Michigan02/27/1999
(734) 253-LandlineDexterComcast Phone06/13/2000
(734) 254-LandlinePlymouth01/25/1998
(734) 255-MobileAnn ArborVerizon Wireless05/10/1999
(734) 256-LandlineWillisTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 257-LandlineWhitmore LakeTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 258-LandlineWyandotteTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(734) 259-LandlineSouthfieldLevel 3 Comms05/10/1999
(734) 260-MobileAnn ArborSprint05/10/1999
(734) 261-LandlineLivonia01/25/1998
(734) 262-MobileYpsilantiOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations05/18/1998
(734) 264-LandlineMonroeAllegiance Telecom01/25/1998
(734) 265-LandlineMonroeMci Worldcom Comms01/25/1998
(734) 266-LandlineLivonia01/25/1998
(734) 267-MobileRomulusAmerican Messaging (am)02/27/1999
(734) 268-LandlineDexterGlobal Crossing Telemanagement05/10/1999
(734) 269-LandlineIdaFrontier North05/18/1998
(734) 270-LandlineWestlandComcast Phone02/27/1999
(734) 271-LandlineCarletonGlobal Crossing Telemanagement07/22/1999
(734) 272-MobileAnn ArborLevel 3 Comms02/27/1999
(734) 273-LandlineYpsilantiPhone Michigan02/27/1999
(734) 274-MobileAnn ArborCingular Wireless10/13/1999
(734) 275-Peerless Network05/30/2014
(734) 276-LandlineAnn ArborCingular Wireless10/13/1999
(734) 277-MobileAnn ArborCingular Wireless10/13/1999
(734) 279-LandlinePetersburgDeerfield Farmers Telco01/25/1998
(734) 281-LandlineWyandotte01/25/1998
(734) 282-LandlineWyandotte01/25/1998
(734) 283-LandlineWyandotte01/25/1998
(734) 284-LandlineWyandotte01/25/1998
(734) 285-LandlineWyandotte01/25/1998
(734) 286-LandlineWyandotteMci Worldcom Comms01/25/1998
(734) 287-LandlineTaylor01/25/1998
(734) 288-LandlineDetroitMci Worldcom Comms01/25/1998
(734) 289-LandlineMonroe01/25/1998
(734) 293-LandlineDetroitAllegiance Telecom01/14/2000
(734) 294-MobileAnn ArborAmerican Messaging (am)06/13/2000
(734) 295-LandlineSalineFrontier North12/31/2002
(734) 296-MobileLivoniaAmerican Messaging (am)08/14/1998
(734) 297-MobileMonroeAmerican Messaging (am)05/10/1999
(734) 298-LandlineWayneTelnet Worldwide10/13/1999
(734) 299-LandlineCarletonBroadwing Comms08/20/2000
(734) 301-MobileTrentonSprint05/23/2006
(734) 302-LandlineAnn Arbor08/20/2000
(734) 303-MobileNew BostonVerizon Wireless08/03/2004
(734) 304-Mci Worldcom Comms06/25/2014
(734) 305-MobileMonroeAmerican Messaging (am)11/20/1998
(734) 306-LandlineWayneSprint08/20/2000
(734) 307-MobileTrentonCbeyond Comms12/19/2006
(734) 308-MobileWyandotteVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(734) 309-MobileWyandotteVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(734) 310-LandlineDundeeTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 312-MobileDexterVerizon Wireless02/01/2013
(734) 314-LandlineGregoryTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 315-LandlineNew BostonSbc Internet Services01/22/2010
(734) 316-LandlineSalineComcast Phone08/20/2000
(734) 317-LandlineErieTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 319-LandlineErieTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 320-MobileAnn ArborSprint05/10/1999
(734) 321-LandlineMaybeeTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 322-LandlineMonroeBroadwing Comms05/10/1999
(734) 323-MobileAnn ArborSprint08/20/2000
(734) 324-LandlineWyandotte01/25/1998
(734) 325-LandlineWestlandComcast Phone05/10/1999
(734) 326-LandlineWayne01/25/1998
(734) 327-LandlineAnn Arbor01/25/1998
(734) 328-LandlineBellevilleBroadwing Comms05/10/1999
(734) 329-LandlineWayneMci Worldcom Comms05/18/1998
(734) 330-MobileAnn ArborSprint10/31/2000
(734) 331-LandlineWayneComcast Phone05/10/1999
(734) 332-LandlineAnn Arbor01/25/1998
(734) 333-LandlineWhitmore LakeUs Xchange Of Michigan DBA Choice One Comm Mi11/06/2009
(734) 334-LandlineLivonia01/25/1998
(734) 335-LandlinePlymouthAT&T Local08/14/1998
(734) 336-LandlineManchesterXo Comms Services06/13/2000
(734) 337-LandlineYpsilantiBroadwing Comms10/13/1999
(734) 338-LandlineLivoniaComcast Phone05/10/1999
(734) 339-LandlineWhitmore LakeVerizon Wireless06/13/2000
(734) 340-LandlineWestlandComcast Phone05/10/1999
(734) 341-MobileTrentonSprint07/22/1999
(734) 342-LandlineMonroeTelnet Worldwide06/13/2000
(734) 343-LandlineSouthfieldLevel 3 Comms02/15/2012
(734) 344-MobileMonroeLevel 3 Comms05/10/1999
(734) 345-LandlineBellevilleXo Comms Services06/13/2000
(734) 346-MobileAnn ArborAmerican Messaging (am)05/18/1998
(734) 347-MobileTemperanceVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(734) 348-LandlineFlat RockBroadwing Comms08/20/2000
(734) 349-LandlineMonroePhone Michigan08/14/1998
(734) 352-LandlineAnn ArborMci Worldcom Comms11/20/1998
(734) 353-MobileAnn ArborCingular Wireless05/18/1998
(734) 354-LandlinePlymouth05/18/1998
(734) 355-MobileAnn ArborCingular Wireless05/18/1998
(734) 357-LandlineDetroitXo Comms Services01/14/2000
(734) 358-MobileAnn ArborCingular Wireless05/18/1998
(734) 360-MobileFlat RockUSA Mobility Wireless05/10/1999
(734) 362-LandlineTrenton01/25/1998
(734) 363-MobileTrentonSprint03/20/2007
(734) 364-LandlineMaybeeLevel 3 Comms05/10/2001
(734) 365-LandlineTrentonTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 367-LandlineLivonia05/18/1998
(734) 368-MobileAnn ArborSprint10/13/1999
(734) 369-LandlineAnn ArborComcast Phone10/13/1999
(734) 370-LandlineLambertvilleTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 372-LandlineAnn ArborTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 374-LandlineTaylor01/25/1998
(734) 375-LandlineGregoryTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 376-LandlineIdaTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 377-LandlineWayneSprint10/31/2000
(734) 378-LandlineDexterXo Comms Services06/13/2000
(734) 379-LandlineRockwood01/25/1998
(734) 380-LandlineRomulusUSA Mobility Wireless08/14/1998
(734) 381-MobileMaybeeVerizon Wireless01/22/2013
(734) 382-LandlineGregoryPhone Michigan07/22/1999
(734) 383-MobileYpsilantiOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations10/31/2000
(734) 384-LandlineMonroe01/25/1998
(734) 385-LandlineChelseaPhone Michigan07/22/1999
(734) 386-LandlinePlymouth12/14/2005
(734) 387-LandlineTemperanceTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 388-LandlineDexterBroadwing Comms09/12/2005
(734) 389-LandlineAnn ArborLong Distance Of Michigan DBA Ldmi08/20/2000
(734) 390-LandlineYpsilantiLong Distance Of Michigan DBA Ldmi08/20/2000
(734) 391-LandlineBellevilleTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 392-LandlineDetroitTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(734) 393-LandlineErieLevel 3 Comms05/10/1999
(734) 394-LandlineCanton01/25/1998
(734) 395-MobileAnn ArborVerizon Wireless05/18/1998
(734) 396-LandlineManchesterTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(734) 397-LandlineCanton01/25/1998
(734) 398-LandlineCanton01/25/1998
(734) 399-LandlineMaybeeTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(734) 401-LandlineSalineTelnet Worldwide08/20/2000
(734) 402-LandlineLivoniaLong Distance Of Michigan DBA Ldmi08/20/2000
(734) 403-LandlineRomulusLong Distance Of Michigan DBA Ldmi08/20/2000
(734) 404-LandlinePlymouthLong
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How do I get a 734 phone number?To obtain a 734 phone number, you can follow a few simple steps. Firstly, identify the phone service provider that offers 734 area code numbers. Many telecommunications companies offer services for specific area codes, so ensure your chosen provider covers the 734 area code. Next, visit their website or contact their customer support to inquire about obtaining a 734 phone number. They will guide you through the process, which typically involves filling out an application form and providing necessary identification and payment details. Once your application is processed, the provider will assign you a 734 phone number. It’s important to note that the availability of 734 numbers might vary, so it’s advisable to check with the provider for current availability.
Are all 734 area codes available?Finding accurate information about the availability of all 734 area codes can be a challenging task. However, there are reliable sources that can help you determine whether a specific area code is available or not. One such source is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates the allocation and assignment of telephone numbers in the United States. To find out if all 734 area codes are available, it is recommended to visit the FCC’s website and search for their official database of area codes. This database provides up-to-date information about the status of various area codes, including their availability and any recent changes. Additionally, you can also consult reputable telecommunications service providers that offer local phone numbers. These providers often have access to the latest information and can guide you on the availability of specific area codes, including the 734 area code. Remember that the availability of area codes can fluctuate due to various factors such as population growth, increased demand, or regulatory changes. It is always best to consult official sources and providers directly to ensure accuracy.
Do I own my 734 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a tricky subject. In the United States, phone numbers are assigned by service providers, but the actual ownership of a phone number can vary depending on certain factors. In the case of your 734 phone number, it ultimately depends on who originally obtained the number and the terms of their agreement with the provider. If you acquired the 734 phone number directly from a service provider, it is likely that you have ownership rights over it. However, if the number was assigned to you by an employer or another entity, they may retain some level of ownership or control. To determine the true ownership of your 734 phone number, it is advisable to review any contractual agreements or communications with the provider or original assignee. Additionally, reaching out to the relevant service provider directly will provide you with the most accurate information regarding the ownership status of your specific phone number.
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