Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 816 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 816 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, having a local phone number is crucial for building trust and credibility with your customers. By using a 816 area code phone number, you can establish a strong local presence in the Kansas City area, signaling to potential clients that you are accessible and understand their needs. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established enterprise, a local phone number helps you connect with your target market effortlessly. With our assistance, you can easily find the best local phone number providers in the 816 area code, ensuring seamless communication and boosting your business growth.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 816 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 816?

Looking for a phone number in the 816 area code? Look no further! The 816 area code covers a broad range of geographic areas, making it a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike. Primarily serving western and central parts of Missouri, the 816 area code includes cities such as Kansas City, Independence, and Lee’s Summit. Additionally, it extends beyond the state borders, reaching parts of Kansas that include Kansas City and Leavenworth. With its diverse coverage, the 816 area code provides ample opportunities for local communication and connectivity. Explore the best local phone number providers in the 816 area code and stay connected effortlessly.

Major CityKansas City

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
34% Southwestern Bell
12% Centurylink
4% Socket Telecom
3% Windstream Nuvox
3% Global Crossing Local Services
3% Teleport America
2% Birch Telecom
12% Other


Prefixes Carrier
7% Sprint
7% Cingular
5% Verizon Wireless
4% Aerial
2% Usa Mobility Wireless
1% Mobilfone
1% United States Cellular –
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, where you can discover the finest local phone number providers. Are you seeking an outstanding 816 area code phone number? Look no further! Our reputable services offer an extensive range of options tailored to your needs. Enhance your business presence with a coveted local number in the 816 area code, allowing you to establish a strong connection with your target audience. Our providers ensure seamless call routing, crystal-clear voice quality, and reliable service for uninterrupted communication. Discover the perfect 816 area code phone number from our reliable partners and unlock endless possibilities for growth and success. Start building your local presence today.

Why your business needs a 816 phone number

Are you considering expanding your business to the vibrant area of Kansas City, Missouri? Look no further than a 816 area code phone number. Why is it crucial for your business? Firstly, having a local phone number makes it easier for potential customers to identify and trust your brand. It creates a sense of reliability and familiarity within the local community. Secondly, a 816 number demonstrates your commitment to serving the Kansas City area exclusively, paving the way for enhanced customer engagement and loyalty. So, whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, don’t miss out on the numerous benefits a 816 area code phone number can bring to your business.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(816) 200-LandlineKansas CityAT&T Local02/04/1994
(816) 201-LandlineKansas CityTeleport Comms America07/06/1997
(816) 202-MobileKansas CityUSA Mobility Wireless05/01/2002
(816) 203-MobileKansas CityUSA Mobility Wireless01/25/1998
(816) 204-LandlineKansas CityAT&T Local02/27/1999
(816) 205-MobileSt JosephUnited States Cellular Corp.04/24/2003
(816) 206-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(816) 209-MobileCameronAerial Comms10/07/2013
(816) 210-MobileKansas CitySprint05/10/1999
(816) 212-MobileKansas CityUSA Mobility Wireless01/11/1997
(816) 213-MobileKansas CitySprint05/10/1999
(816) 214-LandlineKansas CityWindstream Nuvox Missouri10/31/2000
(816) 215-MobileKansas CitySprint08/14/1998
(816) 216-LandlineKansas CityTime Warner Cable (mo) DBA Time Warner Cbl02/27/1999
(816) 217-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms03/03/2001
(816) 218-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell05/18/1998
(816) 219-LandlinePlatte CityBandwidth.com12/19/2013
(816) 220-LandlineBlue SpringsSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(816) 221-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 222-LandlineKansas CityTw Telecom01/14/2000
(816) 223-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(816) 224-LandlineBlue SpringsSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 225-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(816) 226-MobileKansas CitySprint03/24/2011
(816) 227-LandlineEdgertonEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 228-LandlineBlue SpringsSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 229-LandlineBlue SpringsSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 230-LandlineOdessaEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 231-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 232-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 233-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 234-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 235-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell05/01/2002
(816) 236-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell09/11/1994
(816) 237-LandlineGladstoneSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 238-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 239-LandlineAdrianSbc Internet Services12/11/2009
(816) 240-LandlineWellingtonEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 241-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 242-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 243-LandlineFerrelviewEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 244-MobileSt JosephCingular Wireless04/09/2003
(816) 245-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 246-LandlineLees SummitSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 247-MobileKansas CityMobile Radio Comms DBA Mobilfone02/04/1994
(816) 248-MobileSt JosephAerial Comms08/10/2001
(816) 249-LandlineBucknerEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 250-LandlineFreemanMo – Kan Dial09/11/1994
(816) 251-LandlineLees SummitSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 252-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 253-LandlineAgencySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 254-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 255-LandlineKansas CitySocket Telecom01/08/2004
(816) 256-LandlineKansas CityLevel 3 Comms08/20/2000
(816) 257-LandlineIndependenceSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 258-MobileHarrisonvilleAerial Comms02/04/1994
(816) 259-LandlineSt JosephMercury Voice And Data DBA Suddenlink Comm11/04/2013
(816) 260-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(816) 261-MobileSt JosephCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(816) 262-MobileSt JosephCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(816) 263-MobileOdessaAerial Comms02/04/1994
(816) 264-LandlineHoltEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 265-LandlineBeltonGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 266-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless03/15/2013
(816) 267-MobileOak GroveAerial Comms02/04/1994
(816) 268-LandlineKansas CitySurewest Kansas Licenses03/03/2001
(816) 269-MobileKansas CitySprint06/13/2011
(816) 270-LandlineFerrelviewEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 271-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 272-LandlineLees SummitGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 273-LandlineSt JosephCingular Wireless05/16/2002
(816) 274-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 275-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 276-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 277-LandlineKansas CityBirch Telecom05/10/1999
(816) 278-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services05/10/1999
(816) 279-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 280-LandlineCamden PointEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 282-LandlineLees SummitBirch Telecom05/10/1999
(816) 283-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 284-MobileCameronVerizon Wireless05/05/2004
(816) 285-LandlineKansas CityWindstream Nuvox Missouri06/13/2000
(816) 286-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 287-LandlineLees SummitSouthwestern Bell11/04/2011
(816) 288-MobileCameronAerial Comms09/10/2002
(816) 289-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(816) 290-LandlineHenriettaEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 291-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 292-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 293-LandlineArchieSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 294-MobileSt JosephSprint06/13/2000
(816) 295-LandlineBlue SpringsGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 296-LandlineLawsonSpectra Comms Group DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 297-LandlineAdrianSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 298-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 300-LandlineKansas CityBirch Telecom05/01/2002
(816) 301-MobileKansas CitySprint03/07/2011
(816) 302-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless02/08/2013
(816) 303-LandlineKansas CityTw Telecom10/31/2001
(816) 304-MobileIndependenceSprint02/27/1999
(816) 305-MobileKansas CitySprint05/10/1999
(816) 306-LandlineMaysvilleCenturylink Comms10/01/2013
(816) 308-LandlineKansas CityBirch Telecom05/10/1999
(816) 309-MobileKansas CitySprint02/27/1999
(816) 313-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(816) 315-MobileKansas CitySprint05/04/2011
(816) 316-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell07/22/1999
(816) 318-LandlineBeltonSouthwestern Bell10/11/1997
(816) 320-LandlineHoltEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 322-LandlineBeltonSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 324-LandlineSavannahSpectra Comms Group DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 325-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 326-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 328-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms09/09/2013
(816) 329-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 330-LandlineParkvilleSouthwestern Bell09/11/1994
(816) 331-LandlineBeltonSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 332-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(816) 333-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 335-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 336-LandlineIndependenceEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 337-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 338-LandlineAgencySprint CommsCo.,01/31/2005
(816) 339-LandlineRosendaleSocket Telecom12/21/2006
(816) 340-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 341-MobileSt JosephVerizon Wireless08/20/2000
(816) 342-LandlineCosbySocket Telecom12/21/2006
(816) 343-LandlineSmithvilleGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 344-LandlineSt JosephWindstream Nuvox Missouri04/05/2006
(816) 345-MobileHoldenVerizon Wireless07/01/1996
(816) 346-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 347-LandlineLees SummitSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 348-LandlineBeltonSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 349-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 350-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(816) 351-MobileSt JosephVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(816) 352-MobileKansas CitySprint10/09/2001
(816) 353-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 354-LandlinePlatte CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 355-LandlineGrain ValleyGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 356-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 357-LandlineTrimbleSpectra Comms Group DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 358-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 359-LandlineKansas CityLevel 3 Comms02/10/2003
(816) 360-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 361-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 363-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 364-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 365-MobileKansas CitySprint01/14/2000
(816) 366-LandlineGreenwoodGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 367-LandlineAmazoniaSocket Telecom12/21/2006
(816) 368-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services02/04/1994
(816) 369-LandlineHelenaSpectra Comms Group DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 370-LandlineTrimbleSpectra Comms Group DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 372-LandlineKansas CityGlobal Crossing Local Services01/10/1996
(816) 373-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 374-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 376-LandlineHenriettaSocket Telecom03/05/2007
(816) 377-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless05/10/2004
(816) 378-LandlineCosbySpectra Comms Group DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 379-LandlineKansas CityBirch Telecom05/10/1999
(816) 380-LandlineHarrisonvilleEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink09/11/1994
(816) 382-LandlineKansas CityBirch Telecom05/10/1999
(816) 383-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell10/11/1997
(816) 385-LandlineSt JosephBrooks Fiber Comms03/03/2001
(816) 386-LandlineWestonEmbarq Missouri – Mo DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(816) 387-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 388-LandlineBeltonBirch Telecom05/10/1999
(816) 389-LandlineKansas CityBirch Telecom05/10/1999
(816) 390-LandlineSt JosephSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 391-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(816) 392-Mobile
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How do I get a 816 phone number?If you are seeking a 816 phone number, you can acquire one through various means. Firstly, you should choose a reliable US local phone number provider that offers services in the 816 area code, which covers parts of Missouri, including Kansas City. Research reputable providers that offer virtual and toll-free numbers in this area code. Once you have selected a provider, sign up for their services and follow their registration process. They may ask you to provide certain information, such as your name, address, and preferred phone number. Ensure that you fulfill all the requirements and provide accurate details. After completing the registration, the provider will assign you a 816 phone number based on availability. If you have any preferences, communicate them to the provider, and they will do their best to accommodate your request. Remember, it is essential to select a reputable provider to ensure reliable phone services and excellent customer support. Take your time to compare different providers and read reviews to make an informed decision.
Are all 816 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 816 area codes, it’s important to note that there isn’t a single definitive answer. Local phone number availability is determined by individual service providers, and their inventory can fluctuate over time. While some providers may have available numbers in the 816 area code, others may not. To determine if a specific 816 area code is available, it is recommended to research different local phone number providers and check their current inventory. The best approach is to search online directories or contact the providers directly for the most up-to-date information. Keep in mind that phone number availability is subject to demand and the specific requirements of each provider. Therefore, it’s always advisable to start your search early and explore multiple options to find the best US local phone number provider that meets your needs.
Do I own my 816 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can sometimes be a complex matter. In the case of your 816 phone number, it’s essential to understand the underlying rules and regulations set forth by telecommunications authorities to determine ownership. Typically, phone numbers are issued and administered by telecommunication service providers. Therefore, while you may “own” your 816 phone number in terms of controlling its usage and accessing its features, the actual ownership rights might belong to the service provider who issued it. To ascertain the ownership status of your specific 816 phone number, it is recommended to review the terms and conditions laid out by the provider who assigned it to you. These terms should explicitly state whether you have full ownership rights, partial ownership rights, or simply usage rights. It’s advisable to contact your service provider directly for further clarification on the ownership status of your specific phone number.
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