Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 913 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 913 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you looking for the best business phone solution for your company in the 913 area code? Look no further! We have handpicked the top local phone number providers in the 913 area code, ensuring that you get the highest-quality service and connectivity options for your business. Whether you need a reliable cloud-based phone system, advanced features like call forwarding and voicemail transcription, or simply want to improve your customer service with a professional phone presence, our recommended providers have got you covered. Don’t waste time searching for the right phone solution; let us help you find the perfect fit for your business in the 913 area code.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 913 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 913?

Welcome to our site, your ultimate guide to finding the most reliable local phone number providers in the 913 area code where your business operates. Our extensive database covers geographical areas in this region, ensuring you connect with customers seamlessly. Whether you’re based in Kansas City, Overland Park, or any other vibrant community in the 913 area code, we have you covered. Our user-friendly platform allows you to compare and choose from a selection of trusted providers, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your communication needs. Say goodbye to outdated directories and let us simplify your search for the ideal local phone number.

Major CityOverland Park

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
39% Southwestern Bell
7% Centurylink
2% Level 3
2% Surewest Kansas Licenses
2% Windstream Nuvox
2% Teleport America
1% Global Crossing Local Services
13% Other


Prefixes Carrier
14% Sprint
5% Cingular
4% Aerial
3% Verizon Wireless
2% Usa Mobility Wireless
1% American Messaging (am)
1% Cricket Comm
1% Other

How it works

Looking for a reliable local phone number provider? Consider the 913 area code, a popular choice for businesses and individuals in the Kansas City area. When purchasing a 913 area code phone number from top-notch service providers, you gain access to a wide range of features and benefits. Enjoy crystal-clear call quality, customizable voicemail settings, call forwarding options, and virtual receptionist capabilities. Whether you require a dedicated business line or a personal contact number, the 913 area code offers versatility and professionalism. Explore reputable service providers to find the best solution that suits your communication needs in the Kansas City vicinity.

Why your business needs a 913 phone number

Having a 913 area code for your business is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, a local area code connects your business with the community it serves. When customers see a familiar area code, it creates a sense of trust and reliability. This establishes a strong local presence, which is particularly valuable for small businesses aiming to build relationships within their community. Furthermore, a 913 area code is associated with the Kansas City metropolitan area, which is known for its flourishing business ecosystem. By having a 913 area code, your business gains instant credibility and the perception of being associated with the dynamic business environment of Kansas City. Additionally, a 913 area code enables your business to tap into the local market more effectively. Local customers are more likely to choose a business with a local area code as they perceive it to be more accessible and customer-centric. In summary, having a 913 area code for your business not only establishes trust and credibility but also enhances your ability to connect with the local community and leverage the thriving business environment of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(913) 200-MobileKansas CitySprint03/16/2011
(913) 201-MobileKansas CitySprint11/17/2011
(913) 202-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms01/30/2012
(913) 203-MobileAtchisonAerial Comms03/11/2013
(913) 204-LandlineMc LouthLevel 3 Comms02/08/2005
(913) 205-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(913) 206-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms10/31/2000
(913) 207-MobileKansas CitySprint06/30/2001
(913) 208-MobileOverland ParkSprint08/14/1998
(913) 209-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(913) 210-LandlineGardnerCenturylink Comms01/30/2012
(913) 212-MobileLouisburgSprint06/14/2005
(913) 213-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless09/15/2011
(913) 214-MobileKansas CityMcleodusa Telecom Services02/01/2012
(913) 215-LandlineGardnerCenturylink Comms02/22/2012
(913) 216-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless02/28/2012
(913) 217-LandlineKansas CityAT&T Local02/27/1999
(913) 219-MobileLenexaSprint08/14/1998
(913) 220-MobileKansas CitySprint08/20/2000
(913) 221-MobileKansas CitySprint08/20/2000
(913) 223-MobileKansas CitySprint05/04/2011
(913) 224-LandlineBucyrusPeerless Network04/18/2014
(913) 225-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless05/10/2012
(913) 226-MobileLenexaSprint01/25/1998
(913) 227-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell10/31/2000
(913) 228-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms03/10/2014
(913) 230-MobileKansas CitySprint05/20/2011
(913) 231-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless03/03/2001
(913) 232-LandlineKansas CityLevel 3 Comms01/12/2006
(913) 233-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell01/14/2000
(913) 234-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/14/2000
(913) 235-MobileKansas CitySprint06/13/2011
(913) 236-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 237-MobileKansas CitySprint07/26/2011
(913) 238-MobileOverland ParkSprint01/14/2000
(913) 239-LandlineStanleySouthwestern Bell03/08/2001
(913) 240-MobileLeavenworthSprint10/31/2000
(913) 241-LandlineKansas CityLevel 3 Comms05/27/2011
(913) 243-LandlineMc LouthCenturylink Comms12/19/2013
(913) 244-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms01/25/1998
(913) 245-LandlineOsawatomieCebridge Telecom Ks DBA Suddenlink Comm10/29/2013
(913) 247-LandlineSpring HillCebridge Telecom Ks DBA Suddenlink Comm02/07/2014
(913) 248-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell07/04/1995
(913) 250-LandlineLeavenworthSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 252-LandlineLouisburgPeerless Network04/18/2014
(913) 253-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/14/2000
(913) 254-LandlineOlatheSouthwestern Bell08/20/2000
(913) 255-LandlineLancasterUnited Tel Of Eastern Kansas DBA Centurylink07/22/1999
(913) 256-LandlineOsawatomieUnitedTelco Of Kansas DBA Centurylink01/25/1998
(913) 257-MobileKansas CitySprint04/26/2013
(913) 258-Socket Telecom04/22/2014
(913) 259-LandlinePaolaSouthwestern Bell04/15/1996
(913) 260-MobileKansas CitySprint08/26/2013
(913) 261-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(913) 262-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 264-Surewest Kansas Licenses05/08/2014
(913) 265-Metro PCS07/03/2014
(913) 266-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell08/20/2000
(913) 268-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 269-MobileLenexaSprint10/31/2001
(913) 271-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms06/13/2000
(913) 272-MobileKansas CitySprint07/05/2013
(913) 273-LandlineKansas CityTw Telecom Of Missouri01/18/2005
(913) 274-Centurylink Comms06/17/2014
(913) 279-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 281-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 284-MobileKansas CitySprint06/30/2001
(913) 285-MobilePaolaUnited States Cellular Corp.02/04/1994
(913) 287-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 288-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 290-MobileLeavenworthSprint10/31/2000
(913) 292-MobileKansas CitySprint07/05/2013
(913) 294-LandlinePaolaSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 297-LandlineLeavenworthTime Warner Cable (ks) DBA Time Warner Cbl06/30/2001
(913) 299-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 301-LandlineLinwoodUnited Tel Of Eastern Kansas DBA Centurylink07/22/1999
(913) 302-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(913) 304-MobileKansas CitySprint03/22/2013
(913) 305-MobileKansas CitySprint03/22/2013
(913) 306-MobileLeavenworthAerial Comms08/14/1998
(913) 307-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell08/14/1998
(913) 309-MobileKansas CitySprint03/22/2013
(913) 310-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell07/06/1997
(913) 312-LandlineKansas CityTw Telecom Of Missouri10/11/1997
(913) 313-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless03/26/2013
(913) 314-MobileOverland ParkSprint05/28/2002
(913) 315-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(913) 317-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(913) 319-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(913) 321-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 322-LandlineLenexaSurewest Kansas Licenses10/31/2000
(913) 323-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 324-LandlineOlatheSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 325-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms05/02/2013
(913) 327-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 328-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell07/04/1995
(913) 333-LandlineKansas CityAvid Comms07/03/2012
(913) 334-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 338-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 339-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 341-LandlineOverland ParkSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 342-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 344-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 345-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 351-LandlineLansingSouthwestern Bell10/11/1997
(913) 352-LandlinePleasantonCraw – Kan Telephone Cooperative02/04/1994
(913) 353-LandlineLenexaSurewest Kansas Licenses11/07/2013
(913) 360-LandlineAtchisonSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 362-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 364-LandlineLeavenworthTime Warner Cable (ks) DBA Time Warner Cbl06/30/2001
(913) 365-LandlineWathenaSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 366-LandlineWathenaCarson Comms11/15/2006
(913) 367-LandlineAtchisonSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 369-LandlineTonganoxieSouthwestern Bell04/01/1997
(913) 370-MobileAtchisonCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(913) 371-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 375-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 376-LandlineLouisburgFairpoint Comms Missouri05/18/1998
(913) 377-LandlineLouisburgFairpoint Comms Missouri01/10/1996
(913) 378-LandlineLenexaWindstream Nuvox Kansas07/22/1999
(913) 380-LandlineWathenaSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(913) 381-LandlineOverland ParkSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 383-LandlineOverland ParkSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 384-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 385-LandlineOverland ParkSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(913) 387-LandlineLenexaWindstream Nuvox Kansas07/22/1999
(913) 390-LandlineOlatheSouthwestern Bell10/11/1997
(913) 393-LandlineOlatheSouthwestern Bell01/11/1997
(913) 396-LandlineOverland ParkWindstream Nuvox Kansas10/13/1999
(913) 397-LandlineOlatheSouthwestern Bell07/04/1995
(913) 400-LandlineKansas CityKnology07/29/2004
(913) 401-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms07/10/2013
(913) 402-LandlineStanleySouthwestern Bell07/22/1999
(913) 403-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell08/14/1998
(913) 406-MobileKansas CityAerial Comms08/14/1998
(913) 409-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell03/26/2002
(913) 410-LandlineOverland ParkSouthwestern Bell10/31/2000
(913) 416-MobileTonganoxieCingular Wireless10/28/2004
(913) 417-LandlineTonganoxieKnology07/29/2004
(913) 422-LandlineShawneeSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 424-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 426-MobileAtchisonCingular Wireless06/13/2000
(913) 428-LandlineKansas CityWindstream Nuvox Kansas06/13/2000
(913) 432-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 433-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 438-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(913) 439-LandlineKansas CitySurewest Kansas Licenses03/03/2001
(913) 440-LandlineOlatheLevel 3 Comms03/03/2001
(913) 441-LandlineShawneeSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(913) 449-MobileKansas CityCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(913) 451-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 458-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 461-MobileLenexaSprint08/20/2000
(913) 465-MobileLenexaAmerican Messaging (am)04/15/1996
(913) 469-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 471-LandlinePrescottCraw – Kan Telephone Cooperative02/04/1994
(913) 473-MobileLenexaAmerican Messaging (am)09/11/1994
(913) 475-MobileKansas CitySprint10/26/2010
(913) 477-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell04/15/1996
(913) 481-MobileLenexaSprint01/25/1998
(913) 484-MobileLenexaSprint01/25/1998
(913) 485-MobileLenexaSprint01/25/1998
(913) 486-MobileLenexaSprint01/25/1998
(913) 487-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell10/15/1996
(913) 488-MobileLenexaSprint01/25/1998
(913) 489-LandlineOlatheBirch Telecom01/25/1998
(913) 491-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 492-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 493-MobileLenexaAmerican Messaging (am)02/04/1994
(913) 495-LandlineLenexaSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(913) 498-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(913) 499-LandlineKansas CityBirch Telecom01/25/1998
(913) 514-LandlineKansas CitySouthwestern Bell10/11/1997
(913) 515-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless07/06/1997
(913) 522-MobileKansas CityVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(913) 523-LandlineOverlandSouthwestern Bell08/20/2000
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How do I get a 913 phone number?If you’re looking to get a 913 phone number, there are several options available to you. One way is to contact a local phone service provider in the area code 913 and inquire about their available phone number options. They will be able to provide you with details on the available numbers and assist you in choosing one that best fits your needs. Another option is to search for online platforms that offer virtual phone numbers. These platforms allow you to select a phone number from various area codes, including 913, regardless of your physical location. You can then forward calls to this number to your existing phone or use it for business purposes. Before proceeding, it’s important to determine your specific requirements for the 913 phone number, such as whether you need it for personal or business use, as this may impact the provider you choose. Additionally, consider any additional features or services you might need, such as call forwarding, voicemail, or SMS capabilities.
Are all 913 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 913 area codes, it’s important to note that phone numbers are assigned to various local phone number providers. While there is a limited pool of phone numbers within each area code, not all numbers may be available at all times. The availability of a specific 913 area code number will depend on factors such as the current usage and allocation of phone numbers by the local phone number providers operating in that area. To determine the availability of specific 913 area codes, it is recommended to use reliable online directories or consult with reputable local phone number providers directly. These sources can provide the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the availability of 913 area codes and help you find the best local phone number provider that meets your needs. Keep in mind that availability can change frequently, so it is always advisable to conduct research or reach out to providers to confirm availability before making a decision.
Do I own my 913 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, the ownership can be a bit complicated. In general, telephone numbers are not owned by individuals but are rather assigned or leased by local phone number providers. This means that you do not technically “own” your 913 phone number. Instead, you have the right to use and control the phone number as long as you maintain an active service with your chosen local phone number provider. If you decide to switch providers or cancel your service, you may not be able to retain the same phone number. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions provided by your local phone number provider to ensure you are aware of any limitations or restrictions regarding your phone number ownership. If you have concerns about maintaining ownership of your 913 phone number, it is recommended to reach out to your local phone number provider directly for clarification and assistance.
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