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Phone numbers in the 204 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Finding the perfect phone number for your business is crucial. With the right number, you can establish a local presence and attract customers effortlessly. If you're targeting the local market in the 204 area code, we can help. Our platform connects you with the best local phone number providers offering a range of features and packages to suit your business needs. From customizable voicemail greetings to call routing options, you can enhance your company's professionalism and streamline communication. Don't miss out on potential customers; use a 204 area code phone number to build trust and credibility in your target market.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 204 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 204?

Are you looking for a reliable phone number provider with excellent coverage in the 204 area code? Look no further! The 204 area code serves a vast region, primarily located in the Canadian province of Manitoba. With its extensive coverage, phone numbers within the 204 area code can be found in various cities, towns, and rural areas throughout Manitoba. Whether you are residing or doing business in Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie, or any other locality in Manitoba, finding a top-notch local phone number provider that caters to the 204 area code is essential. Trust us to connect you with the best options available!
Major CityWinnipeg, MB

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Looking for a reliable phone number provider in the 204 area code? Look no further! Our platform offers you access to the top-notch services that enable you to get a local phone number effortlessly. Connect with customers and friends in Manitoba seamlessly with our trusted service providers. Enjoy a wide range of features and benefits, including call forwarding, voicemail, and more. Our providers ensure crystal-clear call quality and exceptional customer support. Whether you need a personal or business number, our platform has got you covered. Find the ideal 204 area code phone number today and experience the convenience and professionalism you deserve.

Why your business needs a 204 phone number

Are you a business looking to establish a strong local presence in the 204 area code? Look no further! A 204 phone number offers numerous benefits that can elevate your brand image and credibility. Firstly, it enhances your local appeal, giving potential customers the impression that you are conveniently located nearby. Moreover, it builds trust and familiarity with the local community, making it easier to establish connections and attract local customers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of a 204 area code phone number and make a lasting impression on your target audience. Get started today and watch your business thrive!

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(204) 201-LandlineWinnipegAllstream03/27/2005
(204) 202-LandlineWinnipegFibernetics Corp.
(204) 203-LandlinePortage La PrairieProvincial Tel
(204) 205-MobileBrokenheadRogers (wireless)02/16/2006
(204) 206-MobileTeulonRogers (wireless)
(204) 207-MobileRoblinRogers (wireless)
(204) 208-MobilePilot MoundRogers (wireless)
(204) 209-MobileLetellierRogers (wireless)
(204) 210-MobileMinnedosaRogers (wireless)
(204) 212-MobileArdenRogers (wireless)08/31/2003
(204) 213-MobileLac Du BonnetRogers (wireless)
(204) 214-MobileEriksdaleRogers (wireless)
(204) 215-MobileBoissevainRogers (wireless)
(204) 216-MobileAltonaRogers (wireless)
(204) 217-LandlineAltonaProvincial Tel
(204) 218-MobileWinnipegTelus Mobility
(204) 219-LandlineWinnipegShaw Telecom
(204) 220-LandlineWinnipegBell West03/27/2005
(204) 221-LandlineWinnipegShaw Telecom
(204) 222-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 223-LandlineWinnipegMts08/04/2002
(204) 224-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 225-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 226-MobileWinnipegMts02/16/2006
(204) 227-LandlineWinnipegRogers (wireless)09/11/1994
(204) 228-LandlineWinnipegRogers (wireless)02/04/1994
(204) 229-LandlineWinnipegRogers (wireless)09/11/1994
(204) 230-LandlineWinnipegRogers (wireless)
(204) 231-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 232-MobileWinnipegMts
(204) 233-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 234-LandlineOakburnMts02/04/1994
(204) 235-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 236-LandlineBramptonMts02/04/1994
(204) 237-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 238-LandlineBowsmanMts02/04/1994
(204) 239-LandlinePortage La PrairieMts02/04/1994
(204) 240-LandlinePortage La PrairieShaw Telecom
(204) 241-LandlinePortage La PrairieShaw Telecom
(204) 242-LandlineManitouMts02/04/1994
(204) 243-LandlinePortage La PrairieMts02/04/1994
(204) 244-LandlinePoplar RiverMts02/04/1994
(204) 245-MobilePilot MoundMts
(204) 246-LandlineDarlingfordMts02/04/1994
(204) 247-MobileRoblinMts
(204) 248-LandlineNotre Dame De LourdesMts02/04/1994
(204) 249-LandlinePortage La PrairieMts08/20/2000
(204) 250-MobileWinnipegMts
(204) 251-MobileWinnipegMts10/13/2005
(204) 252-LandlinePortage La PrairieMts02/04/1994
(204) 253-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 254-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 255-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 256-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 257-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 258-LandlineWinnipegMts08/14/1998
(204) 259-LandlineWinnipegTelus Integrated Comms
(204) 260-MobileWinnipegMts
(204) 261-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 262-LandlineWinnipegMts02/13/2002
(204) 263-LandlinePine RiverMts02/04/1994
(204) 264-MobileMelitaMts
(204) 265-LandlineBrokenheadMts02/04/1994
(204) 266-LandlineBrokenheadMts06/30/2001
(204) 267-LandlineOakvilleMts02/04/1994
(204) 268-LandlineBrokenheadMts02/04/1994
(204) 269-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 270-MobileOakbankMts
(204) 271-LandlineFlin FlonMts05/10/1999
(204) 272-LandlineWinnipegGt Group Telecom Services Corp.10/13/2005
(204) 274-LandlinePortage La PrairieMts02/04/1994
(204) 275-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 276-LandlinePineal LakeMts02/04/1994
(204) 277-LandlineBissettMts02/04/1994
(204) 278-LandlineInwoodMts02/04/1994
(204) 279-LandlineHeclaMts02/04/1994
(204) 280-MobileEriksdaleMts
(204) 281-LandlineBowsmanMts05/10/1999
(204) 282-LandlineWinnipegBell West06/25/2005
(204) 283-LandlineWinnipegBell West02/16/2006
(204) 284-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 285-LandlineWinnipegBell West06/01/2006
(204) 286-LandlineThicket PortageMts02/04/1994
(204) 287-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 288-LandlineIlfordMts02/04/1994
(204) 289-LandlineWinnipegGlobility10/13/2005
(204) 290-MobileWinnipegRogers (wireless)10/31/2001
(204) 291-LandlineWinnipegRogers (wireless)04/15/1996
(204) 292-LandlineWinnipegRogers (wireless)07/06/1997
(204) 293-MobileWinnipegRogers (wireless)11/20/1998
(204) 294-MobileWinnipegRogers (wireless)10/13/1999
(204) 295-LandlineWinnipegRogers (wireless)01/14/2000
(204) 296-MobileWinnipegRogers (wireless)10/31/2000
(204) 297-MobileWinnipegRogers (wireless)03/03/2001
(204) 298-MobileWinnipegRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(204) 299-LandlineWinnipegMts06/30/2001
(204) 300-LandlineSteinbachProvincial Tel
(204) 301-MobileNorway HouseMts
(204) 302-MobileAshernMts
(204) 303-MobileRiversMts
(204) 304-MobileAltonaMts
(204) 305-MobileBoissevainMts
(204) 307-MobileThompsonMts
(204) 308-MobileFisher RiverMts
(204) 309-MobileGrand RapidsMts
(204) 310-Mts
(204) 312-MobileWinklerRogers (wireless)10/31/2000
(204) 313-LandlineRolandProvincial Tel
(204) 314-MobileAshernRogers (wireless)
(204) 315-MobileGrand RapidsRogers (wireless)
(204) 316-MobileSourisRogers (wireless)
(204) 317-LandlinePine FallsProvincial Tel
(204) 318-LandlineWinnipegGt Group Telecom Services Corp.
(204) 319-LandlineAltonaMts01/27/2004
(204) 320-LandlineSteinbachMts10/13/1999
(204) 321-LandlineSteinbachMts
(204) 322-LandlineWarrenMts02/04/1994
(204) 323-LandlineBrochetMts02/04/1994
(204) 324-LandlineAltonaMts02/04/1994
(204) 325-LandlineWinklerMts02/04/1994
(204) 326-LandlineSteinbachMts02/04/1994
(204) 327-LandlineAltonaMts02/04/1994
(204) 328-LandlineRiversMts02/04/1994
(204) 329-LandlineEastervilleMts02/04/1994
(204) 330-MobileWinnipegMts
(204) 331-LandlineWinklerMts02/27/1999
(204) 332-MobileWinklerMts
(204) 333-MobileWinnipegTelus Mobility10/31/2001
(204) 334-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 335-LandlineGods Lake NarrowsMts02/04/1994
(204) 336-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 337-LandlineLac La MartreMts02/04/1994
(204) 338-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 339-LandlineWinnipegMts02/04/1994
(204) 340-LandlineLac Du BonnetMts06/30/2001
(204) 341-LandlineYorktonMts02/04/1994
(204) 342-LandlineSplit LakeMts02/04/1994
(204) 343-LandlineRolandMts02/04/1994
(204) 344-LandlineWarrenMts02/04/1994
(204) 345-LandlineLac Du BonnetMts02/04/1994
(204) 346-LandlineSteinbachMts02/04/1994
(204) 347-LandlineSaint MaloMts02/04/1994
(204) 348-LandlineWhitemouthMts02/04/1994
(204) 349-LandlineFalcon LakeMts02/04/1994
(204) 350-LandlineLac Du BonnetProvincial Tel
(204) 351-LandlineWhitemouthProvincial Tel
(204) 352-LandlineGlendonMts02/04/1994
(204) 353-LandlineElieMts02/04/1994
(204) 354-LandlineBrookdaleMts02/04/1994
(204) 355-LandlineSteinbachMts02/04/1994
(204) 356-LandlineLynn LakeMts02/04/1994
(204) 357-LandlineCormorantMts02/04/1994
(204) 358-LandlineSnow LakeMts02/04/1994
(204) 359-LandlineNorway HouseMts02/04/1994
(204) 360-LandlineWinnipegMts
(204) 361-LandlineWinklerMts08/20/2000
(204) 362-LandlineWinklerMts07/04/1995
(204) 363-LandlineManigotaganMts02/04/1994
(204) 364-LandlineVidirMts02/04/1994
(204) 365-LandlineStrathclairMts02/04/1994
(204) 366-LandlineGoderichMts02/04/1994
(204) 367-LandlinePine FallsMts02/04/1994
(204) 368-LandlineArdenMts02/04/1994
(204) 369-LandlineRennieMts02/04/1994
(204) 370-LandlineSteinbachMts08/20/2000
(204) 371-LandlineSteinbachMts10/15/1996
(204) 372-LandlineFisher BranchMts02/04/1994
(204) 373-LandlineEmersonMts02/04/1994
(204) 374-LandlineSouth Indian LakeMts02/04/1994
(204) 375-LandlineWarrenMts02/04/1994
(204) 376-LandlineVidirMts02/04/1994
(204) 377-LandlineSteinbachMts02/04/1994
(204) 378-LandlineRivertonMts02/04/1994
(204) 379-LandlineSaint ClaudeMts02/04/1994
(204) 380-MobileSteinbachMts
(204) 381-MobileSteinbachRogers (wireless)06/13/2000
(204) 382-LandlineBerens RiverMts02/04/1994
(204) 383-LandlineWarrenMts02/04/1994
(204) 384-LandlineWinklerRogers (wireless)07/04/1995
(204) 385-LandlineGladstoneMts02/04/1994
(204) 386-LandlinePlumasMts02/04/1994
(204) 388-LandlineSteinbachMts02/04/1994
(204) 389-LandlineWinnipeg BeachMts02/04/1994
(204) 390-MobileWinnipegMts
(204) 391-MobileWinnipegMts
(204) 392-LandlineSteinbachMts05/01/2002
(204) 393-LandlineBerens RiverProvincial Tel
(204) 394-LandlineJacksons ArmMts02/04/1994


How do I get a 204 phone number?Obtaining a specific phone number, such as a 204 area code number, typically requires the services of a telecommunications provider. To acquire a 204 phone number, you can follow these steps: 1. Research Providers: Look for reputable telecommunications providers that offer phone number services within the 204 area code. Consider factors like pricing, features, and customer reviews to find the best provider. 2. Contact the Provider: Reach out to the selected provider and inquire about their phone number offerings. Mention that you are specifically interested in acquiring a 204 area code number. 3. Check Availability: Ask the provider if they have available 204 phone numbers. They will check their database to see if any are currently unassigned. 4. Choose a Number: If there are available 204 numbers, the provider will present you with options to choose from. Select the number that suits your preferences. 5. Sign Up: Follow the provider's instructions to sign up for their phone number services and complete the necessary paperwork or online registration process. By following these steps, you should be able to acquire a 204 phone number through a trusted telecommunications provider.
Are all 204 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of area codes, it's essential to consider that regulations and availability may vary over time. However, as of the last update, not all 204 area codes are currently available. Area codes are assigned by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA), and they manage the allocation and designation of all area codes in the United States and its territories. The 204 area code is currently designated to the province of Manitoba in Canada, not the United States. Therefore, if you're looking for a US local phone number, it is advised to choose an area code from those designated for the United States. By exploring the local phone number providers in the US, you can find available area codes that best meet your needs. It is crucial, however, to check with the provider directly for the most up-to-date information on area code availability.
Do I own my 204 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. In most cases, phone numbers are not owned by individuals, but rather by the service providers who allocate them. These providers are typically regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States. In the context of your 204 phone number, it is important to determine which service provider you obtained it from. If you acquired the number from a specific provider or carrier, they may have assigned it to you for use while you are a subscriber to their services. However, if you decide to switch providers, you may not be able to retain the same phone number. Ultimately, the ownership of phone numbers is subject to the regulations and policies of service providers and regulatory bodies. If you have concerns regarding ownership or wish to transfer a phone number, it is advisable to contact your service provider directly for accurate and up-to-date information.

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