Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 208 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 208 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business seeking to establish a strong local presence in the ever-competitive market? Look no further! Obtain a 208 area code phone number from our trusted network of providers and instantly connect with your target audience in Idaho. A local phone number lends credibility and familiarity to your business, ensuring trust and customer loyalty. Whether you're a small startup or an established corporation, having a 208 area code phone number opens up new doors for growth and expansion. Don't miss out on the countless opportunities that a local presence can bring. Secure your 208 area code phone number today and elevate your business to new heights.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 208 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 208?

The 208 area code is known to cover multiple geographic areas, providing phone number services to a vast region. It encompasses the entire state of Idaho, including cities like Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Coeur d'Alene, and Twin Falls. Additionally, the 208 area code extends its coverage to certain portions of North Central Idaho, Southeastern Oregon, and Northwestern Montana. This expansive coverage makes it an ideal choice for businesses, residents, and organizations located in these regions, ensuring efficient and reliable communication services. Choose a local phone number with the 208 area code to establish a strong presence in these diverse and vibrant geographical areas.
Major CityBoise City
TimezoneMountain / Pacific

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
26% Qwest Corporation
8% Frontier Northwest
5% Tw Telecom
3% Level 3
3% Xo
3% Citizens Telecom Idaho-frontier Comm
2% Integra Telecom
19% Other


Prefixes Carrier
11% Verizon Wireless
5% Cingular
5% Sprint
2% Pagedata
2% Wavesent
2% T-mobile
1% Cricket Comm
4% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, the ultimate resource for finding top-quality local phone number providers! Are you in search of an exceptional phone number solution? Look no further! Here, we specialize in connecting you with reputable service providers offering the renowned 208 area code phone numbers, renowned for their reliability and versatility. Our robust network of trusted providers ensures that you have access to a wide range of features and benefits, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Say goodbye to impersonal and generic phone numbers and embrace the local touch with our exceptional 208 area code options. Experience seamless communication and enhance your business presence with our top-notch services.

Why your business needs a 208 phone number

Are you looking to establish a local presence for your business in the vibrant 208 area code? Look no further! Having a 208 area code phone number is crucial for businesses operating in the region. Customers tend to trust local businesses more, seeing them as accessible and reliable. By obtaining a 208 phone number, you can enhance your credibility and build stronger relationships with your target market. Whether you're starting a new venture or expanding your operations, a 208 area code phone number will help you connect with potential clients, increase your visibility, and ultimately drive growth and success for your business.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(208) 200-MobileIdaho FallsSyringa Wireless03/21/2001
(208) 201-MobileIdaho FallsCingular Wireless09/30/2003
(208) 202-MobileBoiseJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata01/07/2004
(208) 203-MobileBurleyJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata01/07/2004
(208) 204-MobileIdaho FallsJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata01/07/2004
(208) 205-MobileHaileyJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata01/07/2004
(208) 206-MobileIdaho FallsSprint06/30/2001
(208) 207-MobilePayetteJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata01/07/2004
(208) 209-LandlineCoeur D AleneXo Idaho10/31/2000
(208) 210-MobileJeromeJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata01/07/2004
(208) 212-LandlineTwin FallsSyringa Wireless03/27/2001
(208) 213-MobileInkomJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata01/07/2004
(208) 214-LandlineHarrisonLevel 3 Comms07/17/2002
(208) 215-LandlineCoeur D AleneOnvoy05/04/2004
(208) 216-LandlineBayviewXo Idaho11/15/2012
(208) 218-MobileMurtaughCenturylink Comms06/27/2014
(208) 219-MobileBurleySprint08/17/2001
(208) 220-MobileAmerican FallsVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 221-MobilePocatelloVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 222-LandlineBayviewMidvale Telephone Exchange02/04/1994
(208) 223-MobilePocatelloSyringa Wireless06/30/2001
(208) 224-LandlineGeneseeInland Telco01/10/1996
(208) 225-LandlineGenevaQwest Corp.01/10/1996
(208) 226-LandlineAmerican FallsQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 227-LandlineIdaho FallsQwest Corp.05/10/1999
(208) 228-LandlineRobertsQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 229-LandlineBoiseCtc Telecom07/22/1999
(208) 230-MobilePayetteT-mobile USA07/06/1997
(208) 231-LandlineWorleyFrontier Comms Northwest01/10/1996
(208) 232-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 233-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 234-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 235-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 236-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 237-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 238-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 239-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 240-MobilePocatelloVerizon Wireless04/15/1996
(208) 241-MobilePocatelloVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 242-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 243-MobileIdaho FallsSprint04/10/2001
(208) 244-MobilePocatelloVerizon Wireless10/11/1997
(208) 245-LandlineSt MariesFrontier Comms Northwest02/04/1994
(208) 246-LandlineBoiseElectric Lightwave DBA Integra Telecom07/22/1999
(208) 247-LandlineBoiseTw Telecom01/14/2000
(208) 248-LandlineBoiseTw Telecom01/14/2000
(208) 249-MobileNampaCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 250-MobileNampaCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 251-MobilePocatelloVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 252-MobilePocatelloVerizon Wireless05/18/1998
(208) 253-LandlineCouncilCambridge TelephoneCo.02/04/1994
(208) 254-LandlineMccammonQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 255-LandlineSandpointFrontier Comms Northwest04/01/1997
(208) 256-LandlineIndian ValleyCambridge TelephoneCo.02/04/1994
(208) 257-LandlineCambridgeCambridge TelephoneCo.02/04/1994
(208) 258-LandlineBoiseElectric Lightwave DBA Integra Telecom08/25/2010
(208) 259-LandlineLowmanCambridge TelephoneCo.02/04/1994
(208) 260-MobileRupertVerizon Wireless09/11/1994
(208) 261-LandlineBurleyRed-ban Comms10/07/2009
(208) 262-LandlinePost FallsXo Idaho08/13/2001
(208) 263-LandlineSandpointFrontier Comms Northwest02/04/1994
(208) 264-LandlineHopeFrontier Comms Northwest02/04/1994
(208) 265-LandlineSandpointFrontier Comms Northwest02/04/1994
(208) 266-LandlineClark ForkFrontier Comms Northwest02/04/1994
(208) 267-LandlineMoyie SpringsFrontier Comms Northwest02/04/1994
(208) 268-LandlineDesmetFrontier Comms Northwest01/10/1996
(208) 269-MobileAmerican FallsVerizon Wireless07/06/1997
(208) 270-MobileSwan ValleyVerizon Wireless01/11/1997
(208) 271-MobileMccallSprint04/09/2004
(208) 272-LandlineBoiseMCI Metro ATS03/26/2004
(208) 273-LandlinePlummerFrontier Comms Northwest01/10/1996
(208) 274-LandlineDesmetFrontier Comms Northwest01/10/1996
(208) 275-LandlineBoiseElectric Lightwave DBA Integra Telecom07/22/1999
(208) 276-LandlineJuliaettaPotlatch Telco02/04/1994
(208) 277-LandlineCoeur D AleneMCI Metro ATS11/13/2003
(208) 278-LandlineNew PlymouthQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 279-LandlineBoiseTw Telecom01/14/2000
(208) 280-MobileTwin FallsSprint06/13/2000
(208) 281-MobileCareyJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata12/14/2005
(208) 282-LandlinePocatelloQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(208) 283-MobileBoiseT-mobile USA10/13/1999
(208) 284-MobileBoiseT-mobile USA10/13/1999
(208) 285-LandlineGeneseeFrontier Comms Northwest02/04/1994
(208) 286-LandlineStarQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 287-LandlineBoiseElectric Lightwave DBA Integra Telecom10/13/1999
(208) 288-LandlineMeridianQwest Corp.08/14/1998
(208) 289-LandlineKendrickPotlatch Telco02/04/1994
(208) 290-MobileSandpointT-mobile USA11/20/1998
(208) 291-MobilePayetteT-mobile USA10/13/1999
(208) 292-LandlineCoeur D AleneXo Idaho06/13/2000
(208) 293-LandlineTwin FallsElectric Lightwave DBA Integra Telecom07/22/1999
(208) 294-MobileHomedaleJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Wavesent12/14/2005
(208) 295-LandlineBonners FerryZayo Bandwidth Northwest06/16/2004
(208) 296-MobileMarsingJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Wavesent12/14/2005
(208) 297-LandlineBoiseEltopia Comms03/30/2010
(208) 298-LandlineLewistonXo Idaho06/13/2000
(208) 299-MobileLewistonClark Comms02/11/1995
(208) 300-MobileRupertSprint03/03/2001
(208) 301-MobileMoscowCingular Wireless10/31/2000
(208) 302-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.10/02/2007
(208) 303-MobileSalmonCingular Wireless02/07/2003
(208) 304-MobileSandpointSprint03/03/2001
(208) 305-MobileLewistonSprint03/03/2001
(208) 306-MobilePriest RiverSprint03/03/2001
(208) 308-MobileTwin FallsCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(208) 309-MobileHaileyCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(208) 310-MobileMoscowSprint03/03/2001
(208) 312-MobileBurleyCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(208) 313-MobileIdaho FallsCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(208) 315-MobileMccallVerizon Wireless11/19/2002
(208) 316-MobileJeromeCingular Wireless05/21/2003
(208) 317-MobilePocatelloCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(208) 318-LandlineNampaMcleodusa Telecom Services06/30/2001
(208) 319-LandlineBoiseMcleodusa Telecom Services06/30/2001
(208) 320-MobileJeromeVerizon Wireless04/01/1997
(208) 321-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.10/15/1996
(208) 322-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 323-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 324-LandlineJeromeQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 325-LandlineDonnellyCitizens Telecom Idaho-frontier Comm02/04/1994
(208) 326-LandlineFilerFiler Mutual Telco02/04/1994
(208) 327-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 328-LandlinePingreeCitizens Telecom Idaho-frontier Comm02/04/1994
(208) 329-MobileJeromeVerizon Wireless10/11/1997
(208) 330-LandlineBoiseTw Telecom01/14/2000
(208) 331-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 332-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 333-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 334-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 335-LandlineArbonDirect Comms Rockland02/04/1994
(208) 336-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 337-LandlineHomedaleCitizens Telecom Idaho-frontier Comm02/04/1994
(208) 338-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 339-MobilePocatelloVerizon Wireless03/21/2001
(208) 340-MobileBoiseCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 341-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/11/1995
(208) 342-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 343-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 344-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 345-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 346-LandlineFirthQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 347-LandlineNew MeadowsCitizens Telecom Idaho-frontier Comm02/04/1994
(208) 348-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 349-LandlineDecloAlbion Telco DBA Atc Comms02/04/1994
(208) 350-LandlineBoiseTw Telecom03/27/2005
(208) 351-MobileRexburgVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 352-LandlineBlissQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 353-MobileBoiseLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm08/31/2001
(208) 354-LandlineDriggsColumbine Telco DBA Silver Star Comms02/04/1994
(208) 355-LandlineMidvaleMidvale Telephone Exchange02/04/1994
(208) 356-LandlineRexburgQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 357-LandlineShelleyQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 358-MobileTwin FallsVerizon Wireless03/23/2001
(208) 359-LandlineRexburgQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 360-MobileRexburgVerizon Wireless07/06/1997
(208) 361-LandlineBoiseTw Telecom01/14/2000
(208) 362-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 363-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.07/01/1996
(208) 364-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 365-LandlineEmmettQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 366-LandlineGlenns FerryQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 367-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.04/15/1996
(208) 368-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 369-MobileEmmettVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(208) 370-MobileHomedaleJoseph B. Mcneal DBA Pagedata12/14/2005
(208) 371-MobileBoiseT-mobile USA04/15/1996
(208) 372-LandlineSaint AnthonyFretel Comms03/18/2003
(208) 373-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 374-LandlineDuboisMud Lake Telephone Cooperative Association02/04/1994
(208) 375-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 376-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 377-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 378-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/04/1994
(208) 379-LandlineBoiseTw Telecom01/14/2000
(208) 380-MobilePocatelloSprint06/13/2000
(208) 381-LandlineBoiseQwest Corp.02/11/1995
(208) 382-LandlineCascade


How do I get a 208 phone number?If you're wondering how to obtain a 208 phone number, you're in luck! Getting a 208 phone number is relatively straightforward. Here are a few steps to guide you through the process: 1. Determine your preferred provider: Research reputable US local phone number providers to find the one that suits your needs. Look for providers that offer coverage in the 208 area code, such as national carriers or local telecommunications companies. 2. Contact the provider: Once you've chosen a provider, reach out to their customer service team. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide any required documentation to acquire your 208 phone number. 3. Completing the paperwork: The provider will require some personal information, such as your name, address, and proof of identity. Ensure you have these documents ready when contacting the provider. 4. Selecting the phone number: Depending on availability, the provider will provide you with a list of available 208 phone numbers to choose from. Select the number that appeals to you the most. 5. Activation and usage: After completing the necessary paperwork and selecting the number, the provider will activate your 208 phone number. You can start using it immediately. Remember to compare different providers' packages and pricing structures to choose the best option for your needs.
Are all 208 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 208 area codes, it is important to consult a reliable US local phone number provider for accurate and up-to-date information. These providers have access to the most comprehensive and current databases of available phone numbers. However, due to the constantly evolving nature of the telecommunications industry, it is difficult to guarantee the availability of specific area codes like 208 at all times. Factors such as population growth, demand, and regulatory restrictions may affect the availability of certain area codes in different regions. To determine the availability of 208 area codes, it is recommended to contact a reputable US local phone number provider who can provide you with the most reliable information specific to your location and requirements.
Do I own my 208 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a bit complex. In the case of a 208 phone number, it ultimately depends on certain factors. Firstly, if you acquired the phone number through a reputable provider and have an active account with them, you can consider yourself the "subscriber" of that number. As long as you maintain your account and pay any necessary fees, you have the rights to use and control that number. However, it's important to note that phone numbers are not owned by individuals in the traditional sense. Instead, they are managed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and are leased to service providers who then distribute them to their customers. So while you have the right to use the 208 phone number, you don't technically own it outright. If you decide to switch phone service providers, you may be able to transfer your 208 phone number, thanks to number portability regulations. This allows you to keep your existing number even if you change providers. Just ensure you follow the necessary steps and guidelines laid out by your current and new service providers.

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