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Phone numbers in the 250 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner looking for a reliable phone number provider? Look no further! Discover the advantages of opting for a 250 area code phone number. Whether you're a small local business or a multinational company, a 250 area code number can give you a competitive edge. With a 250 number, you can establish a strong local presence, build trust with customers, and enhance your professional image. Furthermore, having a phone number with a recognizable area code can significantly increase your chances of connecting with potential clients in the region. Get started today and find the best local phone number provider for your business needs!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 250 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 250?

When it comes to 250 area code phone numbers, they serve a diverse range of geographic areas, encompassing numerous cities and towns. These digits are predominantly used in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Some of the notable locations covered by the 250 area code include Victoria, the capital city, as well as major cities like Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Prince George. Additionally, this area code extends its reach to smaller communities, offering communication services to residents across the province. Whether you're in a bustling metropolitan area or a tranquil countryside town, 250 area code phone numbers serve as crucial connections for individuals and businesses alike.
Major CityKelowna, BC

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Welcome to our platform, where we help you discover the top-notch local phone number providers. When it comes to acquiring a 250 area code phone number, our service providers have got you covered. These numbers function seamlessly across various telecommunication services, ensuring excellent connectivity and call quality. With a 250 area code, you can establish a local presence in your desired region, boosting customer confidence and credibility. Our trusted providers specialize in offering a wide range of features, including call forwarding, voicemail, and advanced analytics. Join our platform today and explore the best options for obtaining a reliable and efficient 250 area code phone number.

Why your business needs a 250 phone number

Are you a business owner aiming to expand your brand's reach and establish a local presence? Look no further! Our service offers the perfect solution - a 250 area code phone number. With a 250 area code, you can seamlessly target customers in specific regions, gaining instant credibility and trust. A local phone number creates a sense of familiarity among potential clients, boosting your chances of attracting and retaining them. Stay connected to the local community, enhance customer experience, and supercharge your business growth with a 250 area code phone number. Embrace the power of local and watch your business soar to new heights!

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(250) 200-MobileRevelstokeRogers (wireless)03/27/2005
(250) 201-MobileCampbell RiverTelus Mobility08/04/2002
(250) 202-MobileCampbell RiverTelus Mobility06/30/2001
(250) 203-LandlineCampbell RiverTelus Mobility10/15/1996
(250) 204-MobileCampbell RiverRogers (wireless)05/10/1999
(250) 205-MobileCampbell RiverRogers (wireless)03/03/2001
(250) 206-MobilePort AlberniTelus Mobility08/04/2002
(250) 207-MobileCourtenayTelus Mobility08/04/2002
(250) 208-MobileVictoriaTelus Mobility08/04/2002
(250) 209-MobilePort AliceTelus Mobility08/17/2004
(250) 210-MobileChemainusTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 212-MobileKelownaTelus Mobility10/15/1996
(250) 213-MobileVictoriaTelus04/01/1997
(250) 214-MobileKamloopsTelus Mobility01/27/2004
(250) 215-MobileKelownaTelus Mobility03/03/2001
(250) 216-MobileVictoriaRogers (wireless)10/15/1996
(250) 217-MobileVictoriaRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(250) 218-MobileCourtenayTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 219-MobileDawson CreekTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 220-LandlineVictoriaBell West03/03/2001
(250) 221-MobileGangesTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 222-MobileGulf IslandsTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 223-LandlineBoswellTelus10/15/1996
(250) 224-MobileFort St JohnTelus Mobility
(250) 225-LandlineRiondelTelus10/15/1996
(250) 226-LandlineVallicanTelus10/15/1996
(250) 227-LandlineCrawford BayTelus10/15/1996
(250) 228-MobileParksvilleTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 229-LandlineBalfourTelus10/15/1996
(250) 230-MobilePort HardyTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 231-MobileTrailTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 232-LandlineToad RiverNorthwestel10/15/1996
(250) 233-LandlineFort ErieNorthwestel10/15/1996
(250) 234-LandlineIskutNorthwestel10/15/1996
(250) 235-LandlineTelkwaNorthwestel10/15/1996
(250) 237-LandlineBaie DufebvreNorthwestel10/15/1996
(250) 238-LandlineGold BridgeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 239-LandlineGood Hope LakeNorthwestel10/15/1996
(250) 240-MobileParksvilleRogers (wireless)03/03/2001
(250) 241-MobileVernonTelus Mobility01/27/2004
(250) 242-LandlineTumbler RidgeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 243-LandlineBeaver ValleyTelus10/15/1996
(250) 244-LandlineLantzvilleBell West12/13/2004
(250) 245-LandlineLadysmithTelus10/15/1996
(250) 246-LandlineChemainusTelus10/15/1996
(250) 247-LandlineGabriola IslandTelus10/15/1996
(250) 248-LandlineParksvilleTelus10/15/1996
(250) 249-LandlineBouchie LakeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 251-MobileBurns LakeTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(250) 252-MobileDuncanTelus Mobility06/30/2001
(250) 253-MobileSalmon ArmTelus Mobility
(250) 254-MobileCrestonTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(250) 255-MobileBouchie LakeTelus Mobility02/09/2003
(250) 256-LandlineLillooetTelus10/15/1996
(250) 257-MobileTumbler RidgeTelus Mobility
(250) 258-MobileKelownaTelus Mobility01/27/2004
(250) 259-LandlineShalalthTelus10/15/1996
(250) 260-LandlineVernonTelus10/15/1996
(250) 261-LandlineFort St JohnTelus07/06/1997
(250) 262-LandlineFort St JohnTelus10/15/1996
(250) 263-LandlineFort St JohnTelus06/30/2001
(250) 264-LandlineFort St JohnTelus11/11/2003
(250) 265-LandlineNakuspTelus10/15/1996
(250) 266-MobileUclueletTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 267-Mobile150 Mile HouseTelus Mobility05/01/2002
(250) 268-MobileLantzvilleTelus Mobility05/09/2003
(250) 269-LandlineFauquierTelus10/15/1996
(250) 270-MobileInvermereRogers (wireless)10/31/2001
(250) 271-MobileFort St JohnRogers (wireless)10/31/2001
(250) 272-MobileGoldenTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(250) 273-MobilePrincetonTelus Mobility
(250) 274-MobilePentictonTelus Mobility01/27/2004
(250) 275-LandlineVernonBell West05/01/2002
(250) 276-LandlinePentictonBell West05/01/2002
(250) 277-LandlinePrince GeorgeBell West05/01/2002
(250) 278-MobileFernieTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(250) 279-MobileKitimatTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(250) 280-MobileMerrittTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(250) 281-LandlineWoss LakeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 282-LandlineSaywardTelus10/15/1996
(250) 283-LandlineGold RiverTelus10/15/1996
(250) 284-LandlinePort AliceTelus10/15/1996
(250) 285-LandlineCampbell RiverTelus10/15/1996
(250) 286-LandlineCampbell RiverTelus10/15/1996
(250) 287-LandlineCampbell RiverTelus10/15/1996
(250) 288-LandlineHolbergTelus10/15/1996
(250) 289-LandlineOcean FallsTelus10/15/1996
(250) 290-MobileGoldenRogers (wireless)02/09/2003
(250) 291-LandlineLillooetTelus03/27/2005
(250) 292-LandlineHedleyTelus10/15/1996
(250) 293-LandlinePrincetonTelus02/13/2002
(250) 294-LandlineVictoriaBell West02/16/2006
(250) 295-LandlinePrincetonTelus10/15/1996
(250) 296-Landline150 Mile HouseTelus10/15/1996
(250) 297-LandlineMcleese LakeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 298-LandlineVictoriaBell West06/01/2006
(250) 299-LandlineKamloopsBell Mobility
(250) 300-MobileKelownaBell Mobility
(250) 301-MobilePrince GeorgeBell Mobility
(250) 302-Landline150 Mile HouseTelus12/13/2004
(250) 303-Mobile150 Mile HouseRogers (wireless)05/10/1999
(250) 304-LandlineCastlegarTelus10/15/1996
(250) 305-Landline150 Mile HouseTelus10/15/1996
(250) 306-MobileVernonTelus Mobility06/30/2001
(250) 307-MobileVernonRogers (wireless)05/10/1999
(250) 308-LandlineVernonTelus10/15/1996
(250) 309-MobileVernonTelus Mobility05/18/1998
(250) 310-Telus
(250) 312-LandlineKamloopsTelus01/14/2000
(250) 313-MobileCache CreekBell Mobility06/01/2006
(250) 314-LandlineKamloopsTelus10/15/1996
(250) 315-LandlineMerrittTelus10/15/1996
(250) 316-MobileBouchie LakeRogers (wireless)02/16/2006
(250) 317-MobileKelownaRogers (wireless)10/15/1996
(250) 318-MobileKamloopsTelus Mobility05/18/1998
(250) 319-LandlineKamloopsTelus Mobility10/15/1996
(250) 320-MobileKamloopsTelus Mobility06/30/2001
(250) 321-MobileFort ErieTelus Mobility03/27/2005
(250) 322-LandlineKelownaTelus
(250) 323-LandlineLantzvilleShaw Telecom
(250) 324-LandlineChemainusShaw Telecom
(250) 325-LandlineGabriola IslandShaw Telecom
(250) 326-LandlineKincolithTelus10/15/1996
(250) 327-MobileLantzvilleBell Mobility
(250) 328-MobilePentictonBell Mobility
(250) 329-MobileFort St JohnBell Mobility
(250) 330-LandlineRed RockTelus10/15/1996
(250) 331-LandlineCourtenayTelus12/13/2004
(250) 332-LandlineKyuquotTelus10/15/1996
(250) 333-LandlineLasquetiisTelus10/15/1996
(250) 334-LandlineCourtenayTelus10/15/1996
(250) 335-LandlineCourtenayTelus10/15/1996
(250) 336-LandlineCumberlandTelus10/15/1996
(250) 337-LandlineOyster BayTelus10/15/1996
(250) 338-LandlineCourtenayTelus10/15/1996
(250) 339-LandlineCourtenayTelus10/15/1996
(250) 340-LandlineDonaldTelus10/15/1996
(250) 341-LandlineInvermereTelus05/18/1998
(250) 342-LandlineInvermereTelus10/15/1996
(250) 343-LandlineFieldTelus10/15/1996
(250) 344-LandlineGoldenTelus10/15/1996
(250) 345-LandlineFairviewTelus10/15/1996
(250) 346-LandlineSpilmachenTelus10/15/1996
(250) 347-LandlineRadiumTelus10/15/1996
(250) 348-LandlineParsonTelus10/15/1996
(250) 349-LandlineCanal FlatsTelus10/15/1996
(250) 350-LandlineDouglas LakeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 351-MobileVernonBell Mobility
(250) 352-LandlineNelsonTelus10/15/1996
(250) 353-LandlineKasloTelus10/15/1996
(250) 354-LandlineNelsonTelus10/15/1996
(250) 355-LandlineSlocanTelus10/15/1996
(250) 356-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 357-LandlineSalmoTelus10/15/1996
(250) 358-LandlineNew DenverTelus10/15/1996
(250) 359-LandlineSo SlocanTelus10/15/1996
(250) 360-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 361-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 362-LandlineRosslandTelus10/15/1996
(250) 363-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 364-LandlineTrailTelus10/15/1996
(250) 365-LandlineCastlegarTelus10/15/1996
(250) 366-LandlineDuncan LakeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 367-LandlineFruitvaleTelus10/15/1996
(250) 368-LandlineTrailTelus10/15/1996
(250) 369-LandlineTrout LakeTelus10/15/1996
(250) 370-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 371-LandlineKamloopsTelus10/15/1996
(250) 372-LandlineKamloopsTelus10/15/1996
(250) 373-LandlineSavonaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 374-LandlineKamloopsTelus10/15/1996
(250) 375-LandlineWestwoldTelus10/15/1996
(250) 376-LandlineKamloopsTelus10/15/1996
(250) 377-LandlineKamloopsTelus01/25/1998
(250) 378-LandlineMerrittTelus10/15/1996
(250) 379-LandlineFalklandTelus10/15/1996
(250) 380-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 381-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 382-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 383-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 384-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 385-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 386-LandlineVictoriaTelus10/15/1996
(250) 387-LandlineVictoria


How do I get a 250 phone number?If you're interested in obtaining a 250 phone number, you can follow a few simple steps to acquire one. Firstly, identify the desired area where you would like to have your 250 phone number. Determine if there are any local phone service providers who offer numbers in that area code. Conduct thorough research online or reach out to customer service representatives of different phone companies to find out if they have availability. Once you have identified a provider that offers 250 phone numbers in your desired area, you can proceed with the registration process. This typically involves filling out an application form, providing necessary identification documents, and paying any associated fees. It's important to note that the availability of specific area codes can vary depending on the location and the service providers in that area. Therefore, it may be beneficial to explore multiple providers and be flexible with your preferences to increase your chances of obtaining a 250 phone number.
Are all 250 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 250 area codes, it is essential to understand that availability can vary based on the specific location and the telephone service provider. While there are a limited number of available area codes, not all of them may be available in every region or city. To determine if a particular area code, such as 250, is available in your desired location, it is recommended to contact local telephone service providers directly. They will have the most up-to-date information on which area codes they offer in specific regions. Additionally, it is worth noting that phone number availability can change over time, as new area codes get introduced to accommodate the growing demand for telephone numbers. Therefore, it is always best to check with the provider for the most accurate and current information on available area codes in your area.
Do I own my 250 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. While you may have paid for and used a specific phone number, it's important to understand that phone numbers are ultimately allocated and regulated by telecommunications authorities and service providers. In most cases, phone numbers are leased or assigned to you by a local service provider or telecommunication company. This means that although you may have been using and paying for your 250 phone number, ultimate ownership still rests with the service provider. However, it's worth noting that you have certain rights and control over your phone number. You can typically transfer your phone number to a different service provider if you choose to switch services. This can give you the flexibility to retain and continue using the same phone number even if you change providers. In summary, while you may not technically "own" your 250 phone number in the traditional sense, you do have a certain level of control and portability with it. It's always recommended to review the specific terms and conditions with your service provider to fully understand your rights and responsibilities regarding your phone number.

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