Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 276 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 276 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Looking for the perfect phone number solution for your business needs? Look no further than the 276 area code phone number providers. With their reliable services and wide coverage, these providers offer seamless communication solutions that suit businesses of all sizes. From establishing a local presence to enhancing customer trust, an area code phone number from the 276 region provides numerous benefits. Whether you're a startup looking to create a professional image or an established company planning to expand your reach, these providers offer the best options for your business communication needs. Explore the possibilities and find the ideal 276 area code phone number provider for your business today.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 276 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 276?

Looking for phone numbers in the 276 area code? This region covers parts of southwest Virginia, encompassing various counties and cities. It serves as a vital telecommunication hub, connecting communities such as Abingdon, Bristol, and Wytheville. Whether you're a local business eager to establish a strong presence or an individual seeking a reliable local number, exploring the providers in the 276 area code can offer you a range of options. Find the best local phone number provider that suits your needs and allows you to seamlessly connect with the vibrant communities within this expansive area.
Major CityBristol

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
27% Centurylink
11% Verizon
7% Verizon South
5% Lumos Networks
4% Level 3
3% Comcast Phone
2% Bandwidthcom Clec
14% Other


Prefixes Carrier
9% Verizon Wireless
5% Cingular
4% Sprint
4% United States Cellular –
1% T-mobile
1% Virginia PCS Alliance, LC
1% Appalachian Wireless
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, the ultimate destination to find top-notch local phone number providers. Discover the seamless functionality of the 276 area code phone numbers offered by these services. With a vast network of reliable providers, we ensure secure and efficient connections for all your communication needs. Easily obtain a 276 area code phone number, allowing you to establish a local presence and connect with customers effortlessly. Benefit from the exceptional services offered by our providers, whether you require a single line or multiple lines for your business. Take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity and explore the unlimited possibilities with a 276 area code phone number.

Why your business needs a 276 phone number

Are you a business owner in need of a phone number that conveys credibility, professionalism, and a local presence? Look no further than the 276 area code phone number! With its association to several counties in Southwestern Virginia, this particular code has become synonymous with reliability. Customers instinctively trust businesses operating with a local area code, as it signifies a commitment to the community. By securing a 276 area code phone number, you'll tap into the trust and loyalty of local customers, establishing your business as a reputable and authentic player in the market. Give your business the edge it deserves with a 276 area code phone number today!

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(276) 200-LandlineWythevilleLumos Networks05/24/2004
(276) 202-MobileRichlandsVerizon Wireless07/29/2004
(276) 203-LandlineWeber CityLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 204-LandlineBristolLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 205-LandlineGate CityLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 206-MobileAbingdonSuncom DBA T-mobile USA09/29/2004
(276) 207-LandlineNortonCavalier Telephone05/28/2010
(276) 209-LandlineBlandBandwidth.com08/24/2012
(276) 210-LandlineRichlandsMci Worldcom Comms11/16/2004
(276) 214-LandlineBlandLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 215-LandlineWythevilleLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 216-LandlineGalaxLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 217-LandlineMarionLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 218-MobileHaysiEast Kentucky Netwrk DBA Appalachian Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 219-MobileNortonCingular Wireless06/25/2005
(276) 220-MobileNortonVerizon Wireless08/04/2005
(276) 221-LandlineMouth WilsonLevel 3 Comms08/14/2002
(276) 222-LandlineMeadows Of DanCitizens Telephone Cooperative05/14/2003
(276) 223-LandlineWythevilleUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 224-LandlineMartinsvilleGcr Telecom06/16/2003
(276) 225-LandlineWeber CityUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 226-MobileMartinsvilleSprint08/19/2002
(276) 227-LandlineWythevilleCenturylink Comms10/31/2001
(276) 228-LandlineWythevilleUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 229-LandlineWoolwineLevel 3 Comms10/25/2002
(276) 232-MobileWythevilleOmnipoint Comms Cap Operations06/17/2003
(276) 233-MobileGalaxUnited States Cellular Corp.10/31/2001
(276) 235-MobileGalaxVerizon Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 236-LandlineGalaxUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 237-MobileGalaxUnited States Cellular Corp.10/31/2001
(276) 238-LandlineGalaxUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 239-MobileWythevilleVirginia PCS Alliance, L.c.05/04/2004
(276) 243-MobileMarionCingular Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 244-MobileGrundyEast Kentucky Netwrk DBA Appalachian Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 245-MobileBluefieldVerizon Wireless06/01/2006
(276) 250-LandlineRural RetreatLevel 3 Comms01/23/2006
(276) 251-LandlineAraratCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 252-MobileMartinsvilleCingular Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 254-MobileLebanonCingular Wireless09/29/2010
(276) 258-LandlineAbingdonUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink02/07/2011
(276) 259-LandlinePilgrims KnobVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 262-LandlineSaltvilleBvu Authority08/02/2007
(276) 263-LandlineCanaSprint CommsCo.,01/08/2007
(276) 266-MobileHillsvilleVerizon Wireless12/08/2003
(276) 274-MobileAbingdonVerizon Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 275-MobileNortonCingular Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 278-LandlineIndependenceLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 281-LandlineHillsvilleLumos Networks10/31/2001
(276) 284-MobileAustinvilleVerizon Wireless03/18/2005
(276) 285-LandlineBristolBvu Authority10/31/2011
(276) 288-MobileWoolwineLevel 3 Comms12/13/2011
(276) 292-LandlineRidgewayComcast Phone02/06/2012
(276) 293-LandlineGalaxMgw Networks01/18/2012
(276) 296-LandlineIndependenceMCI Metro ATS03/21/2013
(276) 298-MobileNortonVerizon Wireless03/11/2009
(276) 299-LandlinePennington GapBandwidth.com02/15/2010
(276) 302-LandlineClintwoodBandwidth.com06/13/2012
(276) 312-MobileGrundyVerizon Wireless01/04/2012
(276) 313-LandlineFriesComcast Phone05/17/2009
(276) 318-LandlinePennington GapComcast Phone04/29/2009
(276) 321-LandlineWise10/31/2001
(276) 322-LandlineBluefieldVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 323-LandlineAppalachiaBandwidth.com04/03/2012
(276) 325-LandlineNortonComcast Phone04/29/2009
(276) 326-LandlineBluefieldVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 328-LandlineWise10/31/2001
(276) 329-LandlineTazewellComcast Phone02/22/2013
(276) 335-LandlineWythevilleShentel Comms09/08/2010
(276) 336-MobileMartinsvilleOmnipoint Comms Cap Operations05/20/2003
(276) 337-MobileNortonCingular Wireless07/19/2006
(276) 340-MobileFieldaleUnited States Cellular Corp.10/31/2001
(276) 345-LandlineRichlandsBvu Authority10/07/2005
(276) 346-LandlineJonesville10/31/2001
(276) 352-MobileFieldaleUnited States Cellular Corp.10/31/2001
(276) 356-MobileAbingdonSuncom DBA T-mobile USA10/31/2001
(276) 358-MobileFieldaleUnited States Cellular Corp.10/31/2001
(276) 365-MobileNortonCingular Wireless04/28/2008
(276) 376-LandlineWise10/31/2001
(276) 378-LandlineMarionComcast Phone03/14/2008
(276) 383-LandlineSaint Charles10/31/2001
(276) 385-MobileTazewellVirginia PCS Alliance, L.c.03/26/2008
(276) 386-LandlineGate CityUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 388-LandlineWhitetopUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 389-MobileWythevilleSprint02/11/2005
(276) 393-MobileNortonCingular Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 395-LandlineCoeburn10/31/2001
(276) 398-LandlineLaurel ForkUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 403-LandlineMartinsvilleLumos Networks05/14/2002
(276) 415-LandlineLebanonBvu Authority10/07/2005
(276) 421-LandlineBassettComcast Phone02/06/2012
(276) 429-LandlineGlade SpringUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 431-LandlineDuffieldScott County Telephone Cooperative10/31/2001
(276) 433-LandlineRichlandsShentel Comms09/15/2010
(276) 437-LandlineNortonMountainet TelephoneCo.02/22/2013
(276) 439-MobileNortonCingular Wireless09/29/2010
(276) 445-LandlineRose Hill10/31/2001
(276) 447-LandlineGate CityMountainet TelephoneCo.07/22/2011
(276) 449-LandlineDuffieldBvu Authority12/10/2012
(276) 451-MobileAbingdonSprint10/31/2001
(276) 452-LandlineGate CityScott County Telephone Cooperative10/31/2001
(276) 455-MobileCoeburnVerizon Wireless09/15/2011
(276) 466-LandlineBristolUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 467-LandlineDungannonScott County Telephone Cooperative10/31/2001
(276) 469-LandlineBristolUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 472-LandlineCeresBurke's Garden Telco10/31/2001
(276) 475-LandlineDamascusUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 477-MobileAbingdonVerizon Wireless01/18/2010
(276) 479-LandlineNickelsvilleScott County Telephone Cooperative10/31/2001
(276) 484-LandlineWythevilleMCI Metro ATS06/13/2005
(276) 492-MobileAbingdonSprint04/16/2001
(276) 494-MobileBristolSprint03/08/2001
(276) 495-LandlineDante10/31/2001
(276) 496-LandlineSaltvilleUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 498-LandlineOakwoodVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 521-LandlineChilhowieLevel 3 Comms08/19/2002
(276) 522-LandlineCeresLevel 3 Comms08/19/2002
(276) 523-LandlineBig Stone Gap10/31/2001
(276) 524-LandlineBig Stone Gap10/31/2001
(276) 525-LandlineAbingdonLumos Networks06/30/2006
(276) 528-LandlineGrundyMikrotec09/28/2010
(276) 530-LandlineBig RockVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 531-LandlineMaxieVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 546-LandlinePennington Gap10/31/2001
(276) 565-LandlineAppalachia10/31/2001
(276) 566-LandlineHurleyVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 578-LandlineWythevilleShentel Comms01/14/2009
(276) 579-LandlineMouth Of WilsonUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 582-LandlineHonakerBandwidth.com10/25/2012
(276) 591-LandlineBristolMountainet TelephoneCo.04/18/2002
(276) 594-MobileGate CityCingular Wireless03/19/2002
(276) 595-LandlineMax MeadowsUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink08/16/2001
(276) 596-LandlineRichlandsVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 597-LandlineVansantVerizon South10/31/2001
(276) 598-LandlineRichlandsTime Warner Cable (virginia), VA03/07/2013
(276) 601-LandlineCollinsvilleLevel 3 Comms03/18/2002
(276) 608-MobileAbingdonVerizon Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 613-MobileWythevilleVerizon Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 614-MobileAbingdonCingular Wireless10/31/2001
(276) 617-MobileWythevilleUnited States Cellular Corp.10/31/2001
(276) 618-MobileMartinsvilleVirginia PCS Alliance, L.c.10/31/2001
(276) 619-LandlineAbingdonUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 620-MobileWythevilleUnited States Cellular Corp.10/31/2001
(276) 621-LandlineCripple CreekUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 622-LandlineCollinsvilleLevel 3 Comms10/17/2002
(276) 623-LandlineAbingdonUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 624-LandlineTannersvilleUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 625-LandlineWythevilleUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 627-LandlineBassettCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 628-LandlineAbingdonUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 629-LandlineBassettCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 632-LandlineMartinsvilleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 633-LandlineAraratLevel 3 Comms10/22/2002
(276) 634-LandlineMartinsvilleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 637-LandlineMax MeadowsUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 638-LandlineMartinsvilleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 639-MobileNortonVerizon Wireless02/16/2010
(276) 642-LandlineBristolUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 644-LandlineBristolBvu Authority09/30/2005
(276) 645-LandlineBristolUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 646-LandlineChilhowieUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 647-LandlineCollinsvilleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 650-LandlineAxtonCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 655-LandlineComers RockUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 656-LandlineMartinsvilleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 663-LandlineRural RetreatLevel 3 Comms08/15/2002
(276) 664-LandlineCanaLevel 3 Comms08/15/2002
(276) 666-LandlineMartinsvilleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 669-LandlineBristolUnited Telephone-southeast-va DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 670-LandlineMartinsvilleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001
(276) 673-LandlineFieldaleCentralTelcoOf Virginia DBA Centurylink10/31/2001


How do I get a 276 phone number?If you're looking to get a 276 phone number, there are a few steps you can follow. Firstly, conduct a search to identify the telecommunications providers that offer services in the area code 276. Once you have a list of providers, compare their offerings, packages, and rates to find the one that suits your needs. Contact the chosen provider and inquire about the availability of 276 phone numbers. They will guide you through the process of obtaining one. Be prepared to provide personal information and documentation to complete the registration process. Keep in mind that availability may vary depending on the provider's inventory. It's important to act promptly to secure your desired 276 phone number. Remember to confirm any additional costs, such as setup fees or monthly charges, before finalizing your decision.
Are all 276 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of all 276 area codes, it's important to note that the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) governs phone number allocation in the United States. The NANP continuously monitors and manages the distribution of area codes to meet the growing demand for phone numbers. While there is a limit to the number of area codes that can be utilized within a geographic region, it doesn't necessarily mean that all 276 area codes are currently available. The availability of specific area codes depends on various factors, including population size, existing phone number utilization, and future growth projections. To determine the availability of a particular area code, it is recommended to consult with a reputable US local phone number provider. They can provide up-to-date information on available area codes and help you choose the most suitable option for your needs.
Do I own my 276 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex matter. However, in most cases, you do not technically "own" your phone number. Phone numbers are assigned and managed by phone service providers, who have the authority to allocate, reassign, or revoke phone numbers as per their policies and regulations. So, while you may have active phone service through a provider, you do not have full ownership of the actual number itself. In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) oversees phone number administration, and they grant responsibility to service providers to manage phone numbers. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot retain your phone number even if you switch providers. Many providers offer number portability, allowing you to transfer your existing phone number when you switch services. To get concrete information about the ownership status of your specific 276 phone number, it is best to contact your current service provider and inquire about their policies and any potential restrictions.

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