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Phone numbers in the 314 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a savvy entrepreneur looking for a business phone number that stands out from the competition? Look no further than the 314 area code phone numbers! These digits not only lend an air of credibility and local appeal to your business, but they also offer numerous advantages. Whether you run a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, a 314 area code phone number can boost your professional image and help you establish a strong local presence. With our easy-to-use platform, finding the perfect phone number provider for your business needs has never been easier. Take your business to new heights with a 314 area code phone number today!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 314 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 314?

Are you ready to connect with the vibrant and thriving communities in the 314 area code? Look no further! Our platform proudly showcases the top local phone number providers for this geographically diverse region. Spanning across multiple cities, the 314 area code covers an extensive area in the heart of the United States. From the bustling streets of St. Louis to the picturesque neighborhoods dotting the surrounding towns, you can unlock endless possibilities with a 314 area code phone number. Discover seamless connections, foster local partnerships, and tap into the pulse of these diverse communities with ease. Find your perfect match today!
Major CitySt. Louis

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
38% Southwestern Bell
4% Mci Worldcom
3% Teleport Group – St Louis
2% Xo
2% Global Crossing Local Services
2% Birch Telecom
2% Windstream Nuvox
8% Other


Prefixes Carrier
10% Cingular
8% Sprint
7% Verizon Wireless
4% T-mobile
3% Usa Mobility Wireless
3% American Messaging (am)
2% Cricket Comm
1% Other

How it works

Discover the unparalleled connectivity of 314 area code phone numbers through service providers that specialize in offering top-notch local numbers. Unlocking a world of possibilities, these providers allow you to seamlessly establish a local presence in the vibrant cities covered by the 314 area code. Enjoy reliable call quality and extensive features tailored to cater to the unique needs of businesses and individuals alike. Benefit from flexible plans and expand your reach without geographical limitations. With unrivaled customer support and competitive pricing, these providers make your journey into the 314 area code a breeze. Experience dependable communication solutions that connect you effortlessly with the local community.

Why your business needs a 314 phone number

Boost your business presence with a 314 area code phone number. Stand out from the competition and establish credibility with a local presence in the vibrant St. Louis area. Customers tend to trust businesses with local numbers, increasing their likelihood of engaging with your products or services. Furthermore, having a 314 area code allows you to tap into the immense potential of the local customer base. It's a cost-effective way to target your marketing efforts, as you can connect with potential customers who are more likely to convert. Don't miss out on the advantages of a 314 area code – take your business to new heights today.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(314) 200-LandlineMehlvilleCharter Fiberlink11/27/2002
(314) 201-MobileLadueT-mobile USA09/19/2013
(314) 202-MobileSaint LouisVerizon Wireless05/20/2013
(314) 203-MobileSaint LouisT-mobile USA04/19/2013
(314) 204-MobileSaint LouisUSA Mobility Wireless01/25/1998
(314) 205-LandlineCreve CoeurSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 206-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell07/01/1996
(314) 208-MobileSaint LouisUSA Mobility Wireless04/15/1996
(314) 209-LandlineBridgetonSouthwestern Bell01/10/1996
(314) 210-MobileKirkwoodCingular Wireless01/25/1998
(314) 212-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 213-LandlineLadueSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 214-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 215-LandlineChesterfieldSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 216-LandlineLadueSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 218-LandlineSaint CharlesSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 219-LandlineLadueSouthwestern Bell02/11/1995
(314) 220-MobileCreve CoeurSprint01/11/1997
(314) 221-MobileSaint LouisSprint03/19/2002
(314) 222-LandlineMaryland HeightsBirch Telecom10/13/1999
(314) 223-MobileKirkwoodCingular Wireless01/11/1997
(314) 224-MobileLadueSbc Internet Services01/14/2014
(314) 225-MobileLadueCingular Wireless04/09/2003
(314) 226-LandlineSaint LouisSprint10/31/2000
(314) 227-LandlineLadueDavidson Telecom06/11/2003
(314) 228-LandlineCreve CoeurXo Missouri06/03/2004
(314) 229-MobileSaint LouisT-mobile USA06/30/2001
(314) 231-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 232-LandlineFergusonTeleport Comms Group - St. Louis02/04/1994
(314) 233-LandlineFergusonTeleport Comms Group - St. Louis02/04/1994
(314) 234-LandlineFergusonTeleport Comms Group - St. Louis02/04/1994
(314) 235-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 236-LandlineSaint LouisMci Worldcom Comms,01/25/1998
(314) 237-LandlineChesterfieldXo Missouri04/02/2004
(314) 238-LandlineSaint LouisMcleodusa Telecom Services11/11/2003
(314) 239-MobileLadueCingular Wireless03/03/2001
(314) 240-Sbc Internet Services05/30/2014
(314) 241-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 242-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(314) 243-MobileSaint LouisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm03/06/2008
(314) 244-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell04/01/1997
(314) 245-MobileSaint LouisUSA Mobility Wireless01/25/1998
(314) 246-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(314) 247-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 248-LandlineMehlvilleXo Missouri06/03/2004
(314) 249-MobileSaint LouisSprint01/25/1998
(314) 251-LandlineLadueSouthwestern Bell11/14/2003
(314) 252-LandlineLadueTeleport Comms Group - St. Louis01/25/1998
(314) 253-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 254-Bandwidth.com05/01/2014
(314) 255-LandlineSaint LouisXo Missouri03/03/2001
(314) 256-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell05/17/2001
(314) 258-MobileLadueCingular Wireless09/21/2001
(314) 259-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 260-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell09/11/1994
(314) 261-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 262-MobileLadueLevel 3 Comms03/26/2002
(314) 263-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 264-LandlineFergusonSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(314) 265-MobileSaint LouisSprint07/22/1999
(314) 266-LandlineSaint LouisLevel 3 Comms01/14/2000
(314) 267-MobileSaint LouisSprint08/20/2000
(314) 268-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 269-LandlineSaint LouisWindstream Nuvox Missouri01/25/1998
(314) 270-LandlineSaint LouisTeleport Comms Group - St. Louis01/25/1998
(314) 271-LandlineSaint LouisXo Missouri05/06/2004
(314) 272-LandlineSappingtonMci Worldcom Comms,10/31/2000
(314) 273-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell11/28/2006
(314) 274-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell06/06/2002
(314) 275-LandlineCreve CoeurSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 276-MobileSaint LouisSprint01/25/1998
(314) 277-MobileKirkwoodCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(314) 278-MobileKirkwoodCingular Wireless01/15/2013
(314) 280-MobileSaint LouisSprint01/25/1998
(314) 281-MobileLadueCingular Wireless12/22/2011
(314) 282-MobileSaint LouisBandwidth.com06/08/2010
(314) 283-MobileSaint LouisSprint01/25/1998
(314) 284-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 285-MobileSaint LouisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm10/08/2008
(314) 286-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 287-LandlineSaint LouisSbc Internet Services12/22/2011
(314) 288-LandlineSaint LouisTeleport Comms Group - St. Louis01/25/1998
(314) 289-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 290-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(314) 291-LandlineBridgetonSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 292-LandlineCreve CoeurAT&T Local01/25/1998
(314) 293-LandlineOakvilleSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(314) 294-MobileSaint LouisAmerican Messaging (am)01/25/1998
(314) 295-MobileSaint LouisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm10/08/2008
(314) 296-LandlineSaint LouisLevel 3 Comms10/03/2011
(314) 297-LandlineSaint LouisBandwidth.com05/24/2013
(314) 298-LandlineBridgetonSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 299-MobileLadueSprint11/15/2011
(314) 300-LandlineSaint LouisPeerless Network05/22/2012
(314) 301-LandlineLadueSouthwestern Bell04/15/1996
(314) 302-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless01/11/1997
(314) 303-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless07/04/1995
(314) 304-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless07/04/1995
(314) 305-MobileSaint LouisSprint02/19/2013
(314) 306-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless04/15/1996
(314) 307-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless04/15/1996
(314) 308-MobileLadueCingular Wireless05/10/1999
(314) 309-MobileSaint LouisT-mobile USA03/07/2014
(314) 313-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless02/11/1995
(314) 315-LandlineMaryland HeightsBirch Telecom08/20/2000
(314) 316-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell10/15/1996
(314) 317-LandlineCreve CoeurSouthwestern Bell07/22/1999
(314) 318-MobileSaint LouisUSA Mobility Wireless10/15/1996
(314) 319-MobileSaint LouisSprint05/23/2013
(314) 322-MobileSaint LouisSprint07/22/1999
(314) 323-MobileSaint LouisSprint07/22/1999
(314) 324-MobileSaint LouisSprint07/22/1999
(314) 325-Sbc Internet Services07/11/2014
(314) 326-MobileSaint LouisT-mobile USA08/08/2013
(314) 327-MobileSaint LouisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm03/06/2008
(314) 329-LandlineMehlvilleBirch Telecom08/20/2000
(314) 330-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(314) 331-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 332-MobileSaint LouisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm06/19/2008
(314) 333-LandlineMaryland HeightsBirch Telecom07/22/1999
(314) 334-LandlineSaint LouisAllegiance Telecom08/20/2000
(314) 335-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell05/10/1999
(314) 336-LandlineCreve CoeurWindstream Nuvox Missouri07/22/1999
(314) 337-MobileSaint LouisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/19/2008
(314) 338-MobileSaint LouisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm06/19/2008
(314) 339-Metro PCS07/03/2014
(314) 340-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 341-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless01/11/1997
(314) 342-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 344-LandlineBridgetonSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 345-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell01/25/1998
(314) 346-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless01/11/1997
(314) 348-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless01/11/1997
(314) 351-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 352-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 353-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 354-MobileCreve CoeurAmerican Messaging (am)07/22/1999
(314) 355-LandlineSpanish LakeSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 357-MobileLadueSprint11/15/2011
(314) 358-MobileLadueSprint06/27/2011
(314) 359-MobileLadueT-mobile USA06/30/2001
(314) 360-MobileSaint LouisAmerican Messaging (am)02/11/1995
(314) 361-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 362-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 363-MobileLadueSprint03/03/2001
(314) 364-LandlineSappingtonSouthwestern Bell05/10/1999
(314) 365-MobileLadueVerizon Wireless01/11/1997
(314) 367-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 368-MobileSaint LouisSprint05/10/1999
(314) 369-MobileSaint LouisSprint05/10/1999
(314) 371-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 372-LandlineLadueMci Worldcom Comms,01/25/1998
(314) 373-LandlineLadueWindstream Nuvox Missouri07/22/1999
(314) 374-MobileSaint LouisSprint01/25/1998
(314) 375-LandlineOakvilleWindstream Nuvox Missouri10/31/2000
(314) 378-MobileLadueCingular Wireless05/10/1999
(314) 380-LandlineOakvilleBirch Telecom10/13/1999
(314) 381-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 382-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 383-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 384-MobileCreve Coeur365 Wireless03/21/2013
(314) 385-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 387-LandlineBridgetonMci Worldcom Comms,01/25/1998
(314) 388-LandlineRiverviewSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 389-LandlineSaint LouisSouthwestern Bell02/04/1994
(314) 392-LandlineCreve CoeurMci Worldcom Comms,01/25/1998
(314) 393-MobileSaint LouisSprint01/25/1998
(314) 394-LandlineKirkwoodCharter Fiberlink02/13/2002
(314) 395-LandlineSaint LouisCharter Fiberlink08/17/2001
(314) 397-MobileLadueT-mobile USA06/30/2001
(314) 398-MobileSaint LouisT-mobile USA06/30/2001
(314) 399-MobileSaint LouisVerizon Wireless10/16/2012
(314) 400-LandlineMaryland HeightsBirch Telecom01/14/2000
(314) 401-MobileKirkwoodCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(314) 402-MobileKirkwoodCingular Wireless07/01/1996


How do I get a 314 phone number?If you're wondering how to obtain a 314 phone number, you'll be pleased to know that it's a simple process. To get a 314 phone number, you need to follow a few steps: 1. Find a reliable US local phone number provider: Look for a reputable service that offers local phone numbers in the 314 area code. 2. Create an account: Sign up with the chosen provider and complete the required registration process. 3. Choose the area code: Once registered, select the specific area code you desire, which in this case is 314. 4. Check availability: Verify if there are any available phone numbers within the 314 area code. The provider should offer a search option for this purpose. 5. Select the best number: Browse through the available options and choose a phone number that best meets your needs. 6. Make the purchase: Complete the necessary steps to purchase and activate your selected 314 phone number. By following these steps with a reputable US local phone number provider, you can easily obtain a 314 phone number for your personal or business use.
Are all 314 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 314 area codes, it is important to note that specific information regarding their availability can vary over time. The availability of 314 area codes can depend on factors such as population growth, technological advancements, and the demand for phone numbers within that particular area. To get accurate and up-to-date information on the availability of 314 area codes, it is recommended to consult with a reliable US local phone number provider. They will have access to the most current data and can provide you with the details you need to determine if a specific 314 area code is available or not. These providers can also assist you in finding suitable alternatives if the desired area code is not immediately available.
Do I own my 314 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, it's essential to understand the ownership details. Phone number ownership depends on various factors, such as the type of number and the service provider. If you have a 314 phone number, it's crucial to determine whether it is a landline number, a mobile number, or a virtual phone number. Landline numbers are typically associated with a physical address and are assigned by the local telephone company. In this case, you might not entirely own the number, as it is tied to your service provider. Mobile phone numbers are generally owned by the individual user, as they are associated with a SIM card or mobile device. Virtual phone numbers, on the other hand, are cloud-based numbers that can be owned and managed by an individual or a business. In this case, you have more control over the number, and it is not tied to a physical location. To determine the ownership of your 314 phone number, you should contact your service provider or consult the relevant documentation. They will provide you with accurate information regarding the ownership of your specific number.

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