Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 317 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 317 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner in search of a reliable local phone number provider? Look no further! We understand the importance of establishing a strong local presence, which is why we offer the renowned 317 area code phone numbers for your convenience. Whether you're a startup seeking to build credibility or an established company expanding your reach, our range of services can cater to your specific business needs. Gain the trust of your local customers by choosing a phone number that resonates with familiarity and ensures seamless communication. Discover the optimal solution for your business with our exceptional 317 area code phone numbers.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 317 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 317?

The 317 area code encompasses various geographic regions, providing local phone number options to residents and businesses alike. Spanning parts of central Indiana, this area code serves prominent cities such as Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, and Greenwood. By securing a 317 area code phone number, individuals and organizations can establish a strong local presence within this thriving part of the state. Whether you're a small business owner looking to target customers in Indianapolis or a resident seeking a phone number that reflects your community, our platform can assist you in finding the best local phone number provider in the 317 area code.
Major CityIndianapolis

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
41% Ameritech
3% Teleport America
3% Tw Telecom
2% Global Crossing Local Services
2% Centurylink
1% Mcleodusa Telecommunications Services
1% Choice One Comm In
13% Other


Prefixes Carrier
9% Verizon Wireless
7% Sprint
7% Cingular
4% Omnipoint Midwest Operations
4% Usa Mobility Wireless
2% American Messaging (am)
1% Metro PCS
1% Other

How it works

Are you tired of the impersonal touch that toll-free numbers bring? Look no further than the 317 area code phone number services, which provide a local touch for your business. With these providers, you can establish a strong local presence in the greater Indianapolis area. Whether you're a startup or an established business, having a 317 area code phone number instantly connects you with the community, building credibility and trust. These services offer a wide range of features and competitive pricing plans, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. Say goodbye to that generic toll-free number and embrace the local advantage with the 317 area code phone number services.

Why your business needs a 317 phone number

Are you a business looking to establish a local presence in the bustling city of Indianapolis, Indiana? Look no further than a 317 area code phone number. Having a local phone number presents a multitude of benefits for your business. It instills trust and credibility among the local customer base, allowing them to easily recognize and remember your number. Additionally, with a 317 area code, you can tap into the vibrant local market, demonstrating your commitment to serving the Indianapolis community. So, if you're ready to enhance your business's local image and connect with customers on a more personal level, a 317 area code phone number is the way to go.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(317) 200-MobileIndianapolisSprint07/03/2007
(317) 201-MobileIndianapolisSprint02/27/1999
(317) 202-LandlineIndianapolis10/11/1997
(317) 203-LandlinePlainfieldUs Xchange Of Indiana DBA Choice One Comm In06/30/2001
(317) 204-LandlineIndianapolisTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(317) 205-LandlineIndianapolis10/11/1997
(317) 206-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless05/18/1998
(317) 207-LandlineCharlottesvilleLevel 3 Comms08/17/2004
(317) 208-LandlineCarmel05/18/1998
(317) 209-LandlineIndianapolis11/20/1998
(317) 210-LandlineMooresvilleTeleport Comms America07/03/2007
(317) 212-LandlineIndianapolis04/29/2010
(317) 213-MobileIndianapolisSprint10/31/2000
(317) 214-LandlineNoblesvilleWindstream Nuvox Indiana08/20/2000
(317) 215-LandlineIndianapolisWindstream Nuvox Indiana08/20/2000
(317) 216-LandlineIndianapolis01/10/1996
(317) 217-LandlineIndianapolis07/22/1999
(317) 218-LandlineIndianapolisWindstream Nuvox Indiana08/20/2000
(317) 219-LandlineNoblesvilleUs Xchange Of Indiana DBA Choice One Comm In06/30/2001
(317) 220-MobileIndianapolisVerizon Wireless07/12/2010
(317) 221-LandlineIndianapolis05/10/1999
(317) 222-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 223-LandlineIndianapolisTw Telecom Of Indiana Lp03/03/2001
(317) 224-LandlineIndianapolisWindstream Norlight02/26/2004
(317) 225-LandlineIndianapolisLevel 3 Comms10/31/2000
(317) 226-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 227-LandlineIndianapolis07/01/1996
(317) 228-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 229-LandlineIndianapolis10/11/1997
(317) 230-LandlineIndianapolisTw Telecom Of Indiana Lp02/04/1994
(317) 231-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 232-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 233-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 234-LandlineIndianapolis01/25/1998
(317) 235-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)02/04/1994
(317) 236-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 237-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 238-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 239-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 240-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 241-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 242-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 243-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 244-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 245-LandlineIndianapolisGlobal Crossing Local Services01/14/2000
(317) 246-LandlineIndianapolis05/10/1999
(317) 247-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 248-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 249-LandlineIndianapolisTeleport Comms America10/13/1999
(317) 250-MobileIndianapolisSprint05/10/1999
(317) 251-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 252-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 253-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 254-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 255-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 256-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless02/04/1994
(317) 257-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 258-MobileIndianapolisSprint05/10/1999
(317) 259-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 260-LandlineIndianapolis07/22/1999
(317) 261-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 262-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 263-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 264-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 265-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 266-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 267-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 268-LandlineIndianapolisMcleodusa Telecom Services04/03/2001
(317) 269-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 270-LandlineIndianapolis07/22/1999
(317) 271-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 272-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 273-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 274-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 275-LandlineIndianapolisTw Telecom Of Indiana Lp08/20/2000
(317) 276-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 277-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 278-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 279-LandlineIndianapolisWindstream Nuvox Indiana08/20/2000
(317) 280-LandlineIndianapolis07/22/1999
(317) 281-MobileIndianapolisSprint10/13/1999
(317) 282-LandlineIndianapolis01/25/1998
(317) 283-LandlineIndianapolis10/11/1997
(317) 284-LandlineIndianapolisWindstream Nuvox Indiana08/20/2000
(317) 285-LandlineIndianapolis01/25/1998
(317) 286-LandlineIndianapolisGlobal Crossing Local Services01/14/2000
(317) 287-LandlineIndianapolisTeleport Comms America01/14/2000
(317) 288-LandlineIndianapolisComcast Phone Of Central Indiana10/13/1999
(317) 289-MobileIndianapolisSprint10/31/2000
(317) 290-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 291-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 292-LandlineIndianapolisCingular Wireless10/13/1999
(317) 293-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 294-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless04/18/2001
(317) 295-LandlineIndianapolis05/10/1999
(317) 296-MobileIndianapolisVerizon Wireless06/10/2011
(317) 297-LandlineIndianapolis05/01/2002
(317) 298-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 299-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 300-LandlineGreenwoodComcast Phone Of Central Indiana10/04/2005
(317) 301-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)10/15/1996
(317) 302-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)01/10/1996
(317) 303-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless01/10/1996
(317) 304-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)04/01/1997
(317) 305-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)01/25/1998
(317) 306-LandlineIndianapolis01/10/1996
(317) 307-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless08/14/1998
(317) 308-LandlineIndianapolis01/10/1996
(317) 309-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless01/25/1998
(317) 310-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)10/11/1997
(317) 312-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)08/14/1998
(317) 313-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless04/18/2001
(317) 314-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless04/01/1997
(317) 315-MobileGreenfieldVerizon Wireless10/10/2011
(317) 318-LandlineGreenfieldTeleport Comms America05/18/1998
(317) 319-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless04/18/2001
(317) 320-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless10/15/1996
(317) 321-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 322-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 323-LandlineFortvilleHancock Rural Telephone Corp. DBA Ninestar Connect02/04/1994
(317) 324-LandlineIndianapolisGlobal Crossing Local Services01/14/2000
(317) 325-LandlineGreenfieldHancock Comms01/14/2000
(317) 326-LandlineFortvilleHancock Rural Telephone Corp. DBA Ninestar Connect02/04/1994
(317) 327-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 328-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 329-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 330-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless01/10/1996
(317) 331-MobileIndianapolisSprint10/31/2000
(317) 332-MobileIndianapolisOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations08/20/2000
(317) 333-LandlineIndianapolisLevel 3 Comms08/29/2003
(317) 334-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 335-LandlineMc CordsvilleHancock Rural Telephone Corp. DBA Ninestar Connect02/04/1994
(317) 336-LandlineMc CordsvilleHancock Rural Telephone Corp. DBA Ninestar Connect02/04/1994
(317) 337-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 338-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 339-MobileIndianapolisSprint10/31/2000
(317) 340-MobileIndianapolisSprint10/31/2000
(317) 341-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless07/04/1995
(317) 344-LandlineIndianapolisTw Telecom Of Indiana Lp01/14/2000
(317) 345-MobileIndianapolisSprint10/31/2000
(317) 346-LandlineFranklinUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink04/15/1996
(317) 347-LandlineIndianapolis10/15/1996
(317) 348-LandlineFishersLevel 3 Comms10/31/2000
(317) 350-LandlineBrownsburgComcast Phone Of Central Indiana08/17/2011
(317) 351-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 352-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 353-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 354-LandlineIndianapolis07/22/1999
(317) 355-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 356-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 357-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 358-LandlineIndianapolis07/22/1999
(317) 359-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 360-Bandwidth.com05/02/2014
(317) 361-LandlineIndianapolisCingular Wireless10/31/2000
(317) 362-LandlineIndianapolisComcast Phone Of Central Indiana01/16/2004
(317) 363-LandlineIndianapolisCingular Wireless06/04/2003
(317) 364-MobileShelbyvilleCingular Wireless05/23/2002
(317) 365-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)09/11/1994
(317) 366-LandlineIndianapolisSprint06/04/2003
(317) 367-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)02/04/1994
(317) 368-MobileIndianapolisAmerican Messaging (am)02/04/1994
(317) 369-LandlineGreenfieldComcast Phone Of Central Indiana07/21/2009
(317) 370-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(317) 371-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless09/11/1994
(317) 372-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless09/11/1994
(317) 373-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless02/11/1995
(317) 374-MobileIndianapolisCingular Wireless02/11/1995
(317) 375-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 376-LandlineCiceroLevel 3 Comms02/09/2003
(317) 377-LandlineIndianapolis07/04/1995
(317) 378-LandlineIndianapolisWindstream Norlight03/17/2011
(317) 379-MobileNoblesvilleCingular Wireless06/18/2002
(317) 380-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless07/01/1996
(317) 381-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 382-MobileIndianapolisUSA Mobility Wireless02/04/1994
(317) 383-LandlineIndianapolis02/04/1994
(317) 384-MobileIndianapolisSprint07/14/2010


How do I get a 317 phone number?If you're looking to obtain a 317 phone number, there are a few options you can explore. The first step would be to reach out to your current phone service provider and inquire if they offer any local number portability services for the 317 area code. This allows you to keep your existing phone number and change the area code. Alternatively, you can consider switching to a new phone service provider that offers 317 phone numbers. Many telecommunications companies offer the option to choose a specific area code when setting up a new phone line. Be sure to research and compare different providers to ensure they can accommodate your needs. Another option would be to explore virtual phone number services that allow you to have a local presence in a specific area code, including 317. These services often provide flexibility, affordability, and scalability for individuals and businesses. Regardless of the approach you choose, it's advisable to check with the respective phone service providers to ensure the availability and cost associated with obtaining a 317 phone number.
Are all 317 area codes available?The availability of 317 area codes may vary depending on the specific location and service provider. While many US local phone number providers offer 317 area codes, it's important to check with each provider individually to confirm availability. Due to the high demand for phone numbers, certain area codes might be limited or not available at certain times. It's advisable to contact the preferred US local phone number provider directly or visit their website to check the availability of the 317 area code in your desired location. They will be able to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the availability of specific area codes. Additionally, they can offer alternative area codes and help you find the best local phone number solution that meets your needs.
Do I own my 317 phone number?When it comes to owning a phone number, it's essential to understand the concept of phone number ownership. In the case of a 317 phone number, it falls under the jurisdiction of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which is managed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Phone numbers are assigned to individuals or businesses by service providers, but ownership ultimately rests with the service provider. As a subscriber, you have the right to use and control the phone number assigned to you by the service provider as long as you maintain an active account and fulfill your contractual obligations. However, it is important to note that you do not own the phone number in a strict legal sense, as it remains the property of the service provider. If you decide to switch to a different service provider, you may be able to transfer your 317 phone number, depending on certain regulations and the policies of both the current and new service providers. It is advisable to check with your service provider for more detailed information regarding number portability to ensure a seamless transition if you decide to change providers.

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