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Phone numbers in the 403 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

For businesses seeking enhanced local presence in the 403 area code, a dedicated phone number can be a game-changer. Whether you operate in Calgary or other locations in Alberta, a 403 phone number signals credibility and connects you directly with your target audience. These numbers are ideal for establishing a strong local foothold, engaging customers, and fostering trust. With BigNums, our trusted partner, you can easily obtain a 403 phone number at affordable rates without any hassle. Be it for small businesses, startups, or global enterprises, a 403 area code phone number can elevate your brand's visibility and build strong local connections.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 403 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 403?

The 403 area code phone numbers cater to a vast and diverse range of geographic areas. Encompassing parts of the western Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the 403 area code serves bustling cities like Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, and Okotoks. It stretches across a significant portion of southern Alberta, extending its reach into rural communities, picturesque mountain areas, and sprawling prairies. Whether you're in the heart of the vibrant urban centers or surrounded by the stunning natural landscapes, the 403 area code ensures that you stay connected with the local community and businesses in these dynamic regions.
Major CityCalgary, AB

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Welcome to our platform, where we connect you with the finest local phone number providers. Are you looking for a 403 area code phone number? Look no further! Our top-notch services ensure that you get a hassle-free experience. We understand the importance of confidentiality and security, which is why we strictly adhere to industry-leading practices to safeguard your personal information. With our extensive network, we offer a wide range of options for your 403 area code phone number needs. Rest assured, our reputable providers offer reliable and affordable services tailored to your requirements. Begin your search today and discover the perfect 403 area code phone number for your business or personal use.

Why your business needs a 403 phone number

Are you a business operating in the bustling city of Calgary, Alberta? If so, consider the value of acquiring a 403 area code phone number. By utilizing a local phone number, you project a strong sense of familiarity and trustworthiness to potential customers, fostering a closer connection. A 403 area code ensures that local clients recognize your business as part of their community, which can lead to enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales. Don't underestimate the power of a local phone number in establishing a strong presence in Calgary. Invest in a 403 area code phone number and watch your business thrive in the local market.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(403) 200-MobileCalgaryTelus Mobility
(403) 201-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/15/1996
(403) 202-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/15/1996
(403) 203-LandlineCalgaryTelus01/11/1997
(403) 204-LandlineCalgaryTelus11/20/1998
(403) 205-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/15/1996
(403) 206-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/13/1999
(403) 207-LandlineCalgaryTelus01/10/1996
(403) 208-LandlineCalgaryTelus04/01/1997
(403) 209-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/15/1996
(403) 210-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/15/1996
(403) 212-LandlineCalgaryTelus01/11/1997
(403) 213-LandlineCalgaryTelus01/11/1997
(403) 214-LandlineCalgaryTelus01/11/1997
(403) 215-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/15/1996
(403) 216-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/15/1996
(403) 217-LandlineCalgaryTelus01/10/1996
(403) 218-LandlineCalgaryTelus01/10/1996
(403) 219-LandlineCalgaryTelus04/15/1996
(403) 220-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 221-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 222-LandlineWrenthamTelus02/04/1994
(403) 223-LandlineTaberTelus02/04/1994
(403) 224-LandlineBowdenTelus02/04/1994
(403) 225-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 226-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 227-LandlineInnisfailTelus02/04/1994
(403) 228-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 229-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 230-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 231-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 232-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 233-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 234-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 235-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 236-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 237-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 238-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 239-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 240-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 241-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 242-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 243-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 244-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 245-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 246-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 247-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 248-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 249-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 250-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 251-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 252-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 253-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 254-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 255-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 256-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 257-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 258-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 259-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 260-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 261-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 262-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 263-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 264-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 265-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 266-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 267-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 268-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 269-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 270-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 271-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 272-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 273-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 274-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 275-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 276-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 277-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 278-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 279-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 280-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 281-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 282-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 283-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 284-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 285-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 286-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 287-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 288-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 289-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 290-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 291-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 292-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 293-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 294-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 295-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 296-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 297-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 298-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 299-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/04/1994
(403) 300-LandlineCalgaryShaw Telecom
(403) 301-LandlineCalgaryTelus11/20/1998
(403) 302-LandlineRed DeerTelus01/10/1996
(403) 303-LandlineCalgaryTelus11/20/1998
(403) 304-LandlineRed DeerTelus10/15/1996
(403) 305-MobileCalgaryTelus Mobility
(403) 306-LandlineOkotoksRogers (cable)05/10/1999
(403) 307-MobileRed DeerFido Solutions10/31/2000
(403) 308-LandlineLethbridgeTelus07/04/1995
(403) 309-LandlineRed DeerTelus10/15/1996
(403) 310-Telus
(403) 312-MobileCalgaryTelus Mobility08/20/2000
(403) 313-LandlineCalgaryRogers (cable)11/20/1998
(403) 314-LandlineRed DeerTelus10/15/1996
(403) 315-LandlineLethbridgeTelus10/15/1996
(403) 316-LandlineAirdrieRogers (cable)05/10/1999
(403) 317-LandlineLethbridgeTelus10/15/1996
(403) 318-MobileRed DeerTelus Mobility01/11/1997
(403) 319-LandlineCalgaryTelus05/18/1998
(403) 320-LandlineLethbridgeTelus02/04/1994
(403) 321-MobileDrumhellerTelus Mobility10/31/2000
(403) 322-MobileRocky Mountain HouseTelus Mobility10/31/2000
(403) 323-MobileStettlerTelus Mobility10/31/2000
(403) 324-MobileStrathmoreTelus Mobility
(403) 325-MobileStrathmoreTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(403) 326-LandlineCerealTelus02/04/1994
(403) 327-LandlineLethbridgeTelus02/04/1994
(403) 328-LandlineLethbridgeTelus02/04/1994
(403) 329-LandlineLethbridgeTelus02/04/1994
(403) 330-LandlineLethbridgeTelus09/11/1994
(403) 331-LandlineLethbridgeTelus03/03/2001
(403) 332-LandlineLethbridgeTelus08/31/2003
(403) 333-MobileCalgaryTelus Mobility02/13/2002
(403) 334-MobileDrumhellerTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(403) 335-LandlineDidsburyTelus02/04/1994
(403) 336-MobileHigh RiverTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(403) 337-LandlineCarstairsTelus02/04/1994
(403) 338-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/31/2001
(403) 339-MobilePort PerryTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(403) 340-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/04/1994
(403) 341-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/04/1994
(403) 342-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/04/1994
(403) 343-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/04/1994
(403) 344-LandlineCouttsTelus02/04/1994
(403) 345-LandlineCoaldaleTelus02/04/1994
(403) 346-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/04/1994
(403) 347-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/04/1994
(403) 348-LandlineRed DeerTelus03/03/2001
(403) 349-LandlineRed DeerTelus
(403) 350-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/04/1994
(403) 351-LandlineCalgaryAllstream03/27/2005
(403) 352-LandlineRed DeerTelus02/13/2002
(403) 353-LandlineLethbridgeTelus
(403) 354-MobileCalgaryBell Mobility
(403) 355-LandlineCalgaryBell West01/27/2004
(403) 356-LandlineRed DeerTelus08/17/2004
(403) 357-LandlineRed DeerTelus09/11/1994
(403) 358-LandlineRed DeerTelus08/20/2000
(403) 359-LandlineLethbridgeTelus08/17/2004
(403) 360-MobileLethbridgeRogers (wireless)01/14/2000
(403) 361-LandlineStrathmoreTelus01/27/2004
(403) 362-LandlineBrooksTelus02/04/1994
(403) 363-LandlineBrooksTelus06/30/2001
(403) 364-LandlineDeliaTelus02/04/1994
(403) 365-LandlineCalgaryTelus
(403) 366-LandlineCalgaryBell West02/16/2006
(403) 367-LandlineCalgaryTelus
(403) 368-LandlineRumseyTelus02/04/1994
(403) 369-MobileCalgaryTelus Mobility12/13/2004
(403) 370-MobileCalgaryTelus Mobility07/22/1999
(403) 371-MobileCalgaryTelus Mobility10/13/1999
(403) 372-LandlineCrowsnest PassTelus10/13/2005
(403) 373-MobileRed DeerTelus Mobility03/27/2005
(403) 374-LandlineCalgaryTelus03/03/2001
(403) 375-LandlineCalgaryTelus02/13/2002
(403) 376-MobileBrooksTelus Mobility
(403) 377-LandlineTilleyTelus02/04/1994
(403) 378-LandlineDuchessTelus02/04/1994
(403) 379-LandlineBindlossTelus02/04/1994
(403) 380-LandlineLethbridgeTelus02/04/1994
(403) 381-LandlineLethbridgeTelus02/04/1994
(403) 382-LandlineLethbridgeTelus02/04/1994
(403) 383-MobileCalgaryFido Solutions03/03/2001
(403) 384-LandlineCalgaryTelus
(403) 385-LandlineCalgaryTelus
(403) 386-LandlineCalgaryTelus10/31/2001
(403) 387-LandlineCalgaryTelus06/30/2001
(403) 388-LandlineLethbridgeBell West06/30/2001
(403) 389-MobileCalgaryRogers


How do I get a 403 phone number?Are you interested in obtaining a 403 phone number for your business or personal use? Look no further! Obtaining a 403 phone number is a simple process that can be completed effortlessly. To acquire a 403 phone number, you need to connect with a reputable US local phone number provider. They possess a comprehensive database of available numbers with various area codes, including the coveted 403 area code. To get started, visit their website and navigate to the section dedicated to phone number selection. Browse through the available options and filter the search to display only the 403 area code numbers. Once you find a suitable number, select it and proceed to the registration process. Provide the necessary information, such as your name, contact details, and payment information to complete the transaction. Remember, obtaining a 403 phone number through a reliable US local phone number provider ensures seamless communication and a professional image for your business. So why wait? Get your 403 phone number today!
Are all 403 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 403 area codes, it's important to note that specific information regarding the availability of individual phone numbers within this area code is constantly changing. While it is not possible to definitively state that all 403 area codes are available at any given time, there are generally options available for obtaining a phone number within this area code. To determine the current availability, it is recommended to reach out to a reputable US local phone number provider who can offer up-to-date information and assist you in acquiring a phone number with a 403 area code. They will have access to the latest data and can guide you in selecting the best available option based on your specific needs. Remember, the availability of phone numbers may vary depending on the provider and the demand in a particular area. It is always recommended to consult with a reliable provider to get accurate and real-time information.
Do I own my 403 phone number?The ownership of a phone number, such as a 403 area code phone number, depends on the specific circumstances and the service provider you obtained it from. In most cases, phone numbers are leased or rented from telecommunication companies rather than owned by individuals. These numbers are assigned to customers for their personal or business use, but the ownership remains with the service provider. If you decide to terminate your subscription with the provider, you may not be able to retain the same phone number unless you transfer it to a different provider. It's essential to refer to the terms and conditions of your agreement with the telecommunication company to understand the specifics of your ownership rights.

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