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Phone numbers in the 418 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business looking for a reliable phone number provider? Look no further! With our comprehensive database, we can help you find the best local phone number providers to meet your specific needs. Whether you operate in the 418 area code or any other region, we have got you covered. Gain a local presence and create a sense of trust among customers by utilizing a 418 area code phone number. Improve your business image, enhance customer service, and streamline communication. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Let us help you find the perfect phone number provider today!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 418 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 418?

Are you in search of a phone number in the 418 area code? Look no further! The 418 area code covers a vast and picturesque region in North America. Nestled within the Eastern Time Zone, this area code serves several magnificent geographic areas. From the stunning shores of Quebec's Saint Lawrence River to the quaint towns surrounded by breathtaking mountains, the 418 area code provides communication solutions for locals and businesses alike. Whether you're looking to establish a presence in Chicoutimi, Quebec City, or any other charming location in the 418 area, we've got you covered with the best local phone number providers.
Major CityQuebec, QC

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Welcome to our platform, where we assist you in discovering the finest local phone number providers. Our comprehensive network includes trusted services that offer 418 area code phone numbers. These providers specialize in ensuring seamless communication by offering a wide variety of features and benefits. With a 418 area code number, you can stay connected with the local community effortlessly. Whether you require it for personal or business use, our reputable providers ensure crystal-clear call quality, reliable connections, and affordable pricing plans. Find the perfect 418 area code phone number provider that meets your unique needs and enjoy uninterrupted communication today.

Why your business needs a 418 phone number

Are you a business looking to establish a strong local presence in Quebec? Look no further than a 418 area code phone number for your company! With a 418 number, you can easily connect with customers in key cities like Quebec City, Saguenay, and Chicoutimi. Having a local area code builds trust and credibility among your target audience, making it more likely that they will engage with your business. Plus, a 418 number ensures that your customers won't have to incur long-distance charges when contacting you. Give your business a competitive edge with a 418 area code phone number today!

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(418) 200-LandlineBaie St PaulVideotron General Partnership06/01/2006
(418) 201-LandlineClermontVideotron General Partnership06/01/2006
(418) 202-LandlineLa MalbaieVideotron General Partnership06/01/2006
(418) 203-LandlineSaint Jean Ile D OrleansVideotron General Partnership06/01/2006
(418) 204-LandlineQuebecVideotron General Partnership
(418) 205-LandlineSaint Lambert De LauzonVideotron General Partnership10/13/2005
(418) 206-LandlineMontmagnyVideotron General Partnership10/13/2005
(418) 207-LandlineSaint Marie De BeauceVideotron General Partnership10/13/2005
(418) 208-MobileQuebecTelus Mobility
(418) 209-MobileSaint Marie De BeauceTelus Mobility
(418) 210-LandlineQuebecRogers (cable)08/04/2002
(418) 212-LandlineAlmaVideotron General Partnership01/27/2004
(418) 213-LandlineJonquiereVideotron General Partnership03/27/2005
(418) 214-MobileTadoussacRogers (wireless)
(418) 215-MobileSaint Georges De BeauceRogers (wireless)08/20/2000
(418) 216-MobileSaint RaymondRogers (wireless)
(418) 217-MobileBeaucevilleRogers (wireless)
(418) 218-MobileSaint FelicienTelus Mobility08/04/2002
(418) 219-MobileBaie St PaulBell Mobility02/16/2006
(418) 220-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceBell Canada06/25/2005
(418) 221-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Quebec05/09/2003
(418) 222-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Quebec06/30/2001
(418) 223-LandlineSaint Lucie De BeauregardSogetel02/04/1994
(418) 224-LandlineSaint Rene De MataneTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 225-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Quebec05/10/1999
(418) 226-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 227-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 228-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 229-LandlineLa RomaineTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 230-LandlineSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Quebec10/25/2002
(418) 231-LandlineSaint Austin MoutainsBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 232-LandlineBergeronnesBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 233-LandlineEscouminsBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 234-LandlineMontmagnyTelus Quebec06/13/2000
(418) 235-LandlineTadoussacBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 236-LandlineSacre CoeurBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 237-LandlineBaie St CatherineBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 238-LandlineSaint Anne De PortneufBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 239-LandlineDolbeauBell Canada01/10/1996
(418) 240-LandlineBaie St PaulBell Canada07/06/1997
(418) 241-LandlineMontmagnyTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 242-LandlineTete A La BaleineTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 243-LandlineSaint Raphael De BellechasseTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 244-LandlineSaint Justine De NewtonSogetel02/04/1994
(418) 245-LandlineLac FrontiereSogetel02/04/1994
(418) 246-LandlineCap St IgnaceTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 247-LandlineL IsletTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 248-LandlineMontmagnyTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 249-LandlineSaint Fabien De PanetSogetel02/04/1994
(418) 250-LandlineMontmagnyTelus Quebec
(418) 251-LandlineSaint PrimeBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 252-MobileMontmagnyRogers (wireless)08/20/2000
(418) 253-LandlineVallee JonctionTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 254-MobileQuebecBell Mobility06/30/2001
(418) 255-MobileQuebecFido Solutions06/30/2001
(418) 256-LandlineLa DoreBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 257-LandlineSaint MagloireSogetel02/04/1994
(418) 258-LandlineGirardvilleBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 259-LandlineSaint FrancoisTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 260-LandlineQuebecBell Canada05/18/1998
(418) 261-MobileQuebecFido Solutions10/15/1996
(418) 262-MobileQuebecFido Solutions02/27/1999
(418) 263-LandlineQuebecAllstream03/03/2001
(418) 264-MobileQuebecFido Solutions06/13/2000
(418) 265-MobileQuebecFido Solutions05/18/1998
(418) 266-LandlineQuebecAllstream11/20/1998
(418) 267-LandlineSaint Rose De WatfordSogetel02/04/1994
(418) 268-LandlineSaint Marc Des CarrieresTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 269-LandlineRiviere Au RenardTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 270-MobileLa MalbaieRogers (wireless)
(418) 271-MobileQuebecFido Solutions08/04/2002
(418) 272-LandlineAnse St JeanBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 274-LandlineNormandinBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 275-LandlineRobervalBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 276-LandlineDolbeauBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 277-LandlineSaint UbaldeTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 278-MobileSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Mobility
(418) 279-LandlineAlbanelBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 280-LandlineHauteriveBell Canada06/25/2005
(418) 281-MobileThetford MinesTelus Mobility
(418) 282-MobileHauteriveTelus Mobility05/02/2004
(418) 283-LandlineDonnaconaTelus Quebec08/04/2002
(418) 284-LandlineDonnaconaTelus Quebec01/14/2000
(418) 285-LandlineDonnaconaTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 286-LandlinePortneufTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 287-LandlineFermontTelebec Ltee.02/04/1994
(418) 288-LandlineLa MartreTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 289-LandlineSaint ThecleTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 290-MobileChicoutimiTelus Mobility08/04/2002
(418) 291-MobileMontmagnyTelus Mobility
(418) 292-LandlineRiviere Du LoupVideotron General Partnership08/04/2002
(418) 293-LandlineHauteriveTelus Quebec05/02/2004
(418) 294-LandlineBaie ComeauTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 295-LandlineHauteriveTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 296-LandlineBaie ComeauTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 297-LandlineHauteriveTelus Quebec07/22/1999
(418) 298-LandlineBaie ComeauTelus Quebec08/04/2002
(418) 299-LandlineSaint Alexis De MatapediaTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 300-LandlineSaint Philippe De NeriVideotron General Partnership
(418) 301-LandlineDelisleVideotron General Partnership
(418) 302-LandlineMilotVideotron General Partnership
(418) 303-LandlineLaterriereVideotron General Partnership03/27/2005
(418) 304-LandlineLevisVideotron General Partnership03/27/2005
(418) 305-LandlineThetford MinesVideotron General Partnership03/27/2005
(418) 306-LandlineLa BaieVideotron General Partnership03/27/2005
(418) 307-LandlineSaint FelicienVideotron General Partnership01/27/2004
(418) 308-LandlineSaint PascalVideotron General Partnership
(418) 309-LandlineSaint FulgenceVideotron General Partnership03/27/2005
(418) 310-Bell Canada
(418) 312-LandlineSaint Catharines ThoroldVideotron General Partnership03/27/2005
(418) 313-MobileSaint Georges De BeauceTelus Mobility
(418) 314-LandlineRiviere Du LoupTelus Quebec10/25/2002
(418) 315-LandlineSaint PacomeVideotron General Partnership
(418) 316-LandlineNotre Dame Des LaurentidesVideotron General Partnership
(418) 317-LandlineQuebecDistributel
(418) 318-MobileRimouskiTelus Mobility
(418) 319-MobileAlmaTelus Mobility
(418) 320-MobileMatapediaBell Mobility
(418) 321-MobileAlmaBell Mobility02/16/2006
(418) 322-LandlineSaint AdelpheTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 323-LandlineRiviere A PierreTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 324-MobileLa MalbaieBell Mobility02/16/2006
(418) 325-LandlineSaint Anne De La PeradeTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 326-MobileDonnaconaTelus Mobility
(418) 327-MobileStaynerTelus Mobility
(418) 328-LandlineSaint Stanislas De ChamplainTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 329-LandlineSaint Basile De PortneufTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 330-MobileAmquiTelus Mobility
(418) 331-MobileThetford MinesRogers (wireless)03/03/2001
(418) 332-LandlineThetford MinesBell Canada07/06/1997
(418) 333-MobileThetford MinesBell Mobility08/04/2002
(418) 334-LandlineThetford MinesBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 335-LandlineThetford MinesBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 336-LandlineLac Aux SablesTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 337-LandlineSaint RaymondTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 338-LandlineThetford MinesBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 339-LandlineSaint CasimirTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 340-LandlineSaint RaymondTelus Quebec08/04/2002
(418) 341-LandlineThetford MinesBell Canada
(418) 342-LandlineChambordBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 343-LandlineHebertville StationBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 344-LandlineHebertvilleBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 345-LandlineSaint GedeonBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 346-LandlineDesbiensBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 347-LandlineDelisleBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 348-LandlineLac BouchetteBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 349-LandlineMetabetchouanBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 350-MobileSept IlesBell Mobility
(418) 351-LandlineEast BroughtonTelus Quebec06/25/2005
(418) 352-LandlineSaint Ambroise De ChicoutimiVideotron General Partnership
(418) 353-LandlineQuebecVideotron General Partnership
(418) 354-LandlineSaint Roch Des AulnaiesTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 355-MobileGaspeBell Mobility
(418) 356-LandlineSaint PamphileTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 357-LandlineSaint PamphileTelus Quebec05/09/2003
(418) 358-LandlineSaint Jean Port JoliVideotron General Partnership
(418) 359-LandlineSaint PerpetueTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 360-LandlineGaspeTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 361-LandlineGaspeTelus Quebec02/13/2002
(418) 362-LandlineBatiscanTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 363-LandlineSaint AndreVideotron General Partnership
(418) 364-LandlineCarletonTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 365-LandlineSaint TiteTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 366-LandlineSaint TiteTelus Quebec10/31/2001
(418) 368-LandlineGaspeTelus Quebec02/04/1994
(418) 369-MobileSaint Marie De BeauceBell Mobility
(418) 370-MobilePerceBell Mobility
(418) 371-LandlineLa PocatiereVideotron General Partnership
(418) 372-MobileNew RichmondBell Mobility
(418) 373-LandlineMilotBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 374-LandlinePeribonkaBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 375-MobileNew CarlisleBell Mobility
(418) 376-MobileChicoutimiVideotron General Partnership
(418) 377-LandlineChute Des PassesBell Canada02/04/1994
(418) 378-MobileHauteriveBell Mobility
(418) 379-<i c


How do I get a 418 phone number?If you are looking to obtain a 418 phone number, there are a few options you can consider. Firstly, you can contact your current telephone service provider and inquire if they offer number portability services. This allows you to keep your existing phone number while changing your area code to 418. Alternatively, you can search for local phone number providers in the 418 area code. Many telecommunications companies offer a range of services, including the ability to choose a specific area code. By reaching out to these providers, you can discuss your requirements and request a 418 phone number. Another approach is to explore virtual phone number providers. These services offer phone numbers with area codes from various regions, including 418. By subscribing to a virtual phone number service, you can obtain a 418 phone number without requiring a physical landline. It's important to review the features, pricing, and reliability of different providers before making a decision. Take the time to compare options and choose the provider that best fits your needs.
Are all 418 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 418 area codes, it is important to understand that phone number availability is subject to change. While it may have been possible to find available 418 area codes in the past, this may not be the case currently. Local phone number availability is determined by the provider and area code assignment guidelines set forth by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA). As population growth and the demand for phone numbers increase, certain area codes may become exhausted, resulting in limited availability or the introduction of new area codes. To determine the current availability of 418 area codes, it is best to check with local phone number providers or consult reliable online directories that offer up-to-date information on area code availability. They can provide the most accurate and current information regarding the availability of 418 area codes.
Do I own my 418 phone number?When it comes to owning a US local phone number like the 418 number you mentioned, it's important to understand the system behind these numbers. In the US, local phone numbers are not owned by individuals; instead, they are leased from service providers. So, you don't technically "own" your 418 phone number, but rather have the right to use it as long as you maintain a valid service agreement with your provider. It's similar to renting a property; you have the exclusive right to use it but don't own it outright. This means that if you decide to switch service providers, your 418 number may not be portable and you might have to choose a new number assigned by the new provider. It's worth noting that some providers may offer the option to purchase a number, which can grant you more control and ownership. However, this may come with additional costs. To ensure clarity on the ownership of your 418 phone number, it's always recommended to check the terms and conditions of your service agreement with your provider.

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