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Phone numbers in the 424 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner searching for the perfect phone number to represent your brand? Look no further. With a 424 area code phone number, you can effortlessly establish a local presence in the heart of your target market. Whether you're a startup, an e-commerce store, or a service provider, a 424 area code phone number ensures that potential customers perceive your business as familiar and trustworthy. Our platform allows you to easily compare the best local phone number providers offering the coveted 424 area code. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with your local audience and enhance your business growth.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 424 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 424?

Are you searching for an area code that covers a specific geographic region? Look no further than the 424 area code, which encompasses various areas across the United States. Are you curious about which locations fall within this code? We've got you covered! From vibrant cities to picturesque towns, the 424 area code spans different regions, allowing you to connect with individuals in places like Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and more. Whatever your communication needs may be, explore the possibilities with the 424 area code phone numbers and expand your reach across these diverse areas.
Major CityLos Angeles

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
14% Level 3
7% Bandwidthcom Clec
5% Telcentris
5% Telekenex
4% Xo
3% Paetec
3% Global Crossing Local Services
25% Other


Prefixes Carrier
8% Sprint
5% Verizon Wireless
5% Metropcs Networks
5% T-mobile
4% Cingular
1% Paetec
1% Global Crossing Local Services
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, the ultimate resource for finding top-notch local phone number providers. Looking to acquire a 424 area code phone number? Look no further! Our providers offer a hassle-free experience, enabling you to seamlessly connect with customers in the designated area. Through streamlined processes and user-friendly interfaces, these services ensure a smooth acquisition and activation of your desired 424 area code number. With an extensive database of available numbers, you can choose from a wide range of options that cater to your specific business needs. Trust our reputable providers to deliver the best 424 area code phone number service for your success.

Why your business needs a 424 phone number

In today's competitive business landscape, establishing a strong local presence is crucial for success. That's why your business needs a 424 area code phone number. A 424 number gives your brand instant credibility and enhances its local identity, signaling to potential customers that you are nearby and accessible. By having a 424 area code, you tap into the trust and familiarity associated with the region, establishing a stronger connection with local customers. Additionally, a 424 number allows you to target a specific market effectively, increasing your chances of attracting local leads and driving business growth. Choose a 424 area code phone number to give your business a competitive edge.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(424) 200-MobileHawthorneVerizon Wireless02/21/2007
(424) 201-LandlineTorranceLevel 3 Comms11/15/2006
(424) 202-MobileBeverly HillsVerizon Wireless10/25/2006
(424) 203-LandlineLong BeachXo California11/30/2006
(424) 204-LandlineBeverly HillsXo California11/30/2006
(424) 205-LandlineSan PedroAllegiance Telecom11/30/2006
(424) 206-LandlineHermosa BeachLevel 3 Comms12/02/2006
(424) 207-MobileLos AngelesSprint12/11/2006
(424) 208-MobileW Los AngelesSprint12/04/2006
(424) 209-LandlineCulver CityYmax Comms Corp.01/08/2007
(424) 210-MobileSan PedroT-mobile USA12/18/2006
(424) 212-MobileHermosa BeachSprint12/15/2006
(424) 213-MobileComptonT-mobile USA12/21/2006
(424) 214-MobileSanta MonicaSprint01/24/2007
(424) 215-MobileSan PedroSprint01/25/2007
(424) 216-MobileMar VistaT-mobile USA02/15/2007
(424) 217-MobileEl SegundoT-mobile USA02/24/2007
(424) 218-LandlineEl SegundoU.s. Telepacific Corp.03/08/2007
(424) 219-MobileGardenaSprint03/13/2007
(424) 220-LandlineEl SegundoTcast Comms03/16/2007
(424) 221-MobileGardenaMetropcs Networks03/19/2007
(424) 222-MobileLomitaMetropcs Networks03/20/2007
(424) 223-MobileInglewoodMetropcs Networks03/20/2007
(424) 224-MobileSan PedroMetropcs Networks03/21/2007
(424) 225-MobileEl SegundoCingular Wireless03/28/2007
(424) 226-LandlineSan PedroXo California04/22/2007
(424) 227-MobileInglewoodVerizon Wireless06/16/2006
(424) 228-MobileMar VistaMetropcs Networks05/07/2007
(424) 229-MobileSanta MonicaMetropcs Networks05/09/2007
(424) 230-MobileBeverly HillsSprint08/23/2007
(424) 231-LandlineSanta MonicaLevel 3 Comms06/04/2010
(424) 232-MobileGardenaSprint08/24/2007
(424) 233-MobileGardenaSprint08/24/2007
(424) 234-MobileMalibuVerizon Wireless09/15/2007
(424) 235-MobileMalibuSprint09/18/2007
(424) 236-MobileHawthorneCingular Wireless09/24/2007
(424) 237-LandlineEl SegundoMetropcs Networks01/19/2009
(424) 238-LandlineSanta MonicaVerizon California-ca (gte)11/07/2007
(424) 239-LandlineLos AngelesCbeyond Comms03/11/2008
(424) 240-MobileHawthorneMetropcs Networks02/22/2008
(424) 241-MobileHermosa BeachPaetec Comms03/13/2008
(424) 242-LandlineComptonLevel 3 Comms04/02/2008
(424) 243-LandlineInglewoodLevel 3 Comms04/25/2008
(424) 244-LandlineGreenU.s. Telepacific Corp.09/10/2008
(424) 245-LandlineBeverly HillsXo California09/26/2008
(424) 246-LandlineGardenaMetropcs Networks10/23/2008
(424) 247-MobileHermosa BeachSprint04/25/2006
(424) 248-LandlineLos AngelesAllegiance Telecom11/06/2008
(424) 249-MobileBeverly HillsMetropcs Networks02/23/2009
(424) 250-LandlineGardenaCbeyond Comms05/07/2009
(424) 251-MobileLomitaVerizon Wireless05/07/2009
(424) 252-LandlineSanta MonicaPaetec Comms08/18/2009
(424) 253-LandlineBeverly HillsXo California10/26/2009
(424) 254-LandlineLong BeachXo California03/12/2010
(424) 255-MobileHawthorneVerizon Wireless04/09/2010
(424) 256-LandlineLos AngelesBandwidth.com06/14/2010
(424) 257-LandlineHermosa BeachBandwidth.com10/11/2010
(424) 258-LandlineCulver CityPaetec Comms05/28/2008
(424) 259-LandlineSanta MonicaPaetec Comms05/20/2009
(424) 260-LandlineGardenaBandwidth.com07/20/2010
(424) 261-LandlineInglewoodBandwidth.com07/20/2010
(424) 262-LandlineHermosa BeachBandwidth.com07/20/2010
(424) 263-LandlineLomitaSbc Internet Services03/23/2006
(424) 264-LandlineSan PedroSbc Internet Services03/23/2006
(424) 265-LandlineHermosa BeachBandwidth.com07/20/2010
(424) 266-LandlineGardenaBandwidth.com07/20/2010
(424) 267-LandlineSan PedroXo California11/19/2010
(424) 268-LandlineSanta MonicaLevel 3 Comms11/22/2010
(424) 269-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms11/23/2010
(424) 270-LandlineW Los AngelesLevel 3 Comms12/13/2006
(424) 271-LandlineTorranceLevel 3 Comms12/16/2010
(424) 272-LandlineSanta MonicaTeleport Comms Group - Los Angeles02/25/2011
(424) 273-MobileW Los AngelesVerizon Wireless04/20/2011
(424) 274-LandlineBeverly HillsBandwidth.com04/15/2011
(424) 275-LandlineHermosa BeachLevel 3 Comms05/09/2011
(424) 276-LandlineW Los AngelesBandwidth.com06/29/2011
(424) 277-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms07/15/2011
(424) 278-MobileBeverly HillsCingular Wireless07/18/2011
(424) 279-LandlineBeverly HillsCbeyond Comms07/19/2011
(424) 280-MobileSanta MonicaVerizon Wireless09/13/2011
(424) 281-LandlineLos AngelesBandwidth.com07/20/2011
(424) 282-LandlineGardenaCbeyond Comms05/25/2012
(424) 283-LandlineLos AngelesPeerless Network06/07/2012
(424) 284-LandlineLos AngelesOnvoy10/19/2012
(424) 285-LandlineSherman OaksLevel 3 Comms11/02/2012
(424) 286-LandlineGreenLevel 3 Comms08/30/2011
(424) 287-MobileSan PedroSprint12/14/2012
(424) 288-LandlineBeverly HillsPacific Bell10/27/2006
(424) 289-LandlineLos AngelesU.s. Telepacific Corp.12/17/2012
(424) 290-LandlineEl SegundoBandwidth.com01/04/2013
(424) 291-LandlineSanta MonicaCenturylink Comms02/04/2013
(424) 292-LandlineGreenCenturylink Comms02/04/2013
(424) 293-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms02/11/2013
(424) 294-LandlineHawthorneGlobal Crossing Local Services10/18/2006
(424) 295-MobileGardenaSprint02/15/2013
(424) 296-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms04/01/2013
(424) 297-LandlineLos AngelesCenturylink Comms02/04/2013
(424) 298-MobileCulver CityCingular Wireless06/30/2006
(424) 299-LandlineSanta MonicaT-mobile USA06/26/2013
(424) 300-LandlineGreenCf Comms DBA Telekenex11/01/2011
(424) 302-LandlineSherman OaksTime Warner Cable (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl06/13/2013
(424) 314-LandlineBeverly HillsPacific Bell02/14/2012
(424) 315-LandlineBeverly HillsPacific Bell02/14/2012
(424) 320-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms10/08/2013
(424) 321-MobileEl SegundoT-mobile USA06/17/2013
(424) 322-LandlineSanta MonicaLevel 3 Comms05/31/2013
(424) 324-MobileLos AngelesT-mobile USA03/07/2014
(424) 325-LandlineLos AngelesPeerless Network10/01/2013
(424) 326-LandlineLos AngelesTelcentris Comms06/03/2013
(424) 327-LandlineHermosa BeachCox California Telcom06/26/2013
(424) 328-LandlineLomitaCenturylink Comms02/04/2013
(424) 329-MobileGreenCingular Wireless08/08/2013
(424) 331-LandlineLos AngelesBandwidth.com04/26/2013
(424) 332-MobileLos AngelesT-mobile USA05/16/2013
(424) 333-LandlineLos AngelesTelcentris Comms08/17/2010
(424) 334-LandlineSan PedroLevel 3 Comms11/13/2013
(424) 335-MobileBeverly HillsT-mobile USA08/22/2013
(424) 336-LandlineLos AngelesCf Comms DBA Telekenex03/02/2011
(424) 337-LandlineTorranceTeleport Comms Group - Los Angeles11/15/2013
(424) 338-LandlineComptonPacific Bell11/26/2013
(424) 341-MobileCulver CityT-mobile USA12/09/2013
(424) 342-LandlineSan PedroBandwidth.com02/28/2014
(424) 343-MobileLos AngelesCingular Wireless03/14/2014
(424) 345-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms04/04/2014
(424) 346-Bandwidth.com04/17/2014
(424) 347-LandlineLomitaMCI Metro ATS04/11/2014
(424) 348-Level 3 Comms05/02/2014
(424) 351-Level 3 Comms07/14/2014
(424) 352-Bandwidth.com05/22/2014
(424) 353-LandlineMar VistaTime Warner Cable (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl04/28/2014
(424) 354-LandlineBeverly HillsLevel 3 Comms10/16/2006
(424) 356-Cingular Wireless07/07/2014
(424) 365-Broadvox-clec05/02/2014
(424) 400-LandlineHermosa BeachCf Comms DBA Telekenex09/09/2010
(424) 442-LandlineW Los AngelesPaetec Comms06/24/2008
(424) 444-LandlineComptonTelcentris Comms06/24/2010
(424) 456-LandlineHawthorneO1 Comms08/10/2006
(424) 465-LandlineLos AngelesTelcentris Comms04/24/2012
(424) 477-LandlineSan PedroCharter Fiberlink Ca-cco06/20/2006
(424) 488-LandlineTorranceCf Comms DBA Telekenex10/16/2012
(424) 500-LandlineLos AngelesCf Comms DBA Telekenex11/01/2011
(424) 529-LandlineComptonCf Comms DBA Telekenex04/28/2011
(424) 543-LandlineCulver CityLevel 3 Comms05/29/2008
(424) 558-MobileTorranceCingular Wireless03/16/2006
(424) 568-LandlineInglewoodPaetec Comms09/21/2006
(424) 570-LandlineSan PedroGlobal Crossing Local Services12/16/2009
(424) 571-MobileTorranceMetropcs Networks12/15/2009
(424) 600-LandlineLos AngelesCf Comms DBA Telekenex11/15/2011
(424) 603-LandlineCulver CitySbc Internet Services06/19/2006
(424) 610-Mci Worldcom Comms, CA06/24/2014
(424) 625-LandlineMar VistaLevel 3 Comms05/28/2008
(424) 634-LandlineHermosa BeachGlobal Crossing Local Services05/01/2006
(424) 644-LandlineMalibuCharter Fiberlink Ca-cco04/26/2006
(424) 645-LandlineSanta MonicaLevel 3 Comms05/16/2006
(424) 646-LandlineInglewoodPacific Bell09/02/2008
(424) 652-MobileW Los AngelesGlobal Crossing Local Services10/06/2006
(424) 653-LandlineBeverly HillsXo California07/07/2006
(424) 666-LandlineLos AngelesTelcentris Comms08/18/2010
(424) 672-LandlineCulver CityO1 Comms08/10/2006
(424) 675-MobileLos AngelesCingular Wireless03/20/2006
(424) 702-LandlineLos AngelesPac - West Telecomm03/16/2006
(424) 703-MobileSan PedroMetropcs Networks01/05/2010
(424) 704-MobileLos AngelesBroadvox-clec10/06/2006
(424) 731-MobileTorranceVerizon Wireless07/18/2006
(424) 732-LandlineLos AngelesTelcentris Comms04/24/2012
(424) 738-LandlineSan PedroSbc Internet Services12/14/2009
(424) 744-LandlineSanta MonicaGlobal Crossing Local Services09/12/2006
(424) 750-LandlineInglewoodGlobal Crossing Local Services03/31/2006
(424) 757-LandlineTorrancePac - West Telecomm03/16/2006
(424) 772-LandlineSan PedroCox California Telcom03/15/2006
(424) 777-LandlineBeverly HillsTelcentris Comms06/23/2010
(424) 781-LandlineMalibuYmax Comms Corp.10/04/2006
(424) 785-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms10/11/2006
(424) 789-LandlineLos AngelesLevel 3 Comms03/28/2006
(424) 800-LandlineLos AngelesCf Comms DBA Telekenex11/01/2011
(424) 832-MobileW Los AngelesVerizon Wireless07/18/2006


How do I get a 424 phone number?If you're looking to obtain a 424 phone number, the process is relatively simple. There are several options available to help you secure a 424 phone number. Firstly, you can contact your existing phone service provider and inquire about the availability of 424 area code numbers. They will guide you through the necessary steps to acquire a number with this specific code. Alternatively, online platforms that offer phone number services can assist you in finding a 424 phone number. These platforms allow you to search for available numbers within your desired area code and often provide additional features and services to cater to your needs. It's important to note that the availability of 424 phone numbers may vary based on your location and the provider you choose. Therefore, exploring various options and comparing providers will help you secure the best solution that suits your requirements.
Are all 424 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 424 area codes, it is important to understand that the availability can vary depending on the specific location and the service provider. However, it is generally possible to find available 424 area codes in certain regions of California. The 424 area code was introduced as an overlay for the 310 area code to meet the increasing demand for phone numbers in the region. To determine if a specific 424 area code is available, it is recommended to consult with local phone number providers or online directories that specialize in providing information about area code availability. These resources can help you identify which service providers offer 424 area codes and whether they have any available numbers. The availability of 424 area codes may change over time as new numbers are allocated, so it is advisable to research and verify the availability with reliable sources before making a decision.
Do I own my 424 phone number?Yes, you own your 424 phone number. When you sign up for a phone number, whether it is a local number or not, you are essentially purchasing and leasing that number from a phone number provider. The provider assigns you the number, and as long as you keep up with the fees and follow their terms of service, you have ownership and control over that number. This means that you can use it for personal or business purposes, port it to another provider, or transfer it to a different device as you see fit. Phone number ownership gives you the freedom to manage and utilize the number according to your needs. However, it is worth noting that phone numbers are subject to local regulations and providers' policies, so it is important to carefully read your agreement and understand the terms of ownership and usage.

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