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Phone numbers in the 432 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a small business looking to establish a local presence in the vibrant 432 area code? Look no further! Our platform connects you with the best local phone number providers in the area, ensuring that you make a lasting impression on your customers. Whether you're a local restaurant, retail store, or professional service, having a 432 area code phone number adds credibility and trustworthiness to your business. With our user-friendly interface, finding the perfect local phone number for your business has never been easier. Stand out from the competition and start building strong customer relationships with a 432 area code phone number today!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 432 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 432?

The 432 area code phone numbers cover an expansive geographic region that sprawls across the state of Texas, United States. Encompassing several counties, this area code serves prominent cities and communities such as Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, and Andrews. Stretching from the western edge of the state, towards the Permian Basin and the New Mexico border, the 432 area code is known for its vast oil and gas reserves, booming industries, and rich cultural heritage. Whether you're a resident or a business looking to establish a local presence, finding a reliable phone number provider in the 432 area code is crucial for seamless communication.
Major CityMidland

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
31% Southwestern Bell
7% Windstream Comm Sw
6% Big Bend Telephone
5% Nts
4% Level 3
4% Wes – Tex Telephone Cooperative
2% Sbc Internet Services
12% Other


Prefixes Carrier
11% Verizon Wireless
9% Cingular
6% Sprint
1% Southwestern Bell
1% Flat Wireless
1% 365 Wireless
1% Halo Wireless
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to the world of telecommunications! Are you looking to obtain a unique phone number with a 432 area code? Look no further. Our platform connects you with reputable service providers who specialize in selling local phone numbers. These dedicated professionals offer an array of services to meet your communication needs, ensuring seamless connectivity within the 432 area code. Whether you require a new number for personal or business purposes, our platform enables you to browse and compare options from trusted providers. With their expert guidance, you can effortlessly find the perfect 432 area code phone number that suits your requirements.

Why your business needs a 432 phone number

In today's competitive business landscape, having a local phone number with the 432 area code can provide numerous advantages. Firstly, it establishes credibility and enhances your company's local presence. Customers are more likely to trust and engage with businesses that have a familiar local phone number. Additionally, a 432 area code phone number allows you to tap into the local market, connecting with potential customers and clients in the region. This not only fosters better communication but also helps in cultivating stronger business relationships within the community. By acquiring a 432 area code phone number, your business gains a strategic edge, positioning itself as a trusted and accessible local entity.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(432) 201-MobileSeminoleSprint09/25/2002
(432) 202-LandlineOdessaVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 203-LandlineMidlandIonex Comms South08/30/2012
(432) 204-LandlineOdessaNts Comms03/25/2004
(432) 205-LandlineMidlandNts Comms03/25/2004
(432) 206-LandlineMidlandNts Comms03/25/2004
(432) 207-MobileValentineCingular Wireless07/14/2004
(432) 208-MobileOdessaVerizon Wireless06/19/2002
(432) 209-MobileSeminoleVerizon Wireless06/19/2002
(432) 210-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless12/19/2006
(432) 212-MobileMidlandSprint10/26/2006
(432) 213-MobileBig SpringVerizon Wireless06/19/2002
(432) 214-LandlineMidlandLevel 3 Comms11/21/2006
(432) 215-LandlineMonahansVerizon Wireless04/15/2014
(432) 216-LandlinePecosBig Bend Telecom, Ltd.03/18/2014
(432) 217-LandlineGarden CitySbc Internet Services09/12/2011
(432) 218-LandlineMidlandSprint CommsCo.,04/30/2004
(432) 219-MobileMidland365 Wireless03/04/2013
(432) 221-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 222-MobileMidlandFlat Wireless04/16/2009
(432) 223-LandlineAndrewsValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw05/18/2011
(432) 224-LandlineMidlandNts Comms11/25/2003
(432) 225-LandlineOdessaNts Comms11/25/2003
(432) 228-LandlineBig SpringNts Comms01/26/2010
(432) 229-LandlinePresidioBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 230-MobileStantonCingular Wireless05/28/2003
(432) 234-MobileMidlandVerizon Wireless03/20/2013
(432) 235-LandlineMidlandSbc Internet Services10/24/2008
(432) 238-MobileMidlandVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 240-LandlineMidlandTeleport Comms America09/24/2013
(432) 242-LandlineMidlandLevel 3 Comms07/27/2006
(432) 244-MobileAlpineCingular Wireless07/26/2010
(432) 245-LandlineSeminoleBig River TelephoneCo.02/19/2009
(432) 247-LandlineMidlandSbc Internet Services04/06/2005
(432) 248-MobileOdessaSouthwestern Bell01/22/2013
(432) 249-MobileFort DavisVerizon Wireless05/31/2002
(432) 250-LandlineMidlandTeleport Comms America01/11/2010
(432) 251-MobileMonahansCingular Wireless06/18/2008
(432) 253-LandlineMidlandTeleport Comms America06/20/2007
(432) 254-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless02/23/2007
(432) 257-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/07/2002
(432) 258-MobileOdessaVerizon Wireless05/02/2008
(432) 259-LandlinePecosValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 260-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless02/23/2007
(432) 261-MobileMidlandHalo Wireless,04/15/2010
(432) 262-LandlineMidlandGrande Comms Networks08/31/2003
(432) 263-LandlineBig SpringSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 264-LandlineBig SpringSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 265-LandlineOdessaNts Comms11/25/2003
(432) 266-MobileAndrewsCingular Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 267-LandlineBig SpringSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 268-LandlineBig SpringSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 269-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless02/23/2007
(432) 270-MobileBig SpringCingular Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 271-MobileBig SpringCingular Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 272-LandlineOdessaGrande Comms Networks08/31/2003
(432) 273-LandlinePecosValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 275-LandlineMidlandGrande Comms Networks02/04/2003
(432) 279-LandlineMidlandBandwidth.com11/21/2008
(432) 283-LandlineValentineValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 284-MobileValentineVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 288-LandlineMidlandBrooks Fiber Properties01/16/2004
(432) 289-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell03/09/2001
(432) 290-MobileFort StocktonVerizon Wireless05/31/2002
(432) 291-LandlineComstockBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 292-LandlineDel RioBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 294-MobileAlpineVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 295-MobileAlpineVerizon Wireless05/31/2002
(432) 296-LandlineMidlandLevel 3 Comms05/07/2002
(432) 297-LandlineDenver CityValor Telecomm Tx, Lp-tx #1 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 299-LandlineFort StocktonSbc Internet Services04/20/2011
(432) 300-MobileValentineVerizon Wireless02/13/2003
(432) 301-MobileMidkiffVerizon Wireless05/14/2003
(432) 302-MobileMc CameyVerizon Wireless06/18/2003
(432) 312-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless01/25/2008
(432) 331-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 332-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 333-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 334-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 335-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 336-LandlineFort StocktonSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 337-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 339-LandlineOdessaNts Comms01/05/2001
(432) 343-LandlineMonahansValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 344-LandlineMonahansAma Comm. DBA Ama*techtel Comms05/25/2011
(432) 345-LandlineDrydenBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 348-LandlineTerlinguaUtex Comms Corp.01/12/2010
(432) 349-MobileMidlandSprint08/31/2003
(432) 352-MobileMidlandSprint08/31/2003
(432) 353-LandlineAckerlyWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 354-LandlineGarden CityWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 355-LandlineAndrewsSprint CommsCo.,01/20/2005
(432) 358-LandlineMarfaBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 360-LandlineFort StocktonLevel 3 Comms05/06/2002
(432) 362-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 363-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 364-LandlineAlpineBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 366-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 367-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 368-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 371-LandlineTerlinguaBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 375-LandlineBalmorheaValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 376-LandlineTerlinguaBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 377-LandlinePecosValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 381-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 384-LandlinePresidioBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 385-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 386-LandlineAlpineSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 389-LandlineMonahansSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 393-LandlineBig SpringWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 394-LandlineCoahomaWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 395-LandlineFort StocktonBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 397-LandlineGarden CityWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 398-LandlineBig SpringWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 399-LandlineKnottWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 400-LandlineMidlandBroadvox-clec11/04/2010
(432) 413-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless05/22/2001
(432) 416-MobileMidlandSprint02/12/2001
(432) 420-MobileKermitVerizon Wireless09/08/2006
(432) 424-LandlineTerlinguaBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 425-MobileMidlandVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 426-LandlineFort DavisSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 438-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 445-LandlinePecosValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 447-LandlinePecosValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 448-MobilePecosVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 456-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell10/14/2010
(432) 457-LandlineBig SpringValor Telecomm Tx, Lp-tx #1 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 458-LandlineStantonWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 459-LandlineLenorahWes - Tex Telephone Cooperative08/31/2003
(432) 464-LandlineAndrewsValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 466-LandlineBig SpringSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 467-LandlineValentineValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 477-LandlineTerlinguaBig Bend Telco08/31/2003
(432) 488-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 495-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 498-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 499-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 505-LandlineMidlandNts Comms08/13/2004
(432) 517-MobileBig SpringSprint03/13/2001
(432) 520-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 522-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 523-LandlineAndrewsValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 524-LandlineAndrewsValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 525-LandlineAndrewsValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw07/17/2008
(432) 527-LandlineKermitSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 528-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 530-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 535-LandlineMidkiffSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 536-LandlineCraneValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 537-LandlineCraneAma Comm. DBA Ama*techtel Comms05/25/2011
(432) 538-LandlineAlpineSbc Internet Services12/04/2009
(432) 547-LandlineMonahansSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 550-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 552-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 553-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 556-MobileMidlandVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 557-MobileMidlandVerizon Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 558-LandlineCraneSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 559-MobileMidlandCingular Wireless08/31/2003
(432) 560-MobileMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 561-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 563-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 567-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 570-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 571-LandlineMidlandSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 577-LandlineOdessaNts Comms08/13/2004
(432) 580-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 582-LandlineOdessaSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 586-LandlineKermitSouthwestern Bell08/31/2003
(432) 596-LandlineAndrewsValor Telecomm Tx, Ld-tx #2 DBA Windstream Comm Sw08/31/2003
(432) 599-MobileMidlandT-mobile USA08/18/2004
(432) 603-MobileValentineSprint01/06/2006


How do I get a 432 phone number?If you are wondering how to acquire a 432 phone number, there are a few options you can explore. One way is to contact a local telecommunications service provider in the area with the 432 area code. They will be able to assist you in obtaining a phone number within that specific area code. Another option is to explore online platforms that offer virtual phone numbers. These services often allow you to choose a preferred area code, including 432, and assign you a unique phone number that is linked to your account. This can be a convenient solution if you don't require a physical landline connection and prefer the flexibility of a virtual number. Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to research and compare different providers to find the best option that suits your needs in terms of pricing, features, and customer reviews. Taking the time to evaluate your options will ensure that you get a 432 phone number that meets your requirements.
Are all 432 area codes available?Finding the availability of all 432 area codes can be a daunting task. While it is challenging to ascertain the current availability of each individual area code, due to the constant changes and allocations of phone numbers, there are reliable sources that can provide the necessary data. Websites and services that specialize in offering comprehensive information about US local phone numbers are your best bet. These platforms collate and maintain databases containing extensive details on area code availability. By accessing such sites, users can search for specific area codes, including the 432 area code, to determine their availability. Additionally, these sources often provide insights into the best US local phone number providers, allowing users to make informed decisions. To ensure accurate information, consult reputable and regularly updated sources that curate data from official telecommunications regulatory authorities and providers.
Do I own my 432 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complicated matter. The digits themselves do not inherently belong to anyone, but rather they are assigned by telecommunications providers. In the case of your 432 phone number, it is likely assigned to you by a specific local phone number provider. While you may have exclusive usage rights for your phone number, it is essential to understand that you do not own it in the traditional sense. Local phone numbers are typically leased or licensed from telecommunications companies. These companies maintain control over the allocation and management of phone numbers. If you wish to retain your phone number, it is crucial to maintain an active account with your local phone number provider. Failure to do so could result in the reassignment of the number to another user. It is always advisable to consult the terms and conditions of your phone service agreement to obtain a clearer understanding of the exact ownership rights associated with your specific phone number.

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