Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 443 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 443 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Looking for a reliable phone number provider for your business needs? Look no further! With a 443 area code phone number, you can establish a strong local presence in the Maryland area. Whether you're a startup, a small business, or a multinational corporation, having a local phone number can help build trust and credibility with your customers. Our platform connects you with the best local phone number providers, ensuring crystal-clear call quality, advanced features, and seamless scalability. Stay connected with your target audience and unlock limitless business opportunities by obtaining a 443 area code phone number today.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 443 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 443?

The 443 area code encompasses certain regions in the United States. It blankets parts of the state of Maryland, with a particular focus on central and eastern areas. These areas include cities such as Baltimore, Annapolis, Salisbury, and Westminster. So, if you're looking for a local phone number in any of these locations, providers with the 443 area code can duly serve your needs. Ensure seamless communication and stay connected with businesses, friends, and family in these vibrant Maryland communities by acquiring a phone number from one of the reliable local providers in the 443 area code.
Major CityBaltimore

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
7% Verizon
7% Cavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic
6% Global Crossing Local Services
5% Xo
5% Teleport America
4% Ctc
3% Us Lec
26% Other


Prefixes Carrier
14% Verizon Wireless
9% Sprint
6% Cingular
4% Omnipoint Cap Operations
2% Cricket Comm
1% Omnipoint Enterprises
1% Local Access
1% Other

How it works

At the heart of efficient communication lies a 443 area code phone number, sought after by businesses and individuals alike. Providers offering this invaluable service understand the importance of safeguarding sensitive information, ensuring optimal connectivity without compromise. With cutting-edge encryption and state-of-the-art routing protocols, these providers prioritize privacy to prevent unauthorized access. By harnessing a robust network infrastructure, 443 area code phone numbers seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enabling reliable voice and data transmission. From crystal-clear voice calls to lightning-fast mobile data, users can experience unparalleled quality and reliability with 443 area code phone numbers. Trustworthy and efficient, these services empower users to stay connected effortlessly, all while protecting their privacy.

Why your business needs a 443 phone number

In today's competitive business landscape, establishing a strong local presence is vital for success. That's why your business needs a 443 area code phone number. Choosing a local number establishes trust and credibility among prospective customers in the 443 area. Not only does it foster a sense of familiarity, but it also eliminates any potential long-distance barriers or suspicion. By acquiring a 443 area code phone number, you can tap into a vast market of potential customers who prefer to work with local businesses. Give your business the competitive edge it deserves with a 443 area code phone number.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(443) 200-LandlineBaltimoreAllegiance Telecom02/21/2001
(443) 201-MobileWestminsterVerizon Wireless12/01/2011
(443) 202-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless01/09/2012
(443) 203-LandlineWest River03/03/2001
(443) 204-MobilePikesvilleCingular Wireless05/15/2003
(443) 205-MobileCambridgeSprint01/20/2004
(443) 206-MobilePerryvilleVerizon Wireless01/14/2000
(443) 207-MobileElktonOmnipoint Comms Enterprises,08/14/1998
(443) 208-LandlineEssexSprint02/01/2011
(443) 209-LandlineHavre De GraceCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)02/27/1999
(443) 210-LandlineAberdeenSprint09/30/2011
(443) 212-LandlineSparks GlencoeUs Lec08/14/1998
(443) 213-LandlineBaltimore05/18/1998
(443) 214-LandlineAnnapolisCingular Wireless10/11/2011
(443) 215-LandlineChestertownCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 216-LandlineDundalkCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic10/13/1999
(443) 217-LandlineAnnapolisCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 218-LandlineReisterstownGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 219-LandlineBaltimoreLevel 3 Comms05/18/1998
(443) 220-LandlineBaltimore11/20/1998
(443) 221-LandlineAnnapolisLevel 3 Comms08/20/2000
(443) 222-LandlineReisterstownXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 223-MobileAnnapolisVerizon Wireless10/13/1999
(443) 224-LandlineBaltimoreMci Worldcom Comms05/10/1999
(443) 225-LandlineCambridgeSprint01/20/2004
(443) 226-MobileBaltimoreSprint08/14/1998
(443) 227-LandlinePort DepositCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 228-LandlineMiddle RiverUs Lec06/30/2001
(443) 229-LandlineSeverna ParkCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic05/10/2001
(443) 230-LandlineOdentonCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 231-LandlineBaltimoreAT&T Local08/14/1998
(443) 232-LandlineWillardsCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)11/20/1998
(443) 233-LandlineMardela SpringsCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)11/20/1998
(443) 234-LandlineSnow HillCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)11/20/1998
(443) 235-MobileSalisburyVerizon Wireless10/13/1999
(443) 236-LandlineCardiffCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 237-LandlineNorth BeachCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 238-LandlineParktonCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 239-MobileEastonCingular Wireless01/20/2004
(443) 240-MobileBaltimoreCingular Wireless01/27/2012
(443) 241-LandlineWestminsterGlobal Naps South01/14/2000
(443) 242-LandlineSparrows PointCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic05/10/2001
(443) 243-MobileFallstonVerizon Wireless10/13/1999
(443) 244-LandlineWestminsterLevel 3 Comms10/13/1999
(443) 245-LandlineElktonCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)02/27/1999
(443) 246-LandlineElktonCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 247-LandlineUnion BridgeCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 248-MobileCatonsvilleVerizon Wireless01/15/2007
(443) 249-LandlineStevensville07/22/1999
(443) 250-MobileBaltimoreSprint08/14/1998
(443) 251-MobileChestertownLocal Access08/16/2013
(443) 252-MobilePerryvilleVerizon Wireless09/08/2009
(443) 253-MobileBaltimoreCingular Wireless08/14/1998
(443) 254-MobileAnnapolisOmnipoint Comms Cap Operations06/13/2000
(443) 255-MobileBaltimoreCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(443) 256-LandlineNorth EastCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 257-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(443) 258-MobileEastonCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(443) 259-LandlineColumbia08/14/1998
(443) 260-LandlineSalisbury07/22/1999
(443) 261-LandlineSeverna ParkMci Worldcom Comms06/13/2000
(443) 262-LandlineCentreville01/14/2000
(443) 263-LandlineBaltimore07/22/1999
(443) 264-LandlinePikesvilleXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 265-LandlineForkCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic05/10/2001
(443) 266-LandlineGlenwoodGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 267-LandlineDarlingtonTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(443) 268-LandlineBaltimoreCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 269-LandlineTowsonXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 270-LandlineBaltimorePaetec Comms10/13/1999
(443) 271-MobileBaltimoreSprint10/21/2002
(443) 272-LandlineBaltimoreTeleport Comms America08/14/1998
(443) 273-LandlineReisterstownTeleport Comms America08/14/1998
(443) 274-LandlineSevern10/13/1999
(443) 275-LandlineBaltimoreComcast Phone Of Northern Maryland05/18/1998
(443) 276-LandlineBaltimoreAllegiance Telecom06/13/2000
(443) 277-MobileSykesvilleSprint07/22/1999
(443) 278-LandlineBaltimoreVdl DBA Global Telecom Brokers10/02/2003
(443) 279-LandlineBaltimoreAllegiance Telecom10/13/1999
(443) 280-MobileSykesvilleCingular Wireless08/14/1998
(443) 281-LandlineBaltimoreAllegiance Telecom06/13/2000
(443) 282-MobileChestertownSprint10/04/2004
(443) 283-LandlineBaltimorePaetec Comms10/13/1999
(443) 284-LandlineJessupXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 285-LandlineColumbia10/13/1999
(443) 286-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(443) 287-LandlineBaltimore07/22/1999
(443) 288-LandlineBaltimoreAllegiance Telecom06/13/2000
(443) 289-LandlineWestminsterMci Worldcom Comms05/16/2011
(443) 290-LandlineParkvilleTw Telecom10/13/1999
(443) 291-LandlineHampsteadGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 292-LandlineLaurelLevel 3 Comms10/13/1999
(443) 293-LandlineWestminsterGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 294-LandlineWest RiverGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 295-LandlinePrince FrederickLevel 3 Comms10/13/1999
(443) 296-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 297-LandlineArbutusTeleport Comms America08/14/1998
(443) 298-MobileEastonCingular Wireless11/15/2002
(443) 299-LandlineFallstonGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 300-LandlineSykesvilleBroadwing Comms.08/20/2000
(443) 301-MobileBaltimoreCingular Wireless04/05/2012
(443) 302-LandlineCroftonGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 303-LandlineAberdeenGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 304-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 305-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 306-MobileBaltimoreSprint08/14/1998
(443) 307-LandlineBel AirGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 308-LandlineBaltimoreAllegiance Telecom06/13/2000
(443) 309-MobileElktonSprint11/20/1998
(443) 310-MobileBaltimoreCingular Wireless10/31/2000
(443) 312-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 313-LandlineForkGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 314-MobileBaltimoreSprint02/01/2011
(443) 315-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 316-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 317-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 318-LandlineCockeysvilleCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)11/20/1998
(443) 319-LandlineColumbiaCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)11/20/1998
(443) 320-LandlineBaltimoreGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(443) 321-LandlineAnnapolisPaetec Comms06/13/2000
(443) 322-LandlineTowsonCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic05/10/2001
(443) 323-LandlineRhodesdaleCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)11/20/1998
(443) 324-MobileBaltimoreSprint07/22/1999
(443) 325-LandlineEllicott CityCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic11/20/1998
(443) 326-MobileBaltimoreCingular Wireless02/21/2001
(443) 327-LandlineAberdeenCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic03/03/2001
(443) 328-LandlineSykesvilleCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 329-LandlineJessupGlobal Crossing Local Services02/27/1999
(443) 330-LandlineBaltimoreCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic05/18/1998
(443) 331-LandlineTaneytownCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 332-LandlineCroftonCavalier Telephone Mid-atlantic05/09/2001
(443) 333-MobileAnnapolisLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/13/2009
(443) 334-LandlineTowsonAllegiance Telecom03/14/2001
(443) 335-LandlineBrooklynXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 336-MobileAnnapolisSprint05/10/1999
(443) 337-LandlineSparrows PointXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 338-LandlineSparks GlencoeCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 339-LandlineSherwood ForestCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 340-MobileWestminsterVerizon Wireless10/13/1999
(443) 341-LandlineBaltimoreLevel 3 Comms05/18/1998
(443) 342-LandlineSolomonsCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 343-LandlineMillersvilleTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(443) 344-LandlineSeverna ParkCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 345-LandlineAberdeenLevel 3 Comms10/13/1999
(443) 346-LandlineSeverna ParkXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 347-LandlineCardiffCtc Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(443) 348-LandlineBaltimoreTeleport Comms America08/14/1998
(443) 349-LandlineWestminsterCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 350-MobileElktonVerizon Wireless08/20/2000
(443) 351-LandlineColumbiaUs Lec06/13/2000
(443) 352-LandlineBaltimoreAT&T Local11/20/1998
(443) 353-LandlineCockeysville03/19/2004
(443) 354-LandlineBaltimoreLevel 3 Comms07/22/1999
(443) 355-LandlineBaltimoreLevel 3 Comms07/22/1999
(443) 356-LandlineBel AirLevel 3 Comms07/22/1999
(443) 357-LandlinePikesville10/13/1999
(443) 358-LandlineSalisburyYmax Comms Corp.02/17/2011
(443) 359-MobileDelmarVerizon Wireless06/13/2000
(443) 360-LandlineAberdeenTeleport Comms America08/14/1998
(443) 361-LandlineSykesvilleCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 362-MobileEastonOmnipoint Comms Cap Operations06/13/2000
(443) 363-LandlineSevernXo Maryland01/14/2000
(443) 364-LandlineBaltimoreTeleport Comms America08/14/1998
(443) 365-MobileSalisburyOmnipoint Comms Cap Operations06/13/2000
(443) 366-MobileSalisburySprint04/17/2001
(443) 367-LandlineColumbia06/13/2000
(443) 368-LandlineWestminsterCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 369-LandlineBel AirCore Comms01/14/2000
(443) 370-LandlineAnnapolisCingular Wireless10/31/2000
(443) 371-LandlineBel AirBroadwing Comms.10/31/2000
(443) 372-LandlineEdgewoodUs Lec03/19/2001
(443) 373-MobileOcean CitySprint10/31/2000
(443) 374-LandlineAberdeenCavalier Telephone (mid-atlantic)02/27/1999
(443) 375-MobileHampsteadSprint08/20/2000
(443) 376-LandlineBaltimore


How do I get a 443 phone number?If you're seeking to obtain a 443 phone number, the process may vary depending on your specific needs. One option is to get in touch with a reputable US local phone number provider. These providers offer a range of services that cater to different requirements. They usually have an online platform where you can search for available 443 phone numbers in your desired area or region. Once you find a suitable number, you can usually reserve or purchase it directly through their website. Some providers may require additional information or documentation, depending on the purpose of your request. It's advisable to check with the provider for any specific requirements or restrictions. Keep in mind that availability may be limited, so it's recommended to start your search as early as possible to secure the desired 443 phone number.
Are all 443 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 443 area codes, it is advisable to consult a reliable and up-to-date local phone number provider to obtain accurate information. Local phone number providers have access to comprehensive databases containing the latest information on available area codes. These databases are regularly updated to reflect any changes or additions to the area code inventory. To find out if all 443 area codes are available, it is recommended to utilize the services of a reputable provider that specializes in offering local phone numbers. By utilizing their expertise and resources, they can provide the most accurate and current information regarding the availability of 443 area codes. This ensures that you can make an informed decision when selecting the best US local phone number provider for your needs.
Do I own my 443 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. However, in most cases, individuals do not technically own their phone numbers. Instead, phone numbers are assigned to individuals or businesses by their service providers, who retain ownership. As a user, you have the right to use and control the phone number as long as you maintain it with your chosen service provider. If you acquired a 443 phone number, it means you are using a local phone number in the area code 443, which is associated with certain regions in Maryland, USA. While you don't own the number itself, you can port it to a different service provider if you decide to switch carriers while retaining the same number. It's important to note that ownership of the number is linked to the service provider rather than the individual.

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