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Phone numbers in the 469 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner in need of a reliable and trustworthy phone number provider? Look no further! Our platform specializes in helping you find the best local phone number providers, including those with the highly sought-after 469 area code. Whether you run a small local business or a large corporation, having a 469 area code phone number can significantly enhance your brand's credibility and local presence. With our extensive database and user-friendly interface, we make it seamless for you to search, compare, and select the perfect phone number provider that suits your specific business needs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to establish a strong and professional image for your business with a 469 area code phone number.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 469 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 469?

The 469 area code covers a diverse range of geographic areas, ensuring connectivity for countless communities. Its expanse encompasses various cities and regions, offering reliable phone services to residents and businesses alike. Spanning parts of Texas, the 469 area code serves cities such as Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney. With its wide reach, individuals and organizations in this region can enjoy seamless communication and stay connected with their loved ones or clients. Whether you're in the heart of the city or on the outskirts, having a 469 area code phone number provides a local touch, making it convenient for local communication needs.
Major CityDallas

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
9% Southwestern Bell
7% Broadwing
5% Teleport Group – Dallas
5% Level 3
4% Tex-link
3% Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
3% Tw Telecom
30% Other


Prefixes Carrier
14% T-mobile
6% Verizon Wireless
6% Cingular
3% Sprint
1% Worldcall Interconnect
1% Mcimetro Access Transmission Services
1% Time Warner Cbl
1% Other

How it works

Discover the unbeatable potential of 469 area code phone numbers offered by top-tier service providers. These unique digits hold the power to revolutionize your local business. With stellar call quality and connectivity, leveraging a 469 area code phone number enhances your credibility and customer trust. Seamlessly integrate into the vibrant local community and gain a competitive edge. Unparalleled customer service ensures smooth setup and hassle-free operation of your 469 area code phone number. Unlock the possibilities of expanded local reach and maximize your business growth. Embrace the advantages of 469 area code phone numbers and make your mark in the local market today.

Why your business needs a 469 phone number

In today's competitive business landscape, having a local phone number can significantly impact your success. That's why your business needs a 469 area code phone number. By adopting a local presence, you establish trust, credibility, and accessibility among potential customers in the 469 area. It allows you to tap into a specific region's market, increasing your chances of connecting with local clientele. Moreover, a 469 area code phone number demonstrates your commitment to serving the community, leading to stronger customer relationships and greater brand loyalty. Don't miss out on the advantages of a local phone number; secure a 469 area code today and amplify your business's growth and visibility.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(469) 200-LandlineFriscoNwire09/22/2010
(469) 201-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell06/06/2001
(469) 202-LandlineCelinaSbc Internet Services11/27/2006
(469) 203-LandlineDallasLevel 3 Comms09/21/2011
(469) 204-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell01/25/2013
(469) 205-LandlineEulessNeutral Tandem02/17/2012
(469) 206-LandlineDallasLevel 3 Comms09/21/2011
(469) 207-MobileMckinneyVerizon Wireless09/27/2011
(469) 208-LandlineDallasLevel 3 Comms09/21/2011
(469) 209-LandlinePlanoLevel 3 Comms09/21/2011
(469) 212-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA09/09/2004
(469) 213-LandlineFriscoXo Texas10/06/2011
(469) 214-LandlinePalmerGte-sw DBA Verizon Sw-tx (contel)07/11/2001
(469) 215-MobileMckinneyCingular Wireless10/06/2011
(469) 216-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless09/23/2011
(469) 217-LandlineVenusYmax Comms Corp.11/27/2006
(469) 218-LandlineRed OakCbeyond Comms Of Texas, Lp08/06/2001
(469) 219-LandlineMckinneySouthwestern Bell09/11/2008
(469) 220-LandlineIrvingGte-sw DBA Verizon Sw06/25/2005
(469) 221-LandlineDallasTeleport Comms Group - Dallas10/13/1999
(469) 222-MobileDallasSprint10/13/1999
(469) 223-MobileDallasSprint10/13/1999
(469) 224-LandlineIrvingLogix Comms Corp.10/13/1999
(469) 225-LandlineRed OakIonex Comms South01/12/2004
(469) 226-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA09/10/2004
(469) 227-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell03/03/2001
(469) 228-LandlineMaypearlBroadwing Comms10/13/1999
(469) 229-LandlinePlanoSouthwestern Bell TelephoneCo.04/09/2002
(469) 230-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA04/03/2006
(469) 231-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA08/20/2000
(469) 232-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell10/31/2000
(469) 233-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA08/20/2000
(469) 234-LandlineFriscoLogix Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(469) 235-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA08/20/2000
(469) 236-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless03/09/2006
(469) 237-MobileFriscoT-mobile USA12/27/2006
(469) 238-LandlineFriscoLogix Comms Corp.01/14/2000
(469) 239-LandlineRoyse CityTex-link Comms01/14/2000
(469) 240-LandlineIrvingSouthwestern Bell TelephoneCo.09/16/2011
(469) 241-LandlinePlanoSouthwestern Bell TelephoneCo.08/20/2000
(469) 242-LandlineDallasMcleodusa Telecom Services07/28/2011
(469) 243-MobileGrand PrairieVerizon Wireless03/25/2011
(469) 244-LandlineDallasForemost Telecom Corp.08/20/2000
(469) 245-LandlineDesotoGrande Comms Networks10/13/1999
(469) 246-LandlinePlanoLogix Comms Corp.10/13/1999
(469) 247-LandlineMc KinneyCingular Wireless01/14/2000
(469) 248-LandlineIrvingGte Southwest DBA Verizon Southwest12/16/2008
(469) 249-MobileDallasMCI Metro ATS04/17/2012
(469) 250-LandlineDallasTime Warner Cble Info Svc (tx) DBA Time Warner Cbl05/13/2011
(469) 251-MobileGrand PrairieVerizon Wireless10/17/2011
(469) 252-LandlineFriscoBroadwing Comms08/20/2000
(469) 253-LandlineVenusBroadwing Comms01/14/2000
(469) 254-LandlineDallasMetro PCS10/13/1999
(469) 255-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell08/20/2000
(469) 256-LandlineEnnisBroadwing Comms10/31/2000
(469) 257-LandlineItalySbc Internet Services11/22/2010
(469) 258-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA01/22/2007
(469) 259-LandlineDallasAllegiance Telecom03/03/2001
(469) 260-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless09/23/2011
(469) 261-MobileGrand PrairieVerizon Wireless06/13/2000
(469) 262-LandlineIrvingMCI Metro ATS10/28/2011
(469) 263-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA10/29/2008
(469) 264-LandlineRockwallSbc Internet Services03/22/2011
(469) 265-MobileGrand PrairieVerizon Wireless05/18/2011
(469) 266-LandlineFriscoLevel 3 Comms05/26/2011
(469) 267-MobileRockwallVerizon Wireless11/07/2011
(469) 268-MobileFriscoT-mobile USA07/15/2011
(469) 269-LandlineFriscoGrande Comms Networks11/17/2011
(469) 270-LandlineAllenForemost Telecom Corp.11/22/2011
(469) 271-MobileGrand PrairieVerizon Wireless06/21/2011
(469) 272-LandlineCedar HillSouthwestern Bell08/20/2000
(469) 273-LandlineRockwallFec Comms, Llp08/20/2000
(469) 274-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA02/19/2007
(469) 275-MobileGrand PrairieVerizon Wireless07/18/2011
(469) 276-LandlineDallasTeleport Comms Group - Dallas11/15/2011
(469) 277-LandlinePlanoLevel 3 Comms03/23/2005
(469) 278-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA06/25/2008
(469) 279-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA04/05/2007
(469) 280-LandlineWaxahachieTex-link Comms01/14/2000
(469) 282-LandlineIrvingSouthwestern Bell TelephoneCo.03/27/2012
(469) 283-LandlineDallasSmartedgenet07/31/2013
(469) 284-Tw Telecom06/30/2014
(469) 285-MobileWaxahachieCingular Wireless02/22/2007
(469) 286-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless05/22/2006
(469) 287-LandlineFriscoTeleport Comms Group - Dallas10/31/2000
(469) 288-MobileMckinneyT-mobile USA02/19/2007
(469) 291-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell06/19/2013
(469) 292-Southwestern Bell TelephoneCo.06/27/2014
(469) 293-LandlineLewisvilleTeleport Comms Group - Dallas01/14/2000
(469) 296-LandlineProsperTeleport Comms Group - Dallas01/14/2000
(469) 297-LandlineDesotoTime Warner Cble Info Svc (tx) DBA Time Warner Cbl09/02/2008
(469) 298-LandlinePlanoMcleodusa Telecom Services05/17/2007
(469) 300-LandlineEnnisBandwidth.com12/02/2010
(469) 301-LandlineMckinneyPeerless Network02/23/2012
(469) 302-LandlineMckinneyMcleodusa Telecom Services12/28/2011
(469) 303-LandlinePlanoSouthwestern Bell TelephoneCo.03/05/2008
(469) 304-LandlinePlanoMcleodusa Telecom Services02/24/2012
(469) 305-LandlineFriscoBandwidth.com11/17/2011
(469) 307-MobileMckinneyCingular Wireless02/07/2012
(469) 308-LandlineLewisvilleTw Telecom03/02/2012
(469) 309-MobileWaxahachieCingular Wireless01/26/2012
(469) 310-LandlineDallasXo Texas04/10/2012
(469) 312-LandlineLewisvilleCbeyond Comms Of Texas, Lp04/17/2012
(469) 313-LandlineDesotoPeerless Network04/18/2012
(469) 314-LandlineRockwallMcleodusa Telecom Services05/01/2012
(469) 315-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless06/13/2012
(469) 316-MobileGrand PrairieSprint07/16/2012
(469) 317-MobileDallasTime Warner Cble Info Svc (tx) DBA Time Warner Cbl05/23/2012
(469) 319-LandlineSeagovilleLevel 3 Comms05/30/2012
(469) 320-LandlineDallasCaprock Telecom Corp.08/22/2012
(469) 321-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA04/16/2007
(469) 322-LandlineLewisvilleBroadwing Comms08/20/2000
(469) 323-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless10/13/1999
(469) 324-LandlineDallasGlobal Crossing Local Services10/13/1999
(469) 326-LandlinePlanoLogix Comms Corp.10/13/1999
(469) 327-LandlinePalmerBroadwing Comms01/14/2000
(469) 328-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA02/09/2005
(469) 330-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell08/20/2000
(469) 331-LandlinePlanoCbeyond Comms Of Texas, Lp09/26/2012
(469) 333-LandlineSeagovilleBandwidth.com08/02/2010
(469) 334-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell10/31/2000
(469) 335-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell04/25/2001
(469) 336-MobileMidlothianT-mobile USA11/26/2012
(469) 337-MobileDesotoSprint08/20/2001
(469) 338-MobileRockwallSprint08/20/2001
(469) 339-LandlinePrincetonTex-link Comms01/14/2000
(469) 340-LandlineDallasBandwidth.com04/02/2013
(469) 341-LandlineDallasCaprock Telecom Corp.10/13/1999
(469) 342-LandlineAllenCaprock Telecom Corp.10/13/1999
(469) 343-MobileMckinneyCingular Wireless07/01/2011
(469) 345-MobileForneyT-mobile USA02/21/2013
(469) 347-MobileFriscoT-mobile USA11/21/2012
(469) 348-LandlineDallasCaprock Telecom Corp.10/13/1999
(469) 351-MobileIrvingHalo Wireless Services11/09/2012
(469) 352-LandlineMckinneyLevel 3 Comms12/18/2012
(469) 353-MobileFriscoT-mobile USA06/18/2013
(469) 355-LandlineForneyFec Comms, Llp08/20/2000
(469) 357-LandlineDallasTeleport Comms Group - Dallas01/14/2000
(469) 358-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA08/20/2000
(469) 359-LandlineIrvingGte-sw DBA Verizon Sw10/19/2007
(469) 360-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA08/20/2000
(469) 361-LandlinePlanoBroadwing Comms06/13/2000
(469) 362-LandlineFriscoSouthwestern Bell04/01/2004
(469) 363-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA08/20/2000
(469) 364-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell04/25/2001
(469) 365-LandlineFriscoSouthwestern Bell10/13/1999
(469) 366-LandlinePlanoTeleport Comms Group - Dallas10/31/2000
(469) 368-LandlinePlanoLogix Comms Corp.10/13/1999
(469) 371-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless10/31/2000
(469) 372-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell10/13/1999
(469) 373-LandlineFerrisBroadwing Comms01/14/2000
(469) 374-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell08/20/2000
(469) 375-LandlineDallasAllegiance Telecom01/14/2000
(469) 376-LandlineKaufmanTelenational Comms10/31/2000
(469) 377-LandlineRockwallFec Comms, Llp08/20/2000
(469) 378-LandlinePrincetonBandwidth.com11/25/2013
(469) 383-MobileWaxahachieCingular Wireless02/22/2007
(469) 384-LandlineFriscoSouthwestern Bell10/13/1999
(469) 385-LandlineDallasXo Texas08/20/2000
(469) 386-MobileGrand PrairieT-mobile USA09/18/2007
(469) 387-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless08/01/2001
(469) 392-LandlineMilfordBroadwing Comms01/14/2000
(469) 394-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless03/25/2011
(469) 396-LandlineMc KinneyT-mobile USA10/31/2000
(469) 398-LandlineDallasTw Telecom01/14/2000
(469) 400-MobileRockwallNwire10/28/2010
(469) 401-MobileGrand PrairieCingular Wireless09/06/2012
(469) 402-LandlineRockwallCbeyond Comms Of Texas, Lp08/06/2001
(469) 404-MobileGrand PrairieVerizon Wireless10/11/2012
(469) 406-MobileMckinneyVerizon Wireless10/23/2012
(469) 407-MobileForneyT-mobile USA11/26/2012
(469) 408-MobileMckinneyCingular Wireless12/11/2012
(469) 410-MobileTerrellT-mobile USA12/13/2012
(469) 412-LandlineForney360networks (usa)11/20/2012
(469) 413-LandlineDallasSouthwestern Bell11/02/2012
(469) 414-Landline


How do I get a 469 phone number?If you are searching for a 469 phone number, look no further! Our comprehensive platform specializes in helping you find the perfect local phone number provider across the United States, including the 469 area code. Our user-friendly interface enables you to effortlessly browse through a vast array of options and select the provider that best suits your needs. To get a 469 phone number, simply follow these steps: 1. Start by visiting our website and entering the desired area code, in this case, 469. 2. Explore the list of available providers offering local phone numbers in the 469 area code. 3. Review the features, pricing, and plans provided by each provider. 4. Compare and contrast the various options to make an informed decision. 5. Once you have selected a provider, follow their instructions to complete the registration process. With our platform, obtaining a 469 phone number has never been easier. Begin your search today and connect with clients, friends, and family effortlessly, all while enjoying top-notch customer service and reliable call quality. Experience the convenience and efficiency of finding your ideal local phone number provider through our platform.
Are all 469 area codes available?While I cannot provide a definitive answer, it is important to note that the availability of specific area codes, such as the 469 area code, is subject to various factors. Area code availability can be influenced by population density, geographic location, and the growth of telecommunications networks in a particular region. In some cases, certain area codes may reach their capacity, requiring the introduction of new area codes to meet increasing demand. To determine the availability of the 469 area code, it is advisable to consult with local phone number providers or telecommunications regulatory bodies. These entities can provide accurate and up-to-date information on the availability of specific area codes in specific regions within the United States. Additionally, they can assist in selecting the best local phone number provider that aligns with your specific needs and requirements.
Do I own my 469 phone number?When it comes to the ownership of a phone number, it is crucial to understand that phone numbers are not owned by individuals; instead, they are assigned and controlled by service providers. In the case of your 469 phone number, you do not technically "own" it. The number is provided to you by a specific service provider, and you have the right to use it as long as you maintain an active account with that provider. If you decide to switch to a different service provider, you may not be able to retain the same phone number. It is common for service providers to allow number portability, enabling you to transfer your existing number to their network. However, this process is subject to certain terms, fees, and restrictions set by each provider. To gain a better understanding of your specific rights and options regarding your 469 phone number, it is advisable to contact your current service provider and inquire about their policies and procedures related to number portability and ownership.

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