Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 470 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 470 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Finding the right phone number for your business is crucial in today's competitive landscape. With a 470 area code phone number, you can establish a local presence and connect with customers in the booming markets of Atlanta, Georgia, and its surrounding areas. Whether you run a small startup, a growing business, or a large enterprise, a 470 area code phone number lends credibility and enhances your brand perception. It allows you to tap into the local market, build trust with potential clients, and provide personalized services tailored to their needs. Give your business the advantage it deserves with a 470 area code phone number.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 470 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 470?

Are you inquisitive about the coverage area for a 470 area code phone number? Look no further for an answer! The 470 area code encompasses multiple cities, providing comprehensive telecom services to diverse regions. It encompasses parts of the states such as Georgia, including the populous Atlanta metropolitan area. The 470 area code offers reliable local phone numbers for both residential and commercial purposes. Whether you're in Atlanta or its surrounding areas, the 470 area code ensures you stay connected with the community, businesses, and acquaintances. Embrace the convenience of a 470 area code phone number and enjoy seamless local communication.
Major CityAtlanta

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
10% Southern Bell Tel &
8% Bandwidthcom Clec
7% Peerless Network
4% Neutral Tandem-georgia
4% Comcast Phone
2% Teleport Atlanta
2% Us Lec
11% Other


Prefixes Carrier
24% Verizon Wireless
11% Sprint
4% Powertel Atlanta Licenses
1% Cingular
1% Comcast Phone
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, where we focus on helping you discover the finest local phone number providers. One exceptional option that we recommend exploring is the 470 area code phone number service. This specific service delivers an array of features catered to meet your diverse needs. Through efficient algorithms and well-established partnerships, we ensure a seamless user experience in acquiring these numbers. Our providers offer a wide range of plans designed to empower individuals and businesses alike, ensuring clear communication channels and enhancing local credibility. Discover the power of a 470 area code phone number and unlock new opportunities today.

Why your business needs a 470 phone number

In today's competitive business landscape, having a local phone number can make a significant difference in establishing trust and credibility with potential customers. A 470 area code phone number, specifically, can be advantageous for businesses targeting the vibrant and growing markets in Atlanta and its surrounding counties in Georgia. By having a 470 area code, your business can create a strong local presence, build rapport with customers, and enhance customer service by appearing as a reliable and accessible entity within their community. Invest in a 470 area code phone number to unlock the potential for increased customer engagement and business growth in this thriving metropolitan area.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(470) 200-LandlineConyersPeerless Network03/05/2010
(470) 201-MobileGainesvilleVerizon Wireless03/12/2010
(470) 202-LandlineBufordXo Georgia01/28/2011
(470) 203-LandlineLuthersvilleBandwidth.com05/29/2012
(470) 204-LandlineGriffinBellsouth Telecom07/13/2012
(470) 205-LandlineCovingtonBandwidth.com08/13/2012
(470) 206-LandlineRockmartBandwidth.com02/06/2013
(470) 207-LandlineConyersVonage Network07/03/2013
(470) 208-MobileGainesvilleVerizon Wireless10/25/2010
(470) 209-LandlineWinderDovetel Comms06/27/2012
(470) 210-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless09/10/2013
(470) 212-LandlineAtlantaTeleport Comms Atlanta10/04/2011
(470) 213-MobileAtlantaSprint12/02/2011
(470) 214-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless02/17/2011
(470) 215-MobileNewnanVerizon Wireless10/18/2010
(470) 216-MobileAtlantaSprint08/26/2011
(470) 217-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless10/11/2013
(470) 218-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless01/09/2014
(470) 219-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless11/23/2011
(470) 220-LandlineTallapoosaPeerless Network04/19/2012
(470) 221-LandlineGrantvillePeerless Network08/27/2012
(470) 222-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless02/17/2012
(470) 223-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless08/08/2013
(470) 224-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom09/19/2013
(470) 225-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless11/12/2013
(470) 226-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless09/14/2011
(470) 227-LandlineCartersvilleComcast Phone08/23/2013
(470) 228-MobileGainesvilleVerizon Wireless09/10/2013
(470) 230-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless12/05/2013
(470) 231-LandlineAtlantaBandwidth.com04/11/2014
(470) 232-MobileAdairsvilleVerizon Wireless08/16/2012
(470) 233-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless07/12/2011
(470) 234-MobileAtlantaSprint08/26/2011
(470) 235-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless03/15/2012
(470) 236-LandlineSocial CircleBandwidth.com10/11/2013
(470) 237-LandlineAtlantaUs Lec04/16/2014
(470) 238-LandlineBufordBellsouth Telecom04/28/2011
(470) 239-LandlineCummingLevel 3 Comms02/01/2012
(470) 241-Verizon Wireless07/10/2014
(470) 242-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless01/13/2012
(470) 243-Broadvox-clec05/23/2014
(470) 244-MobileAtlantaSprint12/09/2011
(470) 245-LandlineMariettaBellsouth Telecom11/04/2010
(470) 246-MobileAtlantaSprint08/20/2012
(470) 247-LandlineAtlantaUs Lec04/30/2013
(470) 248-MobileGainesvilleVerizon Wireless10/14/2011
(470) 249-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless04/09/2014
(470) 250-LandlineTempleBandwidth.com01/27/2014
(470) 251-LandlineJacksonTeleport Comms Atlanta01/22/2013
(470) 252-MobileGainesvilleVerizon Wireless08/16/2012
(470) 253-LandlineCummingXo Georgia01/21/2011
(470) 254-Teleport Comms Atlanta05/23/2014
(470) 255-MobileAtlantaSprint03/15/2012
(470) 257-MobileAtlantaSprint08/20/2012
(470) 258-MobileAtlantaSprint03/15/2012
(470) 259-Verizon Wireless07/10/2014
(470) 262-MobileAtlantaSprint12/09/2011
(470) 267-LandlineMariettaTeleport Comms Atlanta04/17/2014
(470) 268-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom08/12/2013
(470) 269-MobileWinderPowertel Atlanta Licenses02/21/2012
(470) 289-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless02/17/2012
(470) 293-LandlineJacksonPeerless Network08/27/2012
(470) 295-MobileAtlantaSprint10/26/2011
(470) 296-LandlineCedartownLevel 3 Comms06/26/2012
(470) 297-LandlineCummingPeerless Network04/10/2013
(470) 299-LandlineAtlantaComcast Phone12/20/2012
(470) 309-MobileAdairsvilleCingular Wireless12/30/2013
(470) 310-LandlineFlowery BranchBandwidth.com03/07/2014
(470) 313-MobileAdairsvilleVerizon Wireless10/14/2011
(470) 314-MobileAtlantaSprint03/15/2012
(470) 315-LandlineCartersvilleBandwidth.com05/13/2011
(470) 319-LandlineBowdonUs Lec01/30/2014
(470) 320-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom04/11/2014
(470) 322-MobileZebulonSprint04/09/2014
(470) 325-LandlineLawrencevilleBellsouth Telecom04/27/2012
(470) 326-LandlineBufordCbeyond Comms11/13/2013
(470) 327-Bandwidth.com04/28/2014
(470) 328-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless02/17/2012
(470) 329-Bandwidth.com05/09/2014
(470) 330-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless02/25/2014
(470) 331-MobileWinderPowertel Atlanta Licenses06/27/2011
(470) 333-LandlineSocial CircleNeutral Tandem12/24/2012
(470) 334-LandlineAdairsvilleCenturylink Comms07/05/2011
(470) 335-LandlineCedartownPeerless Network08/27/2012
(470) 336-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless02/17/2012
(470) 339-Bandwidth.com06/17/2014
(470) 345-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless05/13/2011
(470) 349-Verizon Wireless06/05/2014
(470) 355-LandlineAtlantaComcast Phone04/17/2014
(470) 362-LandlineAtlantaMci Worldcom Comms10/19/2011
(470) 375-MobileAtlantaComcast Phone03/08/2013
(470) 377-LandlineMariettaCenturylink Comms12/17/2010
(470) 385-LandlineAtlantaTalk America12/14/2010
(470) 388-Verizon Wireless07/10/2014
(470) 395-Comcast Phone05/22/2014
(470) 399-MobileAtlantaPowertel Atlanta Licenses03/19/2014
(470) 400-LandlineNewnanHypercube Telecom06/26/2012
(470) 422-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom07/20/2011
(470) 428-LandlineAtlantaComcast Phone04/02/2012
(470) 429-LandlineWinderWindstream Georgia Comms Corp.07/07/2011
(470) 434-LandlineBufordMci Worldcom Comms04/22/2014
(470) 439-Cingular Wireless06/25/2014
(470) 440-Sbc Internet Services05/16/2014
(470) 443-MobileAtlantaPowertel Atlanta Licenses03/26/2013
(470) 444-LandlineCovingtonNeutral Tandem12/24/2012
(470) 459-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom04/11/2014
(470) 492-LandlineAdairsvillePeerless Network04/16/2012
(470) 499-LandlineStathamBandwidth.com04/07/2014
(470) 514-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless11/14/2011
(470) 535-MobileWinderPowertel Atlanta Licenses08/11/2011
(470) 539-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless03/15/2012
(470) 545-LandlineAtlantaComcast Phone04/26/2013
(470) 554-LandlineAtlantaPeerless Network03/22/2012
(470) 564-LandlineDuluthBellsouth Telecom11/21/2011
(470) 578-Nuvox Comms04/29/2014
(470) 588-LandlineAtlantaDeltacom04/17/2014
(470) 592-LandlineBarnesvilleBandwidth.com05/29/2013
(470) 616-Bandwidth.com06/16/2014
(470) 625-LandlineGrantvillePeerless Network04/08/2013
(470) 644-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom11/04/2010
(470) 673-LandlineAtlantaNeutral Tandem02/17/2012
(470) 723-MobileAtlantaSprint03/26/2012
(470) 725-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless03/12/2014
(470) 729-Bandwidth.com04/21/2014
(470) 732-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom11/04/2010
(470) 765-MobileGriffinVerizon Wireless05/13/2011
(470) 767-MobileAtlantaSprint03/26/2012
(470) 774-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless03/15/2012
(470) 777-LandlineZebulonNeutral Tandem12/24/2012
(470) 793-LandlineMariettaBellsouth Telecom11/04/2010
(470) 798-LandlineFlowery BranchBandwidth.com05/13/2011
(470) 809-LandlineAtlantaPeerless Network03/22/2012
(470) 839-Centurylink Comms06/25/2014
(470) 848-MobileAtlantaSprint03/15/2012
(470) 865-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless10/14/2011
(470) 888-LandlineCartersvilleNeutral Tandem12/24/2012
(470) 891-Verizon Wireless05/14/2014
(470) 955-MobileAtlantaVerizon Wireless04/16/2012
(470) 956-LandlineAtlantaBellsouth Telecom11/04/2010
(470) 991-Verizon Wireless05/14/2014
(470) 995-LandlineZebulonAT&T Local05/02/2013
(470) 999-LandlineCedartownNeutral Tandem12/24/2012


How do I get a 470 phone number?If you're looking to obtain a 470 phone number, you have a few options to consider. The most common way to get a 470 phone number is by contacting a local phone service provider. Numerous providers offer the option to choose from a wide range of phone numbers, including those with the 470 area code. You can browse through their available inventory of numbers and select one that suits your preferences. Another way to acquire a 470 phone number is by utilizing an online phone number service or virtual phone system. These platforms offer the flexibility to choose phone numbers from various area codes, including 470. They often provide additional features like call forwarding, voicemail, and virtual extensions. To proceed, start by researching reputable phone service providers or online phone number services. Compare their offerings, pricing structures, and customer reviews to make an informed decision. Once you have selected a provider, follow their prescribed steps to obtain your desired 470 phone number.
Are all 470 area codes available?There are a wide range of US local phone numbers available, including those with the 470 area code. However, availability can vary based on the provider you choose. Not all providers may offer numbers with the 470 area code, as it depends on their inventory and geographical coverage. To determine if 470 area codes are available, it is recommended to use a reliable US local phone number provider comparison tool that can provide accurate and up-to-date information on available area codes. These tools will allow you to search for specific area codes, such as 470, and compare the offerings of different providers. By using such a tool, you can easily find out if the 470 area code is available and make an informed decision on the best US local phone number provider that suits your needs.
Do I own my 470 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can sometimes be tricky to determine. Although you may have been assigned and currently use a 470 phone number, it is essential to understand the concept of phone number ownership. In the United States, phone numbers are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and they are ultimately owned by the service provider that allocated the number to you. As a subscriber, you hold the right to use the assigned 470 phone number for as long as you maintain an active service contract with your chosen provider. However, it's important to note that once you switch or terminate your service, the phone number is typically returned to the service provider's inventory and may be reissued to another subscriber. In some cases, providers may allow you to port your phone number to a different carrier, which allows you to retain ownership and continue using it with a new provider. Therefore, while you have the right to use your 470 phone number, the actual ownership and control rest with the service provider.

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