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Phone numbers in the 506 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business based in the beautiful province of New Brunswick, Canada? Looking for a reliable phone number provider that suits your needs? Look no further! With a 506 area code phone number, you can establish a strong local presence and connect with customers seamlessly. Whether you run a restaurant, retail shop, or professional services firm, having a local phone number builds credibility and trust among your community. Our platform offers a range of top-quality providers who offer competitive rates, crystal-clear connections, and advanced features. Take the first step towards success with a 506 area code phone number tailored to your business needs.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 506 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 506?

The 506 area code encompasses various geographical regions, creating a rich tapestry of communities and landscapes. Nestled within the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick, this area code covers a diverse array of cities, towns, and rural areas. From the vibrant city of Moncton with its bustling streets and cultural events to the picturesque landscapes of Fredericton and Saint John, the 506 area code boasts a blend of urban and rural charm. Whether you're seeking a local phone number for personal or business purposes, the 506 area code offers an extensive network of providers to cater to your communication needs.
Major CityMoncton, NB

Largest Telephone Carriers



How it works

Are you located in the 506 area code and in need of a local phone number? Look no further! We offer a comprehensive platform connecting you with reliable providers who specialize in selling 506 area code phone numbers. These numbers seamlessly integrate into your existing communication services, ensuring you maintain a strong local presence. Our network of trusted vendors guarantees the utmost reliability, clarity, and affordability for all your business or personal needs. With our user-friendly interface, finding the perfect 506 area code phone number has never been easier. Discover the best local number providers and enhance your connectivity today!

Why your business needs a 506 phone number

Are you a business looking to establish a local presence in the 506 area code? Look no further! Having a 506 area code phone number not only adds credibility to your business but also helps you connect with the local community effortlessly. It allows potential customers in the 506 area code to recognize your business as a local establishment, increasing the likelihood of them reaching out to you. Moreover, a 506 area code phone number enables you to build trust and rapport with the local customer base, giving your business a competitive edge. Don't miss out on the opportunities a 506 area code phone number can bring to your business!

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(506) 202-LandlineSaint JohnAliant Telecom(nb)06/13/2000
(506) 203-LandlineHillsboroughRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 204-LandlineMonctonRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 205-LandlinePort ElginRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 206-LandlineFrederictonRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 208-LandlineOromoctoRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 209-LandlineKeswickRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 210-MobileNewcastleRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(506) 212-MobileRichibuctoRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(506) 213-LandlineDorchesterRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 214-LandlineSaint JohnRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 215-LandlineSalisburyRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 216-LandlineRothesayRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 217-LandlineGrand BayRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(506) 218-MobileShippeganRogers (wireless)
(506) 219-MobilePlaster RockRogers (wireless)
(506) 220-MobileNeguacRogers (wireless)
(506) 221-MobileFlorencevilleRogers (wireless)05/02/2004
(506) 222-MobileSaint GeorgeRogers (wireless)
(506) 223-MobileEdmundstonRogers (wireless)
(506) 224-MobileDorchesterRogers (wireless)
(506) 225-MobileDoaktownRogers (wireless)
(506) 226-MobileBathurstRogers (wireless)
(506) 227-LandlineMonctonTelus Mobility
(506) 228-LandlineBaie St AnneAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 229-MobileMonctonTelus Mobility
(506) 232-MobileMonctonTelus Mobility
(506) 233-MobileMonctonTelus Mobility
(506) 234-LandlineSaint QuentinAliant Telecom(nb)10/13/2005
(506) 235-LandlineSaint QuentinAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 237-LandlineBelleduneAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 238-MobileFrederictonAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 245-LandlineFlorencevilleAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 246-LandlineFlorencevilleAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 247-LandlineFrederictonTelus Integrated Comms
(506) 251-MobileNewcastleTelus Mobility
(506) 252-MobileBathurstTelus Mobility
(506) 253-MobileEdmundstonTelus Mobility
(506) 254-LandlineEdmundstonAliant Telecom(nb)
(506) 258-LandlineBaker LakeAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 259-MobileFrederictonTelus Mobility
(506) 260-LandlineFrederictonTelus Mobility02/09/2003
(506) 261-MobileFrederictonTelus Mobility
(506) 262-MobileFrederictonTelus Mobility
(506) 263-LandlineSaint BasileAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 264-LandlineNewcastleAliant Telecom(nb)
(506) 272-LandlineMeducticAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 273-LandlinePerth AndoverAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 274-LandlinePerth AndoverAliant Telecom (mobility)10/13/2005
(506) 276-LandlineFlorencevilleAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 277-LandlineWoodstockAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 278-LandlineFlorencevilleAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 279-LandlineMeducticAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 280-MobilePerth AndoverAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 283-LandlineKedgwickAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 284-LandlineKedgwickAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 291-MobileBouchetteRogers (wireless)08/17/2004
(506) 292-MobileFrederictonRogers (wireless)
(506) 300-LandlineFrederictonIristel
(506) 309-MobileDoaktownAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 310-Aliant Telecom(nb)
(506) 312-MobileShediacRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(506) 314-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)
(506) 321-MobileSaint StephenTelus Mobility
(506) 323-MobileWoodstockAliant Telecom (mobility)08/31/2003
(506) 324-LandlineWoodstockAliant Telecom(nb)02/27/1999
(506) 325-LandlineWoodstockAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 326-LandlineMintoAliant Telecom (mobility)10/13/2005
(506) 327-LandlineMintoAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 328-LandlineWoodstockAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 329-LandlineCampbelltonRogers (cable)
(506) 330-LandlineNeguacRogers (cable)
(506) 331-LandlinePetitcodiacRogers (cable)
(506) 332-LandlineCap PeleRogers (cable)
(506) 333-LandlineSaint JohnAliant Telecom (mobility)01/10/1996
(506) 334-LandlineMemramcookRogers (cable)
(506) 335-LandlineSaint Louis De KentRogers (cable)
(506) 336-LandlineShippeganAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 337-LandlineShippeganAliant Telecom(nb)04/15/1996
(506) 338-LandlineRichibuctoRogers (cable)
(506) 339-LandlineChipmanAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 340-MobileShippeganAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 341-LandlineBouchetteRogers (cable)
(506) 342-LandlineSaint AntoineRogers (cable)
(506) 343-MobileSaint JohnAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 344-LandlineLamequeAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 345-LandlineCocagneRogers (cable)
(506) 346-LandlineRogersvilleRogers (cable)
(506) 347-LandlineHarvey StationRogers (cable)
(506) 348-LandlineFredericton JunctionRogers (cable)
(506) 350-LandlineBathurstRogers (cable)
(506) 351-LandlineShediacRogers (cable)
(506) 352-LandlineNewcastleRogers (cable)
(506) 353-LandlineEdmundstonRogers (cable)
(506) 355-LandlinePlaster RockAliant Telecom(nb)10/13/2005
(506) 356-LandlinePlaster RockAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 357-LandlineOromoctoAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 358-LandlineSaint IsidoreAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 359-LandlinePlaster RockAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 360-LandlineSackvilleAliant Telecom(nb)06/01/2006
(506) 361-LandlineDoaktownAliant Telecom(nb)02/16/2006
(506) 362-LandlineYoungs Cove RoadAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 363-LandlineKeswickAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 364-LandlineSackvilleAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 365-LandlineDoaktownAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 366-LandlineHarvey StationAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 367-LandlineStanleyAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 368-LandlineFredericton JunctionAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 369-LandlineBoiestownAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 370-MobileHarvey StationAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 372-LandlineSalisburyAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 375-LandlineHartlandAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 378-MobileMonctonAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 379-LandlineDorchesterAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 380-MobileMonctonAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 381-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom (mobility)05/10/1999
(506) 382-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 383-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 384-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 385-LandlineOromoctoAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 386-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 387-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 388-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 389-LandlineMonctonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 390-MobileSaint LeonardAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 391-LandlineFlorencevilleAliant Telecom(nb)04/01/1997
(506) 392-LandlineFlorencevilleAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 393-LandlineTracadieAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 394-LandlineTracadieAliant Telecom(nb)07/04/1995
(506) 395-LandlineTracadieAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 396-MobileSaint GeorgeAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 397-MobileTracadieAliant Telecom (mobility)08/31/2003
(506) 399-LandlineTracadieAliant Telecom(nb)01/27/2004
(506) 400-MobileSaint QuentinAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 401-MobileClairAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 421-LandlineSaint LeonardAliant Telecom(nb)02/16/2006
(506) 422-LandlineOromoctoAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 423-LandlineSaint LeonardAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 424-LandlineNewcastleAliant Telecom(nb)02/09/2003
(506) 425-MobileWoodstockTelus Mobility
(506) 426-MobileGrand FallsTelus Mobility
(506) 427-MobileRichibuctoTelus Mobility
(506) 430-LandlinePetit RocherRogers (cable)
(506) 432-LandlineSussexAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 433-LandlineSussexAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 434-LandlineSussexAliant Telecom(nb)07/04/1995
(506) 435-MobileSussexAliant Telecom (mobility)
(506) 440-MobileFrederictonAliant Telecom (mobility)01/27/2004
(506) 442-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)
(506) 443-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 444-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 445-LandlineSaint AnneAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 446-LandlineOromoctoAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 447-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 449-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)07/04/1995
(506) 450-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 451-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 452-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 453-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 454-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 455-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 456-LandlineBlacks HarbourAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 457-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 458-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 459-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 460-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)01/10/1996
(506) 461-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom (mobility)07/04/1995
(506) 462-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom(nb)07/04/1995
(506) 463-LandlineMillvilleAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 465-LandlineSaint StephenAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 466-LandlineSaint StephenAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 467-LandlineSaint StephenAliant Telecom(nb)02/11/1995
(506) 468-LandlineBrowns FlatAliant Telecom(nb)02/04/1994
(506) 469-MobileSaint StephenAliant Telecom (mobility)08/31/2003
(506) 470-LandlineFrederictonAliant Telecom (mobility)07/22/1999
(506) 471-MobileFrederictonRogers (wireless)02/27/1999
(506) 472-<i class="fa fa


How do I get a 506 phone number?If you're wondering how to acquire a 506 phone number, you have a few options available to you. Firstly, you can contact a reputable telecommunications provider that offers services in the area with the corresponding area code. They can assist in assigning you a 506 phone number as per your request. Another method is to check with a virtual phone number provider. These providers offer phone numbers from various locations, including area code 506. You can choose a preferred number from their available inventory and set it up for your personal or business use. Lastly, you can explore online marketplaces or classified websites where individuals or businesses might be selling their unused 506 phone numbers. Ensure that you validate the legitimacy of the seller and thoroughly research the associated costs, terms, and conditions before making a purchase. By exploring these options, you can acquire a 506 phone number that suits your requirements.
Are all 506 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 506 area codes, it's important to understand that changes and updates happen regularly in the telecommunications industry. While we strive to provide the most up-to-date information, it is recommended to consult with a reliable US local phone number provider to verify if all 506 area codes are currently available. These providers have access to the most recent data and can assist in determining the availability of 506 area codes based on your specific location and phone number requirements. They can provide insights into any recent changes, additions, or restrictions imposed by regulatory bodies or service providers. By working with a trusted US local phone number provider, you can ensure accurate information and make an informed decision when selecting the best local phone number for your business or personal needs. They will have the expertise and resources to guide you through the process and help you secure an available 506 area code if it fits your requirements.
Do I own my 506 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. In the case of a 506 phone number, it ultimately depends on the terms and conditions set forth by your phone service provider. Typically, phone numbers are leased rather than owned by individuals. The provider reserves the right to reassign or reclaim the number under specific circumstances, such as non-payment or violation of their terms of service. To determine the level of ownership you have over your 506 phone number, you should consult the terms and conditions outlined by your phone service provider. This document will specify the rights and responsibilities associated with your number. It's important to review this information carefully to understand the extent of your ownership and any limitations that may be in place. Remember, the specifics of 506 phone number ownership can vary depending on the provider, so reach out directly to them for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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