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Phone numbers in the 514 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Finding the ideal phone number provider is essential for businesses aiming to establish a local presence. When it comes to the 514 area code, numerous benefits await entrepreneurs. Whether you operate a flourishing startup or a well-established enterprise, a 514 phone number exudes credibility and trust among customers in and around Montreal. This enables you to tap into a rich pool of potential clients, boosting recognition in your target market. By effortlessly connecting with local customers, your business gains a competitive edge. Don't miss out on the advantage of a 514 area code phone number, as it could be the key to unlocking your success.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 514 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 514?

Searching for a phone number provider in the 514 area code? Look no further! This coveted area code covers an array of vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in Canada. Embraced by Quebec's serene landscapes, the 514 area code encompasses the sprawling metropolitan region of Montreal, with its rich culture, diverse communities, and bustling business hubs. From the charming historic streets of Old Montreal to the skyscrapers that adorn the downtown core, 514 offers a communication gateway to the heart of this vibrant province. Get connected with the best local phone number provider in the 514 area code and unlock endless opportunities in this captivating region.
Major CityMontreal, QC

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Welcome to our platform, where we assist you in finding premium local phone number providers. Among the numerous options available, the 514 area code phone numbers shine through as reliable and reputable choices. Working seamlessly with our selected service providers, these numbers ensure seamless connectivity and excellent call quality. Whether you are a business owner eager to establish a local presence or an individual seeking a convenient communication solution, the 514 area code offers a range of benefits. Our platform guarantees hassle-free access to these efficient phone numbers, ensuring your needs are fulfilled effortlessly. Experience the convenience and reliability of the 514 area code phone numbers today!

Why your business needs a 514 phone number

Are you a business based in Montreal, Quebec? If so, having a 514 area code phone number can be a game-changer for your organization. A 514 number instantly establishes a local presence and builds trust with your target audience. It creates a sense of familiarity, ensuring potential customers recognize you as a part of their community. By choosing a 514 area code phone number, you demonstrate your commitment and dedication to serving the local market. Don't settle for a generic number that may create doubt in the minds of your customers. Opt for a 514 area code and enjoy the benefits of a local phone number today.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(514) 200-Bell Canada
(514) 201-LandlineMontrealBell Canada10/11/1997
(514) 202-LandlineMontrealBell Canada10/11/1997
(514) 203-LandlineMontrealBell Canada01/25/1998
(514) 204-LandlineMontrealBell Canada08/14/1998
(514) 205-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/27/1999
(514) 206-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/25/2005
(514) 207-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/25/2005
(514) 208-MobileMontrealBell Mobility10/13/2005
(514) 209-MobileMontrealBell Mobility10/13/2005
(514) 210-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/30/2001
(514) 212-MobileMontrealBell Mobility07/22/1999
(514) 213-MobileMontrealBell Mobility07/22/1999
(514) 214-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/13/2000
(514) 215-LandlineMontrealBell Canada10/15/1996
(514) 216-MobileMontrealBell Mobility10/31/2000
(514) 217-MobileMontrealBell Mobility07/22/1999
(514) 218-LandlineMontrealBell Canada01/14/2000
(514) 219-MobileMontrealBell Mobility10/31/2000
(514) 220-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/30/2001
(514) 221-LandlineMontrealBell Canada01/10/1996
(514) 222-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility02/09/2003
(514) 223-LandlineMontrealRogers (cable)10/13/1999
(514) 224-MobileMontrealFido Solutions
(514) 225-LandlineMontrealGlobility05/02/2004
(514) 226-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/30/2001
(514) 227-LandlineMontrealRogers (cable)10/31/2000
(514) 228-LandlineMontrealAllstream10/31/2000
(514) 229-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/30/2001
(514) 230-LandlineMontrealBell Canada01/11/1997
(514) 231-MobileMontrealBell Mobility07/04/1995
(514) 232-MobileMontrealBell Mobility07/04/1995
(514) 233-MobileMontrealBell Mobility01/10/1996
(514) 234-MobileMontrealBell Mobility01/10/1996
(514) 235-MobileMontrealBell Mobility01/10/1996
(514) 236-MobileMontrealBell Mobility01/10/1996
(514) 237-MobileMontrealBell Mobility01/10/1996
(514) 238-MobileMontrealBell Mobility01/10/1996
(514) 239-MobileMontrealBell Mobility04/15/1996
(514) 240-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)01/14/2000
(514) 241-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)02/11/1995
(514) 242-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)01/14/2000
(514) 243-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)01/14/2000
(514) 244-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)06/13/2000
(514) 245-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)03/03/2001
(514) 246-MobileMontrealBell Mobility03/03/2001
(514) 247-MobileMontrealBell Mobility03/03/2001
(514) 248-MobileMontrealBell Mobility10/31/2000
(514) 249-MobileMontrealBell Mobility01/10/1996
(514) 250-MobileMontrealBell Mobility02/16/2006
(514) 251-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 252-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 253-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 254-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 255-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 256-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 257-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 258-MobileMontrealBell Mobility06/30/2001
(514) 259-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 260-MobileMontrealBell Mobility02/16/2006
(514) 261-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(514) 262-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)02/11/1995
(514) 264-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility12/13/2004
(514) 265-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility12/13/2004
(514) 266-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility12/13/2004
(514) 267-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility12/13/2004
(514) 268-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility02/13/2002
(514) 269-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility03/27/2005
(514) 270-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 271-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 272-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 273-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 274-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 275-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 276-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 277-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 278-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 279-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 280-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 281-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 282-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 283-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 284-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 285-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 286-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 287-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 288-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 289-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 290-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)05/18/1998
(514) 291-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility02/16/2006
(514) 292-MobileMontrealBell Mobility02/16/2006
(514) 293-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility02/09/2003
(514) 294-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(514) 295-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(514) 296-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(514) 297-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)02/13/2002
(514) 298-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)10/31/2001
(514) 299-MobileMontrealRogers (wireless)10/31/2001
(514) 300-LandlineLachineVideotron General Partnership
(514) 301-LandlineMontrealBell Canada05/18/1998
(514) 302-LandlineMontrealBell Canada11/20/1998
(514) 303-LandlineMontrealVideotron General Partnership
(514) 304-LandlineMontrealBell Canada05/10/1999
(514) 305-LandlineSaint GenevieveVideotron General Partnership
(514) 306-LandlineMontrealBell Canada07/22/1999
(514) 307-LandlineLachineIsp Telecom
(514) 308-LandlineSaint GenevieveIsp Telecom
(514) 309-LandlineRoxboroIsp Telecom
(514) 310-Bell Canada
(514) 312-LandlineMontrealIsp Telecom01/14/2000
(514) 313-LandlineMontrealRogers (cable)06/30/2001
(514) 314-LandlineMontrealRogers (cable)06/25/2005
(514) 315-LandlineMontrealRogers (cable)
(514) 316-LandlineMontrealIsp Telecom
(514) 317-LandlineMontrealDistributel
(514) 318-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility
(514) 319-LandlinePointe ClaireIsp Telecom
(514) 320-LandlineIle PerrotIsp Telecom
(514) 321-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 322-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 323-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 324-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 325-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 326-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 327-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 328-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 329-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 330-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 331-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 332-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 333-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 334-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 335-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 336-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 337-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 338-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 339-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 340-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 341-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 342-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 343-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 344-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 345-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 346-MobileMontrealBell Mobility05/01/2002
(514) 347-MobileMontrealBell Mobility05/01/2002
(514) 348-MobileMontrealBell Mobility05/01/2002
(514) 349-MobileMontrealBell Mobility05/01/2002
(514) 350-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 351-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 352-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 353-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 354-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 355-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 356-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 357-LandlineMontrealGlobility02/16/2006
(514) 358-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility
(514) 359-LandlineMontrealBell Canada06/25/2005
(514) 360-LandlineMontrealIsp Telecom
(514) 361-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 362-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 363-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 364-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 365-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 366-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 367-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 368-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 369-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 370-LandlineMontrealVideotron General Partnership05/02/2004
(514) 371-LandlineMontrealVideotron General Partnership05/02/2004
(514) 372-LandlineMontrealVideotron General Partnership08/17/2004
(514) 373-LandlineMontrealVideotron General Partnership08/31/2003
(514) 374-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 375-LandlineMontrealAllstream03/27/2005
(514) 376-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 377-MobileMontrealTelus Mobility02/09/2003
(514) 378-MobileMontrealBell Mobility05/09/2003
(514) 379-LandlineMontrealVideotron General Partnership08/17/2004
(514) 380-LandlineMontrealVideotron General Partnership05/18/1998
(514) 381-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 382-LandlineMontrealBell Canada02/04/1994
(514) 383-<i class="fa


How do I get a 514 phone number?Finding a 514 phone number is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a few simple steps. To acquire a 514 phone number, you need to follow these guidelines: 1. Choose a service provider: Research service providers that offer local phone numbers in the 514 area code. Look for well-established providers with a good reputation for reliability. 2. Check availability: Visit the provider's website or contact their customer support to determine if they have 514 phone numbers available. Some providers have online databases where you can easily search for available numbers. 3. Select your number: Once you've confirmed availability, choose a phone number that suits your needs. Consider factors like memorable digits or number patterns. Some providers may offer additional features like vanity numbers for an extra fee. 4. Complete the registration process: Follow the provider's registration process to sign up for your chosen phone number. This may require providing your personal information, selecting a plan, and making the necessary payments. By following these steps, you can acquire a 514 phone number and begin enjoying the benefits of a local presence in the Montreal area.
Are all 514 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of all 514 area codes, it is important to note that specific information may vary depending on the local phone number provider. However, generally speaking, not all 514 area codes may be readily available. Area codes are assigned to specific geographic regions, and specific numbers within those codes are then allocated by local phone number providers. In some cases, certain area codes may be fully utilized, and there may be limited or no availability for new phone numbers within those codes. This could be due to a high demand for phone numbers in a particular area, resulting in a scarcity of available numbers. To determine the availability of 514 area codes, it is recommended to contact local phone number providers directly. They will be able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the availability of specific area codes and any limitations or alternatives that may exist.
Do I own my 514 phone number?When it comes to US local phone numbers, it is essential to understand the ownership rights. While you may have been assigned a specific number, it is important to note that you do not technically "own" the phone number itself. Instead, the number is leased to you by the service provider or carrier. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the assignment and management of phone numbers in the United States. Service providers are responsible for managing and administering these numbers, including the process of allocating and reassigning them. If you decide to change service providers, you may not be able to retain your current phone number. It is advisable to check with your new provider if they offer number portability, which allows you to transfer your existing number. Remember, while you may not own your 514 phone number outright, you have the right to use it as long as you maintain an active account with your current service provider or successfully transfer it to another provider if portability is an option.

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