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Phone numbers in the 519 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Looking for the perfect phone number for your business in the 519 area code? Look no further! We understand that selecting the right phone number is crucial for establishing a local presence and gaining customer trust. Whether you run a small startup, a retail store, or a service-based business, having a local phone number can enhance your credibility and attract more customers in the 519 area code. Our platform makes it easy to find the best local phone number providers in the region, ensuring that you have a reliable and professional communication channel for your business needs. Start building your local presence today and reap the benefits!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 519 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 519?

When it comes to the 519 area code, it encompasses several geographic areas in Canada. Within this region, you'll find a diverse range of locations, including major cities, charming towns, and scenic countryside. The 519 area code covers parts of Southwestern Ontario, including cities like London, Kitchener, Windsor, and Cambridge. It extends to regions such as Guelph, Stratford, Owen Sound, and Sarnia, offering a wide scope of communities to explore. Whether you're seeking urban conveniences, cultural attractions, or natural beauty, the 519 area code provides a rich tapestry of destinations to discover and connect with.
Major CityLondon, ON

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Welcome to our platform, where we assist you in finding the finest local phone number providers, including those operating in the 519 area code. Our carefully curated selection of service providers ensures that you receive top-notch assistance. Whether you are a business in need of a dedicated line or an individual seeking a personalized contact number, we've got you covered. Our providers offer a variety of plans and features to suit your unique requirements, ensuring seamless communication within the 519 area code and beyond. Rest assured, we prioritize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction in all our recommended offerings.

Why your business needs a 519 phone number

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, having a local presence and credibility is crucial for success. That's why your business needs a 519 area code phone number. A 519 number establishes a strong local identity, building trust among your target audience and making it easier for them to connect with you. Potential customers are more likely to choose a local business over a faceless, out-of-town corporation. Additionally, a 519 number enables you to tap into the vibrant local market, connecting you with nearby customers who are more likely to engage and support your business. Don't miss out on the countless opportunities a 519 area code phone number can bring to your business.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(519) 200-MobileLondonRogers (wireless)02/16/2006
(519) 201-LandlinePrestonAllstream10/31/2000
(519) 202-LandlineDorchesterRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 203-LandlineLambethRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 204-LandlineLondonRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 205-LandlineStrathroyRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 206-LandlineSaint JacobsRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 207-LandlineSaint ThomasRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 208-LandlineKitchenerRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 209-MobileBrantfordRogers (wireless)01/27/2004
(519) 210-LandlineElmiraRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 212-MobileHespelerRogers (wireless)03/27/2005
(519) 213-LandlineBreslauRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 214-LandlineBadenRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 215-MobileOrangevilleRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(519) 216-MobileOrangevilleTelus Mobility08/20/2000
(519) 217-MobileOrangevilleRogers (wireless)03/03/2001
(519) 218-LandlineSaint ClemntsRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(519) 219-LandlinePrestonRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 220-LandlineHespelerBell Canada10/11/1997
(519) 221-MobileHespelerTelus Mobility01/25/1998
(519) 222-MobileHespelerTelus Mobility07/22/1999
(519) 223-MobileHespelerTelus Mobility08/20/2000
(519) 224-LandlineHespelerAllstream10/31/2000
(519) 225-LandlineGrantonQuadro Comms Co-operative02/04/1994
(519) 227-LandlineLucanBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 228-LandlineCentraliaBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 229-LandlineKirktonQuadro Comms Co-operative02/04/1994
(519) 230-LandlineHespelerBell Canada03/03/2001
(519) 231-LandlineGaltAllstream03/27/2005
(519) 232-LandlineNairnBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 233-LandlineClintonTuckersmith Comms Co-operative Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 234-LandlineCreditonBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 235-LandlineExeterBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 236-LandlineZurichHay Comms Co-operative Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 237-LandlineDashwoodHay Comms Co-operative Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 238-LandlineGrand BendHay Comms Co-operative Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 239-LandlineHespelerBell Canada01/14/2000
(519) 240-LandlineHespelerBell Mobility02/04/1994
(519) 241-LandlineHespelerBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 242-LandlineHespelerBell Mobility07/04/1995
(519) 243-LandlinePort FranksExeculink Telecom02/04/1994
(519) 244-LandlineHespelerBell Canada07/04/1995
(519) 245-LandlineStrathroyBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 246-LandlineStrathroyBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 247-LandlineKerwoodBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 248-LandlineHespelerAllstream03/27/2005
(519) 249-LandlineHespelerBell Canada08/14/1998
(519) 250-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 251-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 252-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 253-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 254-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 255-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 256-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 257-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 258-LandlineWindsorBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 259-LandlineWindsorBell Canada09/11/1994
(519) 260-LandlineHespelerRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 261-MobileMount ForestRogers (wireless)03/27/2005
(519) 262-LandlineHensallBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 263-LandlineHensallTuckersmith Comms Co-operative Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 264-LandlineMount BrydgesBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 265-LandlineGuelphRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 266-LandlineLondonGlobility06/25/2005
(519) 267-LandlineGaltRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 268-LandlineDorchesterBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 269-LandlineHarrietsvilleBell Canada08/14/1998
(519) 270-MobileOwen SoundRogers (wireless)05/01/2002
(519) 271-LandlineStratfordBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 272-LandlineStratfordBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 273-LandlineStratfordBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 274-LandlineStratfordBell Canada02/11/1995
(519) 275-LandlineStratfordBell Canada07/04/1995
(519) 276-LandlineStratfordBell Canada08/20/2000
(519) 277-MobileHespelerBell Mobility03/27/2005
(519) 278-MobileOrangevilleBell Mobility06/25/2005
(519) 279-LandlineKitchenerGlobility10/13/2005
(519) 280-MobileLondonBell Mobility03/27/2005
(519) 281-MobileLondonBell Mobility11/11/2003
(519) 282-MobileLondonBell Mobility02/09/2003
(519) 283-LandlineKintoreBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 284-LandlineSaint MarysBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 285-LandlineThamesfordBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 286-LandlineLondonAllstream03/27/2005
(519) 287-LandlineGlencoeBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 288-MobileOrangevilleTelus Mobility10/31/2000
(519) 289-LandlineMelbourneBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 290-LandlineWoodstockRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 291-LandlineListowelBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 292-LandlineListowelBell Canada10/15/1996
(519) 293-LandlineAilsa CraigBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 294-LandlineParkhillBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 295-LandlineThamesfordRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 296-LandlineThedfordExeculink Telecom02/04/1994
(519) 297-LandlineExeterExeculink Telecom
(519) 298-LandlineIldertonExeculink Telecom
(519) 299-LandlineStrathroyExeculink Telecom
(519) 300-MobileWindsorBell Mobility
(519) 301-MobileStratfordRogers (wireless)10/31/2001
(519) 302-LandlineParisRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 303-LandlineIngersollRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 304-LandlineBrantfordRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 305-LandlineStratfordRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 306-LandlineShelburneRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 307-LandlineOrangevilleRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 308-LandlineHillsburghRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 309-LandlineBrantfordRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(519) 310-Bell Canada
(519) 312-MobileSarniaBell Mobility05/01/2002
(519) 313-MobileMount ForestTelus Mobility10/25/2002
(519) 314-MobileMount ForestTelus Mobility10/25/2002
(519) 315-LandlineErinRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 316-LandlineCaledonRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(519) 317-MobileLondonBell Mobility05/01/2002
(519) 318-MobileLondonBell Mobility06/30/2001
(519) 319-MobileLondonBell Mobility06/30/2001
(519) 320-MobileWoodstockBell Mobility06/25/2005
(519) 321-LandlineMount ForestBell Canada06/13/2000
(519) 322-LandlineLeamingtonBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 323-LandlineMount ForestBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 324-MobileLeamingtonBell Canada01/11/1997
(519) 325-LandlineLeamingtonBell Canada06/30/2001
(519) 326-LandlineLeamingtonBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 327-LandlineCliffordWightman Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 328-MobileSarniaTelus Mobility08/04/2002
(519) 329-MobileLeamingtonRogers (wireless)10/31/2001
(519) 330-MobileSarniaTelus Mobility08/14/1998
(519) 331-MobileSarniaBell Mobility07/04/1995
(519) 332-LandlineSarniaBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 333-LandlineSarniaBell Canada04/01/1997
(519) 334-LandlineHolsteinBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 335-LandlineGorrieWightman Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 336-LandlineSarniaBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 337-LandlineSarniaBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 338-LandlineHarristonBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 339-LandlineSarniaBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 340-LandlineKitchenerAllstream03/27/2005
(519) 341-LandlineGuelphRogers (cable)10/13/1999
(519) 342-LandlineKitchenerRogers (cable)10/13/1999
(519) 343-LandlinePalmerstonBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 344-LandlineSarniaBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 345-LandlineDublinBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 346-LandlineSarniaBell Canada05/01/2002
(519) 347-LandlineMonktonBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 348-LandlineMitchellBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 349-LandlineUniondaleQuadro Comms Co-operative02/04/1994
(519) 350-MobileChathamRogers (wireless)03/03/2001
(519) 351-LandlineChathamBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 352-LandlineChathamBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 353-LandlinePaisleyBruce Municipal Telephone System02/04/1994
(519) 354-LandlineChathamBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 355-LandlineChathamBell Canada02/11/1995
(519) 356-LandlineAtwoodBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 357-LandlineWinghamBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 358-LandlineChathamBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 359-MobileChathamBell Mobility07/04/1995
(519) 360-LandlineChathamBell Canada05/18/1998
(519) 361-LandlineTivertonBruce Municipal Telephone System02/04/1994
(519) 362-MobileGuelphTelus Mobility01/25/1998
(519) 363-LandlineChesleyBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 364-LandlineHanoverBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 365-MobileChathamTelus Mobility05/18/1998
(519) 366-LandlineCargillBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 367-LandlineMildmayWightman Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(519) 368-LandlineTivertonBruce Municipal Telephone System02/04/1994
(519) 369-LandlineDurhamBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 370-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada05/01/2002
(519) 371-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 372-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 373-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada09/11/1994
(519) 374-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada07/04/1995
(519) 375-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada01/14/2000
(519) 376-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada02/04/1994
(519) 377-MobileOwen SoundTelus Mobility08/14/1998
(519) 378-LandlineOwen SoundBell Canada03/03/2001
(519) 379-MobileOwen SoundBell Mobility05/01/2002
(519) 380-LandlineChathamBell Canada07/04/1995
(519) 381-MobileSarniaRogers (wireless)03/03/2001


How do I get a 519 phone number?Obtaining a 519 phone number is a relatively simple process. To acquire a 519 area code number, you can follow these steps: 1. Research Local Phone Service Providers: Start by exploring local phone service providers in the region where the 519 area code is applicable. Look for providers that offer phone number allocation within the desired area code. 2. Contact the Provider: Reach out to the chosen phone service provider through their customer support or sales channels. Inquire about their availability of 519 area code numbers and express your interest in obtaining one. 3. Check for Number Availability: The provider will confirm the availability of 519 numbers and provide you with options. They might present a list of available numbers for you to select from or allow you to request a specific number. 4. Fulfill Necessary Requirements: The provider may require certain information from you, such as identification documents or proof of address, to complete the registration process. Ensure you have all the necessary documentation ready. 5. Complete the Registration: Follow the provider's guidelines and instructions to complete the registration process. This might involve filling out forms, signing agreements, and providing payment for the service. By following these steps, you can obtain a 519 phone number from a local service provider in your area.
Are all 519 area codes available?The availability of all 519 area codes can vary depending on your specific location and the phone number provider you choose. While it is difficult to provide a definitive answer as telephone companies continuously update their inventory, it is generally possible to find available 519 area codes. By using a reputable US local phone number provider, you can access their database and search for available numbers within the 519 area code. These providers typically offer a wide range of options and have access to various area codes including 519. It is recommended to use online platforms that specialize in connecting individuals with phone number providers as they can streamline the search process, saving you time and effort. Remember to do thorough research and compare different providers to ensure you select the best one that meets your specific needs and preferences.
Do I own my 519 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. In the case of your 519 phone number, it's important to understand that phone numbers themselves are not owned by individuals. Instead, they are allocated and managed by service providers. As a subscriber to a phone service, you have the right to use a particular phone number, but you don't technically own it. The ownership of phone numbers lies with the service provider, who maintains control over the number and the associated infrastructure. This means that if you decide to switch your phone service provider or terminate your service, you typically cannot take your phone number with you unless you go through a specific process known as number porting. To clarify the specific details and rules regarding your 519 phone number, it's best to contact your service provider directly. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information on the ownership and portability of your specific phone number.

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