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Phone numbers in the 563 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, having a local phone number that resonates with your target audience is crucial. A local phone number signifies trust, familiarity, and accessibility, giving your business an edge over competitors. If you're targeting customers in the 563 area code, choosing a phone number with this code can greatly enhance your local presence and credibility. With intuitive online platforms offering a wide range of phone number providers, finding the best option for your business has become effortless. Take advantage of the 563 area code phone number to establish a local connection, gain customer trust, and expand your business reach across the region.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 563 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 563?

Welcome to our site, where we help you find the perfect local phone number providers. Today, we'll dive into the mysterious 563 area code. Covering vast geographical areas, this area code whispers of the Midwest's charm and natural beauty. Spanning across the enchanting landscapes of Dubuque, Davenport, and Clinton, the 563 area code embraces the Mississippi River's tranquil embrace. From the rolling hills and peaceful scenery to the warmth of the locals, owning a phone number with the 563 area code allows you to connect with the heartland's timeless allure. Discover your ideal phone number provider and embark on a journey through the 563 area code.
Major CityDavenport

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
19% Qwest Corporation
8% Windstream Iowa – North
6% Mcc Telephony
6% Windstream Iowa – Systems
4% La Motte Telephone Company
4% Wyoming Mutual Telephone
3% Windstream
28% Other


Prefixes Carrier
7% United States Cellular –
5% Verizon Wireless
4% Sprint
3% Iowa Wireless Services
2% Cingular
1% Usa Mobility Wireless
1% 365 Wireless
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, where we connect you with the finest local phone number providers. We understand the significance of a reliable phone number and are here to guide you towards the best options available, including those associated with the 563 area code. These services offer seamless communication channels for individuals and businesses alike. With a focus on privacy and quality, our partners ensure that your personal or professional calls are handled efficiently. Explore a myriad of features and benefits with 563 area code phone numbers, empowering you to establish a strong local presence and connect with your desired audience effortlessly.

Why your business needs a 563 phone number

In today's digital age, it's crucial for businesses to have a local presence and establish trust with their customers. That's why your business needs a 563 area code phone number. With a 563 area code, you can create an immediate connection with your local target audience in the eastern Iowa region. Customers are more likely to pick up calls from numbers they recognize or perceive as local, increasing the chances of conversions. Additionally, having a local phone number demonstrates a commitment to the community and fosters a sense of familiarity. Gain a competitive edge and build stronger customer relationships with a 563 area code phone number for your business.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(563) 202-MobileDecorahVerizon Wireless12/24/2013
(563) 203-MobileCrescoVerizon Wireless05/06/2004
(563) 209-LandlineDavenportMCI Metro ATS07/14/2004
(563) 210-MobileDavenportUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 212-MobileClintonUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 213-MobileDubuqueSprint06/30/2001
(563) 217-LandlineWaukonLevel 3 Comms10/26/2009
(563) 219-LandlineClintonAT&T Local03/28/2002
(563) 220-LandlineSabulaMcc Telephony05/12/2006
(563) 221-LandlineDe WittUnited States Cellular Corp.05/16/2006
(563) 222-LandlineWyomingWyoming Mutual Telco08/15/2006
(563) 223-LandlineDavenportMcc Telephony01/31/2007
(563) 225-LandlineLong GroveCentral Scott Telephone06/30/2001
(563) 231-MobileDubuqueUnited States Cellular Corp.09/28/2012
(563) 233-LandlineSumnerMcc Telephony04/21/2006
(563) 237-LandlineFredericksburgWindstream Iowa Comms - Systems06/30/2001
(563) 238-LandlineLawlerWindstream Iowa Comms06/30/2001
(563) 241-LandlineClintonQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 242-LandlineClintonQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 243-LandlineClintonQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 244-LandlineClintonQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 245-LandlineElkaderAlpine Comms, L.c.06/30/2001
(563) 246-LandlineCalamusF&b Comms06/30/2001
(563) 249-MobileClintonVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 252-LandlineGuttenbergAlpine Comms, L.c.06/30/2001
(563) 255-LandlineGuttenbergAlpine Comms, L.c.06/30/2001
(563) 258-MobileDubuqueCingular Wireless11/23/2011
(563) 259-LandlineCamancheQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 260-MobileMuscatineUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 262-LandlineMuscatineQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 263-LandlineMuscatineQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 264-LandlineMuscatineQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 265-LandlineDavenportLevel 3 Comms11/24/2009
(563) 271-MobileDavenportVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 272-LandlineMuscatineQwest Corp.04/29/2004
(563) 275-LandlineDavenportWindstream It-comm01/14/2010
(563) 277-LandlineDecorahMcc Telephony03/19/2010
(563) 280-MobileDavenportUSA Mobility Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 282-LandlineDonahueCentral Scott Telephone06/30/2001
(563) 284-LandlineWalcottQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 285-LandlineEldridgeCentral Scott Telephone06/30/2001
(563) 288-LandlineMuscatineQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 289-LandlineLe ClaireWindstream Iowa Comms - Systems06/30/2001
(563) 293-LandlineDavenportOnvoy03/07/2014
(563) 299-MobileMuscatineVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 308-LandlinePrestonMcc Telephony03/08/2010
(563) 313-LandlineCrescoWindstream Iowa Comms - North01/18/2012
(563) 316-LandlineMuscatineCs Technologies03/13/2013
(563) 320-MobileDavenportUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 321-MobileClintonVerizon Wireless10/07/2002
(563) 322-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 323-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 324-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 326-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 327-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 328-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 329-MobileMc GregorUnited States Cellular Corp.01/07/2009
(563) 332-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 333-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 336-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 340-MobileDavenportVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 343-MobileDavenportVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 344-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 345-LandlineDavenportCs Technologies11/27/2002
(563) 349-MobileDavenportUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 355-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 357-MobileClintonUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 358-LandlineFort AtkinsonMcc Telephony
(563) 359-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 362-MobileDavenport365 Wireless11/05/2012
(563) 369-LandlineWyomingWyoming Mutual Telco08/15/2006
(563) 370-MobileDavenportUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 374-LandlineWheatlandF&b Comms06/30/2001
(563) 379-MobileDecorahUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 380-MobileDecorahUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 381-LandlineBlue GrassQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 382-LandlineDecorahQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 383-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 386-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 387-LandlineDecorahQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 388-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 391-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 405-LandlineWyomingWyoming Mutual Telco11/16/2005
(563) 412-LandlineWest UnionMcc Telephony03/19/2010
(563) 419-MobileDecorahVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 421-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 422-LandlineWest UnionQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 423-LandlineClermontAce Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 424-LandlineDavenportMcc Telephony02/16/2010
(563) 425-LandlineFayetteWindstream Iowa Comms06/30/2001
(563) 426-LandlineElginAlpine Comms, L.c.06/30/2001
(563) 427-LandlineHawkeyeHawkeye Telco06/30/2001
(563) 428-LandlineRandaliaWindstream Iowa Comms06/30/2001
(563) 429-LandlineAlphaWindstream Iowa Comms06/30/2001
(563) 430-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.05/17/2006
(563) 431-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.05/17/2006
(563) 432-LandlineMechanicsvilleMechanicsville Telco06/30/2001
(563) 433-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.05/17/2006
(563) 434-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.05/17/2006
(563) 435-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.12/16/2005
(563) 436-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.12/19/2005
(563) 437-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.05/17/2006
(563) 438-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.05/17/2006
(563) 439-LandlineLa MotteLa Motte TelephoneCo.05/17/2006
(563) 441-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 445-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 447-LandlineWalcottBandwidth.com10/30/2006
(563) 449-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 451-LandlineDubuqueAT&T Local06/30/2001
(563) 452-LandlineClarenceClarence Telco06/30/2001
(563) 454-LandlineWyomingMcc Telephony01/31/2007
(563) 456-LandlineWyomingWyoming Mutual Telco08/15/2006
(563) 459-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 468-LandlineDavenportQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 484-LandlineDavenportBandwidth.com05/28/2008
(563) 485-LandlineOnslowOnslow Cooperative Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 486-LandlineOxford JctLost Nation - Elwood TelephoneCo.06/30/2001
(563) 487-LandlineCenter JctCenter Junction Telco06/30/2001
(563) 488-LandlineWyomingWyoming Mutual Telco06/30/2001
(563) 492-LandlineDorchesterSpring Grove Comms06/30/2001
(563) 495-MobileDubuqueIowa Wireless Services, LP06/30/2001
(563) 496-LandlineDorchesterMabel Cooperative Telco06/30/2001
(563) 497-LandlineDorchesterAce Telephone Association - Minnesota06/30/2001
(563) 499-LandlineDavenportAT&T Local06/30/2001
(563) 503-MobileClintonSprint06/30/2001
(563) 505-MobileDavenportSprint06/30/2001
(563) 506-MobileMuscatineSprint06/30/2001
(563) 508-MobileDavenportCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 513-LandlineDubuqueUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 514-LandlineDavenportSprint CommsCo.,06/30/2001
(563) 516-MobileElkaderIowa Wireless Services, LP06/30/2001
(563) 517-MobileDecorahIowa Wireless Services, LP06/30/2001
(563) 518-MobileWest UnionIowa Wireless Services, LP06/30/2001
(563) 519-LandlineClintonMcleodusa Telecom Services01/04/2001
(563) 522-LandlineCamancheWindstream Iowa Comms - Systems06/30/2001
(563) 528-MobileDavenportSprint10/30/2001
(563) 529-MobileDavenportSprint06/30/2001
(563) 532-LandlineOssianAce Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 534-LandlineFort AtkinsonAce Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 535-LandlineWatervilleAce Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 536-LandlineSaint OlafNortheast Iowa Telco06/30/2001
(563) 537-LandlineMononaIowa Wireless Services, LP11/16/2006
(563) 538-LandlineLansingQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 539-LandlineMononaNortheast Iowa Telco06/30/2001
(563) 542-MobileDubuqueUnited States Cellular Corp.04/03/2001
(563) 543-MobileDubuqueUnited States Cellular Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 544-LandlineNew AlbinAce Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 545-LandlineWyomingWyoming Mutual Telco08/15/2006
(563) 546-LandlineDorchesterAce Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 547-LandlineCrescoWindstream Iowa Comms - North06/30/2001
(563) 549-LandlineDavenportTeleport Comms America12/08/2009
(563) 552-LandlineSherrillQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 554-MobileMuscatineSprint06/30/2001
(563) 556-LandlineDubuqueQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 557-LandlineDubuqueQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 559-MobileClintonSprint06/30/2001
(563) 562-LandlineCalmarQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 564-MobileDubuqueSprint06/30/2001
(563) 565-LandlineChesterCenturytel DBA Centurylink06/30/2001
(563) 566-LandlineLime SpringsWindstream Iowa Comms06/30/2001
(563) 567-LandlineOssianAce Telephone Association06/30/2001
(563) 568-LandlineWaukonQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 569-LandlineLawlerWindstream Iowa Comms - North06/30/2001
(563) 570-MobileDavenportIowa Wireless Services, LP06/30/2001
(563) 571-MobileMuscatineIowa Wireless Services, LP06/30/2001
(563) 574-LandlineDelmarF&b Comms06/30/2001
(563) 577-LandlineGoose LakePreston Telco06/30/2001
(563) 578-LandlineSumnerWindstream Iowa Comms - Systems06/30/2001
(563) 579-MobileDavenportIowa Wireless Services, LP06/30/2001
(563) 580-MobileDubuqueVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 581-MobileDubuqueVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(563) 582-LandlineDubuqueQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 583-LandlineDubuqueQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 584-LandlineDubuqueQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(563) 585-LandlineDubuqueQwest Corp.06/30/2001


How do I get a 563 phone number?If you are interested in obtaining a 563 phone number, you may consider reaching out to a telecommunications provider that offers services in the desired area code. Local phone number providers can assist you in obtaining a 563 phone number that suits your preferences and needs. It is crucial to conduct thorough research to find a reputable and reliable provider that offers the best services and customer support. You can check online directories or inquire with local businesses and residents for recommendations on the best local phone number providers in your area. Additionally, contacting major service providers or consulting their websites might provide you with the necessary information on acquiring a 563 phone number. Remember to inquire about any associated costs, features, and contractual obligations before making your decision.
Are all 563 area codes available?At our website, we provide comprehensive information on US local phone numbers, including details about the availability of area codes such as the 563 area code. However, due to constantly changing regulations and the allocated number of phone numbers for each area code, it is crucial to note that availability may vary. While our website strives to maintain accurate and up-to-date data, it is recommended to verify the availability of any specific area code, including the 563 area code, directly with phone number providers. They will have the most current information on the availability of phone numbers within that area code. Keep in mind that some area codes might have limited availability or might be restricted to certain geographic regions. To ensure you choose the best US local phone number provider, explore our site's comprehensive listings and compare the services and features offered by different providers in your desired area code.
Do I own my 563 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. In the case of your 563 phone number, it is essential to understand that phone numbers are generally leased or assigned by telecommunications service providers rather than being outright owned by individuals. As a consumer, you may have exclusive rights to use the number, but the ownership technically resides with the service provider. However, it's worth noting that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented certain regulations to facilitate number portability, allowing customers to transfer their numbers between different providers. This means that even though you don't technically own your 563 phone number, you have the ability to retain it if you decide to switch service providers. To gain a better understanding of your specific situation with regard to the ownership of your 563 phone number, it is advisable to contact your current service provider and inquire about their policies and any potential limitations that may exist.

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