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Phone numbers in the 574 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner in need of a reliable phone number in the 574 area code? Look no further! Our platform is designed to help you find the best local phone number providers to meet your business needs. Whether you're a small startup or an established company, having a local phone number can enhance your credibility and build trust with your customers. We understand the importance of strong communication for your success, and our extensive network of providers ensures that you'll find the perfect phone number solution for your business. Get started today and give your business the professional local presence it deserves!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 574 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 574?

When it comes to the 574 area code, it covers a diverse range of geographic areas, offering local phone number options to various cities and communities. This area code primarily serves parts of northern Indiana, encompassing cities such as South Bend, Elkhart, and Plymouth. Its coverage extends to counties including St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, and Kosciusko. Whether you're a business looking to establish a local presence or an individual seeking a reliable phone service in this region, our platform can guide you to the best local phone number providers in the 574 area code.
Major CitySouth Bend
TimezoneEastern / Central

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
14% Frontier North
13% Ameritech
11% Centurylink
8% Level 3
2% Choice One Comm In
2% Mcc Telephony Of The Mid-west
2% Fbn
13% Other


Prefixes Carrier
12% Cingular
9% Sprint
8% Verizon Wireless
3% Omnipoint Midwest Operations
1% United States Cellular –
1% Cricket
1% Bandwidthcom Clec
1% Other

How it works

Are you tired of unreliable phone number providers? Look no further than the 574 area code! Our highly respected services connect you with the best local phone number providers in your area. With our discreet and secure platform, you can effortlessly obtain a 574 area code phone number, ensuring privacy and professionalism. Our reputable partners offer a wide range of services, including call forwarding, virtual receptionists, and more. Say goodbye to endless phone customer service queues and hello to efficient, tailored communication solutions. Find the perfect 574 area code phone number provider today and experience seamless connectivity like never before.

Why your business needs a 574 phone number

In today's competitive business landscape, having a local phone number for your business is essential. And, if you're operating in the 574 area code, it becomes even more crucial. A 574 area code phone number instantly establishes credibility, trust, and a strong local presence. Customers are more likely to engage with businesses that feel familiar and nearby. With a 574 area code phone number, you can easily connect with the local community, build relationships, and tap into potential opportunities. So, don't miss out on the advantages a 574 area code phone number offers - it's a strategic move that can give your business a competitive edge.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(574) 200-MobileWinamacCingular Wireless12/21/2009
(574) 201-MobileRochesterCingular Wireless11/16/2011
(574) 202-MobileGoshenCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 203-LandlineLakevilleLevel 3 Comms06/04/2002
(574) 204-LandlineSouth BendFbn Indiana05/01/2002
(574) 205-LandlineWinamacLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 206-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 207-LandlineKnoxLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 208-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 209-MobileBremenCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 210-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 212-LandlineMontereyLevel 3 Comms06/04/2002
(574) 213-MobileSouth BendBandwidth.com04/10/2012
(574) 214-MobileElkhartCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 215-MobileElkhartCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 216-MobileCulverCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 217-LandlineSouth BendLevel 3 Comms05/23/2002
(574) 218-MobileElkhartOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations03/03/2014
(574) 220-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 221-MobileNappaneeSprint09/25/2002
(574) 222-LandlineSouth BendMcleodusa Telecom Services05/31/2011
(574) 223-LandlineRochesterRochester Telco05/01/2002
(574) 224-LandlineRochesterRochester Telco05/01/2002
(574) 225-MobileWinamacCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 226-MobileElkhartSprint09/17/2002
(574) 227-MobileBourbonCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 228-LandlineBurnettsvilleLevel 3 Comms06/04/2002
(574) 229-MobileSouth BendVerizon Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 230-LandlineKewannaLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 231-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 232-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 233-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 234-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 235-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 236-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 237-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 238-MobileGoshenVerizon Wireless06/19/2002
(574) 239-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 240-LandlineMonticelloPulaski White Comms10/14/2013
(574) 241-LandlineNorth JudsonLevel 3 Comms06/04/2002
(574) 242-MobileWinamacVerizon Wireless07/25/2002
(574) 243-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 244-LandlineNorth WebsterLevel 3 Comms06/04/2002
(574) 245-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 246-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 247-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 248-MobileBremenVerizon Wireless06/19/2002
(574) 249-MobileKnoxVerizon Wireless07/22/2002
(574) 250-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 251-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 252-LandlineMishawaka05/01/2002
(574) 253-LandlineLeesburgLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 254-LandlineMishawaka05/01/2002
(574) 255-LandlineMishawaka05/01/2002
(574) 256-LandlineMishawaka05/01/2002
(574) 257-LandlineMishawaka05/01/2002
(574) 258-LandlineMishawaka05/01/2002
(574) 259-LandlineMishawaka05/01/2002
(574) 261-MobileSouth BendVerizon Wireless08/05/2002
(574) 262-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 263-LandlineTippecanoeLevel 3 Comms05/10/2002
(574) 264-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 265-MobileWarsawSprint03/30/2001
(574) 266-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 267-LandlineWarsawUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink05/01/2002
(574) 268-LandlineWarsawUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink05/01/2002
(574) 269-LandlineWarsawUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink05/01/2002
(574) 270-MobileStar CityVerizon Wireless07/30/2002
(574) 271-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 272-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 273-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 274-MobileSouth BendVerizon Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 275-MobileSyracuseSprint09/25/2002
(574) 276-MobileSouth BendVerizon Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 277-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 278-LandlineFrancesvillePulaski - White Rural Telephone Coop.05/01/2002
(574) 279-LandlineWalkertonLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 280-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 281-LandlineArgosLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 282-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 283-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 284-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 285-LandlineNappaneeLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 286-MobileSouth BendVerizon Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 287-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 288-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 289-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 290-MobileKewannaCingular Wireless06/14/2011
(574) 291-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 292-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 293-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 294-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 295-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 296-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 297-LandlineMonticelloSprint07/23/2002
(574) 298-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 299-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 300-MobileSouth BendSprint11/29/2010
(574) 301-MobileBremenSprint03/21/2003
(574) 302-LandlineSouth BendCingular Wireless06/04/2003
(574) 303-LandlineSouth BendSprint11/11/2003
(574) 304-LandlineBurketAT&T Local04/01/2002
(574) 305-MobileBourbonCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 306-LandlineWarsawLevel 3 Comms05/10/2002
(574) 307-LandlineSouth BendYmax Comms Corp.10/23/2008
(574) 308-LandlineNew CarlisleFbn Indiana02/06/2004
(574) 309-LandlineSouth BendMci Worldcom Comms10/30/2003
(574) 310-MobileSouth BendSprint11/11/2003
(574) 312-MobileGoshenVerizon Wireless11/21/2005
(574) 313-LandlineFloraLevel 3 Comms04/29/2004
(574) 315-MobileSouth BendSprint05/01/2002
(574) 316-LandlinePlymouthBandwidth.com09/09/2009
(574) 318-LandlineSouth BendBandwidth.com09/27/2012
(574) 320-MobileElkhartSprint05/01/2002
(574) 321-MobileRochesterUnited States Cellular Corp.06/05/2009
(574) 322-MobileElkhartSprint11/11/2003
(574) 323-LandlineSouth BendAT&T Local05/01/2002
(574) 324-LandlineNorth LibertyFbn Indiana02/06/2004
(574) 325-LandlineSyracuseLevel 3 Comms04/06/2004
(574) 326-MobileElkhartOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations07/22/2011
(574) 327-MobileElkhartOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations04/26/2013
(574) 328-MobileBurketCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 329-MobileOsceolaOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations05/01/2002
(574) 330-LandlineMillersburgLevel 3 Comms02/15/2005
(574) 331-LandlineBremenLevel 3 Comms07/23/2002
(574) 332-MobileArgosCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 333-LandlineElkhartComms Venture Corp DBA Indigital Telecom08/29/2005
(574) 334-MobileSouth BendVerizon Wireless10/08/2012
(574) 335-LandlineSouth Bend12/05/2008
(574) 337-LandlineSyracuseMcc Telephony Of The Mid-west04/15/2010
(574) 339-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless02/15/2002
(574) 340-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 341-MobilePlymouthCingular Wireless12/01/2009
(574) 342-LandlineBourbonFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 343-MobileElkhartOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations09/11/2006
(574) 344-LandlineSouth BendTeleport Comms America04/28/2006
(574) 348-LandlineHamletMcc Telephony Of The Mid-west11/30/2007
(574) 349-MobileGoshenVerizon Wireless02/04/2010
(574) 350-MobileElkhartVerizon Wireless03/13/2008
(574) 351-LandlineCamdenComcast Phone Of Central Indiana04/05/2010
(574) 353-LandlineBurketFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 354-MobileNappaneeVerizon Wireless01/22/2003
(574) 355-MobileLogansportSprint11/26/2003
(574) 356-MobileNappaneeSprint11/26/2003
(574) 358-MobileMiddleburySprint09/17/2002
(574) 360-MobileSouth BendVerizon Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 361-MobileElkhartVerizon Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 362-LandlineMillersburgFbn Indiana02/06/2004
(574) 363-LandlinePlymouthMcc Telephony Of The Mid-west06/17/2010
(574) 364-LandlineGoshenFrontier North08/03/2010
(574) 367-LandlineSouth BendBroadvox-clec03/29/2010
(574) 370-MobileElkhartVerizon Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 371-LandlineWarsawUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink05/01/2002
(574) 372-LandlineWarsawUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink05/01/2002
(574) 376-MobileKnoxSprint03/14/2002
(574) 377-MobileLeesburgVerizon Wireless08/30/2005
(574) 380-MobileEtna GreenSprint10/19/2007
(574) 382-LandlineMacyFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 383-LandlineSouth BendSprint05/01/2002
(574) 386-MobileRochesterOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations04/11/2002
(574) 387-MobileSouth BendCingular Wireless03/07/2008
(574) 389-LandlineElkhartFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 398-MobileLogansportOmnipoint Comms Midwest Operations09/02/2008
(574) 400-LandlineSouth BendMcc Telephony Of The Mid-west12/20/2010
(574) 401-MobileSouth Bend365 Wireless11/08/2012
(574) 404-Mcleodusa Telecom Services06/27/2014
(574) 440-MobileSouth BendCricket Comms10/21/2008
(574) 453-LandlineLeesburgUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink05/01/2002
(574) 457-LandlineSyracuseUnitedTelcoOf Indiana DBA Centurylink05/01/2002
(574) 472-LandlineSouth Bend05/01/2002
(574) 485-LandlineSouth BendNeutral Tandem11/15/2006
(574) 491-LandlineBurketFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 498-LandlineTippecanoeFrontier North05/01/2002
(574) 505-MobileMacyCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 514-MobileSouth BendSprint03/06/2001
(574) 516-MobileLogansportSprint07/02/2001
(574) 518-MobileSyracuseCingular Wireless05/01/2002
(574) 520-LandlineSouth BendSbc Internet Services05/01/2002
(574) 521-


How do I get a 574 phone number?Are you looking for a local phone number in the 574 area code? Look no further! Getting a 574 phone number is a simple process. Start by visiting our reliable and user-friendly website that specializes in finding data about US local phone numbers. Once there, you can easily search for available 574 phone numbers in your desired location. Our site provides comprehensive information about the best US local phone number providers who offer services in the 574 area code. With our expertise, you can make informed decisions and choose the provider that meets your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a personal or business phone number, our platform ensures a seamless experience in your quest for a 574 phone number. Finding a local phone number has never been easier. Get started today and secure your 574 phone number with the help of our trusted service.
Are all 574 area codes available?At present, not all 574 area codes are readily available. Area codes are assigned by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) to ensure efficient distribution of phone numbers across various regions in the United States. While many area codes are still available for new phone number allocations, some may be exhausted due to high demand. To determine the availability of specific 574 area codes, it is recommended to consult with reputable US local phone number providers. They have up-to-date information on the availability of area codes and can assist in finding the best options based on specific location and requirements. Keep in mind that the availability of area codes may vary over time as new numbers are allocated or certain regions experience increased demand. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly check with service providers to stay informed about the availability of desired area codes.
Do I own my 574 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can sometimes be a complex matter. Regarding your specific 574 phone number, it is essential to clarify a few points. Your ownership rights may depend on various factors, including the type of phone number and the service provider you obtained it from. Typically, phone numbers are leased or assigned by local telecommunications carriers. Therefore, while you may have exclusive use of the number, the ultimate ownership lies with the provider. In most cases, you cannot transfer it to another carrier or sell it. However, you can typically keep it as long as you maintain an active account with the provider. To determine specific ownership details regarding your 574 phone number, it is best to consult the terms and conditions provided by your service provider or contact their customer support. They will be able to give you accurate information regarding your rights and any potential limitations associated with the number. Remember, understanding the terms of your agreement is crucial to comprehend the extent of your ownership.

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