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Phone numbers in the 585 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business based in the vibrant 585 area code region? Look no further for your phone number needs! With a dedicated local phone number, you can enhance your brand presence and establish a strong connection with your target audience. A 585 area code number can help you tap into the local market, instilling a sense of trust and familiarity among potential customers. Whether you're a small startup or an established enterprise, investing in a 585 area code phone number ensures that you are easily accessible to local clients, reinforcing your commitment to serving the community. Get started now and achieve local success with a 585 number!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 585 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 585?

Are you searching for a phone number within the 585 area code? Look no further for comprehensive coverage! The 585 area code encompasses various geographic areas in upstate New York, including cities such as Rochester, Buffalo, and Geneseo. It stretches across multiple counties, including Monroe, Ontario, Livingston, Orleans, and Wayne. Whether you're a proud resident of these vibrant cities or a business looking to establish a local presence, the 585 area code phone numbers are readily available. Connect with the best providers in the region and obtain a trustworthy and memorable local phone number that suits your needs.
StateNew York
Major CityRochester

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
35% Frontier Telephone Of Rochester
8% Verizon
5% Paetec
4% Time Warner Cable Info Svce (new York)
3% Tw Telecom
2% Bandwidthcom Clec
2% Teleport Group
14% Other


Prefixes Carrier
11% Verizon Wireless
6% Cingular
4% Sprint
1% Omnipoint
1% Frontier Telephone Of Rochester
1% Cricket Comm
1% Buffalo-lake Erie Wireless Systems
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, where we connect you with top-notch local phone number providers. If you're looking for a reliable phone number service in the 585 area code, you've come to the right place. We understand the significance of a local phone number, whether for personal or business use. These providers offer seamless connections, ensuring crystal-clear calls, exceptional customer service, and affordable pricing. With their expertise in the 585 area code, you can strengthen connections with the local community, enhance regional presence, and build trust with your target audience. Experience the benefits of a 585 area code phone number and unlock new opportunities today.

Why your business needs a 585 phone number

In today's highly competitive business landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. One effective way to establish a local presence and gain credibility is by obtaining a 585 area code phone number. A 585 number instantly signals to customers that you are a local business, fostering trust and increasing the likelihood of inquiries and conversions. Additionally, having a 585 number allows you to tap into the local market, build stronger relationships with customers, and cater to their specific needs. It's a strategic choice that sets you apart from the competition and offers increased visibility and opportunities for growth in the region.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(585) 200-MobileE RochesterOmnipoint Comms05/17/2004
(585) 201-MobileBataviaOmnipoint Comms04/17/2002
(585) 202-MobileRochesterSprint02/13/2002
(585) 203-LandlineE RochesterCingular Wireless10/13/2005
(585) 204-LandlineDansvilleTime Warner Cable (new York)05/25/2005
(585) 205-MobileMiddleportVerizon Wireless01/16/2007
(585) 206-LandlineHolleyPaetec Comms01/16/2007
(585) 207-LandlineFillmoreTime Warner Cable (new York)01/25/2007
(585) 208-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless06/10/2005
(585) 209-LandlineCubaLevel 3 Comms02/24/2007
(585) 210-LandlineRochesterBandwidth.com09/03/2008
(585) 213-MobileWaylandCingular Wireless03/10/2004
(585) 214-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 215-LandlineWyomingTeleport Comms Group08/30/2013
(585) 216-LandlineWebsterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 217-LandlineWebsterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 218-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 219-LandlineBataviaGlobal Crossing Local Services02/13/2002
(585) 220-MobileRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 222-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 223-LandlineFairportFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 224-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 225-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 226-LandlineAvonFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 227-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 228-LandlineWarsawTeleport Comms Group06/05/2003
(585) 229-LandlineHoneoyeFrontier Comms Of Seneca Gorham02/13/2002
(585) 230-MobileRochesterSprint02/13/2002
(585) 231-LandlineWebsterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 232-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 233-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 234-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 235-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 236-MobileWebsterVerizon Wireless03/10/2010
(585) 237-LandlinePerryFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 238-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 239-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 240-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 241-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 242-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 243-LandlineGeneseoFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 244-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 245-LandlineGeneseoFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 246-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 247-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 248-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 249-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 250-LandlineBataviaTime Warner Cable (new York)05/13/2010
(585) 251-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 252-LandlinePavilionLevel 3 Comms04/05/2007
(585) 253-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 254-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 255-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 256-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 257-LandlineHolcombPaetec Comms01/14/2003
(585) 258-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 259-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 260-MobileRochesterCingular Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 261-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 262-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 263-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 264-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 265-LandlineWebsterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 266-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 267-MobileRochesterCingular Wireless01/28/2003
(585) 268-LandlineBelmont02/13/2002
(585) 269-LandlineRochesterTeleport Comms Group04/30/2004
(585) 270-LandlineRochesterTime Warner Cable (new York)05/13/2010
(585) 271-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 272-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 273-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 274-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 275-LandlineRochesterTw Telecom02/13/2002
(585) 276-LandlineRochesterTw Telecom01/08/2004
(585) 277-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 278-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester09/29/2003
(585) 279-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 280-LandlineRochesterXo New York09/04/2013
(585) 281-MobileRochesterCingular Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 282-LandlineRochesterXo New York10/16/2009
(585) 283-LandlineAlbionTime Warner Cable (new York)12/13/2004
(585) 284-LandlineRochesterLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/08/2007
(585) 285-MobileRochesterLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/08/2007
(585) 286-MobileRochesterLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/08/2007
(585) 287-MobileRochesterLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm06/13/2007
(585) 288-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 289-LandlineShortsvilleWindstream New York - Red Jacket02/13/2002
(585) 290-MobileRochesterSprint06/24/2010
(585) 291-MobileRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 292-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 293-LandlineChurchvilleFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 294-LandlineCaledoniaTime Warner Cable (new York)10/13/2005
(585) 295-LandlineRochesterPaetec Comms02/13/2002
(585) 296-LandlineWellsvilleBandwidth.com08/19/2010
(585) 297-LandlineBatavia07/25/2004
(585) 298-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless05/14/2004
(585) 299-LandlineChurchvilleTime Warner Cable (new York)10/05/2006
(585) 300-LandlineBataviaSprint02/13/2002
(585) 301-LandlineRochesterPaetec Comms08/03/2004
(585) 302-LandlinePerryTeleport Comms Group04/11/2001
(585) 303-MobileRochesterSprint02/13/2002
(585) 305-MobileRochesterSprint02/13/2002
(585) 306-MobileRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 307-MobileOleanVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 308-LandlineLe RoyBandwidth.com10/14/2010
(585) 309-MobileRochesterOmnipoint Comms06/10/2002
(585) 310-LandlineRochesterBandwidth.com07/13/2010
(585) 313-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 314-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 315-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 317-MobileRochesterSprint02/13/2002
(585) 318-LandlineMedinaTime Warner Cable (new York)02/13/2002
(585) 319-LandlineRochesterTime Warner Cable (new York)03/27/2005
(585) 320-MobileRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 321-LandlineHenriettaFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 322-LandlineBliss02/13/2002
(585) 323-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 324-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 325-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 326-LandlineAkronBandwidth.com09/16/2010
(585) 327-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 328-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 329-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 330-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 331-LandlineAlbionTeleport Comms Group02/13/2002
(585) 332-LandlineLyndonvilleBandwidth.com02/21/2011
(585) 333-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 334-LandlineHenriettaFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 335-LandlineDansvilleFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 336-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 337-LandlineCanandaiguaBandwidth.com09/17/2010
(585) 338-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 339-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 340-LandlineRochesterTw Telecom02/13/2002
(585) 341-LandlineRochesterTw Telecom02/13/2002
(585) 342-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 343-LandlineBatavia02/13/2002
(585) 344-LandlineBatavia02/13/2002
(585) 345-LandlineBatavia02/13/2002
(585) 346-LandlineLivoniaFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 347-LandlineWebsterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 348-MobileE RochesterCingular Wireless06/19/2008
(585) 349-LandlineSpencerportOgden Telco Ny DBA Frontier Odgen Telephone Co02/13/2002
(585) 350-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 351-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester07/15/2008
(585) 352-LandlineSpencerportOgden Telco Ny DBA Frontier Odgen Telephone Co02/13/2002
(585) 353-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless04/07/2011
(585) 354-MobileRochesterCingular Wireless05/07/2004
(585) 355-LandlineRochesterTime Warner Cable (new York)05/02/2004
(585) 356-MobileBataviaVerizon Wireless02/13/2002
(585) 357-MobileAlbionPaetec Comms10/04/2013
(585) 358-LandlineRochesterXo New York06/01/2011
(585) 359-LandlineHenriettaFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 360-LandlineRochesterOmnipoint Comms01/11/2006
(585) 361-LandlineShortsvilleWindstream New York - Red Jacket05/09/2011
(585) 362-MobileRochesterVerizon Wireless08/08/2007
(585) 364-LandlineRochesterBandwidth.com05/03/2011
(585) 365-LandlineBelfast02/13/2002
(585) 366-LandlineHiltonTime Warner Cable (new York)05/02/2004
(585) 367-LandlineHemlockFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 368-LandlineRochesterFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 369-MobileRochesterCingular Wireless01/30/2012
(585) 370-MobileRochesterSprint02/13/2002
(585) 371-LandlineRochesterSprint07/06/2011
(585) 372-LandlineOleanPaetec Comms02/13/2002
(585) 373-LandlineOleanPaetec Comms02/13/2002
(585) 374-LandlineNaplesFrontier Telephone Of Rochester02/13/2002
(585) 375-LandlineOleanPaetec Comms02/13/2002
(585) 376-LandlineOleanBandwidth.com02/13/2002
(585) 377-LandlineFairportFrontier Telephone Of Rochester


How do I get a 585 phone number?Obtaining a 585 phone number can be a straightforward process. To acquire one, you can follow these steps: 1. Research Local Phone Number Providers: Look for reputable local phone number providers in the 585 area code. Consider factors like pricing, features, customer reviews, and customer support. 2. Choose a Provider: Select the provider that best suits your needs, keeping in mind their offerings, such as call quality, number portability, and additional services. 3. Sign Up: Visit the provider's website or contact their customer support to sign up for a phone number in the 585 area code. Provide the necessary details and complete any required documentation. 4. Number Assignment: Once your application is processed and approved, the provider will assign you a 585 phone number based on availability. 5. Activation: The provider will guide you through the activation process, which may involve configuring your phone or using their mobile app. By following these steps, you can easily obtain a 585 phone number from a reliable provider and enjoy the benefits of local connectivity in that particular area.
Are all 585 area codes available?At our website, we provide comprehensive data on US local phone numbers and their availability. When it comes to the 585 area code, we understand the importance of ensuring accurate information. However, due to the constantly evolving nature of the telecommunications industry, availability of phone numbers in any specific area code can change over time. To find out the current availability of 585 area codes, we recommend using our advanced search tool, which allows you to check the availability of phone numbers in real-time. Simply enter the desired area code and our system will provide you with the latest information on available phone numbers from various providers. We understand that obtaining the right phone number is crucial for your business or personal needs. Therefore, we strive to provide the most up-to-date data to help you choose the best US local phone number provider based on your preferences and requirements.
Do I own my 585 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex matter. The 585 phone number you possess is typically assigned to you by a service provider. However, this assignment does not necessarily mean that you have complete ownership rights over the number. Instead, you can think of it as a leased number. This means that while you have exclusive use of the number, the actual ownership lies with the service provider. Furthermore, if you decide to switch service providers or cancel your plan, you may not be able to retain the same 585 phone number. In some cases, the number may be reclaimed by the provider and then reassigned to another customer. If maintaining ownership and portability of your phone number is crucial for you, it is advisable to choose a service provider that explicitly allows number portability. This way, you can transfer your 585 phone number to another provider if needed. Always check with your service provider for specific terms and conditions regarding phone number ownership.

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