Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 601 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 601 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Looking for a reliable phone number provider for your business? Consider getting a 601 area code phone number. With its association to the vibrant community in Mississippi, this area code exudes a sense of local trust and reliability. Whether you run a small business, a startup, or a large enterprise, having a 601 area code number can help you establish a strong local presence and build trust with your customers. It's perfect for businesses looking to tap into the Mississippi market and connect with local clientele. Find the best local phone number providers who offer 601 area code numbers and enhance your business today.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 601 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 601?

Are you looking for a phone number in the 601 area code? The 601 area code covers a wide range of geographical areas in the United States. This encompassing area code primarily serves the state of Mississippi, including cities such as Jackson, Hattiesburg, Meridian, and Gulfport. Whether you need a business line or a personal phone number, finding a local provider in the 601 area code is crucial. Discovering the best local phone number provider ensures seamless connectivity and high-quality service, enabling you to stay connected with friends, family, or clients in this vibrant southern region.
Major CityJackson

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
30% South Central Bell
7% Level 3
5% Megagate Broadband
5% Dixienet
4% Telepak Networks
2% Deltacom
2% Centurylink
13% Other


Prefixes Carrier
9% Verizon Wireless
8% Cingular
4% Cellular South
4% Sprint
1% Southern Services
1% Powertel Memphis Licenses
1% Usa Mobility Wireless
3% Other

How it works

Are you tired of hunting for the perfect local phone number provider? Look no further! We specialize in connecting you with the best and most reliable services that sell 601 area code phone numbers. Our exclusive network of providers guarantees exceptional call quality and reliable connections. From businesses needing a local presence to individuals seeking a personalized touch, we have you covered. Our trusted partners offer a seamless experience, ensuring that you can secure a 601 area code phone number effortlessly. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching and let us connect you to the provider that perfectly fits your needs.

Why your business needs a 601 phone number

Are you looking to establish a strong local presence for your business in the 601 area? Look no further than a 601 area code phone number. With a 601 number, you instantly connect with customers in Jackson, Hattiesburg, Meridian, and other major cities in Mississippi. This builds trust and credibility, as local customers feel more comfortable when dealing with businesses that have a local presence. Additionally, having a 601 area code phone number enhances your business's visibility in local directories and search results, boosting your chances of being discovered by potential customers. Don't miss out on this powerful tool for business success in the 601 area.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(601) 200-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/13/2002
(601) 201-MobileJacksonCingular Wireless08/20/2000
(601) 202-LandlineBoltonSbc Internet Services01/07/2010
(601) 203-LandlineJacksonCenturylink Comms08/14/2013
(601) 204-Bellsouth Telecom09/01/2004
(601) 206-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom01/25/1998
(601) 207-LandlineMeridianAlec06/12/2008
(601) 208-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom10/25/2002
(601) 209-MobileJacksonCingular Wireless01/14/2000
(601) 210-MobileNatchezAnserphone Of Natchez DBA Metro Comm Svcs01/25/1998
(601) 212-MobileJacksonPowertel Memphis Licenses07/22/1999
(601) 213-LandlineJacksonTelcove Operations12/08/2005
(601) 214-MobileJacksonCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(601) 215-MobilePicayuneVerizon Wireless10/11/1997
(601) 216-LandlineMount OliveDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 217-LandlineBrandonDixienet Comms06/13/2000
(601) 218-MobileVicksburgCellular South01/14/2000
(601) 219-LandlineCentrevilleTelepak Networks06/02/2003
(601) 220-Bellsouth Telecom09/01/2004
(601) 222-LandlineTylertownBellsouth Telecom10/15/1996
(601) 223-LandlineNatchezDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 224-LandlineHazlehurstDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 225-LandlineCrosbyBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 226-LandlineQuitmanDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 227-MobileMeridianVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(601) 228-MobileMageeVerizon Wireless12/04/2003
(601) 229-LandlinePicayuneTelepak Networks10/09/2001
(601) 230-LandlineLaurelDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 231-LandlineMendenhallDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 232-LandlineUnionDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 233-LandlineMccombDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 234-LandlineRaleighDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 235-LandlinePurvisDeltacom03/03/2001
(601) 236-LandlineMeridianDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 237-LandlineQuitmanMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 238-MobileJacksonSprint03/03/2001
(601) 239-LandlineTylertownDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 240-LandlinePoplarvilleMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 241-LandlineRaleighMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 242-LandlinePurvisMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 243-LandlineSumrallMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 244-LandlineLumbertonMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 245-LandlineCollinsMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 246-LandlineMc LainMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 247-LandlineLucedaleMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 248-MobileMccombCellular South01/10/1996
(601) 249-LandlineMccombBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 250-LandlineMccombBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(601) 251-LandlinePicayuneMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 252-LandlineTaylorsvilleMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 253-LandlineWalnut GroveBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 254-LandlineCentrevilleDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 255-LandlineHattiesburgLevel 3 Comms06/30/2001
(601) 256-LandlineFayetteDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 257-LandlineForestDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 258-MobileMc LainVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(601) 259-MobileJacksonCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(601) 260-MobileJacksonCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(601) 261-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 262-LandlineVicksburgNuvox Comms02/04/1994
(601) 263-LandlineWaynesboroDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 264-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 265-MobileBrookhavenBandwidth.com03/03/2001
(601) 266-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 267-LandlineCarthageBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 268-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 269-LandlineRaleighBay Springs Telco02/04/1994
(601) 270-MobileHattiesburgCellular South02/04/1994
(601) 271-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom02/11/1995
(601) 272-LandlineVicksburgNetwork Telephone Corp.07/02/2001
(601) 273-MobilePicayuneSprint03/03/2001
(601) 274-MobileQuitmanVerizon Wireless04/15/1996
(601) 276-LandlineMccombBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 277-LandlineUnion ChurchFranklin Telco02/04/1994
(601) 278-MobileJacksonCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(601) 279-LandlineRedwoodDelta Telco05/10/1999
(601) 280-LandlineBrookhavenDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 281-MobileCrystal SpringsNetwork Telephone Corp.03/03/2001
(601) 282-MobileMeridianSprint03/03/2001
(601) 283-MobileLaurelSprint03/03/2001
(601) 284-LandlinePhiladelphiaDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 285-LandlinePicayuneDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 286-LandlineMeridianNuvox Comms02/04/1994
(601) 287-MobileForestPowertel Memphis Licenses03/03/2001
(601) 288-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 289-LandlineRoxieDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 290-LandlineDe KalbDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 291-MobileJacksonPowertel Memphis Licenses10/15/1996
(601) 292-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom04/15/1996
(601) 293-LandlineColumbiaDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 294-LandlineMeridianMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 295-LandlineWaynesboroMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 296-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom10/15/1996
(601) 297-MobileHattiesburgVerizon Wireless01/25/1998
(601) 298-LandlineCarthageBellsouth Telecom10/15/1996
(601) 299-MobileHattiesburgSprint06/30/2001
(601) 300-MobileGlosterVerizon Wireless12/04/2003
(601) 301-MobileVicksburgSprint03/03/2001
(601) 302-LandlineCarthageDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 303-MobileTylertownCellular South05/10/1999
(601) 304-LandlineNatchezBellsouth Telecom05/18/1998
(601) 305-LandlineHattiesburgDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 306-MobileJacksonTeletouch Comms05/18/1998
(601) 307-MobileHattiesburgEliska Wireless Ventures Subsidiary I01/25/1998
(601) 308-MobileNatchezVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(601) 309-LandlineCrosbyDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 310-MobileHattiesburgCingular Wireless05/03/2001
(601) 312-LandlineWigginsDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 313-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom08/14/1998
(601) 314-LandlineRichtonDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 315-MobileHattiesburgSouthern Comms Services10/11/1997
(601) 316-MobileJacksonPowertel Memphis Licenses10/11/1997
(601) 317-MobileJacksonVerizon Wireless04/01/1997
(601) 318-LandlineHattiesburgBellsouth Telecom06/30/2001
(601) 319-MobileLaurelCellular South04/11/2002
(601) 320-MobileBrookhavenCingular Wireless03/03/2001
(601) 321-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom11/20/1998
(601) 322-LandlineRoxieBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 323-MobileLaurelCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(601) 324-MobileMccombSprint04/03/2003
(601) 325-LandlineHattiesburgNuvox Comms02/04/1994
(601) 326-LandlineJacksonTec Of Jackson03/03/2001
(601) 327-MobileBrookhavenSprint02/04/1994
(601) 328-MobileJacksonUSA Mobility Wireless02/04/1994
(601) 329-MobileHattiesburgSprint02/04/1994
(601) 331-MobileJacksonVerizon Wireless02/04/1994
(601) 332-LandlineHattiesburgCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(601) 333-LandlineForestMegagate Broadband03/28/2005
(601) 334-MobileNatchezCingular Wireless03/03/2001
(601) 335-LandlineLaurelNetwork Telephone Corp.02/04/1994
(601) 336-LandlineHattiesburgLevel 3 Comms04/17/2006
(601) 337-MobilePicayuneCellular South06/06/2002
(601) 338-LandlineMc LainMegagate Broadband03/03/2001
(601) 339-LandlineJacksonBrooks Fiber Comms04/15/1996
(601) 340-MobileLaurelSouthern Comms Services05/09/2003
(601) 341-MobileMccombCingular Wireless05/03/2001
(601) 342-MobileLaurelSprint01/10/1996
(601) 343-LandlineHeidelbergCenturylink Comms10/09/2001
(601) 344-LandlineLaurelBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 345-MobileBrookhavenPowertel Memphis Licenses10/27/2009
(601) 346-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/11/1995
(601) 347-MobilePicayuneSprint05/10/1999
(601) 348-LandlinePurvisLevel 3 Comms06/08/2004
(601) 349-LandlineEllisvilleDeltacom07/12/2002
(601) 350-MobileMccombComcast Phone11/02/2007
(601) 351-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom07/04/1995
(601) 352-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 353-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 354-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 355-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 356-LandlinePort GibsonDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(601) 357-MobileNewtonCellular South05/02/2004
(601) 358-LandlinePicayuneDeltacom02/04/1994
(601) 359-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 360-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 361-LandlineNatchezDeltacom08/14/1998
(601) 362-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 363-LandlineLucedaleCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(601) 364-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 365-MobilePoplarvilleSprint02/04/1994
(601) 366-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 367-LandlineWigginsCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(601) 368-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom09/11/1994
(601) 369-LandlineLaurelDeltacom02/04/1994
(601) 370-MobileJacksonBellsouth Telecom09/11/1994
(601) 371-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 372-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 373-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 374-MobileRaleighVerizon Wireless07/22/1999
(601) 375-LandlineSosoBay Springs Telco02/04/1994
(601) 376-LandlineJacksonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(601) 377-LandlineTylertownTelepak Networks03/14/2002
(601) 378-LandlineLucedaleDixienet Comms06/30/2001
(601) 379-LandlinePicayuneCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(601) 380-MobileBrookhavenTeletouch Comms10/13/1999
(601) 381-MobileWaynesboroVerizon Wireless08/14/1998
(601) 382-MobileMageeCellular South01/03/2001


How do I get a 601 phone number?If you are looking to obtain a 601 phone number, you have a few options. One of the easiest ways to get a 601 number is by contacting a local phone service provider in the area. They will be able to guide you through the process of acquiring a new phone number in the 601 area code. Another option is to explore virtual phone number services that allow you to choose a specific area code for your phone number. These services typically offer a range of area codes to choose from, including 601. Additionally, you may consider contacting your current phone service provider to see if they can assist you in obtaining a 601 number. Remember to check with the provider regarding any fees or restrictions that may apply. Obtaining a 601 phone number can be relatively simple with the right resources and guidance.
Are all 601 area codes available?At our website, we offer comprehensive data on US local phone numbers, including area codes. As of our last update, all 601 area codes were available for use. However, please note that phone number availability is subject to change depending on the demand and allocation by telephone service providers. Therefore, it is important to regularly check the availability of specific area codes as they may become temporarily or permanently exhausted. Our platform provides real-time information on local phone number providers who offer services in the 601 area code. We monitor and update the availability status for various area codes to ensure accuracy and help users make informed decisions when choosing a phone number provider. Remember, availability can vary, so we recommend checking our website or contacting the local phone number providers directly for the most up-to-date information on 601 area codes.
Do I own my 601 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, it's important to understand the ownership and usage rights. In the context of your 601 phone number, it's crucial to clarify a few things. Owning a phone number typically means having the right to use and control that number for your purposes. In most cases, phone numbers are leased or assigned by telecommunications operators to individuals, businesses, or organizations for a specific period. To determine if you own your 601 phone number, you should consider factors such as the type of service you have, the contract or agreement you signed, and any applicable laws or regulations pertaining to telecommunication services in your region. Typically, if you pay for a phone number service, you have certain ownership rights and control over the number, but it's always advisable to review the terms and conditions of your contract or contact your service provider directly to confirm the specifics of your ownership.

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