Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 662 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 662 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business looking to expand your reach in the 662 area code? Look no further! With a 662 area code phone number, you can establish a strong local presence and connect with your target audience effortlessly. Having a local phone number instills trust and credibility among potential customers, showing that you understand the community's needs. Whether you're a small business, an entrepreneur, or a service provider, a 662 area code phone number can give you a competitive edge. Explore our list of trusted local phone number providers that offer customizable plans and advanced features to suit your unique business requirements.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 662 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 662?

Looking for a phone number with the 662 area code? You're in luck! The 662 area code covers a vast and diverse geographic area, providing telecommunications services to several regions in the United States. From the scenic landscapes of northern Mississippi to the charming towns of the Mississippi Delta, the 662 area code serves a variety of communities with reliable and efficient phone connectivity. Whether you're located in Tupelo, Columbus, Greenville, or any other town within the 662 area code, finding the best local phone number provider has never been easier. Connect with your community effortlessly with a 662 area code phone number today!
Major CitySouthaven

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
28% South Central Bell
8% Level 3
6% Telepak Networks
6% Dixienet
3% Centurylink
2% Megagate Broadband
1% Big River Telephone Company
13% Other


Prefixes Carrier
13% Verizon Wireless
9% Cingular
6% Cellular South
3% Sprint
1% Powertel Memphis Licenses
1% Select Connect
1% Teletec
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, where we assist you in finding the finest local phone number providers. Are you searching for a reliable service that offers 662 area code phone numbers? Look no further! Our extensive network of trusted providers ensures that you'll discover the perfect phone number for your needs. Whether you're a homeowner, entrepreneur, or business owner, obtaining a 662 area code number has never been easier. With our user-friendly interface, you can compare features, pricing, and customer reviews, ensuring that you make an informed decision. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your local phone number – let us help you find the perfect provider.

Why your business needs a 662 phone number

Having a local phone number is crucial for businesses to establish trust and credibility within their community. That's why it's important for businesses located in the 662 area code, serving customers in areas like Northern Mississippi, to get a local phone number that resonates with the community. A 662 area code phone number not only enhances your local presence but also increases the likelihood of customers reaching out to you. By investing in a 662 area code phone number, you not only project a professional image for your business but also make it more convenient for potential customers to connect with you, ultimately driving growth and success for your business.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(662) 200-LandlinePontotocIdt America Corp.11/11/2010
(662) 201-LandlineMarksDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 202-LandlineOxfordNuvox Comms10/31/2000
(662) 205-LandlineTupeloCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(662) 206-LandlineColumbusCenturylink Comms06/30/2001
(662) 207-MobileIndianolaCellular South07/22/1999
(662) 208-MobileColumbusTeletec Comms07/22/1999
(662) 209-MobileSenatobiaCellular South06/30/2001
(662) 210-MobileBoonevilleCellular South02/13/2001
(662) 212-MobileCorinthVerizon Wireless03/03/2001
(662) 213-MobileTupeloCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(662) 214-LandlineBaldwynTelepak Networks08/27/2001
(662) 215-LandlineColumbusDixienet Comms10/31/2000
(662) 216-MobileHolly SpringsCingular Wireless06/13/2000
(662) 217-LandlineAmoryDixienet Comms10/31/2000
(662) 218-LandlineCoffeevilleDixienet Comms10/31/2000
(662) 219-MobileGreenwoodPowertel Memphis Licenses01/14/2000
(662) 222-LandlineWinonaBig River TelephoneCo.03/15/2006
(662) 223-LandlineWalnutBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 224-LandlineAshlandBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 225-LandlineMaconDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 226-LandlineGrenadaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 227-LandlineGrenadaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 228-LandlineShuqualakMegagate Broadband05/25/2005
(662) 229-LandlineGrenadaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 230-MobileGrenadaCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(662) 231-MobileTupeloCingular Wireless07/22/1999
(662) 232-LandlineOxfordBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 233-LandlineColdwaterBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 234-LandlineOxfordBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 235-LandlineTchulaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 236-LandlineOxfordBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 237-LandlineCarrolltonBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 238-LandlineOxfordBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 239-LandlineRolling ForkDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 240-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 241-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 242-MobileColumbusVerizon Wireless07/22/1999
(662) 243-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 244-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 245-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 246-LandlineMoorheadBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 247-LandlineBelzoniBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 248-LandlineLexingtonDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 249-LandlineBelzoniDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 250-LandlineEuporaDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 251-MobileColumbusCellular South07/22/1999
(662) 252-LandlineHolly SpringsBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 253-LandlineSouthavenNuvox Comms03/03/2001
(662) 254-LandlineItta BenaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 255-MobileTupeloCingular Wireless01/14/2000
(662) 256-LandlineAmoryBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 257-LandlineAmoryBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 258-LandlineEuporaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 259-LandlineOxfordCenturylink Comms06/30/2001
(662) 260-MobileTupeloVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(662) 261-LandlineKosciuskoDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 262-LandlineKilmichaelBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 263-LandlineMabenBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 264-LandlineWater ValleyDixienet Comms05/04/2004
(662) 265-LandlineInvernessBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 266-MobileNew AlbanyCellular South05/02/2001
(662) 267-MobileBatesvilleSprint04/30/2004
(662) 268-LandlineStarkvilleLevel 3 Comms06/30/2001
(662) 269-LandlineTupeloLevel 3 Comms06/30/2001
(662) 270-LandlineStarkvilleCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(662) 271-LandlineGreenwoodCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(662) 272-LandlineCrawfordFranklin Telco07/22/1999
(662) 273-LandlineEuporaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 274-LandlineHolly SpringsBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 275-MobileWest PointCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(662) 276-LandlineOkolonaLevel 3 Comms10/22/2004
(662) 277-LandlineWinonaDixienet Comms10/31/2000
(662) 278-MobileHolly SpringsSprint01/29/2001
(662) 279-MobileIukaCingular Wireless03/25/2002
(662) 280-LandlineSouthavenBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 281-LandlineOxfordBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 282-LandlineMantachieFulton Telco07/22/1999
(662) 283-LandlineWinonaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 284-LandlineCorinthBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 285-LandlineAckermanDelta Telco07/22/1999
(662) 286-LandlineCorinthBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 287-LandlineCorinthBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 288-MobileSenatobiaSprint01/29/2001
(662) 289-LandlineKosciuskoBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 290-LandlineKosciuskoBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 291-MobileHolly SpringsCellular South06/30/2001
(662) 292-MobileTupeloCingular Wireless04/01/2002
(662) 293-LandlineCorinthBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 294-LandlineGrenadaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 295-MobileWest PointCellular South07/22/1999
(662) 296-MobilePontotocCellular South03/16/2001
(662) 297-MobilePontotocVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(662) 298-LandlineHernandoLevel 3 Comms07/16/2002
(662) 299-MobileGreenwoodCellular South07/22/1999
(662) 300-LandlineWaterfordComcast Phone01/06/2011
(662) 301-LandlineSenatobiaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 302-MobileClarksdaleVerizon Wireless06/20/2003
(662) 303-MobileIndianolaCingular Wireless03/27/2001
(662) 304-MobileAberdeenVerizon Wireless03/27/2001
(662) 305-LandlineAmoryBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 306-MobileHolly SpringsPowertel Memphis Licenses01/15/2001
(662) 307-MobileGrenadaVerizon Wireless01/29/2001
(662) 308-MobilePontotocVerizon Wireless03/27/2001
(662) 309-MobileGreenwoodLeflore Comms07/22/1999
(662) 310-MobileWinonaCellular South01/09/2001
(662) 312-MobileStarkvilleCingular Wireless05/03/2001
(662) 313-MobileClarksdaleCingular Wireless01/19/2001
(662) 314-LandlineYazoo CityDeltacom07/22/1999
(662) 315-MobileAmoryCingular Wireless02/27/2001
(662) 316-MobileNew AlbanyCingular Wireless02/27/2001
(662) 317-MobileNew AlbanyVerizon Wireless03/27/2001
(662) 318-LandlineBelzoniCenturylink Comms03/03/2001
(662) 319-LandlineAberdeenBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 320-MobileStarkvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 321-LandlineTupeloVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(662) 322-MobileTupeloCingular Wireless03/25/2002
(662) 323-LandlineStarkvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 324-LandlineStarkvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 325-LandlineStarkvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 326-LandlineMarksBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 327-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 328-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 329-LandlineColumbusBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 330-LandlineKilmichaelBig River TelephoneCo.03/31/2006
(662) 331-LandlineCorinthTelepak Networks05/29/2001
(662) 332-LandlineGreenvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 333-LandlinePotts CampBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 334-LandlineGreenvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 335-LandlineGreenvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 336-MobileGreenvilleVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(662) 337-LandlineCoahomaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 338-LandlineStarkvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 339-LandlineMarksBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 340-MobileBoonevilleVerizon Wireless04/03/2001
(662) 341-MobileStarkvilleVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(662) 342-LandlineSouthavenBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 343-LandlineHamiltonBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 344-LandlineGreenvilleBellsouth Telecom10/31/2000
(662) 345-LandlineWebbBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 346-MobileTupeloSprint10/31/2000
(662) 347-MobileGreenvilleCingular Wireless05/03/2001
(662) 348-LandlineGuntownFrontier Comms07/22/1999
(662) 349-LandlineSouthavenBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 350-LandlineTupeloAT&T Local10/31/2002
(662) 351-LandlineClarksdaleTelepak Networks05/24/2001
(662) 352-MobileColumbusSprint10/31/2000
(662) 353-LandlineClarksdaleDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 354-LandlineCharlestonTelepak Networks05/24/2001
(662) 355-LandlineAberdeenDixienet Comms02/06/2002
(662) 356-LandlineSteensBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 357-LandlineTunicaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 358-LandlineLyonBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 359-LandlineColumbusDeltacom10/31/2000
(662) 360-LandlineBatesvilleTelepak Networks05/24/2001
(662) 361-MobileMaconCellular South07/22/1999
(662) 362-LandlineAberdeenTelepak Networks05/24/2001
(662) 363-LandlineTunicaBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 364-MobileColumbusVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(662) 365-LandlineBaldwynBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 366-LandlineSenatobiaTelepak Networks05/29/2001
(662) 367-LandlineTunicaBellsouth Telecom03/03/2001
(662) 368-LandlineColumbusNuvox Comms10/31/2000
(662) 369-LandlineAberdeenBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 370-LandlineColumbusTelepak Networks05/29/2001
(662) 371-LandlineOxfordTelepak Networks05/29/2001
(662) 372-MobileTupeloVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(662) 373-LandlineTunicaTelepak Networks05/29/2001
(662) 374-MobileGreenwoodSprint10/31/2000
(662) 375-LandlineWebbBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 376-LandlineTunicaNuvox Comms10/31/2000
(662) 377-LandlineTupeloBellsouth Telecom10/13/1999
(662) 378-LandlineGreenvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 379-LandlineGreenvilleBellsouth Telecom07/22/1999
(662) 380-MobileOxfordPowertel Memphis Licenses08/14/2001
(662) 381-LandlineMoorheadDixienet Comms03/03/2001
(662) 382-LandlineCrenshawBellso


How do I get a 662 phone number?If you are looking to get a 662 phone number, you can follow a few simple steps to acquire one. First, identify the service provider that offers phone numbers in the 662 area code. Once you have determined the provider, visit their website or contact their customer service to inquire about obtaining a 662 phone number. They will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary instructions. To ensure a seamless experience, it is advisable to have your personal details and identification documents ready as most providers require them for verification purposes. Be prepared to share your desired 662 phone number preferences, such as specific digits or memorable combinations, if any. Remember to check if there are any fees associated with obtaining a new phone number. It's also worth considering the available plans and features offered by the provider to ensure it aligns with your communication needs. With a little research and communication with the service provider, you will be able to get a 662 phone number in no time.
Are all 662 area codes available?At, we understand the importance of having access to accurate and up-to-date information about US local phone numbers. When it comes to the availability of 662 area codes, we highly recommend utilizing our comprehensive database for the most accurate and reliable data. Our platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily search and find information regarding the availability of 662 area codes. Our team of experts constantly verifies the data to ensure its accuracy. However, it's important to note that phone number availability may vary depending on various factors, such as the current demand and local regulations. To maximize your chances of obtaining a 662 area code, we suggest contacting multiple service providers to compare their offerings. Our platform also offers detailed reviews and ratings of different US local phone number providers, allowing you to make an informed decision. When it comes to finding the best US local phone number provider, is your go-to source for reliable information and a seamless user experience.
Do I own my 662 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can sometimes be a complex matter. In the case of your 662 phone number, it is important to understand that phone numbers are typically assigned and managed by telecommunications providers. While you may have been assigned the use of the 662 number, ownership is usually retained by the provider. It is essential to review the terms and conditions of your agreement with your provider to determine the extent of your rights and privileges regarding the phone number. Some providers may allow you to port or transfer your number to another provider, while others may not allow for such actions. To obtain a clearer understanding of your specific rights and obligations, it is advisable to contact your telecommunications provider directly. They will be able to provide you with accurate information regarding the ownership and potential portability of your 662 phone number.

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