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Phone numbers in the 667 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Welcome to our site, where we aim to assist businesses in finding the ideal local phone number providers. If you're considering the 667 area code for your phone number, you've come to the right place. By choosing a local number, you establish a strong presence in that specific region, building trust and credibility with your target audience. Whether you're a small startup or a growing enterprise, having a local phone number can help you connect with customers more effectively. Our platform offers a comprehensive list of reputable providers that offer 667 area code phone numbers tailored to your business needs.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 667 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 667?

The 667 area code is associated with a specific geographic area, providing local phone number services for residents and businesses. This area code covers parts of Maryland, serving regions such as Baltimore, Columbia, Frederick, and Hagerstown. With a 667 area code, individuals and companies can establish strong local connections and a presence within these thriving communities. Whether you are seeking personal or professional phone number solutions, choosing a provider that supports the 667 area code ensures that you can tap into the rich opportunities and connect with the vibrant local population in these Maryland regions.
Major CityBaltimore

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
7% Peerless Network
3% Xo
3% Local Access
3% Us Lec
3% Level 3
3% Bandwidthcom Clec
1% Other


Prefixes Carrier
53% Verizon Wireless
10% 365 Wireless
3% Metro PCS
1% Other

How it works

Discover the power of the enigmatic 667 area code when you delve into the realm of top-notch phone number providers. These elite services bring you a veil of exclusivity, allowing you to stand out in a crowd. With their cutting-edge technology, secure the perfect digit combinations that resonate with your brand. Whether you seek a memorable vanity number or a more discreet numerical arrangement, these providers will cater to your unique desires. Harness the enigma of the 667 area code and unlock a world of communication possibilities, leaving an indelible mark on your clients' minds. Experience the magic today and leave a lasting impression.

Why your business needs a 667 phone number

Are you a business looking to establish a strong local presence? Then it's time to consider getting a 667 area code phone number. With a 667 number, you can create an immediate connection with customers in a specific region, namely eastern Maryland. Research shows that customers are more likely to engage with businesses that have local phone numbers, as it gives them a sense of familiarity and trust. Additionally, having a 667 number can help you target and reach your desired customer base more effectively, giving your business a competitive edge. Invest in a 667 area code phone number today and watch your local presence soar.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(667) 203-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 205-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 206-MobileTowsonMetro PCS07/16/2013
(667) 207-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 208-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 209-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 210-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 212-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 213-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 214-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 216-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 217-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 218-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 219-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 224-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 225-Cingular Wireless07/15/2014
(667) 231-LandlineAberdeenXo Maryland07/31/2013
(667) 234-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 239-MobileBaltimoreVerizon Wireless02/08/2012
(667) 253-MobileSalisbury365 Wireless03/11/2013
(667) 303-MobileBaltimore365 Wireless03/11/2013
(667) 305-MobilePikesville365 Wireless05/10/2013
(667) 307-LandlineCroftonPeerless Network04/09/2013
(667) 308-LandlineBaltimorePeerless Network11/20/2012
(667) 309-LandlineBaltimoreLocal Access08/01/2013
(667) 330-LandlineSalisburyUs Lec05/23/2012
(667) 401-LandlineBaltimoreLevel 3 Comms11/20/2012
(667) 777-Peerless Network07/08/2014
(667) 801-06/05/2014
(667) 803-LandlineSolomonsBandwidth.com08/16/2013


How do I get a 667 phone number?When it comes to getting a 667 phone number, the process can vary depending on the specific provider and location. One option is to approach a local telecommunications company and inquire about available phone numbers in the 667 area code. They can guide you through the necessary steps to acquire a new phone number. Another option is to explore virtual phone number services, which allow you to choose a phone number from a designated area code, including 667. Virtual phone number providers typically offer a range of services that cater to personal and business needs. They often provide online portals or apps where you can search for available 667 numbers and set up your new phone line in just a few clicks. Take your time to research and compare different providers to find the one that aligns with your requirements and preferences.
Are all 667 area codes available?When it comes to determining whether all 667 area codes are available, it is important to consult reliable sources and databases that provide up-to-date information on the allocation of phone numbers in the United States. These sources typically include governmental regulatory bodies and reputable telecommunications organizations. While it is difficult to provide a definitive answer without specific data, it is worth noting that area codes are often finite in number and are allocated based on geographical and population factors. To obtain the most accurate and current information about the availability of 667 area codes, it is recommended to visit official websites that offer comprehensive databases and search functionalities. These platforms allow users to enter specific location criteria and search for available phone numbers providers in various regions across the country. By utilizing such resources, individuals and businesses can gain access to the most reliable information to make informed decisions when selecting a US local phone number provider.
Do I own my 667 phone number?When it comes to local phone numbers like the 667 number you mentioned, ownership can be a bit complex. Local phone numbers are ultimately managed by telecommunications providers, so technically, you don't "own" the number in the traditional sense. However, you can consider it as your personal phone number as long as you are paying for the service and have a contractual agreement with the provider. Local phone numbers typically come with a service agreement, which allows you to use the number and have control over its usage. This means you can decide how calls are routed, enable call forwarding, and manage other features. However, if you decide to switch providers, the number may not be transferrable, and your "ownership" effectively ends with the termination of the contract. Remember, it's always a good idea to check with your particular service provider to understand the specifics regarding your local phone number and any terms and conditions related to its ownership and usage.

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