Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 681 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 681 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner looking for a reliable and trustworthy local phone number provider? Look no further. We understand the importance of securing a phone number that suits your business needs perfectly. With the 681 area code phone numbers, you can establish a strong local presence in West Virginia effortlessly. Whether you run a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, having a local phone number can significantly enhance your credibility and customer trust. Our comprehensive directory enables you to compare the best local phone number providers in your area, ensuring you make an informed choice for your business communication needs.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 681 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 681?

The 681 area code covers various picturesque regions in the United States. Spanning across parts of West Virginia, it extends its reach to areas highlighted by stunning natural landscapes. From rolling hills and expansive farmlands to dense forests and majestic mountains, the 681 area code proudly represents the beauty of its surroundings. Communities within this code thrive amidst a mix of small-town charm and vibrant urban centers. Whether you reside in historic towns or enjoy the outdoor adventures that this region offers, the 681 area code connects you to the heart of America's scenic wonders.
StateWest Virginia
Major CityCharleston

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
43% Coretel Virginia
11% Suddenlink Comms
8% Shentel
3% Frontier
3% Bandwidthcom Clec
3% Comcast Phone Of West Virgina
2% Teleport America
8% Other


Prefixes Carrier
6% Verizon Wireless
6% Cingular
4% Sprint
1% United States Cellular –
1% Other

How it works

Discover the effortless way to navigate the realm of local phone numbers with the 681 area code. Unlock unparalleled convenience and connectivity with our trusted selection of service providers. Seamlessly integrate your business or personal communications with a 681 area code phone number tailor-made to suit your needs. Offering exceptional call quality and unmatched reliability, our providers ensure crystal-clear connections that keep you connected at all times. Choose from our handpicked list of reputable vendors and enjoy competitive pricing, robust features, and flexible plans. Say goodbye to communication barriers and tap into the power of a 681 area code phone number today.

Why your business needs a 681 phone number

In today's competitive market, having a local phone number can provide a significant advantage for your business. A 681 area code phone number instantly creates a sense of familiarity and trust among potential customers in the region. It shows your commitment to serving the local community, building strong relationships, and establishing a local presence. Whether you're a small business or an established enterprise, a 681 area code phone number can enhance your credibility, increase customer engagement, and attract more local clients. Give your business the competitive edge it deserves with a 681 area code phone number.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(681) 200-LandlineParkersburgCas Comms06/01/2010
(681) 201-LandlineWelchShentel Comms09/14/2010
(681) 202-LandlineSlatyforkCitizens Telecom Co11/16/2010
(681) 203-MobileHuntingtonSprint04/20/2011
(681) 204-LandlineHuntingtonSprint09/02/2011
(681) 205-MobileCharlestonCingular Wireless04/27/2011
(681) 206-LandlineArbovaleCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 207-LandlineBeckleySprint09/26/2011
(681) 208-MobileSummersvilleVerizon Wireless02/25/2013
(681) 209-MobileMorgantownVerizon Wireless10/15/2012
(681) 210-LandlineArnoldsburgCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 212-MobileMorgantownCingular Wireless06/25/2010
(681) 213-LandlineWebster SpgsShentel Comms12/09/2009
(681) 214-LandlineFairmontBandwidth.com07/25/2012
(681) 215-LandlineCharlestonYmax Comms Corp.02/14/2011
(681) 216-LandlineAugustaCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 217-LandlineCharlestonCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/22/2014
(681) 219-LandlineSmithfieldCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 220-MobileBeckleyVerizon Wireless03/09/2011
(681) 221-LandlineEast BankSprint CommsCo.,01/15/2013
(681) 222-LandlineBeckleyCoretel Virginia06/19/2012
(681) 223-LandlineBirch RiverCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 224-LandlineGenoaCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 225-LandlineWarShentel Comms02/06/2013
(681) 226-LandlineMaysvilleCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 227-LandlineWardensvilleCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 228-LandlineThomasCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 229-MobileParkersburgSprint06/17/2011
(681) 230-LandlineClendeninCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 231-LandlineMoorefieldBandwidth.com01/09/2014
(681) 232-LandlineBluefieldTeleport Comms America11/12/2013
(681) 233-LandlineHurricaneCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/27/2014
(681) 235-MobileScott DepotVerizon Wireless08/23/2011
(681) 236-LandlineElizabethCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/24/2014
(681) 238-MobileBeckleyVerizon Wireless06/30/2011
(681) 239-LandlineNorthforkShentel Comms12/09/2010
(681) 242-MobileFalling WatersSprint03/20/2012
(681) 245-MobileCharlestonSprint10/14/2011
(681) 251-LandlineBluefieldShentel Comms01/31/2013
(681) 252-LandlineMartinsburgComcast Phone Of West Virgina02/21/2013
(681) 255-LandlineBluefieldMCI Metro ATS11/06/2012
(681) 258-MobileHedgesvilleVerizon Wireless05/09/2011
(681) 260-LandlineMartinsburgFrontier West Virginia05/07/2012
(681) 262-LandlineRupertCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 265-LandlineCharlestonCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms10/23/2013
(681) 282-LandlineBluefieldCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms10/23/2013
(681) 284-LandlineBluefieldComcast Phone Of West Virgina03/06/2013
(681) 285-MobileMorgantownCingular Wireless03/02/2009
(681) 288-LandlineCowenCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 289-Bandwidth.com06/13/2014
(681) 291-LandlineRainelleCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/28/2014
(681) 295-LandlineEllenboroCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 298-LandlineElkinsCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms11/26/2013
(681) 302-MobileN MartinsvlleCingular Wireless06/25/2010
(681) 309-LandlineLevelsCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 312-LandlineCameronCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 313-MobileCharlestonCingular Wireless10/17/2011
(681) 315-LandlineParkersburgDigital Connections07/17/2013
(681) 318-LandlineLewisburgCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/28/2014
(681) 319-LandlineCharlestonCoretel Virginia06/19/2012
(681) 320-LandlineBurlingtonCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 321-LandlineSalemFibernet04/04/2014
(681) 323-LandlineBluefieldCitizens Telecom Co05/07/2012
(681) 328-MobileWeirtonSprint04/28/2011
(681) 329-LandlinePaynesvilleShentel Comms01/31/2013
(681) 332-LandlineReaderCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 334-LandlineOceanaCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 335-LandlineRockportCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 340-LandlineCharlestonFrontier West Virginia08/02/2011
(681) 341-LandlineCharlestonFrontier West Virginia06/29/2011
(681) 342-LandlineBridgeportFrontier West Virginia03/26/2009
(681) 343-LandlinePaw PawComcast Phone Of West Virgina02/28/2013
(681) 351-LandlineHamlinCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 352-LandlineManCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 355-LandlineSummersvilleShentel Comms05/19/2009
(681) 358-MobileRipleyVerizon Wireless10/23/2012
(681) 365-LandlineCowenShentel Comms12/09/2009
(681) 375-LandlineBlacksvilleCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 378-LandlineHuntingtonComcast Phone Of West Virgina02/21/2013
(681) 381-Shentel Comms05/13/2014
(681) 382-LandlineClarksburgCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 388-LandlineEglonCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 392-LandlineSmithvilleCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 393-LandlineWadestownCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 398-LandlinePursgloveCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 399-LandlineParsonsCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 400-LandlineWhitesvilleCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/28/2014
(681) 404-MobileFairmontCingular Wireless06/25/2010
(681) 408-LandlineHarrisvilleCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 409-LandlineFrankfordCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 416-LandlineDelbartonCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/24/2014
(681) 421-LandlineClarksburgCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 422-LandlineMount HopeCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/28/2014
(681) 427-MobileCharlestonSprint04/20/2011
(681) 429-LandlineClarksburgCoretel Virginia10/14/2011
(681) 434-LandlineElbertShentel Comms08/01/2012
(681) 435-LandlineThomasCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 441-LandlineBruceton MillsCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 442-LandlineGrantsvilleCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 443-MobileFairmontVerizon Wireless02/25/2013
(681) 445-Bandwidth.com06/13/2014
(681) 448-LandlineCapon BridgeCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 449-LandlineHundredCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 456-LandlineClarksburgTeleport Comms America06/12/2009
(681) 459-LandlineGlen DanielCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/27/2014
(681) 475-LandlineWalkersvilleCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 488-LandlineClarksburgCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 493-LandlineHacker ValleyCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 495-LandlineWestonBandwidth.com07/25/2012
(681) 498-LandlineCanaan ValleyCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 499-LandlineBluefieldShentel Comms12/09/2010
(681) 515-LandlineMasonCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 532-LandlineMullensCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 533-LandlineWestonBandwidth.com12/14/2010
(681) 535-LandlineAuburnCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 539-LandlineCrab OrchardCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/28/2014
(681) 559-LandlineBuckeyeCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 577-LandlineDilleCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 612-LandlineSaint MarysCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/28/2014
(681) 620-MobileKeyserUnited States Cellular Corp.03/05/2014
(681) 622-LandlineClarksburgFrontier West Virginia05/07/2012
(681) 629-LandlineHarmanCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 642-LandlineAldersonCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 668-MobileCheat LakeCingular Wireless03/05/2014
(681) 675-LandlineLetartCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 693-LandlineCairoCoretel Virginia07/26/2013
(681) 729-LandlineDavyShentel Comms12/09/2010
(681) 731-LandlineMill CreekCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/28/2014
(681) 735-LandlineKermitCebridge Telecom Wv DBA Suddenlink Comms01/27/2014
(681) 753-MobileFairmontCingular Wireless06/22/2009
(681) 758-LandlineFairmontTime Warner Cable (west Virginia)08/13/2013
(681) 797-LandlineParkersburgCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 800-LandlineClarksburgCoretel Virginia04/16/2013
(681) 823-LandlineOak HillCoretel Virginia08/02/2013
(681) 838-LandlineAmmaCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 858-LandlineIvydaleCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 875-LandlineMarlintonCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 886-LandlinePine GroveCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 888-LandlineHuntingtonCoretel Virginia06/19/2012
(681) 892-LandlinePetersburgShentel Comms05/19/2009
(681) 924-LandlinePaw PawCoretel Virginia07/29/2013
(681) 945-LandlineCharlestonTeleport Comms America06/12/2009
(681) 965-LandlineWebster SpgsCoretel Virginia07/29/2013


How do I get a 681 phone number?If you're interested in obtaining a 681 phone number, you can do so by reaching out to a local phone number provider or contacting your existing service provider. There are several available options to get a 681 phone number based on your specific requirements. 1. Local Phone Service Providers: Research and contact local service providers in your area who offer phone number allocation services. They can assist you in obtaining a 681 number based on their availability. 2. Online Phone Number Marketplaces: Explore online marketplaces that specialize in phone number allocation. These platforms connect individuals seeking specific numbers with sellers who have available inventory. 3. Requesting a Change from Your Service Provider: If you already have a phone number from a different area code, you can contact your current service provider and inquire about changing your number to a 681 area code. Remember to consider your needs and location when selecting a provider to ensure they offer the features, pricing, and coverage that align with your requirements.
Are all 681 area codes available?The availability of 681 area codes depends on the specific local phone number provider you choose. While it is ideal to have access to all available area codes, not all providers may offer the complete range of area codes, including 681. It is recommended to research and compare different providers to ensure they offer the desired area code. To find accurate information about the availability of 681 area codes, you can utilize reliable online databases that specialize in providing comprehensive data on US local phone numbers and their corresponding area codes. These databases compile up-to-date information directly from telecommunications authorities and providers. By utilizing such databases, you can easily search for 681 area codes and determine which providers offer them. Additionally, these websites often provide user reviews and ratings for different providers, helping you make an informed decision about the best local phone number provider that suits your needs.
Do I own my 681 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex matter. In the case of your 681 phone number, it is important to understand that phone numbers are typically assigned by local phone number providers and are subject to their terms and conditions. While you may have been assigned the number and have the ability to use it, ownership rights might not be entirely granted to you. Often, the ownership of phone numbers is retained by the telecommunications company that issues and manages them. This means that while you may possess and utilize the 681 phone number, the ultimate ownership and control of the number may rest with the phone number provider. To fully determine the specifics of your ownership rights, it is recommended to refer to the terms of service agreement or contact the local phone number provider that assigned you the 681 number. They will be the best source of information on your rights and limitations related to the phone number.

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