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Phone numbers in the 705 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

When it comes to selecting a phone number for your business, you need to consider various factors. For an enterprise looking to establish a local presence in the 705 area code, there are several compelling reasons to opt for a corresponding phone number. A 705 area code phone number allows you to tap into the local market, enhancing credibility and trust among potential customers. Moreover, it simplifies communication, ensuring that clients can easily reach you without incurring long-distance charges. By choosing a 705 area code phone number, you can demonstrate your commitment to serving the community and gain a competitive edge in your target market.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 705 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 705?

The 705 area code encompasses several picturesque regions in Canada, offering a blend of natural beauty and urban charm. Spanning across parts of Ontario, this area code covers vast areas, including cities like Sudbury, Barrie, North Bay, and Peterborough. From the stunning landscapes of Georgian Bay to the pristine lakes and forests of Muskoka, the 705 area code is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With a rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, and bustling city centers, these regions provide a high quality of life for residents and attract visitors from far and wide. Find the best local phone number providers in the 705 area code and experience the best of these remarkable regions.
Major CitySudbury, ON

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Welcome to our platform, where we connect you with the most reliable local phone number providers. Are you looking for a hassle-free way to obtain a 705 area code phone number? Look no further! At our esteemed service, we ensure a seamless process when selling these numbers. Our extensive network of trusted providers guarantees genuine, high-quality 705 area code phone numbers that are tailored to your specific requirements. We prioritize customer satisfaction and value your privacy, so rest assured that your data is handled securely. Experience the convenience and benefits of a 705 area code phone number with our exceptional service today.

Why your business needs a 705 phone number

In today's competitive business landscape, having a local phone number that resonates with your target audience is crucial. If your business operates in the 705 area code, obtaining a phone number with this local prefix can significantly boost your credibility and establish a strong local presence. It creates a sense of trust and familiarity among potential customers, who are more likely to engage with businesses that share a local connection. Additionally, a 705 area code phone number simplifies communication and helps you build stronger relationships with clients, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Don't underestimate the power of a local phone number in elevating your business's professional image and driving success in your target market.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(705) 200-MobileMattawaRogers (wireless)
(705) 201-LandlinePeterboroughIsp Telecom
(705) 202-LandlineCampbellfordIsp Telecom
(705) 203-MobileParry SoundTelus Mobility
(705) 204-MobileBracebridgeTelus Mobility
(705) 205-MobileBracebridgeTelus Mobility10/25/2002
(705) 206-MobileSault Ste MarieTelus Mobility
(705) 207-LandlineSudburyTelus Mobility
(705) 208-LandlineAlgoma MillsTelus Mobility
(705) 209-LandlineMidlandTelus Mobility
(705) 210-MobileGore BayTelus Mobility
(705) 212-LandlineLindsayTelnet Comms
(705) 213-LandlineBobcaygeonTelnet Comms
(705) 214-LandlineCanningtonTelnet Comms
(705) 215-LandlineFenelon FallsTelnet Comms
(705) 216-LandlineCoboconkTelnet Comms
(705) 217-LandlineBeavertonTelnet Comms
(705) 218-MobileMattawaRogers (wireless)
(705) 219-LandlineSunderlandTelnet Comms
(705) 220-MobileBarrieRogers (wireless)
(705) 221-MobileTimminsTelus Mobility
(705) 222-LandlineSudburyExatel06/30/2001
(705) 223-LandlineNorth BayExatel02/09/2003
(705) 224-LandlineHuntsvilleExatel08/31/2003
(705) 225-LandlineTimminsNorthern Telephone Ltd.
(705) 227-MobileAlgoma MillsBell Mobility02/16/2006
(705) 228-LandlineUdoraBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 229-MobileBarrieBell Mobility
(705) 230-LandlineBorden AngusIristel
(705) 231-MobileIroquois Falls NtNortherntel Limited Partnership (mobility)
(705) 232-LandlineIroquois Falls NtNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 233-LandlineSultanBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 234-LandlineMissanabieBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 235-LandlineSouth PorcupineNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 236-LandlineRamoreNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 237-LandlineTemagamiO.n. Tel02/04/1994
(705) 238-LandlineOrilliaBell Canada03/03/2001
(705) 239-LandlineBiscotasingBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 240-LandlineSouth PorcupineExatel
(705) 241-MobileBarrieRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(705) 242-LandlineOrilliaIristel
(705) 243-LandlinePeterboroughIristel
(705) 244-LandlineCapreolBell Aliant Regional Comms
(705) 245-LandlineMidlandRogers (cable)
(705) 246-LandlineSaint Joseph IslandBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 247-LandlineChristna LakeBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 248-LandlineEcho BayBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 250-LandlineAllistonRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(705) 251-LandlineSault Ste MarieExatel02/16/2006
(705) 252-LandlineBarrieRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(705) 253-LandlineSault Ste MarieBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 254-LandlineSault Ste MarieBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 255-MobileSault Ste MarieRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(705) 256-LandlineSault Ste MarieBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 257-LandlineSault Ste MarieBell Canada08/04/2002
(705) 258-LandlineIroquois Falls ApO.n. Tel02/04/1994
(705) 259-LandlineOrilliaRogers (cable)10/13/2005
(705) 260-MobileSault Ste MarieThunder Bay Mobility
(705) 261-MobileElliot LakeRogers (wireless)05/01/2002
(705) 262-LandlineTimminsTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(705) 263-LandlineWestreeBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 264-LandlineTimminsNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 265-LandlineTimminsO.n. Tel
(705) 266-LandlineTimminsNorthern Telephone Ltd.01/10/1996
(705) 267-LandlineTimminsNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 268-LandlineTimminsNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 269-LandlineTimminsExatel
(705) 270-LandlinePeterboroughTelus Integrated Comms
(705) 271-LandlineCochraneCochrane Public Utilities Commission11/11/2003
(705) 272-LandlineCochraneCochrane Public Utilities Commission02/04/1994
(705) 273-LandlineMathesonNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 274-MobileTimminsTelus Mobility
(705) 275-LandlineKashechewanBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 276-LandlineBethanyNexicom Telecom
(705) 277-LandlineBethanyBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 278-LandlineFort AlbanyBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 279-MobileBarrieTelus Mobility
(705) 280-MobileSudburyRogers (wireless)
(705) 281-MobileMattawaRogers (wireless)
(705) 282-LandlineGore BayBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 283-LandlineSilverwaterBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 284-LandlineWhitefish FallsBragg Comms
(705) 285-LandlineWhitefish FallsBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 286-LandlineMindenBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 287-LandlineKillarneyBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 288-MobileTimminsNortherntel Limited Partnership (mobility)
(705) 290-LandlineLefroyRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(705) 291-LandlineCookstownRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(705) 292-LandlineBridgenorthBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 293-LandlineCollingwoodRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(705) 294-LandlineStroudRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(705) 295-LandlineKeeneNexicom Telephones02/04/1994
(705) 296-LandlineBridgenorthNexicom Telecom
(705) 297-MobileSault Ste MarieTelus Mobility
(705) 298-LandlineOrilliaTelus Integrated Comms
(705) 299-LandlineRamsayBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 300-LandlineBarrieIristel
(705) 301-MobileGoulaisThunder Bay Mobility
(705) 302-LandlineBarrieIristel
(705) 303-MobileNorth BayBell Mobility
(705) 304-LandlinePeterboroughIristel
(705) 305-MobileBarrieTelus Mobility
(705) 306-MobileHaliburtonTelus Mobility
(705) 307-MobileLindsayTelus Mobility
(705) 308-MobileLindsayTelus Mobility
(705) 309-MobileBarrieTelus Mobility12/13/2004
(705) 310-Bell Canada
(705) 312-MobilePeterboroughTelus Mobility08/20/2000
(705) 313-MobilePeterboroughRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(705) 314-MobileSmooth Rock FallsNortherntel Limited Partnership (mobility)
(705) 315-LandlineBarrieIristel
(705) 317-LandlineUdoraComwave Networks
(705) 318-LandlinePefferlawComwave Networks
(705) 319-LandlineKapuskasingExatel
(705) 320-LandlineLindsayTelus Integrated Comms
(705) 321-MobileBarrieTelus Mobility01/25/1998
(705) 322-LandlineElmvaleBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 323-LandlineOrilliaBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 324-LandlineLindsayBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 325-LandlineOrilliaBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 326-LandlineOrilliaBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 327-LandlineOrilliaBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 328-LandlineLindsayBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 329-LandlineOrilliaBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 330-LandlineOrilliaBell Canada08/14/1998
(705) 331-MobileBarrieTelus Mobility07/22/1999
(705) 332-MobileKapuskasingNortherntel Limited Partnership (mobility)
(705) 333-MobileBarrieTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(705) 334-LandlineAbitibi CanyonNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 335-LandlineKapuskasingNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 336-LandlineMoosoneeO.n. Tel02/04/1994
(705) 337-LandlineKapuskasingNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 338-LandlineSmooth Rock FallsNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 339-LandlineFauquierNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 340-LandlineLindsayBell Canada07/04/1995
(705) 341-MobileLindsayRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(705) 342-LandlineNobelBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 344-MobileLindsayTelus Mobility05/18/1998
(705) 345-MobileOrilliaRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(705) 346-MobileParry SoundRogers (wireless)06/30/2001
(705) 347-LandlineKapuskasingTelus Mobility08/31/2003
(705) 348-MobileGore BayBell Mobility02/16/2006
(705) 349-MobileHuntsvilleBell Mobility02/16/2006
(705) 350-MobileOrilliaFido Solutions
(705) 351-MobileCollingwoodBell Mobility06/25/2005
(705) 352-LandlineWasaga BeachRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(705) 353-LandlineOroRogers (cable)
(705) 355-LandlinePenetanguisheneRogers (cable)
(705) 356-LandlineBlind RiverBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 357-LandlineSunderlandBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 358-MobileNorth BayTelus Mobility
(705) 359-LandlineCameronBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 360-LandlineTimminsNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 361-LandlineBluewaterBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 362-LandlineHearstNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 363-LandlineConnaughtNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 364-LandlineMatticeNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 365-LandlineKamiskotiaNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 366-LandlinePort Au BarlBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 367-LandlineMoonbeamNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 368-LandlineLittle CurrentBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 369-LandlineOpasatikaNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 370-LandlineLittle CurrentExatel10/13/2005
(705) 371-LandlineKapuskasingBragg Comms
(705) 372-LandlineHearstNorthern Telephone Ltd.02/04/1994
(705) 373-MobileHearstNortherntel Limited Partnership (mobility)
(705) 374-LandlineCambrayAmtelecom Limited Partnership02/04/1994
(705) 375-LandlineMactierBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 376-LandlineFauquierBragg Comms
(705) 377-LandlineMindemoyaAmtelecom Limited Partnership02/04/1994
(705) 378-LandlineOtter LakeBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 379-LandlineLivelyBell Aliant Regional Comms
(705) 380-MobileHuntsvilleTelus Mobility05/18/1998
(705) 381-LandlineMoonbeamBragg Comms
(705) 382-LandlineBurks FallsBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 383-LandlineBrittBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 384-LandlineSundridgeBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 385-LandlinePort SydneyBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 386-LandlineSouth RiverBell Canada02/04/1994
(705) 387-LandlineMagnetawanBell Canada02/04/1994


How do I get a 705 phone number?If you're looking to obtain a 705 phone number, the first step is to determine which service provider covers the geographic area associated with the 705 area code. This area code is specific to certain regions in Ontario, Canada. To acquire a 705 phone number, you will need to subscribe to a local service provider within one of these areas. Researching and contacting various providers is key to finding the best option for your needs. Consider checking with major telecommunications companies or local internet service providers (ISPs) that offer telephone services in the desired area. They can guide you through the process of obtaining a 705 phone number and provide any necessary information or documentation required for activation. Additionally, you may also explore alternatives such as virtual phone numbers or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, as they can sometimes offer the flexibility to choose area codes from various regions. However, for a truly local presence, it's advisable to go with a provider that covers the 705 area code specifically.
Are all 705 area codes available?Finding accurate and up-to-date information about the availability of specific area codes can be a daunting task. However, when it comes to the 705 area code in the United States, it is important to consult reliable sources for the most accurate information. While it's challenging to provide a definitive answer in this brief response, there are various online resources available to help individuals determine the availability of area codes, including the official websites of telecommunication regulatory bodies. These reputable sources often provide the most current information on available area codes. It's essential to cross-reference multiple sources to ensure accuracy as availability may change over time. Additionally, contacting local phone service providers or telecommunications companies directly will provide the most reliable and accurate information about the availability of the 705 area code and other area codes throughout the United States. Taking the time to conduct thorough research and consult official sources will help individuals make informed decisions when choosing a US local phone number provider.
Do I own my 705 phone number?When it comes to owning a phone number, it's important to understand that phone numbers themselves are not owned by individuals. Phone numbers are allocated and assigned by telecommunications providers, and individuals or businesses are granted the right to use them. In the case of your 705 phone number, it is likely that a telecommunications provider or a phone service company has allocated and assigned this number to you for use. While you may have the right to use the 705 phone number, it's important to note that the ownership of the number ultimately lies with the telecommunications provider or the phone service company. If you decide to switch providers or cancel your service, it is possible that you may not be able to retain the same phone number, as ownership of that number remains with the provider. It is always recommended to check with your specific telecommunications provider or phone service company to understand the terms and conditions regarding phone number ownership and potential porting options if you wish to transfer your number to a new provider.

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