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Best Local Business Phone Providers for 709 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 709?

The 709 area code is assigned to the stunning province of Newfoundland and Labrador, located in eastern Canada. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality, this area code covers a vast geographic region. From the rugged coastline of the Atlantic Ocean to charming fishing villages, picturesque national parks, and vibrant urban centers like St. John's, the 709 area code encapsulates the diverse beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador. Whether you're a local resident or a traveler exploring this enchanting province, finding a reliable local phone number provider that caters to your needs is crucial, and our site is here to assist you.
Major CitySt. Johns, NL
TimezoneNewfoundland / Atlantic

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How it works

When it comes to locality, the 709 area code phone numbers have proven to be a reliable choice for businesses and individuals alike. These numbers effortlessly blend in with the local community, ensuring a strong presence and fostering trust among customers. With the assistance of our top-notch services, finding the best provider for 709 area code numbers becomes a seamless process. Our platform meticulously analyzes various providers, vetting their reputation, service quality, and affordability. By using our site, you can effortlessly identify the most reputable local phone number providers, ensuring a seamless communication experience that aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

Why your business needs a 709 phone number

In today's hyper-connected world, having a local phone number is vital for businesses to establish trust and enhance their local presence. Obtaining a 709 area code phone number can be advantageous for those operating in the beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. A 709 phone number not only identifies your business as a part of the local community but also makes it convenient for customers and clients to reach out to you without incurring long-distance charges. By investing in a 709 area code phone number, you can strengthen your business's credibility, boost customer engagement, and foster a sense of familiarity among your target audience.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(709) 212-MobileSaint AnthonyTelus Mobility
(709) 213-MobileFresh WaterTelus Mobility
(709) 214-MobileStephenvilleTelus Mobility
(709) 215-MobileDeer LakeTelus Mobility
(709) 216-MobileCorner BrookTelus Mobility
(709) 217-MobileHappy AdventureTelus Mobility
(709) 221-LandlineSaint JohnsRogers (cable)
(709) 222-MobileBay RobertsTelus Mobility
(709) 223-LandlineGreenspondBragg Comms
(709) 224-LandlineWestportAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 225-LandlineRiver Of PondsAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 226-MobileFresh WaterAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 227-LandlineFresh WaterAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 228-LandlineLong HarbourAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 229-LandlineHarbour MainAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 230-LandlineFresh WaterAliant Telecom (nf)02/16/2006
(709) 231-LandlineHarbour MainBragg Comms
(709) 232-LandlinePouch CoveRogers (cable)
(709) 233-LandlineTorbayRogers (cable)
(709) 234-LandlineGanderAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 235-LandlineGanderAliant Telecom (nf)11/11/2003
(709) 236-LandlineWestportBragg Comms
(709) 237-LandlineSaint JohnsRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(709) 238-LandlineWitless BayRogers (cable)06/01/2006
(709) 239-LandlineBurlingtonBragg Comms06/01/2006
(709) 240-LandlineLong PondRogers (cable)
(709) 241-LandlinePort AlbertAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 242-LandlinePortugal CoveRogers (cable)
(709) 243-LandlineCow HeadAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 244-LandlineCooksvilleAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 245-LandlineEnglish Harbour EastAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 246-LandlineCooksvilleBragg Comms
(709) 247-LandlineBrig BayAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 248-LandlineHawkes BayAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 249-LandlineCooks HarbourAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 251-LandlinePacquetAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 252-LandlineBurlingtonAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 253-LandlineFleur De LysAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 254-LandlineMings BightAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 255-LandlineNippers HarbourAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 256-LandlineGanderAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 257-LandlineBotwoodAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 258-LandlineBishops FallsAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 259-LandlineBoyds CoveBragg Comms
(709) 261-LandlineCampbelltonAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 262-LandlineCampbelltonBragg Comms
(709) 263-LandlineTritonAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 264-LandlineBeaumontAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 265-LandlineTerra NovaAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 266-LandlineFogoAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 267-LandlineLittle BayAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 268-LandlineKing CityAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 269-LandlineGreenspondAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 270-MobileFogoAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 271-LandlineLourdesBragg Comms
(709) 272-LandlineDegrasBragg Comms
(709) 273-LandlineSaint JohnsAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 274-LandlineJeffreysBragg Comms
(709) 275-LandlineSaint GeorgesBragg Comms
(709) 276-LandlineMarystownAliant Telecom (nf)10/13/2005
(709) 277-MobileMarystownAliant Telecom (mobility)01/10/1996
(709) 278-LandlinePort Au PortBragg Comms
(709) 279-LandlineMarystownAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 280-MobileLake CharlotteAliant Telecom (mobility)06/01/2006
(709) 281-LandlineLumsdenBragg Comms
(709) 282-LandlineLake CharlotteAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 283-LandlineStephenvilleBragg Comms
(709) 284-LandlineLong PondBragg Comms
(709) 285-LandlineLake CharlotteAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 286-LandlineFresh WaterBragg Comms
(709) 287-LandlineGanderBragg Comms
(709) 288-LandlineLake CharlotteTelus Quebec
(709) 289-LandlineCorner BrookBragg Comms
(709) 290-MobileGrand FallsAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 291-MobileCarmanvilleAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 292-LandlineGrand FallsAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 293-LandlineGrand FallsAliant Telecom (nf)11/11/2003
(709) 295-LandlineSaint MarysBragg Comms
(709) 296-LandlineGrey RiverAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 297-MobileBaie VerteAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 298-MobilePort SaundersAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 303-MobileEastportAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 304-MobileTwillingateAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 310-Aliant Telecom (nf)
(709) 320-MobileSaint LawrenceAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 323-MobileHarbour BretonAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 324-MobileSaint AlbansAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 325-MobileSaint JohnsAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 326-LandlineTrepasseyBragg Comms
(709) 328-LandlineGarnishBragg Comms
(709) 329-LandlineWild CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 330-MobileSaint JohnsAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 332-MobileMarystownAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 334-LandlineWitless BayAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 335-LandlinePouch CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 337-LandlineSaint BridesAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 338-LandlineBranchAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 341-MobileSaint JohnsFido Solutions10/13/1999
(709) 342-LandlineBurinBragg Comms
(709) 351-MobileSaint JohnsRogers (wireless)02/27/1999
(709) 353-LandlineGrand BankBragg Comms
(709) 356-LandlineMonkstownAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 357-LandlineMarystownBragg Comms
(709) 358-LandlineGrand FallsBragg Comms
(709) 359-LandlineSaint LawrenceBragg Comms
(709) 363-LandlineFermeuseAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 364-LandlineSaint JohnsAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 368-LandlineSaint JohnsAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 369-LandlineLamalineBragg Comms
(709) 373-LandlineBay L ArgentBragg Comms
(709) 374-LandlineRushoonBragg Comms
(709) 375-LandlineTerrencevilleBragg Comms
(709) 376-LandlineEnglish Harbour EastBragg Comms
(709) 377-MobileGrand BankAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 381-LandlineGanderRogers (cable)
(709) 383-LandlineSaint JohnsAllstream
(709) 388-LandlineCorner BrookRogers (cable)
(709) 389-LandlineBotwoodRogers (cable)
(709) 391-LandlineDeer LakeRogers (cable)
(709) 393-LandlineGrand FallsRogers (cable)
(709) 394-LandlinePasadenaRogers (cable)
(709) 395-LandlineBishops FallsRogers (cable)
(709) 400-LandlineTorbayIristel
(709) 419-MobileRocky HarbourAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 421-MobileTritonAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 422-MobileGanderAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 423-LandlineGrimsbyAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 424-MobileGanderAliant Telecom (mobility)02/04/1994
(709) 425-MobileClarenvilleAliant Telecom (mobility)
(709) 426-MobileClarenvilleRogers (wireless)10/25/2002
(709) 427-MobileClarenvilleAliant Telecom (mobility)02/04/1994
(709) 428-LandlinePetit ForteAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 429-LandlineClarenvilleAliant Telecom (nf)10/13/2005
(709) 432-LandlineCape BroyleAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 433-LandlineClarenvilleBragg Comms
(709) 434-LandlineHillviewBragg Comms
(709) 435-LandlineLittle Hearts EaseBragg Comms
(709) 436-LandlinePort RextonBragg Comms
(709) 437-LandlineTorbayAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 438-LandlineTrepasseyAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 439-LandlineMusgravetownBragg Comms
(709) 441-LandlineTritonBragg Comms
(709) 442-LandlineBellevueAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 443-LandlineRushoonAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 444-LandlineStpnvlcrsgBragg Comms
(709) 445-LandlineNewmans CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 446-LandlineNewmans CoveBragg Comms
(709) 447-LandlineKings CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 448-LandlineKings CoveBragg Comms
(709) 449-LandlineSaint AnthonyAliant Telecom (nf)10/13/2005
(709) 450-MobileSaint AnthonyAliant Telecom (mobility)05/02/2004
(709) 451-LandlineTrout RiverAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 452-LandlineRaleighAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 453-LandlineWoody PointAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 454-LandlineSaint AnthonyAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 455-LandlineHampdenAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 456-LandlineFlowers CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 457-LandlineRoddicktonAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 458-LandlineRocky HarbourAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 459-LandlineJacksons ArmAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 460-LandlineChance CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 461-LandlineBay L ArgentAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 462-LandlinePrincetonAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 463-LandlineArnolds CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 464-LandlinePort RextonAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 465-LandlineLittle Harbour EastAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 466-LandlineClarenvilleAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 467-LandlineMusgravetownAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 468-LandlineBonavistaAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 469-LandlineCatalinaAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 470-MobileBonavistaAliant Telecom (mobility)08/31/2003
(709) 471-LandlineBlack TickleAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 472-LandlineCome By ChanceAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 473-LandlineJamestownAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 475-LandlineGreen Island CoveAliant Telecom (nf)02/04/1994
(709) 476-LandlineBonavistaBragg Comms
(709) 477-LandlineCatalinaBragg Comms
(709) 478-LandlineDavis InletAliant Telecom (nf)02/0


How do I get a 709 phone number?If you are looking to get a 709 phone number, you can explore various options to acquire one. The first step is to check with local service providers in the area code 709 region. They can provide you with information on available phone numbers and guide you through the process of obtaining a new line or transferring an existing one. Additionally, online phone number providers or virtual phone systems may offer 709 area code numbers. These services typically allow you to choose from a range of available numbers and set up call forwarding or other features. Be sure to research and compare different providers to find the one that best suits your needs, considering factors like cost, features, and customer reviews. Remember, availability may vary depending on the provider and location. It is advisable to contact multiple sources and explore all your options to secure a 709 phone number conveniently.
Are all 709 area codes available?At the moment, it appears that not all 709 area codes are available. The 709 area code is currently assigned to the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. However, due to the increasing demand for phone numbers, it is possible that some of the 709 area codes have been exhausted or reserved for specific purposes. It is advisable to check with local phone service providers or regulatory bodies to determine the availability of specific 709 area codes. These organizations will have accurate and up-to-date information regarding the allocation of phone numbers within the 709 area code. It is important to note that different providers may have varying availability of specific area codes, so it is always recommended to explore multiple options when searching for a local phone number.
Do I own my 709 phone number?Finding information about the ownership of a specific phone number can be a complex process due to privacy concerns and legal regulations. However, if you have been assigned or purchased a 709 phone number, it generally indicates that you have some level of ownership or usage rights over that number. To determine the exact ownership details, you can start by contacting your local phone service provider or carrier. They will have access to their records and can confirm if you are the registered owner of the 709 phone number assigned to you. It's important to note that phone number ownership can also depend on the type of service you are using. For example, if you are using a prepaid or temporary service, the ownership may be limited compared to a long-term contracted service. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information about your phone number ownership, it is best to directly contact your phone service provider or consult their terms and conditions.

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