Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 716 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 716 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a local business in the 716 area code region? Look no further for the perfect phone number provider! Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, or professional service, having a local phone number can significantly boost your credibility and appeal to customers. A 716 area code phone number creates a sense of familiarity and trust, signaling that you are an integral part of the community. Our platform connects you to reliable providers offering cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs. Gain a competitive edge and build strong relationships with your target audience by securing a 716 area code phone number today!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 716 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 716?

Looking for the best local phone number provider in the 716 area code? Look no further! The 716 area code covers various geographic areas, providing phone services to the western part of New York State. This includes major cities like Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Jamestown, as well as surrounding regions such as Erie County, Niagara County, and Chautauqua County. Whether you need a business number or a personal line, our platform will help you discover top-notch providers offering excellent services in the 716 area code. Connect with local businesses and individuals seamlessly with a phone number that best suits your needs.
StateNew York
Major CityBuffalo

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
34% Verizon
4% Telcove Atlantic
4% Time Warner Cable Info Svce (new York)
4% Windstream New York – Jamestown
2% Paetec
2% Choice One
2% Teleport Group
16% Other


Prefixes Carrier
11% Verizon Wireless
6% Cingular
6% Sprint
3% Usa Mobility Wireless
2% Cricket Comm
2% Omnipoint
1% Buffalo-lake Erie Wireless Systems
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform, where we connect you with top-notch local phone number providers. Looking for a reliable service in the 716 area code? You've come to the right place. Our trusted partners offer seamless and efficient phone number services that cater to your unique business needs. The 716 area code covers a diverse range of thriving communities, and our providers ensure crystal-clear call quality and excellent customer support. From Buffalo to Jamestown, our esteemed partners deliver the best solutions to keep you connected with your local audience. Find the perfect 716 area code phone number provider today and enhance your business communications effortlessly.

Why your business needs a 716 phone number

When it comes to establishing a professional presence for your business, having a local phone number can be crucial. Choosing a 716 area code phone number offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it instills a sense of trust and familiarity among local customers, increasing the likelihood of them reaching out to you. Secondly, it allows you to tap into the local market, potentially attracting more customers who prefer to support local businesses. Furthermore, a 716 area code phone number helps to establish credibility and legitimacy, as it shows that you have a physical presence in the community. Boost your business's image with a 716 area code phone number today.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(716) 200-LandlineBuffaloLevel 3 Comms02/04/1994
(716) 201-LandlineLockportSprint12/22/2006
(716) 202-LandlineBuffaloLevel 3 Comms11/03/2006
(716) 203-LandlineDunkirkTelcove Atlantic02/27/1999
(716) 204-LandlineBuffaloChoice One Comms05/10/1999
(716) 205-LandlineNiagara FallsChoice One Comms05/10/1999
(716) 206-LandlineBuffaloChoice One Comms05/10/1999
(716) 207-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless05/18/1998
(716) 208-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless05/10/1999
(716) 209-LandlineOrchard ParkTelcove Atlantic05/18/1998
(716) 210-LandlineSanbornTelcove Atlantic05/18/1998
(716) 213-LandlineTonawandaChoice One Comms05/10/1999
(716) 214-MobileGerryTime Warner Cable (new York)12/18/2006
(716) 215-LandlineNiagara FallsTelcove Atlantic10/11/1997
(716) 216-LandlineSanbornTime Warner Cable (new York)12/18/2006
(716) 217-LandlineAngolaCtc Comms Corp.01/16/2007
(716) 218-LandlineBuffaloBandwidth.com09/03/2008
(716) 219-LandlineYoungstownTime Warner Cable (new York)01/25/2007
(716) 220-MobileBuffaloLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm03/11/2010
(716) 221-LandlineClarence CtrChoice One Comms06/17/2010
(716) 222-LandlineHollandTime Warner Cable (new York)01/25/2007
(716) 223-MobileRipleyCingular Wireless04/18/2003
(716) 224-MobileMayvilleCingular Wireless04/18/2003
(716) 225-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless02/13/2007
(716) 226-LandlineBostonTime Warner Cable (new York)02/13/2007
(716) 227-MobileRushfordCingular Wireless03/19/2004
(716) 228-MobileBuffaloSprint10/31/2000
(716) 229-MobileCattaraugusCingular Wireless03/11/2010
(716) 230-LandlineBroctonTime Warner Cable (new York)03/01/2007
(716) 231-LandlineRipleyTime Warner Cable (new York)03/05/2007
(716) 232-LandlineWestfieldDft Local Service Corp. DBA Dft Select One03/05/2007
(716) 233-LandlineFindley LakeTime Warner Cable (new York)03/05/2007
(716) 234-LandlineShermanTime Warner Cable (new York)03/05/2007
(716) 235-MobileBuffaloOmnipoint Comms07/27/2009
(716) 236-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 237-MobileMayvilleCingular Wireless03/12/2004
(716) 238-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless07/08/2004
(716) 239-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless03/13/2007
(716) 240-LandlineBuffaloYmax Comms Corp.12/21/2007
(716) 241-LandlineGowandaLevel 3 Comms07/01/2004
(716) 242-LandlineBuffaloXo New York09/25/2009
(716) 243-MobileTonawandaVerizon Wireless04/13/2010
(716) 244-LandlineSalamanca05/03/2004
(716) 245-MobileTonawandaCingular Wireless11/11/2009
(716) 246-LandlineLewistonTalk America06/01/2010
(716) 247-MobileBuffaloSprint06/24/2010
(716) 248-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless06/08/2011
(716) 249-MobileBuffaloPaetec Comms09/08/2011
(716) 250-LandlineWilliamsvilleTelcove Atlantic05/18/1998
(716) 251-MobileLockportSprint10/26/2010
(716) 252-LandlineRipleyChautauqua & Erie Telephone Corp.02/04/1994
(716) 253-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless03/07/2011
(716) 254-LandlineBuffalo06/25/2008
(716) 255-MobileTonawandaVerizon Wireless03/07/2011
(716) 256-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless09/22/2011
(716) 257-LandlineCattaraugus02/04/1994
(716) 258-MobileMachiasVerizon Wireless05/13/2005
(716) 259-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless11/22/2011
(716) 260-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless02/11/2010
(716) 261-LandlineBuffaloBroadvox-clec03/16/2011
(716) 262-MobileBuffaloBandwidth.com07/11/2011
(716) 263-MobileTonawandaSprint07/11/2011
(716) 264-MobileTonawandaVerizon Wireless09/22/2011
(716) 265-LandlineSalamancaIdt America Corp11/01/2011
(716) 266-MobileLockportSprint03/02/2012
(716) 267-LandlineKennedyWindstream New York - Jamestown02/04/1994
(716) 268-LandlineDunkirkTeleport Comms Group05/10/2012
(716) 269-LandlineMayvilleChautauqua & Erie Telephone Corp.07/06/1997
(716) 270-LandlineBuffaloTelcove Atlantic05/18/1998
(716) 273-LandlineSalamancaXyn Comms04/15/2013
(716) 274-LandlineBuffaloMosaic Networx04/19/2013
(716) 276-LandlineBuffaloTeleport Comms Group10/13/1999
(716) 277-LandlineBuffaloXo New York09/05/2013
(716) 278-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 279-LandlineBuffaloXo New York09/30/2009
(716) 280-LandlineLockportTelcove Atlantic05/18/1998
(716) 282-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 283-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 284-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 285-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 286-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 287-LandlineGerryWindstream New York - Jamestown02/04/1994
(716) 288-LandlineBuffaloXo New York09/05/2013
(716) 289-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless08/12/2005
(716) 292-MobileBuffaloOmnipoint Comms10/14/2013
(716) 293-LandlineClarenceBroadvox-clec09/04/2012
(716) 296-LandlineCherry Creek02/04/1994
(716) 297-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 298-LandlineNiagara Falls02/04/1994
(716) 299-LandlineNiagara Falls10/11/1997
(716) 300-LandlineForestvilleVoxbeam Telecom08/16/2012
(716) 301-LandlineLimestoneLevel 3 Comms01/21/2002
(716) 304-LandlineNiagara FallsPaetec Comms05/10/1999
(716) 307-MobileOleanVerizon Wireless11/11/2003
(716) 308-MobileBuffaloSprint05/10/1999
(716) 310-MobileBuffaloSprint02/27/1999
(716) 312-LandlineHamburg05/10/1999
(716) 316-MobileBuffaloSprint11/20/1998
(716) 318-LandlineMedinaTime Warner Cable (new York)11/11/2003
(716) 319-LandlineBuffaloAT&T Local01/25/1998
(716) 320-LandlineClarenceBandwidth.com02/11/2010
(716) 324-LandlineW SenecaXo New York09/05/2013
(716) 325-LandlineBuffaloBandwidth.com04/10/2014
(716) 326-LandlineWestfieldChautauqua & Erie Telephone Corp.02/04/1994
(716) 327-MobileTonawandaVerizon Wireless10/29/2013
(716) 328-LandlineBuffaloPeerless Network04/14/2014
(716) 331-Verizon Wireless05/30/2014
(716) 332-LandlineBuffaloChoice One Comms02/27/1999
(716) 333-LandlineWilsonFinger Lakes Technologies Group05/24/2010
(716) 335-MobileBuffaloLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/20/2008
(716) 337-LandlineN Collins02/04/1994
(716) 338-LandlineJamestownDft Local Service Corp. DBA Dft Select One03/11/2004
(716) 341-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless03/09/2006
(716) 342-LandlineBuffaloLocal Access12/10/2013
(716) 343-MobileTonawandaVerizon Wireless06/09/2009
(716) 345-MobileTonawandaVerizon Wireless04/06/2009
(716) 348-LandlineBuffalo01/14/2000
(716) 352-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless04/13/2007
(716) 353-LandlineMachias02/04/1994
(716) 354-LandlineRandolphWindstream New York - Jamestown02/04/1994
(716) 355-LandlineClymerWindstream New York - Jamestown02/04/1994
(716) 356-LandlineRandolphTime Warner Cable (new York)01/30/2012
(716) 357-LandlineMayvilleWindstream New York - Jamestown02/04/1994
(716) 358-LandlineRandolphWindstream New York - Jamestown02/04/1994
(716) 359-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless03/08/2005
(716) 360-MobileLancasterUSA Mobility Wireless08/14/1998
(716) 361-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless07/06/1997
(716) 362-LandlineBuffaloChoice One Comms02/27/1999
(716) 363-LandlineDunkirk04/15/1996
(716) 364-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless02/28/2012
(716) 365-MobileWestfieldSprint10/19/2007
(716) 366-LandlineDunkirk02/04/1994
(716) 369-MobileTonawandaUSA Mobility Wireless02/04/1994
(716) 371-LandlineNiagara FallsTime Warner Cable (new York)06/30/2001
(716) 372-LandlineOlean11/11/2003
(716) 373-LandlineOlean11/11/2003
(716) 374-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless04/08/2008
(716) 375-LandlineOlean11/11/2003
(716) 376-LandlineOlean11/11/2003
(716) 378-MobileOleanCingular Wireless11/11/2003
(716) 379-LandlineOlean11/11/2003
(716) 380-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless08/14/1998
(716) 381-MobileBuffaloLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm03/14/2006
(716) 384-LandlineCassadagaTime Warner Cable (new York)08/11/2006
(716) 386-LandlineBemus PointWindstream New York - Jamestown02/04/1994
(716) 390-MobileBuffaloSprint10/13/1999
(716) 391-LandlineBuffaloBandwidth.com06/10/2011
(716) 392-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless02/06/2008
(716) 393-MobileLancasterCingular Wireless07/14/2008
(716) 397-MobileJamestownVerizon Wireless10/31/2000
(716) 400-LandlineBuffaloOmnipoint Comms06/30/2001
(716) 401-MobileFredoniaSprint12/21/2001
(716) 402-LandlineNiagara FallsLevel 3 Comms02/13/2001
(716) 404-LandlineBuffaloTelcove Atlantic05/10/1999
(716) 405-LandlineLewistonTelcove Atlantic05/10/1999
(716) 406-LandlineClarence CenterTelcove Atlantic05/10/1999
(716) 407-LandlineClarenceTelcove Atlantic05/10/1999
(716) 408-LandlineBuffaloGlobal Crossing Local Services07/22/1999
(716) 410-MobileFredoniaCingular Wireless10/31/2000
(716) 413-MobileDunkirkSprint02/06/2002
(716) 417-MobileTonawandaCingular Wireless04/01/1997
(716) 418-MobileTonawandaOmnipoint Comms06/12/2002
(716) 422-LandlineBuffaloLocal Access12/19/2013
(716) 425-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless05/08/2007
(716) 429-LandlineBuffalo06/05/2007
(716) 430-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless10/15/1996
(716) 432-MobileBuffaloVerizon Wireless02/11/1995
(716) 433-LandlineLockport02/04/1994
(716) 434-LandlineLockport02/04/1994
(716) 435-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless07/04/1995
(716) 437-LandlineRushford11/11/2003
(716) 438-LandlineLockport02/04/1994
(716) 439-LandlineLockport02/04/1994
(716) 440-MobileBuffaloCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(716) 441-MobileBuffaloUSA Mobility Wireless02/11/1995
(716) 442-LandlineAkronAT&T Local09/19/2003
(716) 443-MobileBuffaloUSA Mobility Wireless02/11/1995
(716) 444-MobileWilliamsv


How do I get a 716 phone number?Obtaining a 716 phone number is a straightforward process. First and foremost, you need to determine which telephone service provider offers local phone numbers in the 716 area code. This can be done by conducting a search online or contacting various telecommunications companies directly. Once you have identified the providers, reach out to them to inquire about their services and the availability of 716 numbers. They will guide you through the necessary steps to acquire a phone number in that area code. Typically, you will be required to select a service plan that suits your needs and provide relevant personal and contact information. The service provider will then allocate a 716 phone number to you based on availability. It is important to note that fees and additional requirements may vary depending on the provider and the specific services you choose. Make sure to compare pricing, features, and customer reviews to select the best provider that meets your preferences and budget.
Are all 716 area codes available?Yes, all 716 area codes are available for use. Area code 716 is primarily assigned to the western area of New York, including cities like Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Jamestown. It is one of the original area codes established in 1947. If you are looking to obtain a local phone number with the 716 area code for your business or personal use, there are various providers that can assist you in acquiring and managing your desired number. These providers offer a range of services and features, such as call forwarding, voicemail options, and virtual phone systems. To find the best US local phone number provider, you can compare the pricing, customer reviews, and available features of different providers. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the provider that best suits your needs.
Do I own my 716 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. In most cases, individuals do not "own" phone numbers like they own personal property. Instead, phone numbers are leased or assigned by telecommunications providers. In the case of your 716 phone number, it is important to determine the specific arrangement with your phone service provider. Typically, customers are granted the right to use a specific phone number for as long as they maintain an active account with the provider. However, if you switch providers or terminate your phone service, you may lose the rights to that particular phone number. To obtain accurate information about the ownership of your 716 phone number, it is best to contact your current phone service provider directly. They should be able to provide you with the necessary details and clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

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