Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 720 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 720 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you looking to establish a strong local presence for your business? Look no further than the 720 area code phone number. With this sought-after area code, you can cater to customers in Colorado and leave a lasting impression. Whether you own a local bakery, a boutique hotel, or a trendy salon, a 720 area code phone number will enhance your credibility and make it easier for customers to reach out. Stand out from the competition and build trust by investing in a 720 area code phone number today. Take your business to new heights and enjoy the benefits of a localized phone presence.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 720 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 720?

The 720 area code is associated with multiple geographic areas, allowing individuals and businesses to establish a local presence in different locations. Spanning across the state of Colorado, this area code covers cities such as Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and Lakewood. With a 720 phone number, businesses operating within these areas can better connect with their local customer base, instilling trust and credibility. Whether you're a local resident or a business owner looking to expand your reach, opting for a 720 area code phone number ensures that you are conveniently associated with the thriving communities situated within this geographic region.
Major CityDenver

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
19% Qwest Corporation
8% Xo
4% Bandwidthcom Clec
4% Teleport America
4% Level 3
3% Icg Telecom Group
3% Eschelon Telecom
16% Other


Prefixes Carrier
12% Sprint
7% Cricket Comm
6% Verizon Wireless
6% T-mobile
5% Cingular
1% Commnet Wireless
1% American Messaging (am)
1% Other

How it works

Looking for a reliable local phone number provider? Consider the convenience and accessibility of a 720 area code phone number in your search. These numbers offer seamless communication services, allowing you to effortlessly connect with clients and customers in the 720 area code region. Whether you require a new business line or a personal phone number, our platform showcases a wide selection of trusted providers who offer flexible plans and competitive pricing. With a 720 area code phone number, you can establish a local presence, enhance your customer service, and grow your business with ease. Explore our directory today and find the perfect provider for your needs.

Why your business needs a 720 phone number

Get ahead in the competitive business world with a 720 area code phone number. Stand out and establish a local presence in the vibrant communities serviced by this coveted Colorado area code. Boost your credibility and customer trust by adopting a number that aligns with the region's reputable businesses. With a 720 area code, you can tap into a flourishing local market, connecting with residents and potential clients effortlessly. Stay ahead of the game and choose a phone number that exudes professionalism and trust, giving your business the edge it needs to succeed in the Denver metropolitan area.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(720) 200-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.02/27/1999
(720) 201-MobileDenverCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(720) 202-MobileDenverVerizon Wireless10/07/2009
(720) 203-MobileDenverSprint01/29/2001
(720) 204-LandlineLongmontAT&T Local02/27/1999
(720) 205-MobileDenverSprint06/30/2001
(720) 206-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 207-LandlineEnglewoodXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 208-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 209-MobileDenverSprint01/14/2000
(720) 210-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 212-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 213-LandlineDenverMcleodusa Telecom Services06/30/2001
(720) 214-LandlineDenverMcleodusa Telecom Services03/03/2001
(720) 215-LandlineDenverVerizon Wireless10/12/2009
(720) 216-LandlineAuroraTeleport Comms America01/29/2001
(720) 217-MobileDenverT-mobile USA02/27/1999
(720) 218-MobileDenverSprint01/14/2000
(720) 219-MobileDenverVerizon Wireless01/14/2000
(720) 220-MobileDenverT-mobile USA05/10/1999
(720) 221-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 222-LandlineEnglewoodXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 223-LandlineBrightonXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 224-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 225-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 226-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 227-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 228-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 229-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 230-LandlineBrightonXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 231-MobileDenverT-mobile USA05/10/1999
(720) 232-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 233-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 234-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 235-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 236-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 237-MobileDenverCingular Wireless09/28/2009
(720) 238-LandlineDenverT-mobile USA06/30/2001
(720) 239-LandlineDenverAT&T Local03/03/2001
(720) 240-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 241-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 242-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.10/09/2008
(720) 243-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm06/30/2009
(720) 244-MobileDenverCingular Wireless06/30/2001
(720) 245-LandlineDenverEschelon Telecom11/21/2011
(720) 246-LandlineEnglewoodXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 247-LandlineBrightonXo Colorado05/20/2004
(720) 248-LandlineDenverCbeyond Comms10/31/2000
(720) 249-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 250-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 251-LandlineAuroraLevel 3 Comms10/25/2002
(720) 252-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 253-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 254-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 255-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 256-MobileDenverSprint05/10/1999
(720) 257-LandlineDenverXo Colorado05/10/1999
(720) 258-LandlineDenverTeleport Comms America10/31/2000
(720) 259-LandlineDenverLevel 3 Comms10/25/2002
(720) 260-MobileDenverSprint06/13/2000
(720) 261-MobileDenverT-mobile USA05/10/1999
(720) 262-LandlineAuroraIcg Telecom Group08/20/2000
(720) 263-LandlineBrightonLevel 3 Comms10/25/2002
(720) 264-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.03/03/2001
(720) 265-LandlineBrightonXo Colorado05/03/2004
(720) 266-LandlineDenverLevel 3 Comms10/25/2002
(720) 267-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(720) 268-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.06/30/2001
(720) 269-LandlineDenverTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(720) 270-MobileDenverSprint08/20/2000
(720) 271-MobileDenverSprint06/13/2000
(720) 272-MobileDenverCingular Wireless01/18/2001
(720) 273-MobileDenverCingular Wireless01/18/2001
(720) 274-LandlineDenverMcleodusa Telecom Services03/03/2001
(720) 275-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/22/2001
(720) 276-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/22/2001
(720) 277-LandlineAuroraLevel 3 Comms03/03/2001
(720) 278-LandlineAuroraTw Telecom01/25/2001
(720) 279-LandlineDenverTw Telecom01/25/2001
(720) 280-MobileDenverT-mobile USA10/31/2000
(720) 281-MobileAuroraVerizon Wireless06/13/2000
(720) 282-LandlineDenverTw Telecom01/25/2001
(720) 283-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.02/27/1999
(720) 284-LandlineDenverXo Colorado02/27/1999
(720) 285-LandlineEnglewoodXo Colorado01/30/2009
(720) 286-LandlineDenverTeleport Comms America04/30/2002
(720) 287-LandlineDenverComcast Phone04/30/2010
(720) 288-LandlineAuroraBandwidth.com02/26/2010
(720) 289-MobileDenverCingular Wireless07/25/2001
(720) 290-MobileDenverSprint08/20/2000
(720) 291-MobileDenverSprint08/20/2000
(720) 292-MobileDenverCingular Wireless03/04/2009
(720) 293-LandlineDenverXo Colorado06/13/2000
(720) 294-LandlineDenverXo Colorado06/13/2000
(720) 295-LandlineDenverBandwidth.com03/01/2010
(720) 296-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/12/2001
(720) 297-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/12/2001
(720) 298-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/12/2001
(720) 299-MobileDenverT-mobile USA03/03/2001
(720) 300-MobileDenverSprint08/20/2000
(720) 301-MobileDenverSprint08/20/2000
(720) 302-LandlineDenverTeleport Comms America02/27/1999
(720) 304-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.02/27/1999
(720) 305-LandlineDenverTw Telecom01/29/2001
(720) 306-LandlineDenverEschelon Telecom01/29/2001
(720) 307-LandlineLyonsAT&T Local08/02/2012
(720) 308-LandlineDenverCingular Wireless08/14/2001
(720) 309-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm12/05/2001
(720) 310-LandlineLyonsTeleport Comms America05/10/1999
(720) 312-MobileDenverSprint02/20/2001
(720) 313-MobileDenverSprint02/20/2001
(720) 314-MobileDenverSprint02/20/2001
(720) 315-LandlineDenver360networks (usa)10/14/2009
(720) 316-LandlineDenverBandwidth.com05/24/2010
(720) 317-MobileDenverSprint01/14/2000
(720) 318-MobileDenverSprint02/27/1999
(720) 319-MobileDenverSprint04/19/2001
(720) 320-MobileDenverCingular Wireless06/13/2000
(720) 321-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.05/29/2008
(720) 322-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.10/31/2000
(720) 323-MobileDenverT-mobile USA03/03/2001
(720) 324-LandlineAuroraComcast Phone10/31/2000
(720) 325-MobileAuroraT-mobile USA08/06/2010
(720) 326-MobileDenverCingular Wireless06/13/2011
(720) 327-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm10/18/2001
(720) 328-LandlineDenverComcast Phone10/20/2009
(720) 329-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm10/18/2001
(720) 330-LandlineDenverIcg Telecom Group02/27/1999
(720) 331-MobileDenverSprint08/20/2000
(720) 332-LandlineDenverMCI Metro ATS02/27/1999
(720) 333-MobileDenverSprint05/14/2001
(720) 334-MobileDenverSprint05/14/2001
(720) 335-MobileDenverSprint05/14/2001
(720) 336-LandlineKeenesburgBandwidth.com07/19/2010
(720) 337-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.02/18/2009
(720) 338-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm11/19/2001
(720) 339-MobileDenverSprint02/27/1999
(720) 340-MobileLongmontVerizon Wireless09/04/2009
(720) 341-MobileDenverT-mobile USA10/31/2000
(720) 342-LandlineDenverAT&T Local04/15/2009
(720) 343-LandlineAuroraLevel 3 Comms10/31/2003
(720) 344-LandlineLittletonQwest Corp.10/13/1999
(720) 345-LandlineDenverZippytech Incorporated12/28/2007
(720) 346-LandlineDenverVerizon Wireless02/27/1999
(720) 347-LandlineDenverTw Telecom09/28/2009
(720) 348-LandlineLittletonQwest Corp.10/31/2000
(720) 349-LandlineDenverAT&T Local03/28/2011
(720) 350-MobileDenverSprint02/27/1999
(720) 351-MobileDenverSprint02/27/1999
(720) 352-MobileDenverT-mobile USA02/27/1999
(720) 353-MobileDenverSprint02/27/1999
(720) 354-LandlineDenverTw Telecom06/30/2011
(720) 355-MobileDenverVerizon Wireless08/16/2012
(720) 356-LandlineDenverAT&T Local02/27/1999
(720) 357-MobileDenverCingular Wireless07/05/2012
(720) 358-LandlineHudsonMCI Metro ATS09/09/2009
(720) 359-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.02/27/1999
(720) 360-MobileDenverCingular Wireless01/28/2013
(720) 361-LandlineDenverEschelon Telecom07/03/2013
(720) 362-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.06/06/2007
(720) 363-MobileDenverSprint10/13/1999
(720) 364-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/15/2002
(720) 365-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/15/2002
(720) 366-MobileDenverLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm01/15/2002
(720) 367-LandlineEnglewoodXo Colorado12/13/2004
(720) 368-LandlineEnglewoodXo Colorado04/30/2004
(720) 369-MobileDenverCingular Wireless03/14/2011
(720) 370-LandlineDenverBandwidth.com01/04/2013
(720) 371-MobileDenverSprint10/13/1999
(720) 372-MobileAuroraT-mobile USA09/09/2013
(720) 373-MobileDenverSprint10/13/1999
(720) 374-LandlineDenverQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(720) 375-MobileDenverCommnet Wireless07/10/2007
(720) 376-LandlineDenverEschelon Telecom11/12/2012
(720) 377-LandlineDenverXo Colorado01/14/2000
(720) 378-MobileLongmontCingular Wireless01/19/2010
(720) 379-LandlineDenverIcg Telecom Group08/20/2000
(720) 380-MobileDenverSprint02/01/2013
(720) 381-LandlineDenverComcast Phone08/03/2005
(720) 382-LandlineDenverEschelon Telecom08/20/2000
(720) 383-


How do I get a 720 phone number?If you're looking to acquire a 720 phone number, there are a few steps you can take. Firstly, it's important to note that 720 is an area code in the United States, specifically serving the state of Colorado. To obtain a 720 phone number, you will need to contact a phone service provider or a virtual phone number provider that offers numbers within this area code. There are several options available, both online and offline, that can help you in your search. Consider researching local phone service providers in the Colorado area or explore virtual phone number providers that offer the 720 area code. Keep in mind that availability may vary, so it's advisable to check with multiple providers to find the best option for your needs. Once you have found a suitable provider, they will guide you through the process of acquiring your desired 720 phone number.
Are all 720 area codes available?When it comes to the availability of 720 area codes, it's important to understand that the availability of specific phone numbers within this area code can vary based on the service provider. While the 720 area code is indeed used in certain regions, such as Colorado, it does not necessarily mean that all phone numbers within this area code are currently available. To determine if a specific phone number within the 720 area code is available, it is recommended to consult with various local phone number providers who can provide accurate information on availability. These providers have access to a database of available phone numbers and can assist in finding the perfect local number that suits your needs. It's worth noting that phone number availability can change frequently, so it's always wise to check with trusted local phone number providers to get the most up-to-date information on the availability of 720 area code numbers.
Do I own my 720 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex issue. In the case of a 720 phone number, it's important to understand that while you may have been assigned or subscribed to that number, ownership typically rests with the service provider. That being said, as a subscriber, you have certain rights and control over the use and management of the number. Your 720 phone number is associated with a specific service provider, and they have the authority to reassign or transfer the number if necessary. However, as long as you maintain an active account with the provider and continue using the number, you have the practical ownership and control over it. It's also worth noting that you cannot sell or transfer ownership of a phone number to another party independently. To ensure continued use and control over your 720 phone number, be sure to stay in compliance with your service provider's terms and conditions. Should you decide to switch providers, consult with them on the process of porting your number to your new provider, thereby retaining control and usage rights.

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