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Phone numbers in the 763 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner in need of a reliable phone number with the 763 area code? Look no further! We understand that having a local phone number is crucial for establishing trust and credibility among your customers. Our platform is designed to help you find the best local phone number providers in your area. Whether you run a small shop, a bustling restaurant, or a home-based business, having a 763 area code phone number can enhance your local presence and give you a competitive edge. Don't miss out on potential customers - get your 763 area code phone number today!

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 763 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 763?

The 763 area code is continentally significant, extending its coverage to several geographical areas within the United States. Bursting with connectivity, this area code spans across the sprawling borders of Minnesota. Cities, towns, and communities nestled within this region enjoy the privilege of acquiring a 763 area code phone number. Suburban charms pour forth from places like Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Maple Grove, and Coon Rapids. Quaint towns like Anoka, Monticello, Elk River, and Buffalo also find their homes within this sought-after area code. Embrace the local charm and establish a strong presence with a 763 area code phone number today.
Major CityBrooklyn Park

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
41% Qwest Corporation
5% Centurylink
2% Mcimetro Access Transmission Services
2% Xo
2% Sprint
2% Ovation
2% Enventis Telecom
24% Other


Prefixes Carrier
11% Sprint
4% Aerial
3% Verizon Wireless
2% Cingular
1% Wireless Venture
1% Other

How it works

Welcome to our platform! We specialize in connecting you with the finest local phone number providers. Are you searching for a reliable phone number with the 763 area code? Look no further! Our services offer a seamless experience, ensuring you get the best 763 area code phone number for your specific needs. Our providers are experts in their field, providing a broad range of dedicated phone numbers tailored to individuals and businesses alike. Whether you require a virtual number or a traditional landline, our providers deliver exceptional service, crystal-clear communication, and unbeatable reliability. Join us today and find the perfect 763 area code phone number that suits you best.

Why your business needs a 763 phone number

Are you a business based in Minnesota? Stand out from the competition and establish a strong local presence with a phone number using the 763 area code. Customers often prefer to engage with businesses that are geographically closer to them, and a 763 area code will give you the advantage of being perceived as a local business in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Enhance your credibility, build trust with your customers, and increase the likelihood of receiving more leads and conversions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with your target market effectively. Invest in a 763 area code phone number for your business today.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(763) 200-MobileCambridgeVerizon Wireless11/02/2010
(763) 201-LandlineMinneapolisXo Minnesota02/22/2001
(763) 202-MobileMinneapolisSprint07/06/2007
(763) 203-MobileMinneapolisCingular Wireless10/06/2011
(763) 205-LandlineMinneapolisComcast Phone06/13/2000
(763) 206-MobileOsseoSprint11/16/2011
(763) 207-MobileBig LakeWireless Comms Venture03/13/2009
(763) 208-LandlineRosevilleComcast Phone06/13/2000
(763) 209-MobileOsseoSprint11/16/2011
(763) 210-LandlineMinneapolisXo Minnesota02/06/2001
(763) 212-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 213-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 214-LandlineMinneapolisUSA Mobility Wireless03/28/2001
(763) 215-MobileOsseoSprint11/30/2011
(763) 216-MobileOsseoSprint02/01/2012
(763) 217-MobileBig LakeWireless Comms Venture05/03/2012
(763) 218-MobileMinneapolisCingular Wireless04/03/2003
(763) 219-LandlineCambridgeLevel 3 Comms02/21/2002
(763) 220-LandlinePrincetonBandwidth.com05/13/2011
(763) 221-MobileMinneapolisAerial Comms04/19/2001
(763) 222-LandlineMinneapolisVelocity Telephone, Incorporated01/24/2003
(763) 223-LandlineCoon RapidsWindstream Northstar - Min06/13/2000
(763) 224-MobileOsseoSprint07/05/2011
(763) 225-LandlineMinneapolisGlobal Crossing Local Services06/13/2000
(763) 226-LandlineMinneapolisTw Telecom02/08/2001
(763) 227-MobileMinneapolisAerial Comms04/19/2001
(763) 228-MobileMinneapolisSprint07/11/2001
(763) 229-MobileMinneapolisVerizon Wireless12/27/2002
(763) 230-LandlinePlymouthOnvoy06/13/2000
(763) 231-LandlineMinneapolisPopp Comms09/12/2001
(763) 232-MobileMinneapolisSprint12/17/2001
(763) 233-LandlineGolden ValleyPopp Comms08/27/2009
(763) 234-MobileMinneapolisCingular Wireless09/16/2002
(763) 235-LandlineMinneapolisEnventis Telecom03/17/2003
(763) 236-LandlineAnokaQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 237-LandlineCambridgeEnventis Telecom02/04/2003
(763) 238-MobileMinneapolisSprint01/13/2003
(763) 239-MobileOsseoSprint09/15/2011
(763) 240-MobileBig LakeWireless Comms Venture05/30/2012
(763) 241-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 242-MobileMinneapolisVerizon Wireless12/26/2001
(763) 243-LandlinePrincetonEnventis Telecom02/04/2003
(763) 244-MobileCambridgeVerizon Wireless08/02/2005
(763) 245-MobileMinneapolisAerial Comms02/24/2003
(763) 246-MobileOsseoSprint07/24/2012
(763) 248-MobileMinnetonkaVerizon Wireless08/18/2009
(763) 249-LandlineWayzataQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 250-MobileCambridgeVerizon Wireless02/27/2009
(763) 251-Level 3 Comms07/07/2014
(763) 252-LandlineMinneapolisOvation Comms06/13/2000
(763) 253-LandlineMinneapolisOvation Comms06/13/2000
(763) 254-LandlineMinneapolisAmerican Messaging (am)06/13/2000
(763) 255-LandlineMinneapolisAT&T Local06/13/2000
(763) 256-MobileOsseoSprint10/16/2012
(763) 257-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 258-LandlineWayzataQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 259-LandlineMinneapolisOvation Comms06/13/2000
(763) 260-MobilePrincetonVerizon Wireless10/21/2008
(763) 261-LandlineBeckerSherburne County Rural Telco06/13/2000
(763) 262-LandlineBig LakeSherburne County Rural Telco06/13/2000
(763) 263-LandlineBig LakeSherburne County Rural Telco06/13/2000
(763) 264-MobileOsseoSprint10/06/2010
(763) 265-LandlineMonticelloBridge Water Telco10/05/2011
(763) 266-MobileOsseoSprint10/05/2010
(763) 267-MobileMinneapolisAerial Comms07/30/2007
(763) 268-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 269-MobileMinneapolisAerial Comms09/30/2008
(763) 270-LandlineMinneapolisCenturylink Comms10/04/2010
(763) 271-LandlineMonticelloBridge Water Telco06/13/2000
(763) 272-LandlineMonticelloBridge Water Telco11/13/2007
(763) 273-LandlineOsseoMcc Telephony04/21/2010
(763) 274-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 275-LandlineBeckerBig River TelephoneCo.12/22/2009
(763) 276-LandlineMinneapolisXo Minnesota08/25/2010
(763) 277-LandlineMinneapolisOvation Comms06/13/2000
(763) 278-LandlineMinneapolisOvation Comms06/13/2000
(763) 279-LandlineMinneapolisCenturylink Comms06/13/2000
(763) 280-MobileCambridgeVerizon Wireless08/11/2010
(763) 281-MobileOsseoSprint10/06/2010
(763) 282-MobileOsseoSprint10/06/2010
(763) 286-LandlineMinneapolisSprint06/13/2000
(763) 287-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 289-LandlineMinneapolisUSA Mobility Wireless06/13/2000
(763) 291-LandlineMinneapolisCingular Wireless08/20/2000
(763) 293-LandlineGolden ValleyQwest Corp.02/14/2001
(763) 295-LandlineMonticelloBridge Water Telco06/13/2000
(763) 300-MobileMinneapolisAerial Comms06/30/2001
(763) 301-MobileCambridgeVerizon Wireless09/24/2012
(763) 302-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 303-MobileOsseoSprint11/12/2012
(763) 304-MobileOsseoSprint03/07/2013
(763) 305-MobileOsseoSprint10/06/2010
(763) 307-MobileCambridgeVerizon Wireless02/01/2013
(763) 308-LandlinePrincetonPeerless Network04/11/2013
(763) 310-LandlineCambridgeLevel 3 Comms05/29/2013
(763) 314-LandlineMonticelloFibernet Monticello09/23/2009
(763) 315-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 316-MobileOsseoAerial Comms07/10/2013
(763) 322-LandlineMinneapolisXo Minnesota06/10/2004
(763) 323-LandlineAnokaQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 331-LandlineMinneapolisComcast Phone09/25/2007
(763) 333-LandlineCambridgeEnventis Telecom09/10/2012
(763) 350-MobileMinneapolisCingular Wireless02/27/2002
(763) 351-MobileOsseoSprint08/02/2013
(763) 354-LandlineMinneapolisMCI Metro ATS06/13/2000
(763) 355-LandlineMinneapolisMCI Metro ATS06/13/2000
(763) 360-LandlineMinneapolisCingular Wireless05/14/2001
(763) 367-LandlineMinneapolisAT&T Local08/20/2000
(763) 370-MobileMinneapolisCingular Wireless11/05/2001
(763) 374-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 377-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 381-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 383-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 389-LandlinePrincetonQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 390-LandlineMinneapolisBroadwing Comms06/30/2001
(763) 391-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 392-LandlineMinneapolisGlobal Crossing Local Services06/13/2000
(763) 398-LandlineMinneapolisEschelon Telecom06/13/2000
(763) 400-LandlineMinneapolisLevel 3 Comms03/02/2011
(763) 404-LandlineWayzataQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 405-LandlineMinneapolisTw Telecom07/21/2006
(763) 412-LandlineMinneapolisMCI Metro ATS06/13/2000
(763) 413-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 416-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 417-LandlineGolden ValleyQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 420-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 421-LandlineAnokaQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 422-LandlineAnokaQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 424-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 425-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 427-LandlineAnokaQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 428-LandlineRogersEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 431-LandlineMinneapolisXo Minnesota06/10/2004
(763) 432-LandlineMinneapolisCrystal Comms, DBA Enventis10/06/2006
(763) 433-LandlineAnokaQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 434-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 438-MobileMinneapolisSprint08/20/2000
(763) 439-MobileMinneapolisAerial Comms08/20/2000
(763) 440-LandlineMinneapolisTw Telecom01/18/2001
(763) 441-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 442-LandlineMinneapolisSprint05/15/2001
(763) 443-LandlineMinneapolisSprint01/30/2001
(763) 444-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 445-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink05/09/2003
(763) 447-LandlineOsseoTw Telecom12/20/2006
(763) 449-LandlineWayzataQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 450-LandlineGolden ValleyU.s. Link10/31/2000
(763) 452-LandlineMinneapolisU.s. Link04/27/2011
(763) 458-LandlineMinneapolisSprint08/20/2000
(763) 461-MobileOsseoSprint10/27/2009
(763) 463-LandlineMinneapolisBroadwing Comms05/01/2002
(763) 464-MobileMinneapolisSprint10/31/2000
(763) 473-LandlineWayzataQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 475-LandlineWayzataQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 476-LandlineWayzataQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 477-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 478-LandlineHamelQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 479-LandlineMoundCitizens Telecom Co Mn-frontier Citizens Com06/13/2000
(763) 482-LandlineZimmermanSprint08/20/2000
(763) 486-LandlineMinneapolisTeleport Comms America06/13/2000
(763) 488-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink08/20/2000
(763) 489-LandlineMinneapolisOvation Comms10/31/2000
(763) 493-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 494-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 496-LandlinePlymouthOnvoy06/20/2003
(763) 497-LandlineOsseoEmbarq Minnesota DBA Centurylink06/13/2000
(763) 498-LandlineOsseoQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 500-MobileOsseoSprint03/22/2011
(763) 502-LandlineFridleyQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 503-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 504-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 505-LandlineFridleyQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 506-LandlineAnokaQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 507-MobileOsseoSprint11/02/2009
(763) 509-LandlineMinneapolisQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 512-LandlineGolden ValleyQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 513-LandlineGolden ValleyQwest Corp.06/13/2000
(763) 514-<i


How do I get a 763 phone number?To obtain a 763 phone number, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you should research reliable US local phone number providers that offer services in the 763 area code. Look for reputable providers that have a wide selection of phone numbers to choose from. Once you've chosen a provider, visit their website and navigate to their phone number search or selection tool. Enter the desired area code (in this case, 763) and browse through the available options. You may find different combinations of numbers to suit your preferences. Once you've found a suitable number, select it and proceed to the registration process. Provide the necessary information, fill out any required forms, and complete the payment process. After successful registration, your new 763 phone number will be assigned to you. Make sure to verify the activation process and any additional steps required to start using your number.
Are all 763 area codes available?Yes, all 763 area codes are available for purchase. The 763 area code is primarily used in the state of Minnesota, encompassing cities such as Minneapolis, Plymouth, and Brooklyn Park. When choosing a US local phone number provider, it is important to ensure that they offer availability for the desired area code. With our data-driven platform, you can easily find a comprehensive list of providers offering 763 area codes. We provide reliable and up-to-date information on various providers, allowing you to compare their offerings, features, and pricing. Our platform also includes user reviews and ratings to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're looking for a local phone number for personal or business use, our site will help you find the best provider to meet your needs.
Do I own my 763 phone number?As a provider of information about US local phone numbers, I can assist you in understanding the ownership of your 763 phone number. It's important to note that phone number ownership depends on various factors and may vary in different situations. Generally, when you obtain a phone number from a service provider, you are assigned the exclusive right to use that number for your personal or business purposes. However, it's crucial to review the terms and conditions of your specific service agreement to determine the extent of your ownership rights. In some cases, if you decide to switch service providers or cancel your service, you may not be able to retain the same phone number. Additionally, certain organizations or businesses may retain ownership of phone numbers that are provided to their employees or members. To obtain accurate information about the ownership and rights associated with your 763 phone number, I recommend contacting your telecommunications service provider directly. They will be able to provide you with detailed information based on your specific circumstances.

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