Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 775 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 775 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner in the thriving 775 area code region? Look no further for an excellent local phone number provider. Whether you run a startup, a small business, or a growing enterprise, having a 775 area code phone number can lend credibility to your brand and establish a strong local presence. Our platform allows you to effortlessly search for the best local phone number providers in your area, ensuring seamless communication with your customers and clients. Connect with our trusted partners today and discover the power of a 775 area code phone number for your business's success.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 775 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 775?

The 775 area code encompasses several picturesque regions across the United States. It is often associated with the stunning state of Nevada, including popular cities like Reno, Carson City, and Elko. Nestled within the vast landscapes of the Silver State, the 775 area code offers a gateway to breathtaking natural wonders such as Lake Tahoe and the Great Basin National Park. Beyond Nevada's boundaries, the 775 area code extends into northeastern California, covering areas like Truckee and Susanville. Whether you seek vibrant city life or the tranquility of the great outdoors, the 775 area code is your connection to unforgettable experiences in the Western United States.
Major CityReno
TimezonePacific / Mountain

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
25% Nevada Bell
20% Liberty Telecom
7% Pac – West Telecomm
4% Utility Telephone
3% Frontier Comm Of Nv
3% Frontier Of The Southwest
2% Level 3
15% Other


Prefixes Carrier
8% Cingular
6% Verizon Wireless
3% Sprint
1% Cricket Comm
1% T-mobile
1% Commnet Wireless
1% American Messaging (am)
1% Other

How it works

Introducing the seamless connectivity of 775 area code phone numbers offered by leading providers in our network. Step into the realm of unparalleled telecommunication services with ease. Discover the extraordinary freedom and flexibility as you effortlessly connect with local businesses and individuals in the 775 area code region. Embrace the power of clear and crisp voice calls, reliable messaging, and exceptional data transfer speeds. Our trusted providers guarantee prime quality and exceptional customer support, ensuring you experience effortless communication. Explore the vast possibilities offered by 775 area code phone numbers, and unlock your full potential in reaching out to the local community. Experience the best in class services now!

Why your business needs a 775 phone number

In today's hyper-connected world, an authentic and local presence is crucial for any business to thrive. That's why your business needs a 775 area code phone number. A 775 area code instantly establishes credibility and trust among local customers in the respective area, whether it's a bustling city or a serene neighborhood. It creates a sense of familiarity, allowing potential clients to perceive your business as part of their community, leading to higher customer engagement and conversion rates. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with your local audience on a deeper level – secure a 775 area code phone number today and watch your business flourish.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(775) 200-LandlineRenoCf Comms DBA Telekenex07/06/2007
(775) 201-LandlineRenoPac - West Telecomm01/14/2000
(775) 202-LandlineRenoNevada Bell05/10/1999
(775) 203-MobileRenoSprint11/10/2011
(775) 205-LandlineAustinLiberty Telecom10/13/1999
(775) 206-LandlineBakerLiberty Telecom10/13/1999
(775) 207-LandlineYeringtonUtility Telephone06/30/2001
(775) 209-MobilePahrumpSprint01/14/2000
(775) 210-LandlineSilver SpgsU.s. Telepacific Corp.10/20/2011
(775) 212-LandlineElyUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 213-LandlineBattle MountainLiberty Telecom10/13/1999
(775) 214-LandlineLovelockUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 215-LandlineGardnervilleUtility Telephone06/30/2001
(775) 216-LandlineSmithUtility Telephone06/30/2001
(775) 217-MobileRenoVerizon Wireless06/30/2001
(775) 218-LandlineSilver SpringsLiberty Telecom03/03/2001
(775) 219-LandlineRenoSprint03/23/2001
(775) 220-MobileCarson CityCingular Wireless06/13/2000
(775) 221-MobileRenoSprint08/20/2000
(775) 222-LandlineCarson CityUtility Telephone05/23/2001
(775) 223-MobileRenoVerizon Wireless06/13/2000
(775) 224-MobileRenoVerizon Wireless06/13/2000
(775) 225-MobileRenoVerizon Wireless06/13/2000
(775) 226-LandlineImlayUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 227-LandlineCarson CityLiberty Telecom03/03/2001
(775) 228-LandlineHawthorneUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 229-LandlineRenoLevel 3 Comms05/31/2005
(775) 230-MobileCarson CityCingular Wireless06/13/2000
(775) 231-LandlineDyerUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 232-MobileRenoSprint05/09/2001
(775) 233-MobileRenoCingular Wireless03/03/2001
(775) 234-LandlineBakerNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 235-LandlineElyNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 236-LandlineRenoUtility Telephone03/03/2001
(775) 237-LandlineEurekaNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 238-LandlineElyNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 239-LandlineAustinLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 240-MobileRenoCingular Wireless06/13/2000
(775) 241-LandlineDaytonNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 242-LandlineBakerLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 243-LandlineBattle MountainLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 244-LandlineBattle MountainLiberty Telecom03/03/2001
(775) 245-LandlineCarson CityLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 246-LandlineCarson CityNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 247-LandlineRenoT-mobile USA03/03/2001
(775) 248-LandlineCottonwood CreekLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 249-LandlineIncline VillageLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 250-MobileRenoSprint10/31/2000
(775) 251-LandlineElyLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 252-LandlineLovelockLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 253-MobilePahrumpCingular Wireless05/23/2001
(775) 254-LandlineEurekaLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 255-LandlineFernleyLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 256-LandlineDyerLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 257-LandlineLuningLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 258-LandlineHawthorneLiberty Telecom06/10/2001
(775) 259-LandlineImlayLiberty Telecom06/11/2001
(775) 260-LandlineRenoLiberty Telecom06/11/2001
(775) 261-LandlineYeringtonLiberty Telecom06/11/2001
(775) 262-LandlineSilver SpringsLiberty Telecom06/11/2001
(775) 263-LandlineLovelockLiberty Telecom06/11/2001
(775) 264-LandlineOrovadaLiberty Telecom06/11/2001
(775) 265-LandlineGardnervilleFrontier Comms Of The Southwest02/27/1999
(775) 266-LandlineWellingtonFrontier Comms Of The Southwest02/27/1999
(775) 267-LandlineJacks ValleyFrontier Comms Of The Southwest02/27/1999
(775) 268-MobileWellsCingular Wireless02/22/2001
(775) 269-LandlineElyLiberty Telecom06/11/2001
(775) 270-LandlineEurekaUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 272-LandlineOrovadaHumboldt TelephoneCo.02/27/1999
(775) 273-LandlineLovelockNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 274-LandlineElyUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 275-MobileDeethCingular Wireless06/21/2001
(775) 276-MobileRenoVerizon Wireless08/25/2011
(775) 277-MobileGoldfieldVerizon Wireless10/11/2004
(775) 278-LandlineSilver SpringsLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 279-LandlineBattle MountainUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 280-LandlineElyUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 281-LandlineCrescent ValleyUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 282-LandlineWinnemuccaUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 283-LandlineCarson CityAdvanced Telcom Group10/13/1999
(775) 284-LandlineRenoAdvanced Telcom Group10/13/1999
(775) 285-LandlineLuningNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 286-LandlineYeringtonUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 287-MobileRenoSprint09/19/2001
(775) 288-LandlineLovelockLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 289-LandlineElyNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 290-LandlineLuningUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 291-LandlineCarson CityT-mobile USA08/27/2002
(775) 292-MobileGardnervilleT-mobile USA10/07/2002
(775) 293-MobileElyVerizon Wireless08/01/2002
(775) 294-MobileFallonSprint07/23/2002
(775) 295-LandlineRenoLiberty Telecom10/02/2001
(775) 296-MobileElyCingular Wireless10/07/2002
(775) 297-LandlineCarson CityPac - West Telecomm10/30/2001
(775) 298-LandlineIncline VillageAT&T Corp.10/23/2001
(775) 299-LandlineElkoLevel 3 Comms07/25/2005
(775) 300-MobileRenoAmerican Messaging (am)04/08/2011
(775) 301-MobileCarson CityVerizon Wireless12/09/2011
(775) 302-MobileFernleySprint06/25/2002
(775) 303-MobileRenoLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm02/13/2002
(775) 304-MobileWinnemuccaVerizon Wireless11/19/2002
(775) 305-LandlineCarson CityLiberty Telecom10/13/1999
(775) 306-LandlineCarson CityLiberty Telecom10/13/1999
(775) 307-LandlineBakerLiberty Telecom03/03/2001
(775) 308-LandlineBakerUtility Telephone07/10/2001
(775) 309-LandlineGardnervillePac - West Telecomm04/11/2002
(775) 310-LandlineElyLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 312-MobileHawthorneVerizon Wireless02/06/2003
(775) 313-LandlineRenoPac - West Telecomm04/10/2002
(775) 314-LandlineCottonwood CreekLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 315-MobileCarson CityVerizon Wireless05/17/2002
(775) 316-MobileHawthorneVerizon Wireless08/01/2002
(775) 317-LandlineHawthorneLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 318-MobileEurekaCingular Wireless08/29/2002
(775) 319-LandlineDyerPac - West Telecomm09/20/2002
(775) 320-LandlineLuningLiberty Telecom10/02/2001
(775) 321-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 322-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 323-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 324-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 325-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 326-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 327-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 328-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 329-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 330-LandlineDyerLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 331-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 332-LandlineRenoMCI Metro ATS02/27/1999
(775) 333-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 334-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 335-LandlineRenoMCI Metro ATS02/27/1999
(775) 336-LandlineRenoAdvanced Telcom Group12/03/2001
(775) 337-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 338-MobileRenoT-mobile USA03/26/2002
(775) 339-LandlineGlenbrookPac - West Telecomm04/11/2002
(775) 340-MobileElkoVerizon Wireless03/03/2003
(775) 341-LandlineHawthornePac - West Telecomm09/20/2002
(775) 342-LandlineSparksNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 343-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 344-LandlineYeringtonPac - West Telecomm04/11/2002
(775) 345-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 346-MobileRound MountainVerizon Wireless09/20/2002
(775) 347-LandlineIncline VillageLiberty Telecom10/23/2002
(775) 348-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 349-LandlineAustinLiberty Telecom10/23/2002
(775) 350-MobileRenoSprint07/22/1999
(775) 351-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 352-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 353-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 354-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 355-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 356-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 357-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 358-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 359-LandlineRenoNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 360-LandlineRenoLevel 3 Comms12/14/2011
(775) 361-LandlineAustinLiberty Telecom03/03/2001
(775) 362-LandlineCarson CityLiberty Telecom10/23/2002
(775) 363-LandlineBattle MountainLiberty Telecom10/23/2002
(775) 364-LandlineGardnervilleLevel 3 Comms11/13/2002
(775) 365-LandlineBakerLiberty Telecom10/23/2002
(775) 366-LandlineFernleyLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 367-LandlineEurekaLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 368-LandlineElyLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 369-LandlineImlayLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 370-LandlineOrovadaLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 371-LandlineLovelockLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 372-LandlineAmargosa ValleyNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 373-LandlineYeringtonLiberty Telecom10/02/2003
(775) 374-MobileBattle MountainCingular Wireless01/06/2003
(775) 375-LandlineWinnemuccaBandwidth.com02/12/2010
(775) 376-LandlineRenoSbc Internet Services04/07/2005
(775) 377-LandlineRound MountainNevada Bell02/27/1999
(775) 378-MobileRenoLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm06/05/2001
(775) 379-MobileRenoLeap Wireless Intl DBA Cricket Comm12/12/2001
(775) 382-MobileAmargosa ValleyCommnet Wireless05/14/2010
(775) 383-LandlineLovelockLiberty Telecom03/03/2001
(775) 384-LandlineRenoNeutral Tandem08/15/2008
(775) 385-<i class="fa fa-


How do I get a 775 phone number?To acquire a 775 phone number, follow these simple steps: 1. Determine your service needs: Determine the purpose for obtaining a 775 phone number, whether for personal or business use. 2. Choose a service provider: Select a reliable US local phone number provider that offers coverage in the 775 area code. 3. Research providers: Conduct thorough research to identify the best provider for your needs. Look for features such as call quality, affordability, customer service, and additional services. 4. Check availability: Verify the availability of desired 775 phone numbers with the selected provider. Many providers have online tools where you can enter the desired area code and choose from a list of available numbers. 5. Sign up: Once you have chosen a provider and confirmed the availability of your preferred number, sign up for their services by following their registration process. This often involves sharing personal information and completing necessary documents. 6. Activate your number: Once you have completed the signup process, the provider will assist you in activating your 775 phone number, which will typically involve selecting a plan, configuring your phone settings, and making payment arrangements. By following these steps, you will be able to obtain a 775 phone number and start enjoying the services provided by your chosen US local phone number provider.
Are all 775 area codes available?Yes, all 775 area codes are available for use. The 775 area code serves the entire state of Nevada, covering cities such as Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Elko. Whether you are an individual or a business looking to establish a local presence in Nevada, you can easily obtain a phone number with the 775 area code. There are several providers who offer local phone numbers with the 775 area code, allowing you to choose the best option based on your specific needs. Whether you require additional features like call forwarding, voicemail, or virtual phone systems, these providers can cater to your requirements. With a 775 area code number, you can connect with customers, friends, or family in Nevada, and project a local image. So, if you're looking for a phone number with a 775 area code, rest assured that it is readily available for you to obtain.
Do I own my 775 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, it's important to understand the concept of ownership. In most cases, phone numbers are not owned by individuals but rather leased or assigned by a service provider. As a customer, you are given the privilege of using a phone number for as long as you maintain an active account with the service provider. If you have been assigned a 775 phone number, it means that your service provider has allocated that specific number to your account. While you may have exclusive rights to use the number, you don't technically own it in the traditional sense. It's essential to adhere to the terms and conditions set by your service provider regarding the use, retention, and transfer of your phone number. It's worth noting that portability regulations exist, allowing customers to transfer their phone numbers from one service provider to another while maintaining the same number. Therefore, while you may not own your 775 phone number outright, you do have the rights to use and control it as long as you remain with your service provider.

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