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Best Local Business Phone Providers for 778 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 778?

The 778 area code is one of the telephone area codes used in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the province of British Columbia, Canada. It covers a wide range of geographic areas within the province, including cities such as Victoria, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and Richmond. With its extensive coverage, individuals and businesses in these areas can enjoy the convenience of having a local phone number that connects them to their community. Finding the best local phone number providers in the 778 area code will ensure reliable and accessible communication for both personal and professional needs.
Major CityVancouver, BC

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Welcome to our platform, the ultimate destination for finding the finest local phone number providers near you. Are you in search of a reliable 778 area code phone number? Look no further! We specialize in connecting you with the best services that offer these numbers. We understand the importance of having a local presence, and a 778 area code ensures just that. Whether you are a business owner looking to expand or an individual seeking personalized communication, our network of trusted providers offers seamless solutions. Say goodbye to limitations and experience the flexibility and convenience of a 778 area code phone number. Trust us to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Why your business needs a 778 phone number

Having a 778 area code phone number for your business offers multiple advantages. Firstly, it signifies a local presence, instilling trust and familiarity among potential customers in the 778 area. This localized touch can enhance your business's credibility and increase the likelihood of customers reaching out. Additionally, a 778 area code phone number eliminates long-distance fees for customers within the same area code, making your business easily accessible and cost-effective to connect with. By choosing a 778 area code phone number, you demonstrate your commitment to serving the local community and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(778) 200-LandlineVancouverIristel
(778) 201-MobileAbbotsfordTelus Mobility
(778) 202-MobileHazeltonTelus Mobility
(778) 203-MobileHoustonTelus Mobility
(778) 204-MobileHudsons HopeTelus Mobility
(778) 205-MobileKasloTelus Mobility
(778) 206-MobileNakuspTelus Mobility
(778) 207-MobileCache CreekTelus Mobility
(778) 208-MobileClearwaterTelus Mobility
(778) 209-LandlineLillooetTelus Mobility
(778) 210-MobileSmithersRogers (wireless)
(778) 212-MobileVernonTelus Mobility
(778) 213-MobileBella BellaBell Mobility
(778) 214-MobileKelownaTelus Mobility
(778) 215-MobileKelownaTelus Mobility
(778) 216-LandlinePort CoquitlamRogers (cable)06/25/2005
(778) 217-LandlinePort MoodyRogers (cable)06/25/2005
(778) 218-LandlineNewtonRogers (cable)06/25/2005
(778) 219-LandlineRichmondRogers (cable)02/16/2006
(778) 220-MobileKamloopsTelus Mobility
(778) 221-MobileHoustonBell Mobility
(778) 222-MobileVancouverTelus Mobility01/27/2004
(778) 223-MobileNewtonFido Solutions11/11/2003
(778) 224-LandlineVictoriaGt Group Telecom Services Corp.
(778) 225-LandlineCourtenayShaw Telecom
(778) 226-MobileGulf IslandsBell Mobility
(778) 227-MobileVancouverBell Mobility03/27/2005
(778) 228-MobileVancouverBell Mobility05/02/2004
(778) 229-MobileVancouverBell Mobility08/17/2004
(778) 230-MobileVancouverBell Mobility06/25/2005
(778) 231-MobileVancouverBell Mobility03/27/2005
(778) 232-MobileVancouverBell Mobility03/27/2005
(778) 233-MobileVancouverBell Mobility03/27/2005
(778) 234-LandlineRichmondAllstream03/27/2005
(778) 235-MobileVancouverBell Mobility06/25/2005
(778) 237-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)
(778) 238-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)10/13/2005
(778) 239-MobileVancouverRogers (wireless)10/13/2005
(778) 240-MobileAldergroveRogers (wireless)02/16/2006
(778) 241-MobileAldergroveRogers (wireless)05/02/2004
(778) 242-MobileAldergroveRogers (wireless)
(778) 243-LandlineAldergroveBell West
(778) 245-MobileAldergroveBell Mobility
(778) 246-MobileAldergroveBell Mobility
(778) 251-MobileNorth VancouverFido Solutions11/11/2003
(778) 252-MobileRevelstokeTelus Mobility
(778) 253-MobileSpences BridgeTelus Mobility
(778) 254-MobileLyttonTelus Mobility
(778) 255-MobileAldergroveTelus Mobility
(778) 256-MobileFort St JohnTelus Mobility
(778) 257-MobileKamloopsTelus Mobility
(778) 258-MobileMcbrideTelus Mobility
(778) 259-MobileFraser LakeTelus Mobility
(778) 260-MobileSandspitTelus Mobility
(778) 261-LandlineCranbrookBell West
(778) 262-LandlineNorth VancouverAllstream03/27/2005
(778) 263-LandlineLadnerAllstream
(778) 264-LandlineNorth VancouverAllstream
(778) 265-LandlineVictoriaShaw Telecom
(778) 266-MobileSquamishTelus Mobility
(778) 267-Mobile150 Mile HouseTelus Mobility
(778) 269-MobileLantzvilleBell Mobility
(778) 270-LandlineNelsonBell West
(778) 271-LandlineTerraceBell West
(778) 272-LandlinePort MoodyBell West10/13/2005
(778) 273-LandlineDawson CreekBell West
(778) 274-LandlineTrailBell West
(778) 275-LandlineDuncanBell West
(778) 276-LandlineGibsonsBell West
(778) 277-LandlineLangleyShaw Telecom
(778) 278-LandlineLangleyShaw Telecom
(778) 279-LandlineWest VancouverShaw Telecom
(778) 280-LandlineWest VancouverBell West10/13/2005
(778) 281-MobilePrince GeorgeBell Mobility
(778) 282-LandlineRichmondGt Group Telecom Services Corp.06/01/2006
(778) 283-LandlineSalmon ArmBell West
(778) 284-LandlinePort CoquitlamBell West12/13/2004
(778) 285-LandlinePort CoquitlamShaw Telecom
(778) 286-LandlineChilliwackBell West
(778) 287-LandlineChilliwackBell West
(778) 288-MobileVancouverRogers (wireless)02/09/2003
(778) 289-LandlineLangleyBell West
(778) 290-LandlineSurreyBell West
(778) 292-LandlineWhite RockBell West10/13/2005
(778) 294-LandlineWhite RockShaw Telecom
(778) 296-LandlineRichmondBell West
(778) 297-LandlineRichmondShaw Telecom
(778) 298-LandlineLangleyShaw Telecom
(778) 300-LandlineVancouverFibernetics Corp.
(778) 301-LandlinePort AlberniBell West
(778) 302-LandlineVancouverGlobalive Wireless Management Corp.
(778) 303-LandlineWhite RockBell West
(778) 304-LandlineCobble HillBell West
(778) 305-LandlineParksvilleBell West
(778) 306-LandlineHaneyBell West
(778) 307-LandlineMissionBell West
(778) 308-LandlineRichmondFibernetics Corp.
(778) 312-LandlineNew WestministerAllstream03/27/2005
(778) 313-LandlineKelownaAllstream
(778) 314-LandlineAbbotsfordAllstream
(778) 315-LandlineDouglas LakeTeliphone Navigata-westel Communicaiton
(778) 316-MobileVancouverFido Solutions06/01/2006
(778) 317-MobileVancouverFido Solutions06/01/2006
(778) 318-MobileVancouverFido Solutions06/01/2006
(778) 319-MobileVancouverFido Solutions06/01/2006
(778) 320-MobileVancouverFido Solutions06/01/2006
(778) 321-MobileVancouverFido Solutions06/01/2006
(778) 322-MobileVancouverFido Solutions05/02/2004
(778) 323-MobileVancouverFido Solutions
(778) 325-MobilePort CoquitlamFido Solutions11/11/2003
(778) 327-LandlineVancouverBell West06/25/2005
(778) 328-LandlineVancouverBell West03/27/2005
(778) 329-LandlineVancouverBell West02/16/2006
(778) 330-LandlineVancouverBell West06/01/2006
(778) 331-LandlineVancouverBell West06/01/2006
(778) 332-Landline100 Mile HouseBell West
(778) 333-Landline150 Mile HouseBell West08/17/2004
(778) 334-LandlineBouchie LakeBell West
(778) 335-LandlineCourtenayBell West
(778) 336-LandlineCampbell RiverBell West
(778) 338-LandlineNorth VancouverBell West03/27/2005
(778) 340-LandlineNorth VancouverShaw Telecom
(778) 341-LandlineWellingtonBell West
(778) 342-LandlineLadysmithBell West
(778) 343-LandlineLantzvilleBell West
(778) 344-MobileAbbotsfordBell Mobility06/01/2006
(778) 345-MobileAbbotsfordBell Mobility
(778) 346-LandlineCampbell RiverShaw Telecom
(778) 347-MobileAbbotsfordTelus Mobility
(778) 348-MobileCampbell RiverTelus Mobility
(778) 349-MobilePrince GeorgeTelus Mobility
(778) 350-MobileVictoriaBell Mobility
(778) 351-LandlineSaanichShaw Telecom
(778) 352-LandlineSookeShaw Telecom
(778) 353-LandlineGangesShaw Telecom
(778) 354-LandlineGangesShaw Telecom
(778) 355-LandlinePort MoodyShaw Telecom
(778) 356-LandlineCobble HillShaw Telecom
(778) 358-LandlineNew WestministerFibernetics Corp.
(778) 363-MobileKelownaBell Mobility
(778) 367-LandlineTrailTelus
(778) 368-LandlineSurreyTelus
(778) 369-LandlineAldergroveTelus08/31/2003
(778) 370-LandlineVancouverRogers (cable)
(778) 371-LandlineVancouverRogers (cable)05/02/2004
(778) 372-LandlineVancouverAllstream03/27/2005
(778) 373-LandlineVancouverAllstream
(778) 374-LandlineVancouverAllstream
(778) 375-LandlineVancouverAllstream
(778) 376-LandlineKamloopsTeliphone Navigata-westel Communicaiton
(778) 377-LandlineVancouverAllstream
(778) 378-MobileVancouverBell Mobility
(778) 381-LandlineVancouverFibernetics Corp.
(778) 382-LandlineNorth VancouverFibernetics Corp.
(778) 383-LandlineVancouverGlobility
(778) 384-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)
(778) 385-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)
(778) 386-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)01/27/2004
(778) 387-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)
(778) 388-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)08/04/2002
(778) 389-MobileNew WestministerRogers (wireless)01/27/2004
(778) 391-LandlineSurreyAllstream03/27/2005
(778) 393-LandlineSavonaTeliphone Navigata-westel Communicaiton
(778) 394-LandlineSurreyShaw Telecom
(778) 395-LandlineSurreyShaw Telecom
(778) 396-LandlineNew WestministerBell West
(778) 397-LandlineNew WestministerShaw Telecom
(778) 398-LandlineNew WestministerShaw Telecom
(778) 400-LandlineVictoriaIristel
(778) 401-LandlineVictoriaIristel
(778) 402-LandlineVictoriaIristel
(778) 403-LandlineVictoriaIristel
(778) 404-LandlineVictoriaIristel
(778) 405-LandlineVictoriaShaw Telecom
(778) 406-LandlineVictoriaShaw Telecom
(778) 407-LandlineHaneyBell West
(778) 408-LandlinePowell RiverBell West
(778) 409-LandlineOsoyoosBell West
(778) 410-LandlineVictoriaAllstream
(778) 412-Landline150 Mile HouseShaw Telecom
(778) 414-LandlineBouchie LakeShaw Telecom
(778) 415-LandlinePrince GeorgeShaw Telecom
(778) 416-LandlinePrince GeorgeShaw Telecom
(778) 417-Landline150 Mile HouseShaw Telecom
(778) 418-LandlineCampbell RiverShaw Telecom


How do I get a 778 phone number?If you are wondering how to obtain a 778 phone number, we are here to guide you through the process. 778 is an area code used in the Canadian province of British Columbia. To get a 778 phone number, you will need to contact a local telecommunications service provider in British Columbia. They will be able to assist you in acquiring a phone number with the 778 area code. To find a local telecommunications service provider, you can search online directories, consult with friends or colleagues in British Columbia, or even visit a nearby retail store that specializes in phone services. The provider will ask for personal details and necessary documents to set up a new account with a 778 phone number. Remember to verify the terms, pricing, and available features of the service before finalizing your decision. It's also recommended to compare different providers to ensure you are choosing the one that best suits your needs.
Are all 778 area codes available?When it comes to US local phone numbers, availability can vary based on the specific area code. As for the 778 area code, it is essential to have accurate and up-to-date information to determine its availability. However, it is worth noting that researching and finding comprehensive data on US local phone number availability can be a challenging task. To ensure accurate results and choose the best US local phone number provider, users can rely on reliable websites and platforms that gather information from multiple sources. These platforms use advanced algorithms and manual verification processes to deliver the most precise and updated information about area code availability. By using such a reliable service, users will be able to access a wide range of potential US local phone number providers. These platforms provide detailed information on available area codes, along with additional features, pricing plans, and user reviews. This way, users can make an informed decision and choose the best US local phone number provider that meets their specific needs.
Do I own my 778 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, it's essential to understand the concept of ownership. Regarding your specific phone number, the 778 area code is assigned to specific regions in British Columbia, Canada. However, determining ownership depends on various factors. Typically, phone numbers are provided by telecommunications companies, who assign them to users for a fee or as part of a service package. As a customer, you may have obtained the 778 phone number either directly from a service provider or through a phone plan. While you may have exclusive use of the phone number, it's important to note that you don't technically "own" it in the traditional sense. Phone numbers are issued and managed by telecommunication authorities, such as the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States. If you have concerns about your phone number's ownership, it's best to consult your service provider or check the terms and conditions of your phone plan to understand the rights and limitations associated with your specific phone number.

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