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Phone numbers in the 862 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Looking for reliable and efficient business phones in the 862 area code? Look no further! Our website is here to help you find the best local phone number providers for your business needs. Whether you need a fully-equipped office solution or a virtual phone system, we have you covered. Our curated list of providers ensures that you have access to top-notch services that meet your requirements and budget. Don't waste time scrolling through countless options - let us do the work for you and help you find the perfect phone solution for your business in the 862 area code.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 862 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 862?

When it comes to the 862 area code, geographical areas in New Jersey are covered. This particular area code serves the northern region of the state, including cities such as Newark, Paterson, and Morristown. Offering a wide range of business and residential opportunities, the 862 area code connects residents and companies alike with reliable and efficient telephone services. Whether you are looking for a local phone number for personal or professional use, our platform can help you find the best providers in the 862 area code, ensuring you stay connected with the vibrant communities in this region.
StateNew Jersey
Major CityNewark

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
7% Cablevision Lightpath
3% Bandwidthcom Clec
3% Peerless Network
2% Coretel
2% Mcimetro Access Transmission Services
2% Level 3
2% Network Billing Systems, LC
17% Other


Prefixes Carrier
22% Sprint
12% Verizon Wireless
9% Omnipoint
9% Cingular
1% Cablevision Lightpath
1% Metro PCS
1% Peerless Network
3% Other

How it works

When it comes to finding the perfect phone number for your business or personal use, the 862 area code offers a variety of options through reliable service providers. With their extensive database, these providers ensure that you get a local phone number that suits your specific requirements. The 862 area code covers parts of New Jersey, providing businesses and individuals with a local presence. Whether it's for a professional image or to establish connections in the local community, a 862 area code phone number is highly sought after. So, put your faith in trusted service providers who can help you secure the best local phone number for your needs.

Why your business needs a 862 phone number

Having a business phone number with a 862 area code can bring several advantages to your business. Firstly, it provides a sense of local presence. Customers are more likely to trust a local business compared to a company with a non-local area code. This can greatly enhance your credibility and increase the chances of attracting new customers. Secondly, a 862 area code allows you to tap into a specific local market. It enables you to directly target customers in the region associated with that area code. This can be especially beneficial if you primarily cater to customers in that area. Additionally, a 862 area code provides convenience for your customers. They can easily recognize the area code and assume that any associated charges or long-distance fees will be minimal or non-existent. To acquire a 862 area code, it is advisable to choose a reliable US local phone number provider. By doing thorough research and considering factors such as pricing, features, call quality, and customer support, you can select the best provider for your business needs.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(862) 200-MobilePompton LakesVerizon Wireless05/08/2007
(862) 201-MobileBellevilleSprint10/10/2002
(862) 202-MobileBloomfieldSprint10/10/2002
(862) 203-MobileHawthorneSprint10/10/2002
(862) 204-MobileMadisonSprint10/10/2002
(862) 205-MobileOrangeSprint10/10/2002
(862) 206-MobileMillburnSprint10/10/2002
(862) 207-MobileBoontonSprint10/10/2002
(862) 208-MobileNutleySprint10/10/2002
(862) 209-MobileRockawaySprint10/10/2002
(862) 210-MobileCaldwellVerizon Wireless05/08/2007
(862) 213-MobileBloomfieldOmnipoint Comms10/06/2011
(862) 214-MobileNewarkSprint10/11/2011
(862) 215-MobileNewarkOmnipoint Comms02/22/2002
(862) 216-MobileOrangeCingular Wireless05/06/2002
(862) 217-MobileMorristownVerizon Wireless11/10/2011
(862) 218-LandlineNewarkBandwidth.com09/02/2008
(862) 219-MobileSuccasunnaVerizon Wireless05/14/2004
(862) 220-MobileBloomfieldOmnipoint Comms10/29/2002
(862) 221-MobileMountain ViewCingular Wireless06/17/2002
(862) 222-MobileMorristownSprint01/22/2002
(862) 223-MobileLivingstonSprint02/09/2003
(862) 224-MobileOrangeOmnipoint Comms10/29/2002
(862) 225-MobileCaldwellPeerless Network09/25/2012
(862) 226-MobileMountain ViewSprint02/09/2003
(862) 227-LandlineNewarkXtel Comms04/25/2011
(862) 228-MobilePompton LakesCingular Wireless10/16/2002
(862) 229-MobileNewarkBroadvox-clec11/28/2011
(862) 230-MobileNewarkSprint05/20/2011
(862) 231-MobileNewarkSprint12/13/2011
(862) 232-MobilePassaicSprint06/08/2011
(862) 233-MobileOrangeBandwidth.com06/22/2010
(862) 234-LandlineNewarkCablevision Lightpath03/21/2008
(862) 235-MobileNewarkOmnipoint Comms07/23/2008
(862) 236-MobileWeehawkenVerizon Wireless08/10/2010
(862) 237-LandlineNewarkCablevision Lightpath01/29/2008
(862) 238-MobilePassaicSprint06/16/2011
(862) 239-LandlinePatersonCablevision Lightpath03/24/2008
(862) 240-LandlineNewarkCoretel New Jersey03/19/2012
(862) 241-LandlineNewarkCablevision Lightpath01/19/2009
(862) 242-MobileMorristownOmnipoint Comms04/18/2002
(862) 243-LandlineHopatcongMCI Metro ATS02/25/2009
(862) 244-LandlineDoverBroadwing Comms03/31/2006
(862) 246-MobileChathamVerizon Wireless08/10/2009
(862) 247-MobilePassaicSprint08/18/2011
(862) 248-MobilePompton LakesSprint04/03/2007
(862) 249-LandlinePassaicCablevision Lightpath03/24/2008
(862) 250-MobileOrangeCingular Wireless03/11/2008
(862) 251-LandlineSuccasunnaCingular Wireless12/07/2006
(862) 252-MobileRochelle ParkCingular Wireless01/22/2007
(862) 253-LandlineOrangeNeutral Tandem09/09/2009
(862) 254-MobileChathamCablevision Lightpath10/05/2012
(862) 255-MobileNewarkSprint06/17/2011
(862) 256-MobileNewarkHalo Wireless Services11/28/2011
(862) 257-LandlinePatersonCablevision Lightpath07/13/2011
(862) 258-MobileNetcongVerizon Wireless07/29/2005
(862) 259-LandlineSuccasunnaMCI Metro ATS02/25/2009
(862) 260-LandlineMorristownTw Telecom Of New Jersey Lp02/10/2012
(862) 261-LandlineBoontonTeleport Comms Group - New York06/04/2010
(862) 262-MobilePatersonOmnipoint Comms11/13/2002
(862) 263-Bandwidth.com04/21/2014
(862) 264-LandlinePatersonCablevision Lightpath04/24/2006
(862) 265-LandlineMorristown06/28/2012
(862) 266-MobileNewtonVerizon Wireless12/18/2002
(862) 267-LandlinePatersonBroadview Networks09/19/2008
(862) 268-MobileNewtonVerizon Wireless03/07/2003
(862) 269-Local Access06/09/2014
(862) 270-LandlineNewarkBusiness Automation Technologies11/25/2013
(862) 273-MobileNewtonOmnipoint Comms03/13/2006
(862) 274-Verizon Wireless05/28/2014
(862) 277-LandlineHackensackConversent Comms09/08/2011
(862) 279-MobileNewarkSprint09/21/2007
(862) 290-MobilePassaicCingular Wireless10/06/2008
(862) 300-MobileNewark365 Wireless10/19/2012
(862) 303-LandlineBranchvilleIbc Telecom Corp.07/26/2012
(862) 304-MobilePassaicSprint03/01/2013
(862) 305-LandlineDoverBandwidth.com10/31/2012
(862) 307-LandlineNewarkManhattan Telecomm Of Nj DBA Mettel07/26/2005
(862) 308-LandlineChathamPeerless Network04/04/2013
(862) 309-MobileMorristownVerizon Wireless05/16/2013
(862) 312-LandlineFranklinCenturylink Comms08/19/2013
(862) 314-LandlineWest MilfordLocal Access08/09/2013
(862) 324-MobileSuccasunnaVerizon Wireless08/13/2004
(862) 333-LandlineJersey CityPeerless Network06/07/2012
(862) 336-LandlinePatersonNetwork Billing Systems, Lc03/24/2008
(862) 345-LandlineMorristownCtc Comms Corp., DBA Ct Comm Corp07/01/2009
(862) 354-MobileNewtonVerizon Wireless01/19/2006
(862) 367-LandlineJersey CityPeerless Network02/18/2009
(862) 368-MobileNewarkCingular Wireless04/15/2002
(862) 371-MobileNewarkCingular Wireless10/14/2005
(862) 373-LandlineNewarkIbc Telecom Corp.03/10/2011
(862) 377-MobilePompton LakesSprint10/18/2001
(862) 397-MobileDoverSprint06/19/2006
(862) 400-LandlineOrangeNetwork Billing Systems, Lc03/24/2008
(862) 404-LandlineWhippanyMCI Metro ATS01/30/2013
(862) 414-LandlineNewarkBandwidth.com02/12/2010
(862) 419-MobileSuccasunnaCablevision Lightpath05/29/2012
(862) 432-MobileSuccasunnaVerizon Wireless08/21/2002
(862) 437-LandlineDoverCablevision Lightpath04/28/2011
(862) 438-MobileOrangeVerizon Wireless06/07/2006
(862) 444-LandlineJersey CityPeerless Network06/07/2012
(862) 452-MobileNewarkOmnipoint Comms10/17/2001
(862) 485-MobileLivingstonCingular Wireless05/06/2002
(862) 500-LandlineRandolphVoxbeam Telecom11/22/2013
(862) 505-MobileCaldwellVerizon Wireless05/24/2012
(862) 520-MobileOrangeSprint04/27/2006
(862) 571-MobilePassaicOmnipoint Comms10/17/2001
(862) 576-MobileNewarkCingular Wireless07/05/2006
(862) 579-MobileMorristownSprint10/18/2001
(862) 588-MobileNewarkOmnipoint Comms04/16/2002
(862) 591-LandlinePassaicCingular Wireless12/02/2006
(862) 596-MobileHobokenCingular Wireless05/06/2002
(862) 600-LandlinePassaicNetwork Billing Systems, Lc03/24/2008
(862) 621-LandlineWeehawkenLevel 3 Comms03/01/2011
(862) 666-LandlinePompton LakesPeerless Network06/07/2012
(862) 668-MobilePassaicSprint11/20/2001
(862) 684-MobileMountain ViewOmnipoint Comms10/23/2001
(862) 686-MobilePassaicCingular Wireless04/15/2002
(862) 701-LandlineWhippanyPaetec Comms01/24/2006
(862) 702-LandlineNewarkLocal Access02/15/2013
(862) 703-MobileCaldwellOmnipoint Comms04/16/2002
(862) 704-MobileOrangeOmnipoint Comms12/03/2013
(862) 754-MobileNewarkVerizon Wireless12/12/2005
(862) 755-MobileNewarkSprint06/20/2002
(862) 757-LandlineLittle FallsAllegiance Telecom11/20/2001
(862) 763-MobileNewarkVerizon Wireless10/17/2005
(862) 766-MobileOrangeSprint06/24/2010
(862) 772-LandlineNewarkLevel 3 Comms01/24/2006
(862) 777-LandlineMorristownCoretel New Jersey06/22/2012
(862) 778-LandlineWhippany02/22/2002
(862) 781-LandlineRandolphLevel 3 Comms04/06/2006
(862) 800-LandlineNewarkVoxbeam Telecom03/22/2013
(862) 801-LandlineButlerBandwidth.com06/11/2013
(862) 803-LandlineParsippanyCablevision Lightpath04/10/2013
(862) 812-MobileMorristownCingular Wireless04/15/2002
(862) 823-MobilePassaicSprint01/22/2002
(862) 849-MobileNewarkSprint12/19/2001
(862) 881-MobileCaldwellSprint11/20/2001
(862) 888-MobilePassaicMetro PCS02/01/2010
(862) 899-MobilePassaicMetro PCS02/23/2011
(862) 900-MobileNewarkSprint01/12/2011
(862) 902-LandlineNewarkNeutral Tandem03/14/2006
(862) 926-LandlineCaldwellCablevision Lightpath09/08/2006
(862) 930-LandlineOrangeRclec03/03/2014
(862) 944-LandlineNewarkXchange Telecom Corp.08/10/2009
(862) 955-MobileNewarkVerizon Wireless06/24/2010
(862) 976-Broadview Networks
(862) 990-Multiple Ocn Listing03/06/2002
(862) 999-LandlineNewarkCoretel New Jersey06/22/2012


How do I get a 862 phone number?Getting a 862 phone number is a simple process that requires a few steps. To acquire a 862 phone number, follow these guidelines: 1. Research Providers: Start by researching telecommunications providers that offer local phone number services in the United States. Look for reputable and well-established providers with good customer reviews. 2. Choose a Provider: Compare the features, pricing, and available options provided by different companies. Select a provider that offers services in the 862 area code and suits your specific needs. 3. Contact the Provider: Once you have finalized a provider, visit their website or call their customer service to initiate the process. Provide the necessary information and express your interest in obtaining a 862 phone number. 4. Number Availability: Inquire about the availability of 862 phone numbers. Providers have access to a pool of phone numbers, and they will inform you if a number in the desired area code is available. 5. Activation: After selecting a phone number, the provider will guide you through the activation process. This typically involves setting up an account, providing identification, and making payment arrangements. By following these steps, you can easily obtain a 862 phone number from a trusted provider and start utilizing it for personal or business purposes.
Are all 862 area codes available?The availability of all 862 area codes may vary depending on the specific provider you choose. While many providers offer a wide range of area codes, it is important to note that availability can change due to various factors such as demand and regional limitations. It is recommended to consult with the chosen provider directly to verify the availability of the 862 area code. Conducting thorough research will help you identify reliable providers who can offer the desired area code and meet your specific requirements. Additionally, it is worth considering alternative area codes in case the 862 option is not available. By exploring different providers and their offerings, you can make an informed decision and find the best US local phone number provider that suits your needs.
Do I own my 862 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex matter. In the case of your 862 phone number, it's important to understand that phone numbers themselves are typically owned by telecommunications carriers or providers. As a user or customer, you rent or subscribe to a phone number from a provider rather than owning it outright. Providers often assign numbers from an available pool based on your location or preference. While you may have the right to use and manage your 862 phone number, it is essential to review the terms and conditions of your service agreement with your provider. This agreement will outline the extent of your rights and responsibilities as a user. Be aware that transferring your phone number from one provider to another may be possible in certain cases, but it still involves coordination between the current and new providers. For a more accurate and detailed understanding of your specific situation and the ownership aspect of your 862 phone number, it is recommended to consult with your current telecommunications provider.

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