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Welcome to our website, your ultimate destination for finding the best local phone number providers in the 910 area code. We understand that choosing a business phone service can be a daunting task, but worry not, our comprehensive directory is here to simplify the process for you. With our trusted partners, you can find reliable and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs. Whether you require a single line or a complex phone system, our providers offer a wide range of features and plans to ensure seamless communication. Don't wait any longer, explore our listings today and discover the perfect business phone service for your 910 area code business.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 910 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 910?

In the vast landscape of telephone communication, the 910 area code holds its unique significance. Nestled within its geographic areas lies a tapestry of diverse communities, each with its own charm and character. From bustling urban centers to serene countryside, the 910 area code encompasses a rich blend of cultures, traditions, and natural wonders. The local phone number providers here play a pivotal role in connecting people and businesses across these distinct regions. With their expertise and reliability, they empower individuals to effortlessly stay in touch, fostering communication within and beyond the 910 area code's far-reaching boundaries. Discover the best local phone number providers to unlock seamless connectivity within this captivating tapestry of geographic areas.
StateNorth Carolina
Major CityFayetteville

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
24% Centurylink
11% Southern Bell Tel &
3% Time Warner Cbl
3% Level 3
2% Deltacom
2% Business Telecom
2% Star Telephone Membership
19% Other


Prefixes Carrier
13% Verizon Wireless
6% Sprint
4% T-mobile
4% Cingular
3% United States Cellular –
1% Usa Mobility Wireless
1% Alltel
2% Other

How it works

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy phone number provider? Look no further! We specialize in helping you find the best 910 area code phone numbers that cater to your specific needs. Our extensive network of service providers ensures that you have access to a wide range of features and options. Whether you require a personal or business phone number, we've got you covered. With our easy-to-use platform, you can search, compare, and choose the perfect 910 area code phone number that suits your requirements. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to your communication needs; let us connect you with the best providers in town.

Why your business needs a 910 phone number

When it comes to establishing a strong local presence for your business in the United States, having a 910 area code can provide significant advantages. The 910 area code is associated with the southeastern region of North Carolina, which includes cities such as Wilmington, Fayetteville, and Jacksonville. Having a 910 area code can instill trust and credibility among local customers, as they are more likely to perceive your business as being rooted in the local community. This can be particularly beneficial if you are targeting customers in the 910 area, as they may feel more comfortable doing business with a company that they perceive to be nearby. Furthermore, a 910 area code can also enable you to tap into the local market more effectively. By having a phone number with a 910 area code, customers in the southeastern region of North Carolina can easily contact your business without incurring long-distance charges. This can lead to increased customer inquiries, better customer retention, and ultimately, higher sales for your business. In order to obtain a 910 area code for your business, it is advisable to consult with a reputable US local phone number provider who can offer competitive pricing and reliable service.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(910) 200-MobileWilmingtonCingular Wireless02/04/1994
(910) 201-LandlineLong BeachBellsouth Telecom09/11/1994
(910) 202-LandlineWilmingtonNuvox Comms05/10/1999
(910) 205-LandlineHamletBellsouth Telecom09/11/1994
(910) 206-MobileRockinghamAllied Wireless Comms DBA Alltel05/10/1999
(910) 207-MobileWhitevilleCingular Wireless05/10/1999
(910) 208-LandlineWilmingtonCenturylink Comms10/13/1999
(910) 209-MobileShallotteSuncom DBA T-mobile USA05/10/1999
(910) 210-LandlineWilmingtonCenturylink Comms10/13/1999
(910) 212-LandlineWhitevilleAT&T Local05/10/1999
(910) 213-LandlineFayettevilleAT&T Local05/10/1999
(910) 214-MobileClintonVerizon Wireless05/10/1999
(910) 215-LandlinePinehurstCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 216-LandlineWilmingtonCenturylink Comms10/13/1999
(910) 217-MobileLaurinburgAllied Wireless Comms DBA Alltel04/01/1997
(910) 218-LandlineWilmingtonFrontier Comms Of America07/24/2013
(910) 219-LandlineJacksonvilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 220-MobileTroyAllied Wireless Comms DBA Alltel02/27/1999
(910) 221-LandlineFayettevilleTelcove Operations05/10/1999
(910) 222-LandlineFayettevilleTelcove Operations05/10/1999
(910) 223-LandlineFayettevilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink07/06/1997
(910) 224-LandlineFayettevilleSprint01/14/2000
(910) 225-MobileLumbertonUnited States Cellular Corp.10/13/1999
(910) 226-MobileWarsawSprint12/16/2003
(910) 227-LandlineRed SpringsCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 228-MobileWilmingtonSuncom DBA T-mobile USA07/22/1999
(910) 229-MobileFayettevilleSuncom DBA T-mobile USA07/22/1999
(910) 230-LandlineDunnCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink07/22/1999
(910) 231-MobileWilmingtonUnited States Cellular Corp.09/11/1994
(910) 232-MobileWilmingtonCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(910) 233-MobileWilmingtonCingular Wireless10/11/1997
(910) 234-MobileWhitevilleVerizon Wireless08/20/2000
(910) 235-LandlinePinehurstCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink04/15/1996
(910) 236-LandlineNewton GroveCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 237-MobileFayettevilleSprint06/13/2000
(910) 238-LandlineJacksonvilleCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 239-LandlineWrightsville BeachNuvox Comms06/30/2001
(910) 240-LandlineMaxtonCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 241-LandlineSaint PaulsCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 242-LandlineLillingtonCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 243-LandlineFayettevilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink07/22/1999
(910) 244-MobileFayettevilleUSA Mobility Wireless02/27/1999
(910) 245-LandlineVassCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 246-LandlineSouthern PinesCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink07/22/1999
(910) 247-LandlineElizabethtownCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 248-LandlineRaefordCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 249-LandlineClintonCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 250-MobileLong BeachSprint12/16/2003
(910) 251-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 252-LandlineFayettevilleDeltacom06/13/2000
(910) 253-LandlineEvergreenAtlantic Telephone Membership Corp.02/04/1994
(910) 254-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom04/01/1997
(910) 255-LandlinePinehurstCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink11/20/1998
(910) 256-LandlineWrightsville BeachBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 257-MobileFayettevilleSprint07/22/1999
(910) 258-MobileLumbertonSuncom DBA T-mobile USA01/14/2000
(910) 259-LandlineBurgawBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 260-MobileClintonVerizon Wireless02/06/2004
(910) 261-MobileFayettevilleSprint07/22/1999
(910) 262-MobileWilmingtonSuncom DBA T-mobile USA02/27/1999
(910) 263-MobileFayettevilleSprint10/31/2000
(910) 264-MobileWilmingtonSuncom DBA T-mobile USA10/31/2000
(910) 265-MobileJacksonvilleSuncom DBA T-mobile USA04/09/2001
(910) 266-LandlineLaurinburgBellsouth Telecom05/10/1999
(910) 267-LandlineFaisonCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 268-LandlineGibsonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 269-MobileSouthportCingular Wireless03/03/2001
(910) 270-LandlineHampsteadBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 271-MobileRose HillUnited States Cellular Corp.02/28/2002
(910) 272-LandlineLumbertonBellsouth Telecom05/10/1999
(910) 273-MobileFayettevilleSprint07/22/1999
(910) 274-LandlineWilmingtonTeleport Comms America10/13/1999
(910) 275-LandlineKenansvilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink10/13/1999
(910) 276-LandlineLaurinburgBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 277-LandlineLaurinburgBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 278-LandlineLong BeachBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 279-MobileWilmingtonSprint07/22/1999
(910) 280-MobileLaurinburgVerizon Wireless02/11/1995
(910) 281-LandlinePinebluffWindstream North Carolina02/04/1994
(910) 282-LandlineRose HillCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink05/10/1999
(910) 283-LandlineAtkinsonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 284-MobileRose HillVerizon Wireless07/06/1997
(910) 285-LandlineWallaceCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 286-MobileFayettevilleSprint07/22/1999
(910) 287-LandlineLongwoodAtlantic Telephone Membership Corp.02/04/1994
(910) 288-LandlineFayettevilleCenturylink Comms07/22/1999
(910) 289-LandlineRose HillCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 290-MobileKenansvilleVerizon Wireless04/01/1997
(910) 291-LandlineLaurinburgBellsouth Telecom02/11/1995
(910) 292-LandlineDunnCenturylink Comms02/04/1994
(910) 293-LandlineWarsawCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 294-MobileSouthportSuncom DBA T-mobile USA06/25/2001
(910) 295-LandlinePinehurstCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 296-LandlineKenansvilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 297-MobileWilmingtonSprint06/30/2001
(910) 298-LandlineBeulavilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 299-LandlineClintonCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink10/13/1999
(910) 300-LandlineBurgawLevel 3 Comms04/02/2004
(910) 301-MobileLumbertonVerizon Wireless10/01/2009
(910) 302-LandlineFayettevilleFrontier Comms Of America07/24/2013
(910) 303-MobileFayettevilleVerizon Wireless07/06/1997
(910) 304-MobileDunnSprint04/28/2011
(910) 305-MobileClintonVerizon Wireless04/10/2007
(910) 306-LandlineFayettevilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 307-LandlineFayettevilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 308-MobileFayettevilleVerizon Wireless02/11/1995
(910) 309-MobileFayettevilleVerizon Wireless04/01/1997
(910) 310-MobileWilmingtonUSA Mobility Wireless07/06/1997
(910) 312-LandlineClarktonTelcove Operations02/21/2005
(910) 313-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 314-LandlineAberdeenWindstream North Carolina09/01/2010
(910) 315-MobileSouthern PinesSuncom DBA T-mobile USA01/14/2000
(910) 316-MobileLumbertonVerizon Wireless09/16/2005
(910) 317-MobileWhitevilleSuncom DBA T-mobile USA04/05/2001
(910) 318-MobileLaurinburgSuncom DBA T-mobile USA01/14/2000
(910) 319-LandlineWilmingtonMCI Metro ATS05/18/2004
(910) 320-LandlineJacksonvilleAT&T Local11/07/2002
(910) 321-LandlineFayettevilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/11/1995
(910) 322-MobileFayettevilleVerizon Wireless02/11/1995
(910) 323-LandlineFayettevilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 324-LandlineRichlandsCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 325-LandlineSwansboroCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 326-LandlineSwansboroCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 327-LandlineSneads FerryCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 328-LandlineHampsteadCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 329-LandlineHolly RidgeCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 330-MobileJacksonvilleVerizon Wireless01/10/1996
(910) 331-MobileRockinghamCingular Wireless02/27/1999
(910) 332-LandlineWilmingtonBusiness Telecom05/10/1999
(910) 333-MobileJacksonvilleTime Warner Cable (nc) DBA Time Warner Cbl03/27/2005
(910) 334-MobileRockinghamAllied Wireless Comms DBA Alltel01/14/2000
(910) 335-MobileKenansvilleSuncom DBA T-mobile USA05/17/2001
(910) 336-MobileClintonSuncom DBA T-mobile USA10/31/2001
(910) 337-LandlineClintonAT&T Local05/01/2002
(910) 338-LandlineWilmingtonLevel 3 Comms10/26/2001
(910) 339-LandlineFayettevilleTime Warner Cable (nc) DBA Time Warner Cbl02/13/2002
(910) 340-MobileJacksonvilleUnited States Cellular Corp.02/04/1994
(910) 341-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 342-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom01/14/2000
(910) 343-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 344-LandlineWrightsville BeachBusiness Telecom10/31/2000
(910) 345-LandlineLumbertonBusiness Telecom10/31/2000
(910) 346-LandlineJacksonvilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 347-LandlineJacksonvilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 348-LandlineFayettevilleAlec06/13/2000
(910) 349-LandlineJacksonvilleAlec06/13/2000
(910) 350-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 351-LandlineSouthportTime Warner Cable (nc) DBA Time Warner Cbl08/24/2009
(910) 352-MobileWilmingtonSprint01/14/2000
(910) 353-LandlineJacksonvilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/04/1994
(910) 354-LandlineFayettevilleUs Lec05/10/1999
(910) 355-LandlineJacksonvilleCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink02/11/1995
(910) 356-LandlineLake WaccamawTime Warner Cable (nc) DBA Time Warner Cbl10/06/2008
(910) 357-LandlineJacksonville@ Comms04/10/2001
(910) 358-MobileJacksonvilleVerizon Wireless07/06/1997
(910) 359-LandlineRed SpringsCarolina Tel AndTelco DBA Centurylink06/30/2001
(910) 360-LandlineRockinghamGsc Telecom03/03/2003
(910) 361-LandlineLaurinburgTime Warner Cable (nc) DBA Time Warner Cbl01/04/2013
(910) 362-LandlineWilmingtonBellsouth Telecom06/13/2000
(910) 363-LandlineSouthportAT&T Local09/24/2003
(910) 364-LandlineFayettevilleTeleport Comms America03/03/2001
(910) 365-LandlineSouthern PinesDeltacom03/09/2001
(910) 366-MobileFayettevilleVerizon Wireless04/30/2004
(910) 367-MobileWilmingtonSprint07/02/2001
(910) 368-MobileSouthportSprint08/13/2001
(910) 369-LandlineWagramWindstream North Carolina02/04/1994
(910) 371-LandlineLelandBellsouth Telecom02/04/1994
(910) 372-MobileKenansvilleCingular Wireless09/21/2001
(910) 373-MobileLaurinburgSprint10/31/2000
(910) 374-<


How do I get a 910 phone number?Getting a 910 phone number is a simple process. To obtain a 910 phone number, you can follow these steps: 1. Research Phone Service Providers: Begin by researching phone service providers that offer local phone numbers in the 910 area code. Look for reliable and reputable providers. 2. Compare Provider Options: Once you have identified a few potential providers, compare their services, prices, and features. Consider factors like call quality, customer support, and additional services they offer. 3. Check Availability: Contact the chosen providers and inquire about the availability of 910 numbers. They will inform you if any numbers are currently available in the desired area code. 4. Choose a Provider: Evaluate the information gathered, including pricing, services, and availability, and select the provider that best meets your requirements. 5. Sign Up: Once you have chosen a provider, sign up for their services. They will guide you through the registration process and help you acquire a 910 phone number. Remember to verify the terms and conditions of the provider and ensure the availability of the number before proceeding with the registration.
Are all 910 area codes available?Yes, all 910 area codes are available. The 910 area code is assigned to certain regions in southeastern North Carolina, including cities such as Fayetteville, Wilmington, Jacksonville, and more. Whether you are looking to establish a business presence or simply need a local phone number for personal use in any of these areas, you can find various providers that offer 910 area codes. These providers typically offer a range of services, including local number portability, virtual phone systems, call forwarding, and more. To choose the best US local phone number provider for a 910 area code, it is recommended to consider factors such as pricing, features, customer support, and reliability. By comparing different providers and their offerings, you can find the most suitable option that meets your specific requirements.
Do I own my 910 phone number?When it comes to US local phone numbers, it's important to understand the concept of ownership. In general, phone numbers are not owned by individuals but rather leased or assigned by telecommunications providers. If you have a 910 phone number, it means that you have been allocated this number by a telecommunications company. While you may have exclusive use of the number for as long as you maintain an active account with the provider, you do not technically own the number itself. It's essential to note that if you decide to switch phone service providers, you may not be able to take your 910 phone number with you. Portability of numbers can vary depending on the policies of different carriers. To gain more control over your phone number, it's advisable to work with a reputable local phone number provider that offers flexibility, portability options, and transparent terms of service. This will ensure that you have the necessary support and resources to manage your phone number effectively in the long run.

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