Find Best Local Business Phone Numbers Providers For 954 Area Code

Phone numbers in the 954 area code: Ideal for sales and customer service teams.

Are you a business owner in the 954 area code? Look no further for the best local phone number providers! We understand the importance of having a reliable and professional phone system for your business. That's why we have curated a list of the top-notch service providers in the 954 area code. Whether you need a toll-free number or a custom vanity number, our partners offer a wide range of options to cater to your specific needs. Don't settle for subpar communication services. Choose a provider from our trusted network and take your business to new heights with a premium phone system.

Best Local Business Phone Providers for 954 area code

Phone number providerLocal numbers $Local minutes $Local Vanity Number $$1$0.04yes$20Unlimitedyes$5Unlimitedyes$1.50$0.04yes$3$0.05no

What time zone is area code 954?

Are you tired of dealing with impersonal customer service and high rates from your current phone number provider? Look no further. Our platform specializes in helping you find the best local phone number providers in the 954 area code. With its vast coverage, the 954 area code encompasses several geographic areas, including the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale, the vibrant city of Hollywood, and the bustling communities of Pompano Beach and Coral Springs. Whether you're a business owner or a resident, we understand the importance of having a reliable and locally-based phone number. Let us assist you in finding the perfect provider to cater to your communication needs in the 954 area code.
Major CityFort Lauderdale

Largest Telephone Carriers


Prefixes Carrier
37% Southern Bell Tel &
4% Florida Digital Network
2% Xo
2% Paetec
2% Tcg South
2% Intermedia
1% Bandwidthcom Clec
13% Other


Prefixes Carrier
9% Cingular
8% Sprint
4% Usa Mobility Wireless
4% Omnipoint Miami E License
4% Verizon Wireless
3% Abc Paging City Beepers
2% American Messaging (am)
3% Other

How it works

Choosing the right phone number provider that suits your preferences and business needs is crucial. If you're looking for a local phone number in the 954 area code, several quality service providers can assist you. These providers offer a wide range of features, such as call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording, tailored to enhance your communication experience. By opting for a 954 area code phone number, you can establish a local presence, making it easier for customers in that region to reach you. Research and compare different services to find the best provider that meets your requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication network.

Why your business needs a 954 phone number

If you're considering expanding your business or targeting a specific market in the United States, it's essential to have a local phone number that resonates with your prospective customers. One such example is the 954 area code. So, why does your business need a 954 area code? Firstly, a 954 area code signifies that your business has a presence in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area in Florida. This area boasts a vibrant business community, with opportunities across various sectors like tourism, hospitality, real estate, and more. By having a 954 area code, you immediately establish credibility and trust with potential customers in this region. Moreover, a local phone number with a 954 area code simplifies communication for customers in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. They recognize it as a familiar prefix, increasing the likelihood of them reaching out to your business. Having a local presence not only enhances customer trust but also demonstrates your commitment to serving the needs of the community. So, if you're looking to tap into the vibrant business environment in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, acquiring a 954 area code can be a valuable asset for your business.

Detailed phone data

PrefixUsagePrimary CityCarrierIntroduced
(954) 200-LandlineFort LauderdaleMetro PCS11/30/2006
(954) 201-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom04/25/2001
(954) 202-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom07/01/1996
(954) 203-MobileFort LauderdaleSprint12/29/2011
(954) 204-MobileDeerfield BeachSprint08/22/2011
(954) 205-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless01/11/1997
(954) 206-LandlineFt LauderdaleTelcove Investment06/28/2004
(954) 207-MobileFort LauderdaleUSA Mobility Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 208-LandlineFt LauderdaleTelcove Investment07/07/2004
(954) 209-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers01/10/1996
(954) 210-MobileHollywoodMetro PCS09/16/2011
(954) 212-LandlineHollywoodXo Florida05/10/1999
(954) 213-MobileFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless11/01/2006
(954) 214-MobileFort LauderdaleSprint08/14/1998
(954) 215-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers01/10/1996
(954) 216-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers07/01/1996
(954) 217-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom08/14/1998
(954) 218-MobileFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless11/15/2006
(954) 219-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers01/25/1998
(954) 220-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers01/11/1997
(954) 221-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers04/01/1997
(954) 222-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers07/06/1997
(954) 223-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers10/11/1997
(954) 224-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(954) 225-MobileFort LauderdaleOmnipoint Miami E License10/11/2011
(954) 226-LandlineFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless12/22/2006
(954) 227-LandlinePompano BeachBellsouth Telecom08/14/1998
(954) 228-LandlinePompano BeachBandwidth.com09/01/2011
(954) 229-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom05/18/1998
(954) 230-MobileFort LauderdaleUSA Mobility Wireless08/14/1998
(954) 231-MobileFort LauderdaleNetwork Services (tsr)01/10/1996
(954) 232-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(954) 233-LandlineFort LauderdaleIntermedia Comms10/15/1996
(954) 234-MobileDeerfield BeachSprint10/15/1996
(954) 235-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless10/15/1996
(954) 236-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 237-LandlineHollywoodNuvox Comms06/13/2000
(954) 238-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers10/15/1996
(954) 239-LandlineHollywoodGlobal Crossing Local Services08/20/2000
(954) 240-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 241-LandlineHollywoodFlorida Digital Network08/20/2000
(954) 242-MobileDeerfield BeachCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 243-MobileHollywoodSprint05/10/1999
(954) 244-MobileFort LauderdaleUSA Mobility Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 245-LandlineFt LauderdaleMetro PCS07/28/2003
(954) 246-LandlineDeerfield BeachTcg South Florida07/01/1996
(954) 247-LandlinePompano BeachTcg South Florida07/01/1996
(954) 248-MobileHollywoodSprint12/19/2012
(954) 249-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 250-MobileFort LauderdaleAmerican Messaging (am)04/01/1997
(954) 251-LandlineHollywoodLevel 3 Comms07/22/1999
(954) 252-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom10/15/1996
(954) 253-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless10/15/1996
(954) 254-MobileDeerfield BeachCingular Wireless10/15/1996
(954) 255-LandlinePompano BeachBellsouth Telecom10/15/1996
(954) 256-LandlineFort LauderdaleBandwidth.com12/04/2012
(954) 257-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(954) 258-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(954) 259-MobileFort LauderdaleAmerican Messaging (am)01/10/1996
(954) 260-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless10/15/1996
(954) 261-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless04/01/1997
(954) 262-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom10/15/1996
(954) 263-MobileDeerfield BeachSprint10/15/1996
(954) 264-MobileFort LauderdaleProtecom Atlanta01/25/1998
(954) 265-LandlineHollywoodBellsouth Telecom03/27/2005
(954) 266-LandlineHollywoodTcg South Florida01/11/1997
(954) 267-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom10/15/1996
(954) 268-MobileFort LauderdaleSprint07/27/2011
(954) 269-MobileFort LauderdaleAmerican Messaging (am)01/10/1996
(954) 270-MobileFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless04/01/1997
(954) 271-MobileFort LauderdaleDeltacom06/15/2011
(954) 272-LandlineHollywoodFlorida Digital Network08/20/2000
(954) 273-MobileFort LauderdaleR And G Distributors04/01/1997
(954) 274-MobileHollywoodMetro PCS11/27/2001
(954) 275-MobileFort LauderdaleSprint10/11/1997
(954) 276-LandlineHollywoodBellsouth Telecom03/27/2005
(954) 277-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers05/18/1998
(954) 278-LandlineFort LauderdalePeerless Network06/15/2011
(954) 279-MobileFort LauderdaleSprint05/06/2011
(954) 281-LandlineDeerfield BeachIntermedia Comms10/15/1996
(954) 282-LandlinePompano BeachIntermedia Comms10/15/1996
(954) 283-LandlinePompano BeachIntermedia Comms10/15/1996
(954) 284-LandlineFt LauderdaleTw Telecom Of Florida L/p.06/08/2009
(954) 285-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers11/20/1998
(954) 286-MobileFort LauderdaleUSA Mobility Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 287-MobileFort LauderdaleAmerican Messaging (am)11/20/1998
(954) 288-MobileDeerfield BeachSprint11/20/1998
(954) 289-Sprint06/27/2014
(954) 290-MobileFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless11/20/1998
(954) 291-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers11/20/1998
(954) 292-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless04/15/1996
(954) 293-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers04/15/1996
(954) 294-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless04/15/1996
(954) 295-MobileFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless04/15/1996
(954) 296-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 297-MobileFt LauderdaleMetro PCS02/02/2005
(954) 298-MobileFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless05/18/1998
(954) 299-MobileFort LauderdaleVerizon Wireless05/13/2011
(954) 300-MobileFort LauderdaleSprint12/22/2010
(954) 301-LandlinePompano BeachXo Florida05/10/1999
(954) 302-LandlineFt LauderdaleBroadwing Comms05/02/2005
(954) 303-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 304-MobileDeerfield BeachCingular Wireless07/01/1996
(954) 305-MobileMiramarOmnipoint Miami E License02/01/2007
(954) 306-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom02/09/2003
(954) 307-MobileFort LauderdaleUSA Mobility Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 308-LandlineFort LauderdaleTcg South Florida01/14/2000
(954) 309-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 310-MobileFort LauderdaleAmerican Messaging (am)08/20/2000
(954) 312-LandlineDeerfield BeachUs Lec05/10/1999
(954) 313-Bellsouth Telecom11/20/1998
(954) 314-MobileFort LauderdaleNeutral Tandem01/13/2012
(954) 315-LandlineFort LauderdaleUs Lec05/10/1999
(954) 316-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 317-LandlinePompano BeachSprint08/20/2000
(954) 318-LandlineNorth MiamiFlorida Digital Network08/20/2000
(954) 319-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless10/15/1996
(954) 320-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/14/2000
(954) 321-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 322-LandlineHollywoodBellsouth Telecom03/03/2001
(954) 323-LandlinePompano BeachXo Florida02/27/1999
(954) 324-LandlinePompano BeachSprint04/01/1997
(954) 325-MobileFort LauderdaleSprint01/25/1998
(954) 326-MobileFort LauderdaleOmnipoint Miami E License04/25/2001
(954) 327-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 328-MobileFort LauderdaleCingular Wireless01/10/1996
(954) 330-MobileFort LauderdaleOmnipoint Miami E License09/13/2006
(954) 331-LandlineFort LauderdaleTcg South Florida02/27/1999
(954) 332-LandlineFort LauderdaleDeltacom08/14/1998
(954) 333-LandlineFort LauderdaleTw Telecom Of Florida L/p.05/10/1999
(954) 334-LandlineFort LauderdaleTw Telecom Of Florida L/p.02/27/1999
(954) 335-LandlineFort LauderdaleIds Telcom05/10/1999
(954) 336-MobileDeerfield BeachSprint05/10/1999
(954) 337-LandlineFort LauderdaleXo Florida05/10/1999
(954) 338-MobileFort LauderdaleYmax Comms Corp.10/09/2008
(954) 339-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers05/10/1999
(954) 340-LandlinePompano BeachBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 341-LandlinePompano BeachBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 342-LandlineHollywoodXo Florida02/27/1999
(954) 343-LandlineFort LauderdaleXo Florida02/27/1999
(954) 344-LandlinePompano BeachBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 345-LandlinePompano BeachBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 346-LandlinePompano BeachBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 347-MobileHollywoodSprint02/22/2002
(954) 348-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom10/11/1997
(954) 349-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 351-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 353-LandlineFort LauderdaleYmax Comms Corp.10/07/2008
(954) 354-LandlineDeerfield BeachFlorida Digital Network02/27/1999
(954) 355-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 356-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 357-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 358-LandlineNorth MiamiFlorida Digital Network02/27/1999
(954) 359-LandlineHollywoodBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 360-LandlineDeerfield BeachBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 361-LandlineFort LauderdaleBandwidth.com04/10/2014
(954) 362-LandlineHollywoodFlorida Digital Network02/27/1999
(954) 363-LandlineDeerfield BeachIntermedia Comms02/27/1999
(954) 364-LandlinePompano BeachMCI Metro ATS01/25/1998
(954) 365-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers07/06/1997
(954) 366-LandlinePompano BeachIntermedia Comms02/27/1999
(954) 367-LandlineHollywoodFlorida Digital Network02/27/1999
(954) 368-LandlinePompano BeachComcast Phone04/26/2013
(954) 369-LandlinePompano BeachIntermedia Comms02/27/1999
(954) 370-LandlineFort LauderdaleBellsouth Telecom01/10/1996
(954) 372-MobileFort LauderdaleBandwidth.com03/15/2010
(954) 373-MobileFort LauderdaleAbc Paging City Beepers07/06/1997
(954) 374-LandlineHollywoodFlorida Digital Network02/27/1999
(954) 375-LandlineFort LauderdaleTcg South Florida07/06/1997
(954) 376-MobileFt LauderdaleOmnipoint Miami E License02/15/2005
(954) 377-LandlineFort LauderdaleMCI Metro ATS01/25/


How do I get a 954 phone number?If you're looking to obtain a 954 phone number, you have several options available. The first step is to identify a reputable US local phone number provider that offers services in the 954 area code, which covers a portion of southeastern Florida, including Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. Once you've found a provider, you can typically acquire a 954 phone number by signing up for their services. This can usually be done online or by contacting their customer support. When selecting a provider, be sure to consider factors such as call quality, reliability, pricing plans, and additional features like call forwarding and voicemail. It's also important to review the provider's terms and conditions to ensure they meet your specific requirements. Some providers may offer the option to choose a specific phone number from a list, while others might assign one randomly. By conducting thorough research and assessment, you can find the best US local phone number provider that meets your needs and enables you to obtain a 954 phone number effortlessly.
Are all 954 area codes available?Yes, all 954 area codes are available, but their availability might vary depending on the US local phone number provider. The 954 area code serves Broward County in Florida and covers cities like Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach. To find the best US local phone number provider for a specific 954 area code, it is recommended to use a reliable online platform that provides comprehensive data on different providers. These platforms offer features like searching for available phone numbers, comparing pricing plans, and reading customer reviews. By using such platforms, individuals and businesses can easily find a suitable US local phone number provider, ensuring they have access to all available 954 area codes. It is important to note that availability can change over time, so it is advisable to regularly check with the provider to acquire the desired 954 area code.
Do I own my 954 phone number?When it comes to phone numbers, ownership can be a complex matter. In the case of your 954 phone number, it's important to understand that phone numbers themselves are not owned by individuals. Instead, they are assigned and managed by local phone number providers, such as telecommunications companies. As a subscriber to a phone service, you are essentially leasing the use of that particular phone number for as long as you maintain your subscription. This means that while you have exclusive use of the 954 phone number for as long as you maintain your account, you don't technically "own" it in the traditional sense. If you decide to switch to a different phone service or provider, you may not be able to retain the same phone number, as it will depend on various factors such as portability rules and availability. It's always a good idea to check with your current provider or the new provider to understand the options available to you in order to make an informed decision regarding your 954 phone number.

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