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Call tracking analytics is a system that collects information from incoming phone calls using AI. This contains call tracking information, such as the name, contact information, marketing source of the caller, and call tracking statistics. Additionally, it contains information gleaned from the conversational content, such as whether the caller was a quality lead, the item or service they were considering, and if they eventually became a client.

The data from phone call analytics may then be incorporated into marketing technology platforms to provide a comprehensive perspective of the consumer experience. You may utilize the data to target callers with advertising based on the topics of their talks, uncover problems that are negatively affecting conversion rates, and generate more leads at a faster rate.


The Leader in AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence

The accuracy, actionability, and relevance of call data to your business are the foundation and the sum total of its worth. Invoca’s acclaimed Signal AI speech phone analytics technology gets to work as soon as a call is placed. In order to categorize call outcomes like purchases made, meetings made, or applications filed — all tailored for your business – predictive algorithms evaluate your spoken interactions. The marketing platforms that are important to you, such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce, or any of the several Invoca Exchanges, may then be pushed with this conversation knowledge.

  • Improvement

After a phone call, the customer journey doesn’t end. With Invoca, you may improve your existing marketing tools and increase your reach to potential customers by using result data obtained from phone conversations. Marketers may develop targetable audience segments to plan the next course of action or develop lookalike audiences to attract new clients by integrating call analytics into media platforms like Google Ads and Facebook or DMPs like Adobe Audience Manager.

  • Optimization

Invoca gives you a complete picture of every call’s outcome and visibility into the campaigns generating your calls. The outcome? To generate more revenue-generating calls and run more effective campaigns, you may make wiser campaign optimization selections. You can respond immediately to call outcomes using Signal AI. It interfaces with almost every significant marketing tool, ensuring that this actionable data is delivered where it is most needed.

  • Personalization

With Invoca, you can tailor the caller experience to improve conversion rates, the customer experience, and the contact center operators’ ability to concentrate on conversations that generate income. Call tracking and analytics based on variables like geolocation, call time, product interest, shopping cart activity, and more, our customers have witnessed 10x gains in conversion rates.


Calls, Leads, Clicks, Email & Accounting Marketing

Phone tracking analytics provides insights that make it simple to spot trends and create more effective business plans, which helps your company grow.

Call analytics software streamlines the process of developing more effective campaigns by giving firms the data-analysis tools they need to make wise marketing choices.

When companies utilize Phonexa’s Call Analytics, they arm themselves with a unique collection of marketing tools that make the complicated world of call statistics simpler.

  • Your statistics are placed into context via comparison reports. When you compare multiple datasets side by side, they assist you in identifying trends or blind spots.
  • Traffic Flow Reports reveal the caliber of the publication. Know whether publishers are sending you “first look” leads or if you have already viewed those leads.
  • The Filter Analyzer may be used to find “hidden” revenue. Analyze the traffic you are missing out on as a result of your current filter settings.

Call Tracking & Marketing Analytics Software

With the help of our CallRail Analytics Reporting Tool, monitor the effectiveness of your call-monitoring campaigns. Utilize Whatagraph to consolidate all of your KPIs in one location and turn them into useful insights. Caller names, sources, data, phone numbers, and more are easily viewed.

In a few clicks, deliver top-tier CallRail analytics. Track your most crucial KPIs automatically and provide them in a visually appealing, simple, understandable report. Create a customized data visualization with lists, tables, charts, photos, and comments.

Create unique color schemes, upload corporate logos, and create spectacular images. Your possibilities for customization are infinite, whether you like to utilize our drag-and-drop editor to generate bespoke reports or one of our pre-built templates. Choose the information your clients need to know, such as the CallRail login, and display it to them clearly and clearly.


Marketing Analytics & Attribution Solution

The interactions your customers have with you are the best method to get to know them. With a full array of conversation intelligence tools and capabilities, you may get a tactical advantage and a comprehensive insight into your customers’ whole journey. Give strategists the tools they need to succeed with their campaigns by measuring consumer sentiment and automatically identifying and scoring eligible discussions.

Utilize conversation intelligence capabilities like call records, transcriptions, and scoring to learn what your consumers truly want from you. Improve your lead flows by using our Keyword Spotting technology to automatically detect, recognize, and act upon keywords and emotions in chats.

Our call analytics software is made to not only reveal insights that marketers can use to guide their decisions but also to link that information to other features that are used to put those decisions into practice. Contextual intent information from conversation intelligence, call monitoring for attribution, and effective lead management for the sales funnel. One platform for everybody.


Award Winning Conversation Intelligence Software

Automate mystery shopping to enhance training and operations. To raise closing rates, identify top-performing salespeople and use their proven strategies. Assess performance concerns quickly by comparing results to the agent’s script scorecard.

Swiftly react to fresh client demands and trends. Utilize our conversation search engine, which is designed for lightning-fast retrieval, to focus on the most crucial key terms your clients are speaking. Find out whether product attributes or special offers are popular with customers.

What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking Analytics?

When everything is online, the effectiveness of search and digital advertising efforts can be easily measured. However, when incoming calls are involved, they become hazier. To integrate the online and offline consumer journeys and produce a seamless omnichannel experience, many marketers struggle.

You can fully understand the outcomes of your campaigns call analytics platforms. You can also adjust your spending to increase conversions at a lesser cost. Additionally, you may keep an eye on how successfully your sales representatives and locations handle phone calls and spot any problems that could harm your ROI. Based on the outcome of the call, you may more precisely identify the appropriate course of action for the caller, such as which retargeting or lookalike campaign to enroll them in. You’ll be able to generate more high-quality phone leads as a consequence, and you’ll be able to offer better experiences to turn those leads into clients.

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