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Best Cheap Call Tracking Services

You may increase the return on your PPC advertising investments by using call-tracking software. You may also utilize data from your offline and online efforts to learn more about your customers and to find out what is and isn’t working. You may already have call-tracking tools in your call management system, but if not—or if your company requires more features than what the current system offers—try one of the top call-tracking software vendors on our list.

Our #1 choice for the cheapest call tracking service is EngageBay.com. It offers mobile apps, telephone lines from more than 80 different countries, and call, text, form, and chat log tracking. The first month is free when you join up for CTM or learn more about it.



Inbound Marketing, Sales, and Service Software

For small businesses and startups looking to attract, engage, and nurture online visitors into paying customers, EngageBay is an easy-to-use, reasonably priced, all-in-one CRM software. From a single, simple platform, you can gather leads using lead generation forms and pop-up advertising, keep website visitors interested with attractive landing pages, nurture them with interesting emails, and automate your marketing funnel with marketing automation.



Automated Client Reporting for Marketing Agencies

Free call monitoring and recording accounts from ActiveDEMAND come with improved reports. The majority of call-tracking & recording software simply offers call-tracking functions and doesn’t work well with other marketing tools. Call Tracking & Recording by ActiveDEMANDS is a component of a completely integrated marketing automation platform. Your autoresponders, built-in landing pages, email marketing, drip campaigns, pay-per-click, SEO, and other tools can all be combined with your call-tracking numbers with ease.

In addition to offering a powerful, extremely user-friendly marketing automation platform, ActiveDEMAND also assists companies in identifying which marketing initiatives are successful and which ones are unsuccessful. Furthermore, while ActiveDEMAND is dedicated to offering in-depth campaign analytics, it goes above and beyond by providing a macro overview of the overall “marketing health” of a company. This is done through the use of detail attribution dashboards and reports, which keep companies informed about the precise “health” of their marketing initiatives.



Marketing Reports, Dashboards and Data Pipelines

Software for sales, marketing, and predictive analytics that aids in dynamic call monitoring, real-time ROI optimization, and conversion tracking. Funnel Science assists businesses with conventional sales channels, including print, radio, and TV, as well as internet advertising, such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and retargeting. Using predictive analytics and various machine learning approaches, a closed-loop marketing system can optimize all of your website traffic, prospects, and customers in real-time.

Applying predictive analytics to tried-and-true call monitoring technologies to boost phone leads, quality, and revenues. With call tracking, you may choose a specific Toll-Free or Local phone number for every one of your marketing platforms. Even if a consumer calls from a completely different device, you are able to identify the exact route the call came in on.

Dynamic website call tracking imports call data into analytics and syncs your website with marketing, giving you detailed insights into the advertising, keywords, pages, and marketing channels that are most effective.



Inbound Call Tracking for Pay Per Call

Calling, Meeting, and Messaging forms of communication are all combined into one intuitive, seamless experience via Webex.

Make meetings more interesting and interactive.

• Minimize interruptions by reducing background noise and enhancing speech quality

• Let viewers express their feelings with animated emoticons and gesture recognition.

• Increase audience participation with Slido’s next-generation dynamic polling and Q&A.

• Create a stage arrangement specifically for the material and people who matter most.

Work more efficiently with Webex.

• Automated notes, highlights, and transcriptions can increase the effectiveness of meetings.

• Use personal insights to monitor and manage your work-life balance and professional connections.



Award Winning Conversation Intelligence Software

Nimbata is the call tracking tool you always turn to for information on what motivates customers to call your company. Create your first campaign in less than 3 minutes using this easy, lovely method (using local or toll-free numbers). You only pay for the calls you actually answer with any of our options. Change to a more reliable model and stop paying exorbitant per-minute costs. A 14-day test (no credit card).

The power of knowledge. We are aware that each customer’s journey has a particular narrative. Our solutions were created with data-driven marketers in mind who are looking for clear, concise information about what makes their target market tick. With the help of our technology, you may increase sales, allocate funds more wisely, and improve the guest experience. You may now get a complete omnichannel understanding of what motivates customers to act by attributing marketing efforts to calls.

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is a digital marketing and call tracking expert with over ten years of experience in the industry. She excels at identifying and leveraging marketing opportunities to generate leads, sales, and revenue. Lisa has worked with multiple companies in various industries and is passionate about helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals. She desires to help her clients improve and recalibrate their digital marketing strategies while optimizing their call tracking systems.

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