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Best Easy Call Tracking Services

You wouldn’t launch a paid advertising campaign without the analytics skills to identify which advertisements are genuinely producing results for your company. Even SEO and content marketing are measurable in the sense that visitor activities can be tracked to better understand how well your various techniques are working. Call monitoring software can help with a variety of issues related to sales.

Nevertheless, despite this emphasis on analytics and management, many businesses still view phone calls as a mystery. Sales may occur as a result of incoming calls, but nobody really knows why or from where they originated.

Software for call tracking may be able to adjust that. When these tools are put into place, sales teams can utilize them for anything from mapping client online journeys before on-the-phone closures to locating areas where each sales team can improve.

Of course, not every call-tracking application is made equal. Before discussing the greatest call monitoring software solutions available, let’s take a closer look at some of the standard features you may anticipate finding in the best options.



Inbound Marketing, Sales, and Service Software

Change is a fundamental part of the Vonage DNA; therefore today, in order to help businesses worldwide stay competitive, we are upgrading communications to be more flexible, intelligent, and customized. Our first firm introduced VoIP to families and small businesses. We have brought together industry leaders in contact centers, unified communications, and communications APIs. Together, we created the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.

Technology is meant to simplify tasks. Right? Why, then, does it appear that the commercial communications industry makes things so difficult? We want you to comprehend our unified communications solutions without requiring a Ph.D. Therefore it’s straightforward for us. The effect should be increased while the jargon should be reduced. We don’t want to employ famous people as spokespersons. We’re too occupied collaborating with companies and developers. We don’t care whether our technology is sophisticated; we want it to be so amazing that you won’t even notice it. Because what matters is what you can accomplish with the technology, not how advanced it is. We’re keeping things simple in our communications, as they should be. Now we’re conversing.



Automated Client Reporting for Marketing Agencies

From our database, you may purchase local and toll-free numbers to utilize in commercials and track the success of each campaign. Gain a deeper knowledge of what works for you and make better decisions based on the outcomes. You may successfully and economically promote your company with the aid of our call-tracking solution.

You may set up surveys, polls, appointment reminders, payments, and more using an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for incoming or outbound usage. Customers communicate by just pressing a key. Our IVR system is simple to use and comes with an XML menu or a drag-and-drop interface. You may communicate with your consumers in a new way thanks to IVR systems.



Marketing Reports, Dashboards and Data Pipelines

Phonexa is the only company offering businesses the chance to track and manage incoming calls, create and distribute online leads, automate marketing emails, and handle business accounting all from one platform, making us a market leader in SaaS marketing platforms.

Phonexa helps businesses become more efficient and successful by consolidating all of their marketing channels in one location. Utilize our all-in-one platform to create a process that is more effective. Gather information from your calls, emails, and online leads to improve your marketing approach. Utilize free integrations to modify the platform to best serve your company.



Inbound Call Tracking for Pay Per Call

Ringba is a cloud-based contact center system that allows companies to automate call routing procedures, track marketing campaigns, manage customer support, and more. Professionals may manage buyers, sellers, or partners, filter, sort, or search caller data, and tailor the user interface to organizational needs.

A/B testing, text-to-speech technology, drag-and-drop interface, real-time reporting, and call attribution are some of Ringba’s standout features. Marketers get access to member profiles that include information on demographics, contact data, education, marital status, occupation, credit ratings, and more. Additionally, companies can direct calls to different locations based on, among other things, area codes, internet service providers (ISPs), and keywords.

On a consolidated platform, Ringba assists firms in managing buyer or affiliate operations as well as accounts receivable procedures. The product is free or available with a monthly subscription, and help is provided online through phone calls, emails, and video lessons.



Award Winning Conversation Intelligence Software

With the help of HubSpot’s call tracking tools, you can simply prioritize your daily sales calls and make calls, record them right from your browser, and immediately log them to your CRM. It enables you to make daily calls more efficiently and sell more while making fewer calls.

When building up your daily calling queue, use contact property and engagement data from HubSpot CRM to give the best calls priority. You may place calls directly from your browser instead of picking up the phone, thanks to HubSpot’s call tracker.

With just one click, you may reach prospects using a desk phone or Voice Over IP, guaranteeing that the calls are made using your phone number and giving you the ability to record them. HubSpot eliminates the need for manual call logging by automatically logging your calls to Salesforce or HubSpot CRM.

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is a digital marketing and call tracking expert with over ten years of experience in the industry. She excels at identifying and leveraging marketing opportunities to generate leads, sales, and revenue. Lisa has worked with multiple companies in various industries and is passionate about helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals. She desires to help her clients improve and recalibrate their digital marketing strategies while optimizing their call tracking systems.

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