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Best International Call Tracking Services

Why are foreign call tracking numbers so hard to get in the places you need them? This is due to the fact that the majority of call tracking number providers – even those that advertise as “global” – have very little access to the areas that companies are attempting to penetrate. Why? It’s complex, is the response. It’s incredibly difficult to ensure availability and service unless a provider has invested decades in developing the necessary infrastructure since telecom standards to be able to give call tracking numbers differ significantly around the globe.

Here are a few well-known phone tracking companies and their global reach. As you can see, coverage typically focuses on a single area or only covers a small number of nations across many regions.



Inbound Marketing, Sales, and Service Software

The ability to trace marketing calls in more than 70 different nations is one of Calltracks’ distinctive characteristics. Using our international call tracking services, you may contrast the precise outcomes of multi-location campaigns.

Our international call tracking and marketing intelligence services can be useful, whether you just want to use static tracking numbers to monitor the performance of offline ads or want to incorporate dynamic visitor-level tracking.

With the use of international call monitoring, you can monitor various keywords across all of your global accounts and determine the efficiency of your different marketing channels for generating calls in other nations. This helps you better understand your clients throughout the world and is very beneficial for global marketing initiatives.

For all of the sites listed here, there are national or local geographical numbers accessible. We can also provide freephone (toll-free) lines in specific areas. This is particularly relevant to call tracking in Europe, including Finland, France, Norway, Denmark, and many more countries.

It is simple to redirect the international call tracking numbers to another place. We can also help if you have a worldwide brand presence but want to direct your calls to a particular nation or area.



Automated Client Reporting for Marketing Agencies

Thousands of businesses, ranging from small start-ups to significant international firms, are effectively served by us globally. We achieve this by offering feature-rich local and international phone numbers via a cutting-edge global network.

The ability to communicate between organizations and customers is crucial in today’s cutthroat global economy. Businesses are clearly at a disadvantage without a local point of contact, which costs them sales and growth. Global Call Forwarding can help with that.

Even though we specialize in working with multinational corporations, we provide small businesses the same degree of attention that we do to our larger customers. Regardless of size, we cherish all of our clients and give them the best service we can.



Marketing Reports, Dashboards and Data Pipelines

In many foreign nations, Delacon provides local and toll-free call tracking numbers. These numbers are reasonably priced and typically combined with the extra functionality offered by a call monitoring provider. Delacon’s call monitoring system is really worldwide because of its strategically located data centers, offices, and capacity to offer call tracking numbers for numerous nations. We can still trace calls made from nations where our software isn’t in use to a location where we do provide service.



Inbound Call Tracking for Pay Per Call

Calls are the primary method used by 80% of firms worldwide to turn leads into paying clients. With local and international toll-free phone numbers for more than 60 nations, KeyMetric has you covered. With sophisticated, real-time call attribution data, KeyMetric call monitoring helps thousands of small companies, marketers, and agencies boost their advertising success.

Every phone call is immediately linked by our AI-driven call monitoring technology to the referring ad channel, campaign, and paid search term to provide a clear picture of how, when, and why each client contacts your company.

Gain a 360-degree perspective of your marketing performance and bridge the gap between online and offline activities with ease. This will help you decide where to effectively reinvest your advertising budget in order to increase leads, sales opportunities, and ROAS.



Award Winning Conversation Intelligence Software

As previously indicated, because procuring such services is difficult, few suppliers are able to set up international call tracing numbers globally. But they do exist, and if you want to obtain call tracking numbers, we can show you how to go about doing it with the help of our partner AVOXI. The resources and international reach that

AVOXI has invested decades in developing a platform that sets them apart from other suppliers. They have access to numbers in more than 170 countries and have the confidence of more than 7,000 businesses globally. They are, therefore, a perfect option for companies looking to conduct business internationally without having to worry about having coverage in the areas they wish to operate in.

AVOXI is committed to giving businesses the best ROI. There won’t be any hocus-pocus sales pitches here; instead, we’ll work with you to locate the finest voice provider for your needs, even if that means directing you to a different option.

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is a digital marketing and call tracking expert with over ten years of experience in the industry. She excels at identifying and leveraging marketing opportunities to generate leads, sales, and revenue. Lisa has worked with multiple companies in various industries and is passionate about helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals. She desires to help her clients improve and recalibrate their digital marketing strategies while optimizing their call tracking systems.

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