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February 2023

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking helps to trace down the origin of every incoming call. This function is often used in lead-generation campaigns to attribute phone calls to specific campaigns or advertising channels. The gathered data offers insightful information that may be used to improve methods and techniques. Call tracking has powerful features that can help small companies and big enterprises increase their lead conversions and customer satisfaction.

Call tracking services provide you with the caller’s location and, more crucially, a transcript of every call. In other words, it provides you with concrete information about phone conversations that your company may use in the future in a number of ways. You may use call tracking services, for instance, to optimize the content of your website and draw in more visitors and prospective clients.

Marketers may determine which advertising campaign led to the phone call using a call tracking service. It can dramatically improve your KPI and pinpoint the keywords, advertisements, and websites that led to an actual call.

Any company or industry may improve its services using call tracking software, but it’s especially useful for companies that include a phone number in their advertising campaigns. They can learn how their callers have found them by applying call tracking services. Call monitoring is best if you depend on inbound calls and want to attract new clients.

Finding the best call tracking service is a tough challenge. Because the market is flooded with various call tracking solutions, selecting the best one for your company is critical. collects and analyzes over 100 call tracking solutions to offer you detailed call tracking software reviews. We investigate almost every possible call tracking service available on the internet. We only use objective third-party data to help you determine your requirements. You can find our methodology below.  

The best solution for lead management
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+ Value for money: /10/10
+ Ease of use: 8/10
+ Features and integrations: 9/10
+ Customer support: 9/10
+ Free trial: Yes
The best solution for all basic needs
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+ Value for money: 9/10
+ Ease of use: 9/10
+ Features and integrations: 7/10
+ Customer support: 7.5/10
+ Free trial: Yes
The best AI call tracking solution
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+ Value for money: 9/10
+ Ease of use: 8/10
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+ Customer support: 7.5/10
+ Free trial: Yes
The best solution for small agency
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+ Value for money: 9/10
+ Ease of use: 8.5/10
+ Features and integrations: 7.5/10
+ Customer support: 9/10
+ Free trial: Yes
Great value
The best solution for lead management
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+ Value for money: 8/10
+ Ease of use: 8/10
+ Features and integrations: 7/10
+ Customer support: 8/10
+ Free trial: Yes

Different solutions for different purposes

Call tracking in different industries

Call Tracking for Agencies

Services offered by call tracking providers can be a game changer for any company that wants to develop its business via customer care. You may gain a special understanding of how your clients communicate with your business through best call tracking software. Later, you can use this information to understand better what your customers require from you by keeping track of calls, both inbound and outgoing. Call tracking solutions are also a great way to learn when is the highest demand for customer service. 

With call tracking, you can easily find out who is calling, when they are calling, and from where they are calling so that you can respond to them in the most efficient way possible.

Using a call tracking system software for your business has several advantages, the first being that it keeps you competitive with your rivals. In B2B marketing, companies with more advanced call tracking systems often succeed more because they can monitor the success of their strategies and campaigns.

Using call tracking numbers, marketing agencies may monitor calls for their clients and observe crucial statistics on whether advertising mediums (online or offline) are generating phone conversions.

A call tracking system provides a means to be at the forefront of digital marketing without investing a lot of time and money in conventional advertising techniques, which marketing agencies need to do if they want to expand.

Agencies can save much time and money by using best call tracking software. Media purchases, such as print or television ads, are one of conventional advertising’s most expensive components. Instead, agencies may use inbound call tracking software information to target particular clients who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

With this information, they can more accurately monitor leads and determine which clients will do business with them again in the future and which ones will leave fast and require follow-up calls with a different agent or employee of the agency.

Additionally, software for call tracking lets agencies spot client issues earlier than they would via traditional communication channels like phone calls or emails. Data from call tracking reveals the frequency and timing of a customer’s phone contacts with your business over time.

With this data, agencies can anticipate possible issues and take action before they spread too far for them to handle effectively.

Call Tracking for Law Firms

When there is an incoming call in your law firm’s office, it can be an opportunity to get a new customer. It also provides a chance to estimate the success of your marketing initiatives. Tracking your inbound calls, you may obtain intelligence and analytics about your clients’ decision-making processes, behaviors, and preferences. You may accomplish this by including best call tracking software in your marketing plan.

You may tailor your marketing efforts and make the most of your marketing budget by understanding the ideas of potential customers. You can improve the return on investment (ROI) of your website, social media, and pay-per-click advertising operations with call-tracking software to improve performance and cut unnecessary work. Google Analytics may also be connected with it.

Collecting information about your caller’s visited websites, online forms, and chats is critical for improving conversion rates. Additionally, using best call tracking services, you can learn why they have called. Are they determining your law firm, comparing it with rivals, or have they recently been charged with DUI and want quick representation? These are just a few examples of various issues that might lead to a call.

You may acquire information and decide how to use your marketing budget by discovering which content—and how frequently—causes visitors to pick up the phone.

Your law firm’s optimal call tracking system will rely on your marketing requirements, financial restrictions, and corporate objectives.

Because you devote much time, energy, and resources to marketing, the results shouldn’t be left up to chance. Lawyers may believe that particular content is successful at drawing in and converting web visitors, but you can’t be sure unless you examine the facts. You may be surprised by the findings!

Top call tracking software can simplify the success estimation of your ads, websites, blogs, and guest posts, and the comprehensive data may be easily extracted and evaluated. This way, marketers can discover what is and isn’t functioning, so they spend more money, and less effort on the material generating the most phone calls and discard the rest. 

Call Tracking for Marketing Teams

Every company seeks a “unique recipe” to help it prosper and reach its most desired objectives. But many companies have a barrier in identifying the proper inputs, perfect outputs, and how they relate to one another. It’s essential to use the appropriate marketing metrics that reflect your company’s ROI if you want to overcome these difficulties.

Only a small percentage of companies are confident in their chosen marketing ROI measures. Thus, most companies are unsure about the return on investment from their marketing initiatives.

Fortunately, some of the best call tracking solutions can assist companies in choosing ROI indicators that they can fully trust. Particularly, call tracking software can support the measurement of crucial ROI parameters like Lead Scoring, Customer Acquisition Costs, and much more.

Additionally, once you begin tracking these crucial marketing ROI indicators using call tracking software, you’ll have complete visibility over all the phone calls your marketing efforts have generated.

In their everyday routines, marketers rely on consumer data to demonstrate the effectiveness of online and offline efforts on conversions. For companies where dialogue is required before purchase, call tracking solutions are crucial for effective marketing.

How do you go about that? On your website, dynamic numbers take the place of an existing phone numbers. Each new visitor who visits your website will see a special phone number that links the call to the browser and builds a custom profile thanks to Javascript. The next time the same customer calls, he will be displayed as the same number. This increases the visibility of the consumer journey from the brand’s perspective.

After being used, dynamically generated numbers link the phone call to the campaign or marketing channel the consumer used to reach the business, providing numerous analytics. 

What are the benefits of call tracking for marketing teams?Gather precise data. Tracking each incoming call connected to one of your marketing initiatives is the most obvious approach to employing call tracking services. Call tracking software allows you to provide a special identity or virtual phone number to collect detailed information about your leads and speed up the entire data analysis process.

Boost marketing effectiveness. Companies may increase the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives by integrating call-tracking software with other internal systems. For instance, combining it with a CRM or DAM allows you to organize and save all of your call records in one place.

Adapt the IVR menu. The correct ROI measures may be found using call tracking software and the consumers’ preferences. And with that knowledge, you can quickly alter the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu for your clients and simplify the routing process.

Track client behavior. You can learn just as much about your consumers through call tracking as from search engine marketing (SEM). It offers a complete view of where a certain consumer has come from and which marketing initiatives are succeeding (or aren’t) since call tracking service assigns distinct IDs to various marketing campaigns. This enables you to monitor the full client journey—from awareness to conversion—and offers suggestions on improving it along the way.

Stop wasting money on advertising. Call tracking helps select the marketing campaigns in which you should invest more money. You may track which marketing strategies lead to the most phone calls. As a result, you may identify and stop spending money on ads that hardly ever generate quality leads through phone calls. Additionally, this will offer you more room to experiment and try innovative marketing campaign ideas to determine the most effective communication methods with your target audience.

Call Tracking for Real Estate

The development of web technology has significantly impacted the real estate industry. What was formerly a company based on word-of-mouth and advertising on park and bus benches in the neighborhood has transformed into an interactive website where potential clients may browse available houses and contact a real estate broker.

Today’s real estate companies must maintain an internet presence. Since most prospective buyers use the internet to look for desired homes, having a strong online presence and being visible online are essential for successful real estate enterprises.

A complex and sometimes expensive process, developing a strong online presence and optimizing your pages for search engine exposure requires a combination of SEO optimization, advertising efforts, outreach, and technological changes to your online portal.

Finding a strategy to manage your marketing efforts effectively while optimizing the return on your investment is crucial since the cost of getting those results is rising due to increased online competition.

In the real estate industry, obtaining leads is a difficult and costly process. If costs for marketing initiatives are not kept in check, the price of obtaining a new consumer can rise rapidly.

You may quickly evaluate and compare the performance of your marketing initiatives with call tracking software.

Generating calls that you and your brokers can use to close deals is crucial. Call tracking services link data on incoming calls with the source/campaign that initiated the call by connecting to all of your marketing efforts. You can quickly and easily discover where most of your business comes from.

What Is Call Tracking

Whether you sell real estate, provide insurance services, or consult your clients over the phone, you must be clamoring for software that can help you analyze your callers and close more sales. Well, call tracking services do this and more.

Call tracking solutions are all the rage today, but what does it actually do? Almost everyone has heard about call tracking, but very few marketers can use its potential to the fullest.

So let’s get to the basics of call tracking and explain its major components.

Call Tracking 101: Data to Collect

Regardless of the type of call tracking software in question, it does exactly the same: it collects information about the caller, allowing you to enhance the customer journey and close more sales. The whole process typically involves using a unique phone number for each of your marketing campaigns. This allows you to set marketing numbers apart from regular numbers so you can easily track the performance of your marketing channels.

It goes without saying that the tracked data varies depending on the software being used. The more advanced the software is, the more data you can track at a higher degree of accuracy. However, almost all call tracking providers will allow you to track:

  • Main parameters of the call: the caller’s number, demographics, age, gender, location, timestamp of the call, whether it was the first call from this particular customer, and whether the call was a success.
  • Main parameters of your marketing campaigns: the advertisement, webpage, and marketing channel that generated the call, as well as SEO parameters (for example, what keywords triggered the customer), and the interests of the caller.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. More often than not, call tracking software is an all-encompassing system that includes:

  • Interactive Voice Response software (IVR)
  • Call distribution
  • Call recording

Let’s dissect these components one by one.

Processing Calls Automatically with an IVR

For you, a call is an opportunity to convert your lead and eventually make them your brand advocate. For the caller, though, it’s all about customer experience, or in other words, getting answers to their questions or requests as fast as possible and with as little friction as possible.

And while you may think human touch is the best you can do, in fact, most customers prefer researching the topic itself before speaking to a live agent. IVR systems can facilitate this research and move your customers down the sales funnel even before your agents pick up the phone.

In a nutshell, an IVR system asks questions with a few answers to pick from, allowing customers to get to the most relevant agent – or even solve the request altogether independently – who will have processed all the information about the caller (and may already have all the answers) even before the call is started.

IVR systems improve customer experience, boost call capacity, create a unique voice for your brand, and protect you against fraud, blocking duplicated leads and fraudulent calls. Even the simplest IVR software will help you process customer requests. The more callers you have, the more you need an IVR system.

Distributing Calls

An IVR is a helpful solution, but most clients will end up speaking to a live agent nevertheless, which means they have to be distributed in the best way possible. As you might have guessed, call distribution usually comes along with an IVR, and is as simple as can be: based on the collected information, the caller is redirected in real-time to the most knowledgeable agent (for example, if the customer is interested in car insurance, then it would connect the caller to a knowledgeable auto insurance agent).

Call distribution accelerates the calling process, directs callers to the best agent, improves the call flow, and personalizes the user experience. On top of that, it fosters loyalty to your brand, improves brand awareness, and contributes to an increase in ROI.

Recording Calls

There are a few cases when call recording — another crucial component of call tracking software — can save your day, such as when:

  • All your live agents are busy at the time of the call
  • The caller tries to reach you on holidays or non-working hours (if you don’t accept calls round-the-clock)
  • Your agents can’t solve the caller’s request immediately and have to make a follow-up call

For all these cases – and to further improve the customer journey – you need call recording. Its value is tremendous. You can analyze every word said and emotion emanated by your clients!

But also, call recording will help your agents do a better job by analyzing their interactions with clients and keeping their promises (remember the follow-up call example). All this put together, will draw more customers and more revenue.

Call Tracking to Elevate Your Business

What call tracking does best is that it estimates the effectiveness of your interaction with clients at every step of the customer journey. From seeing your banner and up until the product is ordered, every customer leaves countless interaction traces that can’t be ignored.

Improved budget allocation, effective communication, tactics employed by sales agents, fraud deterrence, and a boost in ROI – all this is possible with call tracking, the number one tool in the toolkit of a modern marketer.

How to Choose the Best Call Tracking Software?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to choosing the best call tracking solution from dozens, if not hundreds, of solutions. And while the task may seem too complex for an aspiring marketer, you’ll be able to overcome this challenge with our help.

We’ve collected the most advanced call tracking providers for you. Browse the website, research the brands you’re interested in, and make an informed decision. And, of course, don’t hesitate to ask for help when you’re at a crossroads.

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Our methodology

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